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  1. i know last tuesday was hard to take but he needs at least the first three league games before anyone can pass judgement; unfortunately I can see him gone before Halloween hope im wrong!
  2. You can trace it all back to the rise of the modern day Sinn Fein and Feminism; in Scotland it manifest itself with that yoke thats leader of the SNP
  3. st Javier unusual choice for a bear are you an RC? Called after st xavier founder of the jesuits; you couldnt get more catholic than that!
  4. come on give him some more games at least two then if still as is; punt!
  5. im all for it, there is only so much we can take; and let the whole sky/bt sport deal fall through aswell, the whole league needs to be re-organised with a proper scottish football tv channel online for say 10-15 quid per month; with archived matches
  6. banger indeed well said; who the hell would want a stripped title
  7. no need to worry fellow bears; there will be no stripping of titles; it just isnt practical for the SFA
  8. if its true and we get a bye into the next round ill take it; hopefully last night was a once off
  9. i cant actually believe this has happened; worst result ever; i dont know if there is any getting over this one, time will tell
  10. pedro stays but he is on thin ice; if we lose or draw any of the first two games then he has to go
  11. im in total shock i was watchin this with my mate, we were only talking today on how much we wanted Pedro to suceed as he is genuine good guy; but we got beat by basically Limavady FC over two legs ;totally unforgiveable; what next maybe we could sign some of the Niderkorn players at least they have some fight about them
  12. I have looked at the tv guide for premier today, there is only 5 mins of a pre match build up, what a joke, what the hell is all that about? premier seem to be obsessed with ice hockey and the like; whoever runs their marketing dept needs a boot up the hole; look at the massive market of Gers fans who will subscribe for this game alone me included; the least they could do is to have 30 mins of pre match build up
  13. yes me too, how about Northern European and anti: (list not limited to) sinn fein,commies, globalists and feminists to name a few
  14. certainly Pedro means business; I predict a 3-0 win tomorrow and then 2 victories over that cypriot mob
  15. couldnt agree more