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  1. 4000 To ST Holders and 3700 To RSC Clubs
  2. Sent a PM
  3. He's got it.
  4. Any the wee one couldn't give two fucks
  5. I've been searching for a old adidas top in a XS Size for a while but can't find one. Does anyone know where the best place to look would be? I'm hoping to get the wee man sorted for next Thursday but I've no had any luck in my search
  6. Get a trophy back to fucking ibrox.
  7. Boy probably has better delivery into the box than tav
  8. I've done that
  9. I am at this point. Im i beyond it?
  10. I think he's going on about the RFC 4 month plan but thats a fucking nightmare to set up
  11. Is that after entering the Security code and bank details?
  12. How do you do Zebra online mate
  13. I don't want to confirm the 2nd part of details without knowing for sure. Can I choose Zebra Finance after
  14. Cheers I will try it
  15. I get through to the bit where they ask for the card details twice. and nothing comes up. is it beyond that