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  1. LOL153 No Surrender!!!

    *** The Official Open 2018 Thread ***

    Haven't seen any of it as I have been working and only got Sunday off this week, got a tenner on McElroy at 18/1, how is he doing, I know he's two behind leader but is he playing steadily enough. I always feel he makes a push on the Saturday of tournaments.
  2. LOL153 No Surrender!!!

    *** RM Erskine Fund - Season 18/19 Official Thread ***

    Alright, I will put money in tonight if it's just the same way through the bank.
  3. LOL153 No Surrender!!!

    Osijek Away

    Ooooft, thought that was in. Should have been.
  4. LOL153 No Surrender!!!

    Osijek Away

    Another bonus if wee get that Osijek is I think the first and second strips of ours would clash with there white and blue stripes. Bring out the ORANGE STRIP. WOOOOOOOOO, 😁
  5. LOL153 No Surrender!!!

    Osijek Away

    Who's who on this game I'm watching, just worked it out when they scored, 😂
  6. LOL153 No Surrender!!!

    Rangers related picture thread

  7. LOL153 No Surrender!!!

    When was this top used? (Red McEwan's lager)

    They were worn in Europe as someone said with Centre Parcs on them as the McEwans Lager wasn't aloud because of drink advertising, I'm sure we wore it in France as well but memory of who we played is gone, I do remember watching but can't remember who. 😥
  8. LOL153 No Surrender!!!

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    I see the taig brigade in the corner are in the papers for singing there usual pish at the weekends game against Standard Liege, the police proceeded to go over and video some of them, two of the police were then physically and verbally abused, I'm sure if it was me I would be up on a charge, not this lot though. The so called taig brigade says it was a no mark game and basically why were the police filming them, so there you go, the law shouldn't apply to this lot singing there provo shit in the corner, playing the victim card again. One of there comments as well were why are they concentrating on the taigs fans when there was video evidence of a Rangers fan being racist in Macedonia. Now if the police were videoing them I'm hoping for a few arrests soon, 😀 yeah rite.
  9. LOL153 No Surrender!!!

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Pish isn't it, another fucking year, then again I like getting a good laugh at them but hate the money they make and all the hype around them. Someone on here said it was four rounds, fucking hope so.
  10. LOL153 No Surrender!!!

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    How many more rounds do they need to get through and what calibre of team are we talking could they face, to be truthful I don't hold out hope for Rosenborg doing them.
  11. LOL153 No Surrender!!!

    *****Official Shkupi vs Rangers thread*****

    I can see a similar result to the first game, was there last week and wasn't that impressed, we got the result though. So yeah I think it will be another win for us over there.
  12. LOL153 No Surrender!!!

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    They raised a motion in the Scottish Parliament to have a james connolly day recently. Wonder if any would show there face at this.
  13. LOL153 No Surrender!!!

    Cove Rangers v Aberdeen abandoned

    Any idea what the accident was, was it a head injury.
  14. LOL153 No Surrender!!!

    Happy Saturday

    James ya fenian bastard, I'm admitting it just so he has a bit of credibility about his story, emails, spitting, shouting, all these phantom things and no witnesses, strange that, get scooby doo on the case.
  15. LOL153 No Surrender!!!


    I'm sure you do, 😂