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  1. well deserved. Hopefully gives him a boost for Saturday! Even if he is bit part player next season, good guy to have in dressing room and for younger players. Think its a good sign Pedro is keeping Miller and bringing in JJ as no.3.
  2. Windass has disappointed to date, but saying that, so have full team minus a very small few this season. Looks like to get rid of the duds, we will need to make a large loss as no way any teams would pay decent cash for Halliday, Kiernan or waghorn.....unless the deluded warburton takes them to forest!
  3. No worries mate, enjoy the game
  4. Pm'd you bud, no sure if you have seen it
  5. I heard Fod was injured, possible why he never got ball through for penalty. He has saved us a few times this season. the midfield was to blame for yesterday. I don't get why Toral never started and either McKay/Dodoo
  6. haha, cheers anyway everyone! hopefully manage to get the wee man season ticket next year not in family section and get to both the old firm games at ibrox.
  7. Also looking for two tickets for sat if anyone could assist. Appreciate new to this site, and if any regulars who have no tickets will be in front of me. Just looking to take my wee boy along, been to all home games this season minus the new year Celtic game which he was gutted to miss as couldn't get tickets and never knew this site existed at time. I know I will have to pay two adults. need them to be sitting together as he is only 8. I know a long shot, but can only ask. Cheers
  8. Why start wae waghorn garner and miller up front, no out ball or pace. Take it forrester still injured? Not that he would have made any difference at all. Celtic were there to take the game too but tactics all wrong!
  9. well done AbiWATP and goodluck with the kiltwalk Lawlegend72
  10. RIP Ugo, horrible news.
  11. Not all new posters are the same, I'm new on here as didn't know about site until a few weeks ago, and managed to be lucky to get help to get a few tickets for killie away but wouldn't ask for tickets on Sunday as wouldn't expect to come ON and sign up and jump ahead of all you regulars who have been on here for years. Hope all who do have tickets enjoy. WATP
  12. ticket office put them on sale this morning mate. plenty available as mid-week game, though its the last home game so I do expect them to sell out fast over next few weeks.
  13. Looking for adult and child if any going, cheers
  14. thanks mate
  15. Looking for a child and adult ticket together for Motherwell game, thanks