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  1. Fucking bottle crashes again and we give the taigs the incentive back Our captain has single handedly cost us 4 points in the last few games But yet will still play next week Fucking shower of useless cunts
  2. Players showing yet again that when they get into a position they dont have the bottle to deal with it The way our captain is playing sums us up right now, team of absolute shitebags
  3. Until we get to a point where the players actually think we're in with a proper shot of winning the title then we wont see if their bottle can handle it. Beat the taigs last year, had a break then came back and bottled it against Kille. That's the only thing that held us back last season & think it'll be the only thing that does this one. This Hearts away game after the international break where we've been top for a few weeks is massive, win that and make those cunts chase us knowing that every point they drop is huge
  4. Shocking from Tav for both goals McGregor also to blame for the 2nd...as much as hes saved us alot he still has to take some blame Overall we still dont know how to manage European games...we had a free kick at the halfway line on the 92nd minute, any experienced team would see that out...we give it away and concede Brutal result that will surely kill confidence for Sunday, need a response big time
  5. Agreed 100%, the fact so many people are saying it's going to be a 0-2 win means I can see some unhappy bears tomorrow Take a draw right now, anything we get from the away games is a positive, look to win all 3 at Ibrox and hopefully nick a point or 2 away, would easily be enough to qualify
  6. Sitting behind McGregor when it happened and he absolutely made a meal of it to get the cunt sent off...not bothered about that btw, happens to us enough! But Goldson/Katic went to check on him and Goldson walked away pissing himself laughing 😂 5 minutes later...aberdeen guy goes down and McGregor is sprinting out his goal telling Barisic to play on and fuck the cunt People still don't like him but the passion he shows on the field is 2nd to none
  7. Valance1690


    Was outstanding today Think those kind of games suit him, at home with the atmosphere buzzing against a team who weren't interested in attacking, he had all the space in the world. Considering that's the vast majority of our games in Scotland he'll do well for us. Against the taigs/in Europe though with teams pressing higher up the park I'd rather we tried something different with Jack/Arfield & Aribo/King/Kamara instead. Keeps Davis fit for other games in the league considering his age.
  8. Would prefer if it was cheating as they would end up sacked but the sad thing is it's just the level of referees up here Don't have the balls to give penalties most of the time because they usually make an arse of the ones they do give The assistants are the exact same, give offsides which are clearly on and then bottle the big decisions Today however the officials didnt change the outcome, our performance 2nd half blew them away with/without any help from them
  9. Agreed, it's going he exact same as last year and we paid the price for it. Never seen Katic back to form again until the end of the season Nothing at all wrong with playing Helandar, actually happy to see him getting a game especially after spending so much on him & hopefully he does well. Its Goldson being a mainstay in the team that's the issue for me, hes made more mistakes that Katic & personally don't think hes as good a player but regardless he'll get picked baring injury
  10. Starting a season well for 2 seasons in a row only to get dropped for no apparent reason Whilst you see another defender playing arguably worse and making more mistakes That's enough to piss anybody off. Goldson is gerrards favourite and that's being made clear again this season, guy wont be dropped unless hes injured
  11. Definetley think something has happened but was the same last season where he was dropped for Villareal with stories going around but nothing was ever really spoken about
  12. No Katic again and doesn't even make the bench Exact same as last season where hes been randomly dropped, will kill his confidence and take the rest of the season to get him back to form
  13. Players looked absolutely dead on their feet on Thursday night and we're away for likely another 10 men behind the ball and boot fuck out of us kinda game Think we need to get this wrapped up in the 1st half somehow, 2/3 goals then just manage the game, cant be chasing it with 15 minutes to go
  14. Been saying for months he'll get 1 last run in the team to prove himself and he has to take it, Flanagan's injury has came at a good time for him otherwise I think he'd have started last night With no natural left back to compete with him the position is there if he wants it, proved last night he could do it against a decent team, just need to see the same energy/passion in the domestic matches and he'll do well. Think sometimes though he would benefit from a big CF playing, a few balls he played in last night where in brilliant areas with no one to follow up on them.
  15. Valance1690


    Yep completely agree. Said it in his transfer thread as soon as he left that we would miss him massively, him and Tav had a great relationship and he allowed Tav to play Thought Tav done alright last night, nothing special but that was by far his best game this season so far and that says it all Penalty miss aside (all players miss them) he just looks a shell of the player from last season, hes backing out of tackles & getting caught out defensively again. Need to find a way to get him close to the player we had last season as hes a massive part of the way we play.
  16. Valance1690


    Said that coming home, Sunday is going to be very interesting to see who plays as the majority of them looked absolutely burst by about 75 minutes Bit of a concern considering its mid September but the players completely sat off 2nd half and I don't think it was through choice but necessity as they had nothing left to give Expecting Katic, Aribo, King, Barker & Defoe to all be starters on Sunday at the very least
  17. Personally I don't think it breaks any law But was in the stadium bar before the Legia game where supporters were told that after a meeting with the club we have been advised not to sing anything about Bobby Sands, the IRA, the pope or use the word fenian Not to take anything away from the result by starting another conversation about it all but worried we get slapped with another fine
  18. Gritty performance, not pretty at times but more than happy to come away with 3 points from that, they're a decent side and far better than anything we'll play this season Only worry for me is the singing, I'm still not sure what we're allowed to sing and not but surely with the Bobby Sands & shit we'll be expecting another UEFA ban? Apart from that the atmosphere was superb and the fans really helped the team 2nd half when they were dead on their feet
  19. Escort just walked by a pub I'm in setting off fireworks etc Don't look anything as crazy as Legia, just a bunch of stoned Dutch guys smoking joints 😂
  20. If they weren't playing us then nobody would be asking any questions if they sung it It's the fact our rivals sing it & are known for it. They're not the only club obviously Liverpool being the biggest but they're still known for it across Europe Being cynical I'd say they wont all be singing it for Fernando but a few will be so anybody booing it or causing issue with it needs their heads looking at. Pay tribute to a great guy however you want to do it & hope the team deliver tonight for him.
  21. Nothing surer than this Honestly quite confident for Thursday for some reason, think it's because the players seem to step up their game knowing its on a bigger stage Then on Sunday against St Johnstone it'll be back to yesterday again!
  22. Valance1690


    Agreed he did put over 2 quality crosses but I think that was arguably his best game of the season today (domestically anyway) and he was still a shadow of the player from last season The rest of the team had the same issue last season with the lack of quality to break teams down, I think Aribo was meant to be the answer to that but hes struggled the last few weeks Weve still got the same problem in midfield but now we've added another down the right with Tav/Ojo, never seen a player shy away as much as Ojo did today and that's embarrassing. The knock on effect to Tav is even more worrying, I would like to see Kent tried out right when hes back, somebody who scares a fullback and gives Tav some space to work.
  23. Valance1690


    Said at the time on the transfer thread that we would miss Candeias more than anyone could imagine and it's turned out to be the case Ojo looks half decent but seems to be struggling with the step up/physical side of the game. The bigger worry is the difference in Tav without Candeias there, he looks completely lost at times and isn't anywhere near as effective The fact most of our goals come down the right side means it's something we need to solve very quickly
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