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  1. It's OK. He'll be out injured again soon enough.
  2. Naw, I think you're thick though. It's quite clear that not everyone will accept Naismith back or ever cheer him. Try speaking for yourself rather than the populist of Rangers fans in future, ya mong.
  3. He wanted to move on at the end of last season, so I don't think he'll care much if the junkies don't like him.
  4. Probably physically hurt Fyvie to sit among Rangers fans. His lamb probably got pumped extra hard last night.
  5. He's nothing like Svensson though. Not a similar type of player.
  6. That's racist. Reporting you to Marcel Desailly.
  7. What's with people using "we" when they mean "I'? Are ye royalty?
  8. It was known for a good while before he was officially announced that Le Guen was going to be our next manager though. Murray originally wanted him in the summer of 2005, but he wanted a break, and McLeish was left in limbo rather than walking away on the high from helicopter Sunday like he should have.
  9. Windass could fuck that up too.
  10. Tarrier.
  11. If we sign McLean then they will be.
  12. "Hope those new signings die yassssss."
  13. Everyone dies, mate. Yassss!
  14. No, Pedro was lined up to be his assistant.
  15. I don't want any signings in the mould of Rossiter. Breaks too easily.