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  1. I don't think it's going to be anywhere near that much of a percentage, I think we will get 3/5ths of the profit but no chance it's going to be 3/5ths of the sale price 50 quid less vat is about 42 quid, less 30 quid for us leaves only £12 for all the associated production costs and profit (albeit far smaller percentage) for MA, I very much doubt we will be getting £30 per top
  2. Suggest you check the records on that claim I believe Celtic actually had an undefeated season the year before, what we done that year was much more remarkable however, that year we were victorious every single game never mind your pishy draws we won every single game a far far more remarkable statistic and record
  3. That would be a case of watching what you wish for, I am pretty sure that if and that's a big if the police paid for it, then next match basically every steward would be replaced by a cop to stop criminality and guess who would be footing that bill
  4. Wrong thread for that judgement, not surprising these things happen the muppet has us in that many court cases!
  5. Why should I ask them? You are the one making the claim, I take it you mean 1872 when you say them, they had nothing to do with it at all as far as I know and it seems you are the only person who is claiming they and the club did Can you not back up any of the claims you are making about the money being diverted? Or was it all just made up?
  6. I thought all the money for the sensory room was raised through fundraising? And that the club did not contribute any money towards it either directly or by rerouting advertising revenue? Am I incorrect in that assumption?
  7. Rip thoughts are with his family
  8. With such high discounts they are obviously fakes, so I would guess the website is as reliable as any website that sells fake goods, if your one of the first you may get your item but the lo get it's up and running the less likely you are to get your purchase
  9. Thoughts with his family at this sad time