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  1. So youre ok with someone who's selfishness cost us vital points this season? cool man.
  2. Malkytfp1


    Thing is, we cant keep paying the money we did for players like Barasic and then just writing them off. At least need to try and recoup some by selling him on and can only do that if he plays. Wouldny mind seeing how he is after a pre season with us. But aye he seems gutless and....well pish.
  3. Folk need to calm doon. All this not good enough pish. It was a pre season game for us ffs. Showed how much we rely on Tav.
  4. Mental. He is targeted because he reacts and opponents know it. He has had time to learn/adapt and he has not learned. As much as i like him, i feel he is a selfish player slightly.
  5. Fair points. If it was against a Rangers player would you say the same? Not a pisstake,, genuinely asking. "a player who, when not challenging for the ball, deliberately strikes an opponent or any other person on the head or face with the hand or arm, is guilty of violent conduct." For me that statement makes it a red. Regardless of elbow or arm. Like i said, glad we beat still
  6. Haha. Just shows how bad the refereeing and panel are in Scotland. Take the blinders off and be honest. It's a red card. Delighted with the result but.
  7. Wouldny mind seeing the full interview. Would love to hear what a player of his stature who has played in some of the biggest games thinks of the old firm and the atmosphere.
  8. You forget the amount of points dropped whilst we were down to 10 men due to his actions.
  9. This will simply fuel his fire to leave even more. Too many people are too quick to forgive him. His indicipline aided to us losing the league. If i am picking people for an elimination tournament, i dont want someone who is highly likely to get sent off. He wasn't left our for lack of ability.
  10. The more i see Flanagan celobrating our 2nd and all his tackles yesterday the more i love him. What he lacks in ability he makes up for in heart. Was built for games like yesterday.
  11. Malkytfp1

    Ryan Kent

    Hard to be negative but i agree. If we are paying over £7 million for a player he needs to improve certain areas. He is an undoubted talent though and should only get better.
  12. From where i was sitting in GR3 it looked a cert but my auld man told me Defoe kicked him.
  13. Nine if this 1 - 0 pish. I want to hurt them. If it means Lennon doesnt get the job then so be it. They bring another manager in who struggles to adapt to the Scottish game.
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