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  1. Fake or not. You seen the size of him. He's massive. Chris is just a walking mouthpiece.
  2. He's challenged Chris Sutton the wank to fight. The big yin could reshape the mouth pieces skull with a miss. Get him in at centre back. Nobody's getting bye him. No Surrender Drew. Don't watch the wrestling but hope he does well.
  3. After the 2 old firms and our game in hand that's 9 PTS. It's not over, so they definitely can't give it away. Restart from next year is the only thing to do to maintain the integrity of our game. Let's see how those bastards like it now.
  4. Well done to the Lad. Living the dream. If he puts in the work and we nurture him as best we can. Hopefully he'll be a mainstay in the team for years to come. RTID 🇬🇧
  5. They'll melt on their faces by their own breath. Stinking bastards. 😷 Yeah a big "thank you for limiting your smell" banner. With small print saying "A smell that could melt brickwork" "Don't be a taig have a 🛀"
  6. For Large penis' of the game. The Your Wafer cup 😂😂😂
  7. Fuck, if they can get 25m for that over rated, injury prone and daft headless chicken Tierney. Tav and Barisic are 20m plus easy. Although Tav especially when he's good he's great but terrible when bad. I think a good coach could make him more consistent. Barisic has the potential to be a top defender. Tav is getting some stick for defensive mistakes but he is number 57 in the World assist chart . Which says a lot.
  8. Considering their form of late their valuations won't be much on what we paid for them. Unless they come out and play a blinder against Bayer 04 and prove they have the pedigree to step up in Europe. But that's unlikely given the form shown against Hearts, Hamilton etc. I'm not too hopeful but given our run already in Europe anything else is a bonus just now.
  9. Does this mean Kings not investing anymore? He said at the start he would invest even if he wasn't chairman. Also, has the increased Euro revenue been factored in on that increased revenue of 53.2m and increased operating expenses 0f 58.2m ? With the accounts saying we needed 15m to see out rest of season. Big Fat Mike's litigation, Hummel's litigation and Close bros loans. What do you think will be left for Gerrard to invest in team?
  10. What would the likelihood Sir Walter would come out of retirement for next season. At least for a year to stop their run for the Tainted Ten ( more like 6). We could start a fund to give him a tight pay off. He's the only one that could guarantee those smelly bastards don't do it. I can't handle another year of my hopes getting booted about like an Albertz freekick. What you guys think?
  11. Its now the stuff you saw on the internet the day before. I don't know how they have the brass neck to take a salary to scour forums and social media. Most of the reporters have an agenda and always write to further that agenda. How is it not in the public interest to publish information on corrupt officials, dodgy land deals and very iniquitous procurement practices?
  12. I hate that paper. They changed the headline from optimistic to cheeky. They were trying ti rip it then noticed it was said tongue in cheek. fucking taigs
  13. Could they join up again, for some glorious tarrier bashing. The million pound compensation to the sheep for Mcinnes would add £20,000 to FDB weekly wage. This appointment is the most important decision King has had to make so far, it will show what his intentions here are and if he truly deserves our support. It would be nice if the players returned the loyalty we have shown them through the years. I remember the papers a couple of years ago when Ajax faced them and when Ajax sold them a player, FDB was throwing digs about like a championship boxer. He even joked about how rubbish the player they sold them was. Come on home Frankie, at least just for 55.
  14. FDB would come if there are funds for his salary and to compete with the scum. Thats down to the board. King has one chance to redeem himself and make up for the broken promises so far...get FDB signed on a pre-conract.
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