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  1. A Spine

    The "lets blame the goalie now" bandwagon is just funny. All the people saying no to Lafferty as well baffles me. The boy bleeds blue and has more ability than half the players there. He is the first forward in this league in 2 years to actually bully the tarriers yesterday.
  2. A Spine

    Think you have nailed the 'stay or go' players perfectly. The managers mentioned dont half look bad either (if that's Mark Hughes then fuck off but) I think the managerial appointment is more important than the players we sign at this stage. A half decent manager could get that sqaud beating at least the league teams like Dundee, Hamilton etc where we have dropped points. For me, we need a manager who sets up to play on the front foot. Murty's diamond midfield is perfect for teams like Hivs and the sheep who come at us but the rest of the teams sit back and counter so that formation goes out the window. Cant play an offensive set up whilst focusing on defending and being rigid and countering.

    All this sack the board stuff is a waste of moans. Another bad result, another blame the board thread. Dave king should be ashamed of the defending today and the poor crossing. His left peg is utter gash. Fuck me. The players out there are of a better standard than St Johnstone. Its not the board fault they dont perform.
  4. Fod

    Seen every one of them mate. Not even in their league but its what we have and he hasnt done as bad as some people make out on here. Ok maybe world class is a bit much but he has saved us so many points this season. Typical BD. After hibs game there is an entire thread praising him then the next bad result he is the new Dragan Mladenovic. Silly to bring those comparisons up really. Should we write McCrorie off because hes not Gazza, Durrant or Baxter?
  5. Fod

    The fucking knee jerk reactions on here Has saved us in so many games this season. Comanded his box against Hibs and Aberdeen when we were under the cosh and dunno how many world class saves he made this season.
  6. Bruno Alves

    If you think there wasny anyone worse out there you werny watching the same game mate. Should never be captain i agree but if you think players lost because there was no captain out there then those players shouldbt be footballers.
  7. Bruno Alves

    He won the headee for the first goal. Wilson was at fault for the 2nd and Declan John jumped out the way for their third. He might not be playing great but there is far worse out there today.
  8. I'm guessing...

    They usually send the subs out wae hair dryers half an hour before kick off.
  9. Finlay's Christmas Wish

    Fucking 1am on a Satuday morning after the boozer. What you doing to me with this?! Ballin ma eyes oot. Brilliant from everyone involved. Good lad that Windass. Shite player, but good lad.
  10. Alves v Hill

    Alves is dominant in the air. Something we have lacked. Loved big Clint but Bruno is doing a good job.
  11. Kenny

    Miller time is over. Rangers do not owe him a thing. He has shown throughout his career he is a money man and not a club man. This pish about staying at Rangers until we are back where we belong is nonesence. He stayed on to try and get as much money before retiring as he can. Not that he is to blame for that but if he was such a Rangers guy he wouldnt condone his agent coming out and slating our clun without stopping it.
  12. Candeias

    Because he can't take the ball past defenders. Pretty much a must if youre a winger. Guy has been criminally overated on here.
  13. When Halliday comes back

    Really this should sum it all up. Simple answer but 100% correct.
  14. Jason

    Work rate is unquestionable. Think he looks missing in a two man midfield but thrives in the current formation. Was superb against Hivs
  15. Murty and these December games

    I'm a Murty guy. He has done superb considering his positiom. Really like him but he is not ready to be manager. After loosing the 2 games to Dundee and Hamilton, people were on his back. He scraped past Ross County and Hibs and the Mcciness saga had a lot to do imo with the Aberdeen results. If we lost the hibs game this poll wouldn't even exist. Whilst he has done great there have been a lot of tactical decisions he made which were poor.