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  1. LOL153 No Surrender!!!

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    In work the now and these cunts are quiet as fuck, I'm not even saying anything about them but they are raging and flustered as fuck, their wee brains are ticking over and it's affecting them. Funny that none of them are chatting football this Monday morning, they are wanting to try to hold conversations, me and an Ulster boy are just laughing away, they are paranoid wrecks, that's them only a point behind us, oh please please let us win the league this year,
  2. LOL153 No Surrender!!!

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Seen this thread has went up a few pages today, will just post this and fuck off until later, catch up tonight on it before I go to my kip. Will sleep happily up and refreshed for work with a smile on my face for the taigs, still not going to mention anything until a few months down the line and see where things stand, but oh they will know that inside I'm just one word away from getting ripped into these cunts,
  3. LOL153 No Surrender!!!

    Our worst league start since 1989....

    Exactly my thoughts, fuck it must be Hearts best start in how many years, means nothing.
  4. LOL153 No Surrender!!!

    Our worst league start since 1989....

    Just read its the taigs worst start in twenty years, I'm backing us though, got few games first but can't wait for Hearts game now.
  5. LOL153 No Surrender!!!

    ****Official Good Guys v St Johnstone*****

    Brilliant day and week for us all round I would say, highlight was walking into Wee Rangers Club with the boy and Kilmarnock had just scored the winner and place erupted. 🇬🇧 And near the end of first half, El Capo with the Union Bears shouts, "Three minutes to half time and the tarriers got beat today, let's go, let's hear yous,"
  6. LOL153 No Surrender!!!

    FIFA 19

    Just realised, is it even out yet.
  7. LOL153 No Surrender!!!

    FIFA 19

    I don't play FIFA, but you had better come back other a screenshot of a win against that taig lot,
  8. LOL153 No Surrender!!!

    State of this

    That's what I'm saying, nobody has the fucking thing, people were giving it staunch as fuck when we wore it in Europe, now because of a picture it's shit, it's got too much blue at the collar, it looks baggy, it looks like it's lying on the floor, fucking hell give it up.
  9. LOL153 No Surrender!!!

    State of this

    Has anyone actually got this Orange Top, the picture might not look the same as it's not on a player. The blue bit at the collar looks a bit more, but how are you meant to judge if it looks baggy or neat on you until you buy it, fer fuck sake if it was too neat people would be moaning that it didn't fit them, now because of a picture people think it's too baggy. Wait until you see it in a shop then judge it.
  10. LOL153 No Surrender!!!

    Gerrard and Middleton Press Conference

    Do you know what, last night I asked has there been any post match interviews with Gerrard put up, see if it was the last few years I wouldn't have given a fuck, but now I try and watch every one they put out with him. Obviously it's to do with the tripe we had to listen to past few seasons, diffirence is amazing.
  11. LOL153 No Surrender!!!

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Who is this cunt, is he one of these delinquents that writes about us or something, any pictures of him so I can laugh.
  12. LOL153 No Surrender!!!

    ****The Official Villareal v's Rangers match thread****

    Has there been no post match interviews yet, been looking, usually a thread on here somewhere unless I have missed it.
  13. LOL153 No Surrender!!!

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    I'm hoping that the UEFA officials had a good look and noted down the failings at that corner of there stadium, few times that's happened, they score late goal and run back and the mob standing there watching, be it taigs, security and police are swamped and they advertising boards collapse and there is body's lying about, it's they electronic boards as well. Seen the camera pulling away not to show you it but the ball went back and there was a load of security trying to pull them back up. Fuds.
  14. LOL153 No Surrender!!!

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Got a wee thought for that as well babn, they won't sell out tonight, not Champions League, Rosenberg will know better and have played a few more games than the last time, here's hoping.
  15. LOL153 No Surrender!!!

    Rangers v Ayr

    OK, thanks for that. Will speak to the boy after school, he might want to go with his pal, not sure yet, was just wanting some help with how to go about it