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  1. Your five man managerial shortlist.

    I don't know to be perfectly honest. I like the idea of Clarle but i worry he sets up a defensive approach and counters which you cant do at Rangers. We need to look at managers who are used to managing title winning teams to both set up a good attacking unit and deal with the pressure of going for a title.
  2. Your five man managerial shortlist.

    And he is one of the worst managers alive...
  3. Say what you want about him now but

    Loved the wee guy. Brilliant prospect when he broke through under the general. Remember whennhe joined us the 2nd time and told Blackburn he was leaving they all thought he was leaving to join Man Utd or Arsenal he was that good. Seem to remember hearing a story about him going out and fighting the mhankies after an of defeat...anyone shed some light on the story?
  4. Games we lost and should have won

    The Uefa cup v Zenit still haunts me cause we never had a go, but that same season, losing to Lyon at home in the champions league to go through after beating them 3 0 away. Missed some great chances that night.
  5. Truth be told, Mr Holloway likely won't be there next year. They are not far off relegation. So lets save our negotiating for a new manager who isn"t gollum.
  6. Alves ahead of Martin

    Id at least play Cardozo and Alves against Falkirk to give them game time.
  7. Alves ahead of Martin

    Bates was shaky again last night for me. Gonna cost us big at some point.
  8. Good chance now to give game time to the likes of Cummings and dare insay....The Dalcio.
  9. Left back for tonight

    Fuck it. Go 3 at the back and 5 up front. Shock the cunts
  10. Left back for tonight

  11. Morelos didnt have a bad game. A lot of the best strikers in football miss chances but they keep getting into those positions amd then the law of averages take over and they score. Windass is a dilema for me. He was exceptiomally poor yesterday but he has had games like that all season where he is non existant for the match but then pops up with a goal. It's hard for a manager to sub that threat out.
  12. Russel Martin

    Looks like it means something to them.
  13. 49 years ago today

    Big beautiful cunt as well. In the straightest way possible.
  14. Great Footage of Ibrox 1969

    If you look closely you can actually see Jordan Rossiter get his first injury in this video.
  15. Candeias title talk

    I'm actually slightly coming round to Candeias, though he is incredibly overated on here. His work rate is superb as is his final ball on occasion. I would like to see him add to his game by beating defenders when the opportunity is there and by tucking in more and getting into the box when we attack from the other wing. It hurts me saying positive things about him though.