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  1. Struggling to understand these 'I like Polster' comments unless you like him cause of his missus.
  2. Malkytfp1


    Too late. We should have taken him before he went to dundee utd where he wouldnt have cost millions. Think he would be a good signing too. Great finisher but his off the ball work is good too.
  3. I struggle to understand why people are suggesting another striker. I think we are fine in that area with Morelos, Defoe, and Stewart if needed. If we were to spend i think we need a right winger badly.
  4. Christie being citied is the lamb before the slaughter. Watch the compliance officer go tonto on Morelos and Kent etc now.
  5. 29 and a half seconds. If you don't hear the shout of "black bastard" then it's only because you do not want to hear it. Maybe you will find a more clear clip on your beloved kerrydail street.
  6. Really important first 10 minutes of the 2nd half. Can't give them a sniff. Game management huge now. Best opening 20 minutes from us this season has been tonoght and Young Boys at Ibrox. Hopefully turning a corner of the slow starts.
  7. People writing Braga off. Beat Wolves away and drew at home. Still a good pedigree. One of the preferable teams to draw buy the Horta boys out wide will cause problems. Paulinho too.
  8. Big Freddie Kanoute just walked out and said "hello hello". It's a sign lads, were winning the bastard. 20191216_120939.mp4
  9. I worry when we play against pacey strikers with Helander and Goldson. Somehow i think Katic has the ability to deal with that better. The things he lacks can be trained, such as passing.
  10. Should be number 1 choice at the back. Commaned that defense today and is always good for a goal. Deals with pace better than Goldson and Helander and also has a good paretnership with Borna at the back.
  11. The 'ref' also books everyone involved in the halftime scuffle except from the one Motherwell player in the middle of it all who was apready on a booking for the tackle on Alfie.
  12. Because he see's every other tarrier and their tobacco,, catholic smelling grannies do it so thinks it should be ok. His only crime today is not knowing the tarrier sfa have ine rule for us and one for another.
  13. Shit myself when i seen another Tav post. Thankfully it's on point. He defended great against Garcia tonight and dealt with Horaru well when he come on. Strong defensive play and burst a gut up and down the right.
  14. Morelos celebration seemed to be a wee bit of a "sorry" for Sunday to me. Possibly love him more than both my kids and ma dug.
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