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  1. Apparently UEFA have upheld that Goldson scored last night. Not sure if you're sticking with it being Borna's goal - as it was over the line from his free kick.
  2. Sorry I missed this - haven't logged on in a few weeks. Certainly wasn't intentionally withholding a donation.
  3. I get what you mean. There was a period earlier this season where Kent didn't have many assists or goals in most official stats, but he was winning us free kicks that led to goals or sparked off a movement that led to a goal, or dragged a defender out of position.
  4. I was only kidding. Wouldn't quibble with anything in the thread - it's something I check often before or after a game to keep an eye on these. Glad you're keeping up the good work next season.
  5. Defoe should get half the assist for that second goal for conning the celtic defence and letting the ball go through his legs.
  6. Aberdeen can end up losing quite a bit out of this wee stunt, but the SPFL don't have the backbone to punish them as harshly as possible.
  7. If that's true then the SFA should tell them to swap those tickets with any unsold in other areas they were allocated.
  8. Technically he's not a signing from Canada; he's from Scotland, and we signed him from a team England... But aye. Fraser Aird looked a half decent played before Warburton decided to change him into a right back, and Cammy Palmer has potential. Having the Canadian national captain in our ranks just now will hopefully help us if we do try to look for good young players in that market.
  9. I do too, but in fairness Arsenal turned down the chance to bring him home. He wanted to return to England and after Arsenal passed his options were Chelsea or Man United. Turns out banking on Wilshire never really panned out either.
  10. They're paying folk to attend, I take it, as nobody is daft enough to pay £50 to attend those matches.
  11. Walter Smith will be more concerned about the mental health of Paul Gascoigne the man than the legacy of Gazza the footballer right now. I reckon he saw how this was going to play out from the moment he heard Gazza was being inducted, and that's why he's been largely silent on it. Part of me would like it if Walter, Gough, Ally, Goram and Laudrup asked to be removed from the HOF, and for Souness the former England skipper Butcher to be banging on about this down south. But I doubt it'd put any real pressure on these hypocritical shower of bastards.
  12. Those clubs already rely on the fans of Rangers and celtic to subsidise them; without our traveling support and the TV revenue - and Sky, BT Sports etc wouldn't give a fuck about the league without us - so it should already be an entry requirement for top flight football. Our fans should stop attending away matches involving any club using a plastic pitch.
  13. They're too entrenched; too used to being able to treat anyone connected with Rangers how they want with no repercussions. All their lapdog in the media mocked the appointment of Gerrard, oblivious to the English media and pundits talking about the appointment and now keeping an eye on the game up here. They've lost all perspective of how things appear from the outside, else they might not have done this to Gazza right after mental health awareness day. Neil Cameron can take a running jump too. He can try to spin his objection now being out of concern for Gazza and use his own mental health issues as a shield to deflect anyone pointing out that's bullshit, but it should be obvious what he was playing at. If his concern was really about Gazza's mental health, he could have chosen another time to pen his article, or taken a different tone. I hope this backfires on all of them.
  14. Surely the SFA have the power to remove Jock Stein due to him covering up the rape of children solely to protect the reputation of celtic? And if wife beating is a reason for refusal, surely Jinky Johnstone and Billy McNeill are going to be removed? If racism is an issue, surely Malky Mackay is going to be sacked, and Leigh Griffiths banned from playing for the national team again? Wait, none of them are connected with Rangers. Silly me.
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