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    I live too far away to attend many matches.
  1. I think all on here should lobby BBC Scotland to show re-runs of those games from that season, great memories... seeing as they had the rights to them.
  2. big eck was a much better manager than oneill ever was
  3. hope the new BBC Scotland tv channel which starts next year shows re-runs of that epic season
  4. i have the first to fifty dvd also, good vid, its a pity bbc scotland (who had the rights) or rangers tv dont show full match coverage from this season.
  5. Correct me if im in the wrong place here, but what a season that was! What a squad we had, World class players all over the pitch. The old rangers tv did show full match coverage of those games, but the new rangers tv doesnt? Anybody got any idea where coverage of those matches could be got. Thanks in advance.
  6. people are forgetting he won a treble, a very difficult thing to to in any league, i think he would be ideal for the DoF
  7. youre forgetting Arteta who was a really good player, actually a legend video about him on youtube