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  1. But but OP said he had good players in front of him like Nir Biton.......
  2. He has to play through the middle. Hoping we line up different next season.
  3. I canny make up my mind on Goldson. On his game I think he is good, then again he didn't have much to live up to with the likes of Bruno Alves, David Bates and the did from Norwich.
  4. I agree, we need a leader but it's no that simple. It's hard to sign a player then promote him to captain and expect the locker room to just follow suit.
  5. I thought you were a Fanny when you said we should sign Scott Allan, now I can see the actual clit. So you want to discount penalties? You also want to discount crosses cause 'he hits loads'. Never mind the work it takes to get into a position to get crosses into the box.
  6. Can you tell me which players do? I don't think he is captain material but who would you have?
  7. More nonsense. 15 assists this year. 20 assists and 17 goals last year all from right back. Coming from someone who wants us to sign Scott Allan who has 8 league assists. Tav had a poor season in comparison to last season but he is not awful.
  8. 🤣 That exactly what I said ffs. "Also let's be honest, he played one fucking good pass. He is bang average who has done fuck all consistently at any level." One minute you want him the next minute you're calling him a wee diabetic shite agreeing he isn't good enough. That's 'pretty fucking stupid'. Liam Polworth far Motherwell had the same number of assists as him last year. Hardly groundbreaking. He has done fuck all in his career.
  9. Add Arfield to that list. I'll be worried if any of them apart from shagger starts in midfield next season.
  10. I never started a thread suggesting players, you did albeit with a might shite player suggested. Our sqaud is bloated with dross like Stewart etc so why bring in more? Especially him.
  11. Never. Teams sit in with 5 midfielders against us. We would be battered in the middle of the park.
  12. Also let's be honest, he played one fucking good pass. He is bang average who has done fuck all consistently at any level. You want us signing a guy who wasn't good enough to get in a celtic team?
  13. A squad option who gave us the biggest middle finger. We need to get back some of our values in what it means to wear that famous jersey. Allowing scum like him to wear it cheapens the badge.
  14. It's mad seeing people suggesting the 4-2-3-1 formation with roughly the same players playing the same (out of position) positions and hoping that will come good. That is exactly the same mistake Gerrard made last year.
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