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  1. Malkytfp1

    The Great Dane

  2. Malkytfp1

    Latest on Sir Alex

    Did you no read the sign at the front door. We don't do praying around here.
  3. Malkytfp1

    *****Official Shkupi vs Rangers thread*****

    For having an opinion and being disappointed at a lackluster performance? No one is calling for heads to roll. If anything the over exaggeration is coming from people like you.
  4. Malkytfp1

    *****Official Shkupi vs Rangers thread*****

    I've bit my tongue here tonight and trying not to panic as i'm seeing much of the last three years tactics out there tonight, but when you see Andy Haliday come on then you have to worry. All in all that was not a good performance tonight and better teams would have punished us. The result wasnt good or bad but the performance was lacking. What happened to all the high pressing we seen being worked on pre-season and against Bury? Its ok us all pointing fingers at individual players but at some point we need to look at the tactics and how they are being utilized. Is it coincidence that most "duds" we have leave us then do well or were doing well before coming here?
  5. Malkytfp1


    Ah well. We still have that fine memory of him coming off the bench amd scoring a worldie against thistle. Would have liked to see him get a run in the cup games or something, 2 or 3 game in a row to really be able to even judge him.
  6. Malkytfp1

    Chris Cadden (Motherwell)

    The guy who wrote it is called Tim....nuff said.
  7. Malkytfp1

    First proper game but...

    Were you at the same game? Morelos header, windass header, Murphy with a one on one with keeper where he squared it rather than shoot, the 1st attack of the 2nd half, the penalty shouts.....and so on. Im not saying we were great and thought we didnt show enough intensity especially what we have been working on in winning the ball back but ffs we won. He has been here 6 weeks and has to gel new players in.
  8. Malkytfp1

    9 in a row sky review

    Back when Sky Sports was good. Used to love watching the old firm live on Sky Sports when it was truely their biggest game. Martin Tyler and big Andy Grey were terrific. Even the classic tune they had for Scottish football was exciting.
  9. Malkytfp1

    First proper game but...

    Some of the over-reactions on here are fucking mental! Heard a wee group of Ibrox first timers leaving the game the other night shouting pish about Gerrard has ruined us. Also must be incredibly difficult playing in front of a crowd who moan and groan every time a ball goes backwards or loose. We have played 1 full game ffs. We won by two goals and to be honest, if we had taken just 1 of the qaulity chances we made earlier then i think the flood gates would have opened and we would have rattled them. Give the lads a chance ffs.
  10. Malkytfp1

    England related thread

    Lets not forget this is the Bears Den. It is for, is and always will be about the greatest football team in the world. Fuck all these pesky in house arguments about natonal teams or we are at risk of looking like those inbred cunts at the other side of Glasgow.
  11. Malkytfp1

    England related thread

    Agreed. He doesn't. My post was aimed at you but was at people saying youre not a Rangers fan unless you support England which is a lot of pish.
  12. Malkytfp1

    England related thread

    Really hope youre at the wind up and youre not that much of a tit.
  13. Malkytfp1

    England related thread

    Always annoys me how people can judge how much others are fans based on their political views or whatever other shit we are supposed to be represented by. What's wrong with simply supporting a team because you grew up watching the likes of Butcher, Laudrup, Jardine etc? You have no right to tell someone else they aren't a fan because they don't have the same views as yourself.
  14. Malkytfp1

    England related thread

    Lot a shite. My grandad and my auld man were/are lifelong tartan army members. Also lifelong Rangers fans and despite me growing up with all celtic fans they made sure i supported the right club and my country. Will never be ashamed to support my country or my club.
  15. Malkytfp1

    What Impressed You The Most?

    This was great to see for me. It allowed McCrorie to push forward whilst still protecting which meant he was winning the ball further forward and creating. All in all our fluidity and freedom was great. Different players from midfield were getting in the box and into scoring areas. Every time they got wide and got one on one against our fullbacks there was always someone behind to cover. Listen,it was only Bury but you can see where the team are going.