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  1. Its now the stuff you saw on the internet the day before. I don't know how they have the brass neck to take a salary to scour forums and social media. Most of the reporters have an agenda and always write to further that agenda. How is it not in the public interest to publish information on corrupt officials, dodgy land deals and very iniquitous procurement practices?
  2. I hate that paper. They changed the headline from optimistic to cheeky. They were trying ti rip it then noticed it was said tongue in cheek. fucking taigs
  3. Could they join up again, for some glorious tarrier bashing. The million pound compensation to the sheep for Mcinnes would add £20,000 to FDB weekly wage. This appointment is the most important decision King has had to make so far, it will show what his intentions here are and if he truly deserves our support. It would be nice if the players returned the loyalty we have shown them through the years. I remember the papers a couple of years ago when Ajax faced them and when Ajax sold them a player, FDB was throwing digs about like a championship boxer. He even joked about how rubbish the player they sold them was. Come on home Frankie, at least just for 55.
  4. FDB would come if there are funds for his salary and to compete with the scum. Thats down to the board. King has one chance to redeem himself and make up for the broken promises so far...get FDB signed on a pre-conract.
  5. You are missing my point if we gave permission. It wouldn't be a problem. The fact that they did it this way should warrant at least an annoyed phone call.
  6. http://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/13773841.Burnley__sporting_director_Frank_McParland_not_guilty_of_fraud_and_perjury_charges_as___1m_transfer_row_case_collapses/
  7. The fact that we let a little club like Forest come in tap our manager and say nothing sets a bad precedent. -Edit. Even when they done us a favour.
  8. Yes, it played well for us this time. It sets a negative precedent, next time it could be a successful manager. They have made a habit of it - Nottingham Forest manager Brian Clough later said, "we tapped more players than the Severn-Trent water board!"
  9. He would have some nerve taking it to court then. Seems a win for us and puts the response in a better light too.
  10. If that's the case then we should be going after Forest.
  11. Glad Theyre away...but. This could be the start of a protracted legal battle which could be costly, if lost. This has done nothing for our reputation as a Club. As in going to the mhedia before confirming with Warburton. What message does this send to any potential managers who may have had an interest in coming here?
  12. Why did the review rock Warburton so much that he ran to the mhedia? Has he and McParland been hiding something, heard a rumour about his daughter being an agent. She supposedly worked for Key Sports Managment and they were representatives of a third of our signings including Garner. At first, I saw this as another conspiracy crap-fest from the bheggars. Was there truth in it? why was he so defensive about a review?
  13. This is not the way we should doing things. Dave King is making a mockery of our proud Club. Where in the hell is Dave King, where is Traynor? he should be booted too. Why was this declared at this time on a Friday night, it is 40 hours till the Morton match, in the last bit of silverware available. The lack of coordination from our Board, PR department and management, to the amateur statement which gave far too much information on our business practice/dealings is not how Rangers operate.
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