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  1. Just about every cunt has forgotten about Vuckic, in fairness.
  2. I don't think he's been dropped into the youth teams because Pedro thinks he's shite. He's been dropped because he knocked back an improved contract, and then, after Pedro joined and made it clear he wanted things to be dealt with in-house, he spike to the press about the contract situation. Even if McKay wanted to stay and was following his agent's advice, that was about alerting other teams and to try to put pressure on Rangers. It was a daft thing to do when your gaffer has made it clear he'll hunt leaks out of the dressing room. I don't think he's being treated unfairly at all. He hasn't done anything to warrant a significantly improved deal, and wasn't happy with the improved terms he was offered. He's ignored his gaffer's instructions in going to the press, in what would be seen as an attempt to force the club's hand. If that was the case it's backfired, and he's where he should be.
  3. Yeah, and that's why some season ticket holders get a bit annoyed with fans who don't attend games talking about finances. Last summer my dad would get hacked off at me for saying it was unrealistic to expect us to spend millions in transfer fees, due to the lack of revenue from retail and the board having to invest in more than just the playing squad. He understood that, but as a season ticket holder he also believed that it was people like himself that had been keeping the club going, and he wasn't going to be happy with a few years of dross just because of the Mike Ashley situation. He's not someone who thinks you're only a supporter if you have a season ticket or anything like that - he just felt that, more than ever, the season ticket holders were keeping us going. (And he's not exactly moaning this summer about a lack of investment or season ticket holders being taken for granted; most upbeat I've seen him during a pre-season since 2002 - and even then that was because he went to school with Big Eck.)
  4. Happy to donate to a great cause.
  5. “Lady, if you got to ask, you ain’t got it.” - Thomas “Fats” Waller. He was referring to jazz, but I think we can safely apply it to staunchness too.
  6. Good luck to him. Hopefully he enjoys the experience of living and playing in a totally different culture. Is it too late to ask him to drag Windass along with him though?
  7. He's been absolutely shite at club level for years and there was little to no interest in him from Championship teams down south. If anything it's ridiculous than anyone wouldn't pay him £5K per week, especially when he'll only turn up for the post-split games.
  8. Windass never lost form as he was never in good form for us. He's had the odd moment where he looked half decent, but always when the pressure is off. He's not good enough for Rangers, doesn't have the mentality to play for a big team, is out of his depth even at SPFL level and he's a complete space cadet. We should be asking FC Gabala to take him to Azerbaijan as well. I don't give a fuck if they actually sign him - just keep him there.
  9. Hopefully Windass gets to fuck as well. I don't disagree that McLean wouldn't be a fantastic signing, but I don't see Windass competing for a place with Dorrans or even McLean - both are far superior to that muppet.
  10. Got mine for the Sandy Jardine East Corner today. My dad & sister have tickets there - she has my old seat - but it's the first time I've had a season ticket in 14 years, and the first I've actually paid for. Dunno why but feel on cloud nine over knowing I'll be a season ticket holder this season.
  11. Bollan and Stephen Wright were both players who would have been good signings if they hadn't been quickly hampered with injuries.
  12. You paying this penny up front or in instalments?
  13. He said he's got a two loan player limit and that we have enough players in Gauld's position as things stand.