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  1. Didn't realise Walter was advising them. Guessing he harbours a secret grudge with Bain if he's recommending McInnes.
  2. They think every cunt is a Celtic fan. I remember my high school English teacher - who was a Proddy from Barrhead, so really should have known better - moralising how enlightened it was that Rangers had appointed a well known Celtic fan. The Celtic fan was supposedly McLeish. She booted me out the class for calling her on the lies, and when she said she would know as she's from Barrhead, I pointed out my dad went to school with him and played football with Eck - his family are well known Rangers fans and good brothers. I assumed she was getting confused because Eck played for the sheep, but naw. Her eldest son's girlfriend was a taig and convinced her that McLeish was a Celtic fan. Because if you're Scottish you obviously love Celtic...
  3. I know the Bundesliga goes through periods of complete domination by Bayern Munich, but other than that the league is mental. Teams can be competing for Europe one season, and fighting relegation the next. Glad that HSV stayed up, and hope Wolfsburg too.
  4. He'd play for next to nothing for the love of Ra Sellik, obviously.
  5. He should probably pay attention - Rodney's trying to set up a return to Everton. But if it convinces the taigs that Rooney is joining them and is a diehard tim then mon yersel, Alan; get their hopes up.
  6. He never said that though, did he? It was McInnes that was trying to convince his fellow sheep botherers that Jack wasn't going to sign for us.
  7. Aye, it's not that deals can't be made - it's that players can't be registered until the window opens.
  8. Sound investment for Killie, as they know he'll turn up after the split when they've got 5 games to save themselves from relegation. Pity about the other 30 odd games though.
  9. The Daily Rhebel claiming Celtic winning the European Cup inspired the Carnation Revolution in Portugal is a new level of taig nonsense. I think they've confused the Estado Novo with Nacho Novo.
  10. How enforceable they are is open to debate, and I doubt we'd want to pay the legal fees to content it if a player refused to honour a pre-contract that was part of a loan deal. It's very rare for a player to refuse to sign for a club he's been on loan at and a fee agreed though, especially if they've moved from the other side of the world.
  11. No, he isn't. He's rightly slated for thinking he was in any position to criticise his teammates, as he had as shite a game as any of them - even more so considering all his bragging in the pre-season about his ability, and his goading of Brown & Rodgers. Barton was a decent player, but he was far better at talking himself up than he was at backing it up on the pitch; if he was half as good as he seemed to think he was, he'd never have ended up at Burnley or ourselves in the first place.
  12. I thought in the summer that Ball's absence would be felt, as he operated as a defensive midfielder that could drop into the back; the support he provided to both the defence and midfield made a big difference at points. With Barton being a dud of a signing, and Rossiter being consistently 7-10 days away from full fitness, it's a gap that hasn't been filled. I don't think that Halliday would have been fantastic this season if Ball was still there, but I do think he'd have had a better season. Ultimately, we need our midfield to be capable of taking on leadership responsibility though, and as well as not being up to standard in terms of speed or technique, Halliday hasn't been a leader either. I think if he was then it would justify keeping him around, but he hasn't. It's a shame for him, but I think it's time for him to go. Don't bear any ill will towards him, and I think there are teams like MK Dons and Bradford that he'd do a job for. He's just not good enough in any one particular area to offset his flaws, and we can't afford to keep players on the peripheral of the team just because they're Rangers men.
  13. If he went to any other team here he'd be subjected to abuse by the knuckledragging fans of other teams, when he could make more money down south. Even if a Killie could afford him, why would he want to go there? At least with Bradford he'd be playing in front of a decent crowd, for a team that will be pushing for promotion.
  14. Wouldn't wish the shitehole that is Aberdeen, or the mongo sheepshagg supporters of that club, on any of our team, much less a Rangers man.