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  1. Agree man. They are just as responsible.
  2. Hope so. Like I said, that makes a bit more sense to me.
  3. I think the last paragraph is probably the most important. After the evening times article on Morelos I was saying now is the time to fight back especially. Maybe the club can't do that and have to pick their battles but people with a bit of a shorter leash should be pointing out these things which @The Dude has done.
  4. Will get a lot of shite for this, bit I was never overly thrilled with the prospect of losing Morelos and getting Roofe. His injury history is concerning and his scoring record is not good. Worried where we are going to replace Morelos goals. If he is playing off a striker on the right then I'm less concerned a bit.
  5. Auto correct honestly kicks the verbal shite out me. #Accies
  6. Yup. There is absolutely no excuse not to be comfortably beating the likes of accord, Ross county etc.
  7. I honestly thought we looked good. Sure that was Lafferty's debut as well. It was obvious it was new and players hadn't fully adapted to it but we created a lot.
  8. I'm more concerned about the plan B which has been missing. We need to be able to switch to two up top imo if we can't break teams down. I think the 433 we play is good (incredible in Europe) when we have space. Last season when teams caught onto it we had nothing to switch to.
  9. I agree. The quote was shameful and should never have been said by a Rangers captain. I don't think he is in the same breath as previous Rangers captains who would never have said what he said. However there is nobody at the club I would pick over him as captain sadly.
  10. That's mad to blame anyone other than Goldson mate. Morelos drops very deep to challenge the first header, he has no chance of winning it but at least puts in an effort in order to not give the Hamilton player a free header. I think I see where you are coming from when Tav leaves the ball for Goldson, but there is clearly a shout there as Tav is facing away from Goldson and leaves it to him to try and get out. There is no danger, it required a simple clearance from Goldson who then tried to trap the ball and fucked up.
  11. Thought your piecenl on Morelos was quite good. Kudos.
  12. There were at least 6, players on the pitch that night who were worse.
  13. Can you link the article mate? I can't find it.
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