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  1. The internet isny for everyone. I'm typing this through ceefax just now. You never bought a paper?
  2. Lets say my pal (big bluenose) bought a newspaper the other day. He wanted to read the big back page bit with the low down on our new defender. At the bottom right of the back page was an article about Arsenal bidding for a boy from celtic. Does that make ma pal big Joe a taig? Asking for a friend.
  3. You lose any leverage in your debate when you resort to calling people Tav arse lickers because they don't agree with you. You seem to go out your way to try and point toward little things where Tav made a mistake to justify you not rating him. You are so quick to jump and point mistakes he made in a game, yet you don't seem to do that with other pkayers like your belived Morelos. You also seem to neglect what Tav brings to the table and it far outweighs him losing a players a few times at a set piece.
  4. Friendly or not. We just played a eurooen big gun who have spent nearly £100m the last couple seasons and kept them in their onw half making look like a low spl side. Great performance.
  5. I've always thought Tom Miller was a bit wanky but i was at the Davie Robertson thing at Ibrox the other night and he was hosting it and was not too bad. Loves a bheast joke.
  6. Owww a made a mistake. Makes sense now that the one i ordered says "Nicky Law's" blue and white army.
  7. Hearing its actually Wedt Ham. £10 million. Albeit my source isnt anyone i know with any credibility.
  8. Feel like i'm watching the end of society seeing two bears with over 2,000 communuty rep points fighting. Leave that to the scummy 'hundred odds' like us.
  9. He started off playing 3 overhit crosses. Grew into the game against par timers but for from outstanding.
  10. Ryan Jacks goal was really encouraging to see 4 bodies get into the box for the cross.
  11. Was pishing myself at that. He woulda got some rippin.
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