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  1. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrggghhhhhh, this season is a complete fucking piss take, am not even laughing at the taigs anymore, am frustrated that we couldn't take care of our own business on and off the park or we would have been up in about that mob. Fer fuck sake!!!
  2. Craig Thompson

    You have got to be fucking kidding me, it took five suspect challenges for that mong cunt to be booked last wee, nothing in that at all and falls about like a wee fanny, honest to fuck if this place is not corrupt then where are these decisions coming from, just can't say it's bad refereeing decisions, only reason that cunt wasn't booked earlier last week is so they didn't need to send him off it went tits up for them.
  3. Charity Football Match UB v ICF

    Cheers, hopefully they get a could turn out. 😁
  4. Charity Football Match UB v ICF

    Is this still going ahead today, will there be some footage later of it.
  5. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Tramp style all round the fucks, would just love to bounce down and smash fuck out of them, 😂😂😂
  6. What the Fuck is This.

    What the fuck, looks like Johnny Vegas, no way that's real.
  7. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    Was going to take the boy over today but he's away down south to his dad's, to be truthful last week was a kick in the bollocks and has knocked the stuffing out a few of us going by the posts, anyway, think it will go two ways today, we will struggle to break them down and a flat performance with a narrow win or we will be out to prove ourselves and play the way we have before last week and a 2 or 3 goal win, we don't seem to have a problem scoring so a 3-1 for me.
  8. You look at what we do as a fan base and not one bit of this is highlighted anywhere as a positive in any way towards us, between this and Erskine and other stuff that people on here will know more than me, when you read the things we are involved in and donate too without a hesitation it makes you proud. All the press up here look to a taig wag or a wee jay and they are classed as the most colourful and caring out there, they should be looking across the City at our team and support to see what consideration and class support is, good luck with this.
  9. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Love the confidence of that mob, hope they spend a fortune on there displays for ten in a row and we fuck them up big time.
  10. Rhat bastard

    How many weans has he got, he's one ugly fucker, there is a bit in the news that where he got his so called hair done that the guy had ripped people off of took bookings and fucked off with the money. So I think there are thumb like people around who have forked out thousands and are still bald cunts, 😭
  11. Sundays goals against.

    The boy and my dad always going on about Fod and he is a liability at times, I see his positioning is suspect at times, I notice this more when I'm at the game than on television as I get to see it, he is good at times but other situations my confidence goes, pass backs and crosses into the box he is hesitant in coming for them. That last ten minutes of the first half when we were pinned back with corner after corner I was just urging him to come out and claim the ball and settle us down, it's as if he forgets he is actually allowed to catch it and nobody else is.
  12. *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Thank fuck I'm back in work tomorrow, my two rest days and not a single winner, three seconds, just stick to the football again until The National.
  13. Media in vandalism cover up Its not toilets

    Yeah exactly, it was football fans, no proof, .
  14. Charity Football Match UB v ICF

    That east end taigy mob will try something stupid. It's got to happen, then again it's not ten at night and an empty stadium so they will be on the brave pills,
  15. Charity Football Match UB v ICF

    Really, is this who's playing, if so that's fucking brilliant, 😂