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  1. Spot on. When the gaffer took Kent off for Katic it was just a big exclamation mark on our whole night and summed it up.
  2. Wind yer fucking neck in. He made a post, disagree if you want but no need for that shite.
  3. Problem is, with Katic lack of games lately, can you just throw him in at the deep end on Sunday? For me despite the fact those two cunts at the back were useless tonight, you have to stick with them and hopefully play on the front foot and protect them.
  4. Fucking hell. Jack scored and Tav set up a goal tonight but somehow this post has people pointing the finger at them. Never mind the 2 cb's and Flanagan.
  5. Tell you one player who isny getting enough slack due to the 2 stoogies at the back, Flanagan. Fucking pish player.
  6. Goldson and Helander will get fucking bum rapee by those two useless cunts at the back.
  7. Poor Katic must be thinking what the fuck do i need to do to get in front of those tits.
  8. Seems there has been a wee bit of a fall out
  9. Murphy? I'm not confident about our wide right area but i'd rather see someone like Jones, Barker or even yoing Dabude out there before Murphy.
  10. Malkytfp1


    His second header was world class. There arent many strikers today who score that.
  11. Ojo is simply not good enough for us. His loan spells for other clubs were all poor. I would rather we played some youngster like Mabude.
  12. Hope Jones is in contention but aye. Inverness first.
  13. Seen Brian Rice after his post game interview walking off camera and say "no gonna ask about the sending off?" Scummy sour loser.
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