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  1. I think he's just trying to get find a formation that works with the players he has. He's brought Dodoo on at half time twice in a row though, so I think he now looks to him as someone that can make a difference. I thought his assist for Miller at Aberdeen was more impressive than his goal, and showed he's got more intelligence as a player than Waghorn and Garner combined. That's not saying much, granted, bud still.
  2. I think Pedro does see something in Dodoo, as even though he's being brought off the bench he's actually being given time to make an impact. He's also one of the few who aren't scared to get on the ball. He hasn't had much playing time, but I think he's improved a bit from the last semi-final, when he looked scared to get tackled. I think Waghorn and Garner are the ones who need to prove their worth.
  3. Brendan isn't as clever as he likes to think he is, nor is he Machiavellian. I could have believed the wee leprechaun O'Neill or Chesney doing that, but I don't credit Rodgers with that much intelligence. This is the same cunt who thought Rob Kiernan had the makings of a centre back, and was convinced he'd unearthed a future star for the Republic of Ireland upon finding out about Kiernan's ancestry ffs.
  4. These players don't get it. How many of them - Hill included - have ever won anything? To most of them, third place is decent as we were in the second tier last year, and, hey, they reached two semi-finals. I don't blame the younger players, as the rot came from the previous manager and his attitude, but you look to your experienced players to set an example. And I don't see Clint Hill as an example of someone who has the mentality of a Rangers player. Hard working, honest pro? Sure. Genuinely happy to be at Ibrox and wants to stay? Sure. A leader who can get across the importance of winning and what those games mean? No. We shouldn't expect him to either, as nothing about his career trajectory suggests he understands himself. He's not in the same bracket as Weir and Ehiogu were in terms of signings. They were past their best when they arrive, but they'd played at the highest levels and knew what it took to win. They were leaders who hated losing. They are what we have been lacking in defence all season - including when Hill plays. Barton was a gamble, but I still think it was worth taking as he had the attitude we were looking for. I don't think he's blameless in regards to his exit - and he's not as good a player as he seems to think - but he gets it, at least.
  5. Could have bought her a full replica strip. Women love replica strips.
  6. Winning the John Greig award means nothing this season. Are you honestly suggesting him winning that award is evidence he's a good player for us? None of our defence are worthy of plaudits. Commitment is the very least we should expect of all players - we should also expect our centre backs not to be outrun by Kris Boyd. Hill doesn't have the intelligence or skill to make up for his lack of pace and age - he was never a top level player. Clint Hill never was Rangers class, and the fact he was signed and has played on a regular basis is a damning indictment of our recruitment policy. If Harry stays on at Birmingham and wants to take him down there, good luck to him. We should see if he wants two-for-one with Niko thrown in too.
  7. I'm not a King defender. I don't ever want us to be in the hands of someone like Murray again, but that doesn't mean I'm happy for us to continue with the way things are going. It's beyond obvious that King doesn't have the money and doesn't want to admit it for fear of provoking the season ticket holders. King and T3B have also left the club open to attempts at a hostile takeover, so if he really did have the money he'd have made an offer on those shares.
  8. Fair point - younger-than-he-is-now Clint was pish in the Premier League. But when he was in his prime he wasn't anything special either. He was a decent defender and hard worker - there's nothing about Clint Hill that makes him the sort of player we should ever have been signing. Then I hope they take him back. Fucking take him right now.
  9. Shota Arveladze is loving it an aw.
  10. I think they only got involved to stop Ashley getting ownership of Ibrox and Auchenhowie, as it was obvious his puppet board were set up to gain him those assets. They were probably hoping that McColl would get involved at some point, but his other business interests mean that's not likely anytime soon. I suspect part of the reason the board and Sports Direct were in talks recently is because King wants out, but can't really sell his shares to anyone until those issues are sorted.
  11. Younger Clint was absolutely pish for QPR in the Premier League. He was always slow and never that good.
  12. I think as soon as the retail issue is sorted, he'll be looking to offload his shares. At the moment there is no business model at Rangers, and it's obvious that any business model they want to put in place is inclusive of retail income.
