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  1. Malkytfp1

    What a trip

    Sure i speak for many bears who couldn't make it but kudos for doing a fucking great job over there and representing us showing why were are simply the best fans in the world. All i know is we are on our way.
  2. Malkytfp1

    Tav’s Rangers Stats

    Spot on man. If Tav has a bad game it all comes down to this and it gets overblown. When he has a good game no one mentions it.
  3. Malkytfp1

    vendetta against Alfredo Morelos

    Slag my own player......it's a fucking observation that he needs to either be less petulant or be more clever about it. Not a slagging. If you don't think he has a petulant side then youre mad.... He was wound up by an Aberdeen player and kicked out off the ball. I'm no Pierluigi fucking Collina but that could and would be deemed a red card. He then got two daft cards against UFA for...yes....petulance. Its something he certainly needs to work on.
  4. Malkytfp1


    Did a lot of the ugly tuns tonight to get back into position. Off the ball he was great. Delighted with him.
  5. Malkytfp1

    vendetta against Alfredo Morelos

    He still kicked out and left the ref with a decision. Resinded means fuck all. Kenny Millers red card should have been resinded but wanst. He got sent off in europe for petulance. He reacts to oppinents all to often. Take the blinders off.
  6. Malkytfp1

    vendetta against Alfredo Morelos

    Overturned or not. He still kicked out mate. It was stupid.
  7. Malkytfp1

    vendetta against Alfredo Morelos

    I'm a Morelos guy. But any attention he gets is his own fault. Yes he gets wound up by other players but if i was sending someone out to mark him id be telling him to get under Morelos skin as he will most likely retaliate. Its part of his game he needs to sort out sooner rather than later. He has already cost us points against Abeedeen and almost got us knocked out of europe.
  8. Malkytfp1

    Strange people within our support

    Getting a bit tedious coming on here these days where there is more activity in posts about politics than actual football. The last few months on here i've seen people tell others they aren't real Rangers fans if they support their national team, or have a certain political view and so on. Give it a fucking rest! The important thing is we all bleed blue and give to this great club. Get the politics shite out of here as it should be fuck all to do with football.
  9. Malkytfp1

    A proper farewell for Kenny - Barry Ferguson

    Kenny Miller chose the career of a mercanary the moment he put on those green and white stripes. He played for us and for that, we payed him handsomly. We owe him nothing.
  10. Malkytfp1


    His movement in the box was good. As was his finishing. Still think technically there is a player there.
  11. Malkytfp1

    Switch to Pro Evo!

    Haha says the grown man who comes onto a forum to complain.
  12. Malkytfp1

    Switch to Pro Evo!

    Always been a Fifa guy and don't get much game time now being daddy but Pro Evo is pulling out all the stocks for us bears.
  13. Malkytfp1

    Morelos called up to the Colombia squad

    Missed an open goal. 😣 Someone get that Chinese mob back. Cash in. CASH IN!
  14. Malkytfp1

    Scotland fans in kilts and stupid hats

    I will always stand by and support Scotland for mainly nostalgic reasons. First ever game was a Scotland game at a full house wae my auld boy and he had a tear in his eye seeing my amazememt Anyway, i get why bears don't want to support our national team and who am i to say whether they are right or wrong? But posts like this are just fucking childish and really dont belong in the bears den. Imagine the uproar if the minority few on hear created a post supporting Scotland on match days?! Can see the bans from here. Most bears don't care about Scotland which is fine but i dont get wanting Scotland to get hammered. If you are as 'staunch' as you think you are and care only about Rangers then surely you would want our coefficient up which doesnt help when the national team are being raped.
  15. Malkytfp1

    Are we back to long ball punts.

    Hearts have layed the blueprint down on how to beat them... twice! Problem is no one is listening to them. Hearts pressed high and didnt allow their midfield to control the game. If their midfield cant get control then their fullbacks are ineffective. We simply didnt compete with them in the centre of the park. Our midfielders were 20 metres too far back. Hearts continuosly forced them to go long which doesnt suit them. We also had a bried spell of joy doing this under Murty in theb1-1 game.