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    I live too far away to attend many matches.
  1. i happen to like pedro and his comments, he is showing that he is well able to handle the media; whatever they throw at him or try to bait him
  2. in all fairness; the wine from portugal from the douro valley is excellent and im no wine expert
  3. youre wrong what absolute rubbish this is even parodied by alan partridge!:
  4. at the moment we dont have any other options lets at least give the guy a transfer window; the europa league qualifiers and the next old firm game to make up our mind on him; i still think he will come good; being left with a bombsite isnt easy in any job and the clear-up is often underestimated; pedro has my backing.
  5. it is but being realistic as for the forth coming season its what we should be aiming for
  6. europa league group stage qualification is a minimum standard for a club of our stature and size regardless of who the manager is or what players we have
  7. my thoughts exactly its going to be a long hard road to success; very few other managers would have made much of a difference at the moment; but pedro needs to get it right in the next window thats for sure
  8. I believe Pedro is worth giving a chance; the europa league qualifiers and the next old firm game will tell all...
  9. i just joined facebook and i have a "pending" for the rangersarchivefootage group how long does it take to get added?
  10. nah its your....
  11. id give my right arm to be back then; 2002; that NTL jersey was class too!
  12. bringing back player(s) who had a news conference on why they were leaving when we were in the eye of the storm doesnt wash for me
  13. very true and it should start on Monday
  14. yes thats true; but pedro needs in investment
  15. after today can it get any worse; surely things can only get better