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  1. Aubie92

    Hodson released?

    Wouldn't be doing favours for any of the teams who voted us out of the top flight.
  2. Aubie92

    Possible Ufa forfeit

    That's a better scenario for Chelsea than the tabloids are peddling, in all honesty. Compare that club to when Abramovich first bought it and they're in a much better place; they're a club that could compete for honours and be self-sustainable.
  3. Aubie92

    Ross McCormack

    He's also been vocal about been desperate to play for the tarriers over the last few years too. He did alright at Melbourne, so I think there's a chance Gerrard could get the best out of him. But sod making an alchie tim one of our top earners. That's what the 'banter years' were for.
  4. Aubie92

    We've now started to ruin birthday parties

    I agree. Rangers fans should ruin mare hings.
  5. Aubie92

    Possible Ufa forfeit

    Abramovich withdrew his application for a British visa in the summer due to it being held up, allegedly due to the current political climate. He ended up obtaining an Israeli passport, but losing the tier one visa limits how much he can invest into Chelsea. Tabloids are now convinced it's when, rather than if, he sells Chelsea.
  6. Aubie92


    That reads like you're one of those SNP voters. 🤔
  7. Aubie92

    We've now started to ruin birthday parties

    It's also misleading of the area councillor to suggest celtic fans were banned from marching to Parkhead. That's something an objective journalist would highlight as being untrue.
  8. Aubie92

    Kenny Miller leaves Livingston

    If that happened I'd back McCann to knock fuck out of Miller when he starts angling for the manager's job.
  9. Aubie92

    Super on BT Sport

    I can understand that someone like Terry Butcher ruins the relationship with our fans and the fondness in which he was held due to coming across as bitter and putting the boot into us any chance he gets, but Ally? 🙄
  10. Aubie92

    Kyle Lafferty

    Post-match BT interview. He was asked if he was still after two signings, and he said they were working towards that. The follow up was whether they'd be signed before the Ufa game, and he inducted they would be.
  11. Aubie92

    *****Betfred Cup QF draw*****

    I was being facetious also. Don't see us making a move for him.
  12. Aubie92

    *****Betfred Cup QF draw*****

    I don't think he'll play against us once he's loaned back to them though.
  13. Aubie92

    Kyle Lafferty

    "He is a fantastic player though."
  14. Aubie92


    He's quick and can catch defenders out, winning free kicks in the process - often by being a diving bastard - and is one of the few players with any skill at Kilmarnock. So in Scotland this means he's bigged up as being a better player than he actually is. He's much closer to being as good as Kent than he is Candeias or Murphy, and certainly isn't worth the money Killie want for him.
  15. Aubie92


    One million for Jones? Absolutely no way.