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  1. Every single international break has affected us this season. We have went into them on a bit of momentum and returned having lost that momentum and usually get a bad result. Lets hope the tables have turned this time.
  2. Mental the amount of times "sell Tav" has been mentioned in a thread about Candeias. Tav has to do twice the amount of work because Candeias wont beat a man and doesnt want the ball. I called Candeias out last year. A winger with no chalk on his boots. We used to be able to at least rely on his delivery but even that has gone.
  3. Who knows mate. One thing for me though is to mix it up. The idea of getting the ball out wide and lumping it into the box is tried and tested. A number 10 who is dangerous from outside the box. Someone who can shoot and can create more is a must. Arfield is not that guy. Also asking our wingers to get into the box more. They move in and allow the fullbacks to hold the width. Gives you a better chance when when midfielders have more men in the box to play the ball into.
  4. Leagues done but i admire you optimistic attitude. Agree that all this pish about a new manager and sack Gerrard nonesense must go. Our inability to beat teams who park the bus is the thing that he needs to work out for next season.
  5. Thought Davis was the best if a bad bunch today. Offered more than Arfield does.
  6. Sometimes i think people just need to go back to last season and see what we had compared to now. Russel Martin in defence along with Fabio Cardozo. Lee Hodson at left back whilst subbing lazy Windass with Carlos Pena. Worrying going into games because Jason Holt might not be fit. That's what Gerrard inherited. Our defence, whilst far from perfect is much stronger and we have a more attacking threat. We are a better team and the league is far more competitive. Work must be done still but the overreaction on here is verging on mental.
  7. Malkytfp1


    There is very little to stand up for him with but one of the main problems for me usis he doesnt have a relationship with Kent. Down the right tav and candeias have an understanding and when were on our game work well together. Down the left it seems it is either or.
  8. Malkytfp1


    For a team who have scored 65 goals? Naismith has played half the games Arfield has played from a similar position and has 10 goals. Christie at celtic playing attacking mid has more goals and he has played almost 9 less games than Arfield. Our right back has more goals and assisits so if those are acceptable figures for an attacking mid then we will be mediocre.
  9. Malkytfp1


    I dont know how anyone can stand up for Arfield. 7 goals in 22 games from an attacking midfield position is no great. He panics on the ball so much. Has no pace or composure.
  10. The same people who call him a rat stand up for Kenny Miller who kissed the celtic badge.
  11. Malkytfp1


    Thats no true mate. It's more comoetitive because other teams have made it competitive. Kilmarnock are better than they ever have been with a good manager and a well organised team. We used to go to Rugby park as a formality knowing it was an easy game. Hibs and Hearts have strenghtened also and as usual Aberdeen is a cup final tie everytime we play them. Not to mention teams like Livingston being a hard away tie for any team this season, certainly at the start of the season. The fact the tarriers may get another manager in next year is a positive for us. Rodgers like it or lump it was an incredible manager for them and a new manager coming in will have to adapt to Scottish football potentially.
  12. Made some great noise tonight. Few fucked it again but by tearing up seats. Need to wrap that shit.
  13. Youre right. And thats where Gerrard should be judged next year. He has to learn from these games but we need to give him time to learn.
  14. Malkytfp1


    Sometimes we need to look at the bigger picture. Of course we wanted to challenge this season but realistically we should be setting expectations of a the manager coming in and making progress. And as painful as it is to drop points tonight, we have made progress under Gerrard. * We lost 10 games last year. 9 the year before. We have lost only 4 this year. * We conceded 44 goals last season....50 the season before. We have conceded only 21 this season. Not to mention this league this year is far more competitive than the past seasons. And for the first time in years,i don't fear playing the bheasts. So Gerrard has improved us. I think with some sqaud additions next year he can do it. We cant keep starting every season with a new manager.
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