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  1. Im not sure what these cunts were like before they went to that shit hole. But within a few months after they join they are vile ignorant classless cunts, no respect, nothing from them, they are gracious not in victory or defeat.
  2. , would be funny but it's a good possibility, someone on the forum said they had put a tenner on us to get a player sent off today. Not quite sure who it was, they posted it yesterday.
  3. It's been a slog and up and mostly downs going to games before this season. But now I'm genuinely buzzing for these teams coming, want them fucked by a few, hopefully a lot. Payback for last year of them coming down and beating us, start making amends and beat these cunts and putting them back in their place. Confident of a win, maybe even a three nil.
  4. Had twenty quid on Champ yesterday at Newbury, got it at 4/1 so a hundred back on that, just had this up as well. So Rangers tomorrow with Chelsea -1 or 2, not decided yet and Bochum away.
  5. Think the games been abandoned, floodlight failure or the lurgan bigot has been kicking water bottles at them, cunts, Took Kilmarnock on my coupon as well, fuck knows what happens now.
  6. Yes, they videod us the other week going by the chapel. No service nothing, thing wasn't open, but they were standing their all offended at us walking by to a one tap on the drum. Fucking arseholes, away and do something better with you're Saturdays, like mmmmmm I don't know, look into youre priests and faith that you love so much.
  7. Exactly, one woman and all those people in positions of power who could raise this, councillors, msps etc, but not one has the balls, that's every party.
  8. Do you know what I find a problem, and a big problem with, I come onto this site and read stuff like this from her twitter account. A fucking twitter account, main news this should be on, I need to come on here to find something about the case and how bad it was. I Google Glasgow News every day and see nothing, yet as I said before, there was a story about two alleged Rangers fans singing on the subway and sectarian stuff for a fucking week. A song, it's a fucking song people, get a grip. And as for the carry on with the priest down London Road, how long did that run for, everyone commented on it. Yet here we have maybe or could be one of the biggest child abuse cases out there and nothing, wee scraps somewhere in the news.
  9. The way they will be counting these jobs will be stupid as fuck, probably counting the amount of people that work in a hotel when someone stays their. Its a pathetic attempt at diversion, actually says the report leaves the glasgow city council red faced, can't work out why that is. He's coming out bleating about the parking space and mile exclusion zone around their midden. Anything at all he is saying except the elephant in the fucking room. Yes you're club covered up child abuse yet you want to talk about how goody goody you're club is, all these make believe things can never never make up for the life's you're scum club and religion has ruined through the years. Its a fucking disgrace, and why nobody in this country is lambasting them left right and centre I will never know. Why's it not getting spoke about in parliament here. Corrupt and scared the lot of them. I would willingly lose my job and get booed in parliament every day to keep this going if I was a minister their. Its not me point scoring, its me wanting answers and justice and this club looked into to see why the fuck there was that many of these cunts at the one club. Saville, priests and all sorts hanging about that club. Coincidence my fucking arse.
  10. Fucking snp cunts digust me, not sure why the media aren't giving her a platform to air her anger at what's going on. And I'm struggling to think why other party's in this so called government of ours up here are not raising these points in holyrood, I certainly would be, then again that's maybe why I'm not their. Angers me that this is just a kind of, oh well it will disappear soon.
  11. What is this about, why has she quoted sturgeon as outrageous, what is the last minute request to a meeting about, don't know anything about this Michelle, could you enlighten me a bit on this, anybody, cheers.
  12. Got two up tonight, had one or more goals in all Internationals at 7. 45, it was the special offer in Hills, £25 quid on at 9/1, paid out £250. Thought it was fucked, but everyone scored in the last five minutes with Holland getting a penalty in the 95th minute, Put the boys bet on the Brazil, he wanted 2-0 on, but I fucked it on the machine in the shop and only put on 1-0 which I only found out during the game, haven't told him yet, pays back another £32.50. Cant grumble at that.
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