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  1. Yeah I think it's amazing that some of us on here can remember there first game. My mind is hopeless with things like that. Certain games stick out in my head. Remember being at Ibrox when there was no Broomloan and a think we played Juventas. Remember playing Cologne at home and getting hammered 5-1 away of them. Being in the Govan rear at the front when it got opened and we played Liverpool when the players took alternate shots at kicking footballs into the stand. Not sure if they were signed by all the players. But fuzzy memory these days and only 45. πŸ˜‚
  2. I would need to ask my dad or my uncle, would have been late seventies. Do vaguely remember getting taken to the Piggery when I was about seven or eight and it being the New Years day game and my dad putting me in front of one of the barriers that were scattered about in our end. Thinking it was a draw but always remember when they cunts scored that there was no sound then a low kind of hushed cheering. Weird. Remember my mum raging as well because I was getting taken over there at that age and on New Year as well.😊
  3. Why the Fuck can nobody in this or our club just come out and say what's happening. It's like the fucking Enigma Machine. People guessing and asking and nobody getting answers. People that probably do know something in the club are acting like arses with wee short cryptic tweets and messages. They need to come down unless there is a valid reason for them. Look at any pictures or paintings of our Main Stand and everybody shows the Iconic Staircases and the Glass.
  4. Three cunts in the work started out of nowhere about we have got fourty million shit and yous are skint. Yeah no problems, but what are yous actually going to do with it. New loan signing and basically the same team who got horsed in Europe last year. Still wanted to go on about the money even when I asked them about there ambitions in Europe. Champions League blah blah blah, so there point was they are happy that they have money and get pumped in Champions League. Great, am happy for them, had to fling in a wee bit about BJK at the end just as I was walking away, yeah I understand that they have the money and would love it to be us, but it isn't so we must get fucking on with it and hopefully get back to the top, we have came through years of shit so I'm not giving up now.
  5. I have been keeping note and seen the videos they uploaded. Obviously they have been organising in the background and ended up thousands walking through London. Good to see them all together. But the usual with the media, didn't really show anything about it, but I'm sure if there was trouble they would be all over it. If they had something up here I would more than likely go along and show some support. 😁
  6. Never bet against us. Might know we are going to get beat off some of these teams but fuck that. Just not in my nature to bet against the team that I grew up and have supported and followed all my life. Yeah it's money to people but just couldn't do it. I've been in my local bookies when we are playing that scum taig mob over past two years and will still put a tenner on us to win. Then cheeky fuck at the counter will tell me a few cunts that are so called, one of my own are betting on the taigs. Yeah a got ripped into them and let them know what a thought and will never let them forget. Snidey cunts thinking "yes we'll even if we get beat a will win some money. Fuckers.
  7. I have said before that I'm glad I joined this forum and have found out so much about these sleekit bigoted taig cunts. I honestly don't know who some of them were or and still don't care. But what makes me happy that these people are fascinated by us, as in Rangers. It's laughable but a bit demented on there part. Is it because we are still here as a Team a Club and a Support that has not gone away. It's like being stalked after dumping some bird and they just can't get over you. 😭 I love it.πŸ˜‚
  8. That's an old picture. Trying to work it out. Used to stay at my aunt's house on Tollcross Road and could look down onto it. Think it was AstroTurf at one point in the eighties and had the wee stand. I wouldn't even know what was down there these days. Imagine that happening over there in this day and age.
  9. So realistically there is people looking on websites to find out what we are saying about this wee ginger pubed cunt and reporting it. And he's just allowed to swan about in a stadium acting like a vile wee twisted cunt acting the hardman and gets away with it. Good old Scottish football, can always rely on them to protect these cunts. We are up against it for sure. A hope someone Β£##&-@ then +'"*!?; and he /!?+&_Β£ and that's it over and done with.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  10. Does that mean I'm bad for calling him everything under the sun when he went over to bow in front of they Edinburgh junkies at the end of the game. Hahaha, it was said he has been getting abuse in the game for twenty years and it should stop. Step back and take a look why, he acts like a complete fat ugly ginger retard when hes about us. A few if they cunts have done it recently and nothing is done. Only answer is to start winning trophy's again and beating these bitter twisted fucktards and maybe they will do some damage to themselves, πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  11. Was over at Parade in Kirkintilloch. Enjoyed it walking round but police stopped it twice for traffic, for fucking traffic. That cunt of a council had a year to reply to officials about Black Preceptory walking and cunts never got back to them. Minister was explaining before we left the park and with the amount of police about there was rumours they were stopping it. Next year the Orange Lodge isn't going to The Green because that Transmit is on again, coincidentally the snp taig lovers get in and they move it to who knows where. Am happy at that though as East District might get a longer walk out of it. But this thread is about that cunt. Yeah he's a prick and couldn't help but abuse the cunt when he ran over to they junkies at the end. Was waiting to get out and what better way to waste time than berate a ugly ginger fat fucker of a taig. Had the cheek to wear they tight tracksuits that the weans wear. Fucker.πŸ˜‚
  12. Just got in from game and first thing I looked for was a thread about goalkeeper. We were behind goal in second half. Positional sense was ridiculous. All second half he was standing to left of centre giving any forward about six feet of space and more to shoot at. Even the boy seen this. And yes one strike down there and it's in. Nearly got caught out with a header as well. They cunts were going down there left wing into the box and he's not covering the right hand side of his goals. Yes he has his moments for us but just a no from me today.
  13. Am going tomorrow and can't wait. Taking the boy over to Kirkintilloch for The Blacks Parade. Leaves Woodhead Park at 12.15 then making our way pretty sharpish over to Ibrox. And yes a Flare would make it without a problem. I bought one when I was younger for no other reason than firing it when I used to run about fighting. Hahaha, what a fecking idiot. Enjoy yourselves tomorrow everyone.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  14. No bias indeed. I see the STV News had it on its main headline for a few hours then demoted away down to about the next page. But Rangers Fans Rob Man because he was wearing green in Sheffield and it was up top news there for three days. What the fuck. Happened in Glasgow to tgfitw and they don't really think that is news worthy even with all the shit that's happened there recently. Anyway, long may it continue them making a cunt of themselves. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  15. Honest to fuck. These clowns are mental. I haven't really got much else I could add to that. They are seriously deranged and I thought it was just a few but there full support are cunts of the highest order. And as to the Kilmarnock lad scoring. Listen to the oh there's a goal in a wee quiet hushed tone to the commentator having a wank over that last night. No biased or agenda in this country at all. And it wasn't football related! What planet are these taigs on. Fucking moon units the lot of them.😡