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  1. Mkane1981

    Louden Loyal RSC

    Personally I think if any RSC is unhappy with what has been said, they should all formally complain to the SLO, ie make a paper trail send it all recorded delivery etc and then if nothing is heard back, then go above him and let the club know he is not doing his job after all it is a uefa mandated position as far as I'm aware
  2. Mkane1981

    New Rangers Fan Zone

    As much as I would prefer all the money going to the club i think it's a necessary evil, i can see it now Rangers in court for allowing sectarian singing in their pub, it would only take a few YouTube clips and a few "offended" taigs and the club would be up in front of the licensing board or worse, at least if we have a fall guy it's not the club's name getting dragged through the courts if the worst should happen, point to note I do not think the fall guy should be marshall in any way shape or form, he should not be anywhere near the club in my opinion!
  3. Mkane1981

    Follow Rangers Speak Out

    Fair enough, thats your opinion, i believe it will be the other way round, the way it has been set up it would be easier to hand the reins of fr over to c1872
  4. Mkane1981

    Follow Rangers Speak Out

    Personally think this one will merge with c1872 at some point in the future Season ticket renewal 2014 Rangers first announced Season ticket renewal 2016 c1872 announced Season ticket renewal 2018 follow Rangers announced The suspicious could believe that there is a pattern emerging, every 2 years a "new group" trying to get fans money to buy shares
  5. Mkane1981

    Follow Rangers Shareholders Limited

    See there you go, this is another false claim others could even spin it to be a lie (I'm not just think people need to really understand whats written down before making such claims) That part of the constitution can be changed with a 2/3 members vote, simply change the constitution then merge can take place with whatever percentage is in the new constitution, so the 100% member requirement is essentially not actually required
  6. Mkane1981

    Follow Rangers Shareholders Limited

    But that bit that as you say is written down in black and white also has a loop hole The constitution can be changed with a 2/3 majority vote, so that 100% vote requirement can be easily changed if 2/3 of members vote for it. Look I am not against this I am just against things like this being poorly set up that allows such loop holes to exist, i am not anti follow Rangers or even anti c1872 I am however anti false claims, so even this organisation has loopholes that could allow it to merge with c1872 at some point down the line and it doesn't require 100% members to agree
  7. Mkane1981

    Follow Rangers Shareholders Limited

    As the new shares are in the company name not yours, you are actually at the mercy of the company to transfer them into your name in the event of leaving, what happens if the company decides to refuse? So it can happen, a vote to change the constitution then a vote to merge with c1872, Whether that is likely or not is another matter, the fact it is possible is something to remember, a while back people were claiming it couldn't happen to c1872 and Rangers first but it did happen in the end, people need to be aware that despite promises here it is possible in the future they may merge with c1872 Also if it does in fact happen as it is theoretically possible does that then make you a liar as you have said it is never going to happen?
  8. Mkane1981

    Follow Rangers Shareholders Limited

    Actually it reads as if any shares will be held in the company name, not individual shareholders, the only difference is if you left it appears they would then be transferrd into your name
  9. Mkane1981

    Follow Rangers Shareholders Limited

    Are there any guarantees that this sharebuying group cannot merge with c1872 in the future? Even if the members vote for it?
  10. Mkane1981

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    First time I've seen figures for them, cash in bank figure is a fucking nearly as much as the minimum that prick king said he would invest in us, they have as much in reserve as he said would be required to mount a challenge on them over 4 years
  11. Mkane1981

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Seriously? If we get a few hundred thousand because of it then I wouldn't see it as a bad thing, unless you mean you hope we get fuck all by them not qualifying
  12. Mkane1981

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    So now that the scum pretty much have qualified, how much do you think it's going to earn us this year?
  13. Mkane1981

    Pedro Caxinha: Stay or go?

    Has a multi year contract as well, seriously hope there's a clause about European qualify to a certain level
  14. And worst of all he has a multi year contract