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  1. Malkytfp1


    He was excellent today. Some great passes in behind and lots of crosses. Created a lot down the right and defended well.
  2. Malkytfp1


    So Morelos, Arfield, Jack etc all are not good enough? They haven't won a title. Fuck we should sack the manager too. Tav was poor last night. This season he has started poorly compared to to his stunning season last year. But he is nowhere near as bad as you make out. For me part of the problem is how much we rely on Tav. He is captain, penalty taker, set piece taker, he is at times responsible for both defending and attacking down the right flank alone amd he is expected after last season to hit an 8/9 out of 10 every game. Regarding him being shite at free kicks whilst he isnt the best he still has goal against celtic from a set piece and the last home game against Livi he got us back in the game with a free kick so he is far from poor.
  3. I know he scored, but i don't see how Ojo gets such ratings. He hides and defensively let his man go a few times. Panics on the ball. Barisic was exceptional.
  4. Heard someone one the bus say Katic Rangers career is over. Something has happened. Shame cause he is better than Goldson.
  5. Think the record have removed it.
  6. Malkytfp1


    I watched him today and pointed out to the boy next to me how much he hides. He actively seeks out a defender when we have possesion to hide behind.
  7. Goldson wasn't far behind him....He was twice as bad at least. Goldson has been pish poor and he should be dropped for Helander.
  8. I play guitar in a band but not sure we would suit. Kind of alt-rock.
  9. Av just changed ma screensaver on ma phone and laptop to this replacing the pic of my firstborn 6 month old child. Hope to fuck she chucks me oot so i can have a full on sash bash this weekend.
  10. There must be about 20 folk on here with copy and pasted "welcome to Rangers Ryan Kent" topics ready to go.
  11. Murty. Suppose we need him if Gerrard goes.
  12. Malkytfp1

    Joe Dodoo

    Fuck. I thought he was going to be the answer to our left back problem.
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