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  1. Speaking to a client in work who works for Welsh FA and he confirmed Uefa told them today that leagues have until the 30th of June to finish remaining games or league is null and void.
  2. I'm more interested in getting refunds for the games I went to where Brandon Barker played. False advertisement calling him a football player. If they do refund we should start a fund and give back to the club.
  3. Malkytfp1


    I really get embarrassed by some of our fans and how quickly they turn from loving a guy to detesting him. A young lad has came here and wore his heart on his sleeve and scored huge goals for our team. He has his flaws as do I and every other person on here but every other person on here probably hasn't had to go to another country and suffer abuse the way he has.
  4. For the remainder of this season we need Coronavirus to get bigoted and kill catholics
  5. Piss poor from the manager again to yet again chuck someone under the bus in his interview. Poster was shite but equally was Davis and others but Gerrard calls out poster.
  6. When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea
  7. They were nothing special tonight. Possibly the third best European side we have seen at Ibrox this season. Saying that I think they played in second gear and had more if needed but we were put off and scared by the pricetags tonight
  8. https://www.talktofrank.com/
  9. I think Kamberi plays much better as a supporting or second striker. Would play him up top with Morelos Sunday
  10. If you were a doctor you would be telling Coronavirus patients to walk it off. You're last 2 statements prove you ARE a Tav hater also.
  11. The level of mongo in this is dangerous.
  12. Feel sorry for him. He seems to want to succeed but with the crowd on his back he plays with his head down just now. Body language also suggests he is hurting but I do agree he is finished. Actually think apart from Jack we need a whole new younger midfield with much more composure and energy.
  13. Poster is rotten. But suggesting Patterson is the answer is mad.
  14. Some cunts need to calm down. Being beat by a superior team and people acting like it's shocking
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