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  1. Malkytfp1

    Ravel Morrison

    I think a lot of people say he is talented without seeing him doing anything. They base that judgement on a few soundbytes from the likes of SAF and Redknapp. He has not done anything in his career as far as im concerned.
  2. Malkytfp1

    Daniel Candeias Appreciation Thread

    I've always under-appreciated him. Would like to see him run at defenders more..if you could cross-breed him and his work rate with Kent's tanacity and ability you would have some player. In saying that, his goal against Spartak and his cross for Morelos 'offside' goal was world class. He is the kind of player you miss when he is not in the starting 11. Kind of like a modern day Nacho Novo.
  3. Malkytfp1

    My Favourite Dick Pic

    Some amount of Bi-curious folks on here 🤣
  4. Malkytfp1

    Players Moving On

    We need to use Katic and soon. Looked excellent at the start of the season and he has not done much wrong. We can't keep spending and not using the player to then just lose the money. I like Worrall but Katic is the one we should be developing,.not other teams players.
  5. Malkytfp1

    Reflection on the Warburton era

    His lack of ability to change a game and change tactics was a trait that was never going to be addressed. Ultimately, it cost him at us and Forrest. His possesion game was nice, but i remember watching games being bored with our passing accross the park and lack of creativity. Not sure much would have changed/progressed under him amd he under-estimated the premier league thinking league 2 England players would have cut it.
  6. Malkytfp1

    Coincidence or not ?

    Did you ask him if he was busy tonight?
  7. Went greetin to the ref immediately.
  8. Malkytfp1

    Steven Davis

    Signed up on Boxing day after getting his first ever mobile phone for Christmas. Used an email address of "Harthillloyal" in the hopes of coming on here gloating after he though his beloved shellic would pump us only to be disappointed. Now hangs about like a guinness shite.
  9. Malkytfp1

    Steven Davis

    Pretty sure it would just be a case of all parties mutually terminating the contract allowing him to move on.
  10. Malkytfp1

    Steven Davis

    Aww fuck up. Back to ff.
  11. They have a Facebook page haha. Related pages include celtic media, Malones Glasgow and McGinty's magic moments....i Shit you not. As an impartial writer looking to protect the integrity of Scottish football, i have just requested they write an article about the ongoings at a certain football club and why it is censored so much, specifically using the phrase "dirty bastards".
  12. Malkytfp1


    What's rhetorical about it let alone pish? Bit pointless coming on slating someone's post without posting any content yourself. 😂
  13. Malkytfp1


    You will send me? Haha. A guy who says that and has an obsession with calling people "young'un's" is definitley a wrong yin. Gangsta.
  14. Malkytfp1


    There is no such thing ad the Tav fan club. Thats something you, a grown man, made up to call people who dont agree with your point. Secondly, we only secured promotion to the premier league in 2016/2017. That is the year we were able to buy better qaulity players and start to compete. There's no arguing with pointless. Enjoy the Tav hating club. Ill support my team/players.
  15. Malkytfp1


    I think thats your problem mate. You still think we are in the glory days. We almost died just a few short years ago and we are still recovering. To be challenging for a title in this short time would be an achievemennt at any other team. We have been spoiled during the Murray era to the point where we were entitled tonwin every game. Its changed days my friend.