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  1. I don't think it's that he was too lightweight, so much as he had no real protection. In days gone by we'd have someone in midfield that dished out the same treatment to opposition players as they were giving Zelalem. He just wasn't experienced enough to cope with Scottish football without that sort of player beside him. We'd have been better off getting him back in January rather than Toral, and Zelalem would have benefited more too. Toral is a better player right now, but he's never really going to fulfil his potential, partly because of his injury and his own mental flaws. I'd rather have had Zelalem; least he wasn't scared of the bheasts, even if he looks young enough to get their coaches all worked up.
  2. Was saying that he was open to signing for Celtic until a few weeks before we went too sign him. Got married in a chapel in Johnstone. Left us in 2012, went on about how great it was to be out of Glasgow, then moaned that he wasn't welcome back at Ibrox. "But he must be a Rangers man because of the tattoo!"
  3. Pedro will be trying to sell the club as a shop window for English teams to those players. I'm expecting the worst but hoping for the best, but if Pedro can attract a few players of this calibre then we'll have a much stronger side - both figuratively and literally. And if Peña signed and was successful, in a year or two we'd probably be selling him on for a profit; one which can be invested back into the club, and show players that Rangers is a club that can progress your career. Without much financial muscle, we can't afford the kind of scouting structure that a team of our stature should. That's why we have to really on the contacts and knowledge of our management team; the more knowledge they have of other markets, the better. If that means we're looking to Portugal, Mexico or Scandinavia and the Nordic region, as well as the UK, then we have a wider market to shop in. As always it's about how good we are at identifying players, and what we can afford. And we should have better players, considering how much guys like Senderos, O'Halloran, Hill, Waghorn, Garner, Kiernan, Hodson, Forrester etc are/were paid. Some of those players were inconsistent, and some consistently shite, but we either way we should be getting more value for what we were paying. And our recruitment didn't get us value, even taking into account the inflated transfer fees and wages in the UK for homegrown players.
  4. A howler who would want to be top of the wage bill, and who would be paid the equivalent of what we could otherwise pay for two players. He's on £40K or so per week at Norwich, and still thinks he can play for a Premier League team. This isn't a guy who has made his money and just wants to play for Rangers - he's an overpaid dud down south and would look at £20K as him making a massive sacrifice to sign for us, when that's a king's ransom for Scottish fitba. And we wouldn't pay close to that either. The main reason Garner was a shite signing wasn't just that he didn't fit into the way we played, and isn't good enough all round to justify building the team around him - it's that for the same money in terms of transfer fee, signing on fee and wages there were better players in the market last summer, both in Scotland and of the English League One calibre. Naismith would be a more expensive version of that, as he's past his best, has had only a handful of decent games over five years, and would want top money. I get why players like Moult don't appeal to me some fans, but he's still better value for money than Championship duds like Naismith and Lafferty.
  5. That school sounds a bit taigy.
  6. It was in jest - plus it was more about the folk who insist he's a good Rangers man and was misguided by his big bad agent. (That and domestic abuse victims aren't mentals either.) For me I just don't accept that he wants to play for Rangers, and isn't just using us to secure a contract down south. I thought he was a bit of a mercenary with the melodramatic "poor Steven, Killie are blocking him from earning more money" stuff he had his agent put out years back, as he was hardly a pauper at Killie either. If he'd been half decent down south but wanted to cone back to stop Celtic winning 10IAR and restore the flag to Ibrox? That'd be a different set of circumstances to what the situation is. A lot of folk would still be opposed to it, but it's even more jarring when he's largely been shite since leaving. From a footballing sense it should be mutually beneficial as his career is on its arse. But in reality he'd want top drawer money after five years of fuck all.
  7. With an element of their fans, for sure - and possibly from Levein - but I don't think Hearts as a club are against Rangers so much as Budge wants to squeeze every penny she can out of any revenue stream.
  8. No. I am of the opinion it was a calculated move by Naismith and his agent in relation to the ongoing dispute between the players and Green over the contractual status of the players. I don't think he held it just to say, "Rangers is deid, lol," nor do I think it had anything whatsoever to do with Naismith being honest with the Rangers support. Anyone who thinks he was misguided, or that it was about Naismith thinking he was doing the right thing, are mental. The "he hits me because he loves me" sort.
  9. That's a valid point. He set an example by sticking with us when others walked away, at the cost of his international career.
  10. I didn't suggest he needed to do the press conference so clubs would contact him - I suggested him publicly declaring Rangers as dead and him a free agent was a calculated move, by him & his agent, to make it known publicly his stance. Plenty of others left without the need to state Rangers were dead. Naismith certainly didn't do that because he thought he was doing right by the fans.
  11. I'm fine with other people having a different opinion on it. I'm not one of the folk who is going to go on some hyperbolic rant about him or pretend I know for a fact what's happened, or that it's clear cut when alcohol is involved. I'll also admit I'm probably not the most objective as I knew a lassie who was sexually assaulted by a professional football player, who was too scared to go to trial as the polis basically told her every social media update, sexual encounter etc would be brought up against her. Her life was ruined but he got a move to the Premier League.
  12. He didn't name Edu though, and he's an example of how you'd have thought some of the supposed Rangers men in that team would have behaved. (And Edu was never going to struggle to get another team.) Davis seems to get an easy ride from some fans, as they believe that he insisted on Southampton paying us a fee for whatever reason.
  13. He's not someone I'm desperate to see go, but I'm also not going to be gutted if he leaves either. I don't think we'd be losing a captain, really, as even when he's not bombing forward he's not particularly good at organising, or communicating with, his defence. (If anything, I think the captaincy is a pressure he'd probably play better without.) But I don't think £3.5 million is that bad a deal for the two of them - though if we can get more then even better - so it's something the club should consider if a bid is tabled.
  14. Except I watched it and have read the transcript. I don't believe for a second he thought he was doing right by Rangers fans, and I think it's quite naive - if not wishful thinking - to believe she was. I don't need read up on the trial. I followed it for years, and don't believe he's innocent. The onus is on the prosecutor to prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that he committed rape and knew the lassie was in no fit state to provide consent; they weren't able to do so, which means he shouldn't have been convicted. Doesn't mean I'm going to believe she consented to it and was just too drunk to remember and put herself through the ordeal of a rape trial, especially as she's not gained anything out of it. I also don't think that Evans himself would have thought anything of having sex with a lassie that could barely stand, and don't necessarily think he's as horrid as feminazis have made out. He regretted it once he realised he didn't have a safety net, as he used that press conference to publicise he was free to negotiate with anyone he wanted to, and at the time he assumed he'd eventually be welcomed back here. He regretted it when he realised he wasn't going to be welcomed back with open arms of he failed down south. Nothing more.
  15. I dunno. I went to a school which used to be entry by exam for aw the smart cunts, and by the time I went there were still a few of the old school posh teachers who insisted we needed to know what a right angle is or what oxymoron means. Might need to ask which foot he kicks with.