  13. I can't agree, as doing a good job at Forest isn't the same. Losing a few games or drawing a few at Forest is acceptable; it isn't at Rangers. And at no point did Warburton ever show signs he understood that. Warburton finishing 6th with Forest would be considered a successful season, but that won't make me think he deserved another season with us. Warburton is relatively inexperienced as a head coach/manager, and for his own development he may have needed to be sacked by us to understand that in certain jobs winning is paramount above all else.
  14. I think he could have done with someone like John Greig as an advisor. Not for the football side of things as such, but someone there to imprint on him that Rangers don't accept losing. Though, in fairness to the board (), you'd have expected one of our celebrated captains of recent years to have gotten that across to Warburton, or taken it upon himself to step up and get it across to the players himself. I'm honestly at a loss as to what Weir's strengths as a coach are.
  15. He wasn't helped by the lack of infrastructure either, given the lack of a scouting department. He was used to either being a sporting director or head coach, and was effectively acting as manager & chief scout. King seems to disagree that Warburton wanted a director of football in, but the warning signs were there, in hindsight, that he took on more than he'd anticipated when he joined us. I don't think Warburton used the budget he was given wisely though, so I'm not gutted that he wasn't given double that - as I'm not entirely convinced he'd have used it well. More importantly, for me, is that at no point did it seem like Warburton really got that losing isn't acceptable. He's coming across that way again at Nottingham, and that sort of attitude was passed onto his players, and reflected in his recruitment. Look at them last night, ffs. Warburton didn't get it and never would have, and he didn't bring in players who hated losing - apart from one, and he lasted a handful of games before getting suspended...
  16. He murdered Irish republican civilians, as well as rivals within the IRA. Mind boggling how stupid you have to be to worship him or Adams if you're from the UK - especially when you've got Enda Kenny pointing out the hypocrisy of the IRA membership denials.
  17. The problem with the appointment was that within a few months Warburton was touting himself for jobs down south, and didn't seem committed to being here long term. That itself wasn't a worry for me, but his recruitment this summer was. Rossiter, Dodoo, Crooks and Windass fit the policy he talked about last year; Barton fit the bill as an experienced leader in the midfield, and one who wanted to win something at that. But the central defenders we brought in weren't an improvement on what we had, we brought in a second rate striker for a lot of money and rather than address the issue of a lack of leadership we instead brought in a group of journeymen. I could have just about stomached this season if it was just a case of guys like Rossiter, Dodoo, Windass etc adjusting to this level, but those players either barely got a look in or were injured. The youth development aspect didn't kick in until Murty and Pedro respectively. Playing devil's advocate, it wasn't a secret that Warburton wanted to use us to get a better job down south than what we had. Mayhaps he sped that process up when he realised he wasn't going to get the budget he expected last January and last summer. It doesn't explain away the dross recruitment, but it would explain why all of the management team were looking to jump ship. Regardless of why, we're now left with an expensive group of players to shift, and that'll present further problems next year.
  18. Both were making noises about wanting the move too, and I think both would have been well aware of what it means to play for us. And we don't have enough players who seem to understand that.
  19. In fairness, Wallace was a proven Premier League striker, and won the top flight with Leeds United. You'd never get someone like him in today's market for what we paid for Garner. But there were better options out there. Fuck, for what we paid we could have bought Hemmings & Stewart from Dundee. They're not top class, granted, but at least they scored 30 goals between them in the top flight last season.
  20. He couldn't rise to the occasion as it's too big for him. The only thing I would expect him to do in an Old Firm game is to wallop one of that lot, but he couldn't even do that. I don't blame him for what we paid for him, I don't blame him that he doesn't suit how we play, and I don't hold his limitations as a player against him. What I do hold against him is that he likes to wallop opposition players, yet rolls around like Lafferty if someone touches him - and is a passenger during the big games.
  21. Doubt it, as it screamed of a panic buy. I don't believe he was even on Warburton's initial list of targets.
  22. And hell - they wouldn't want McGuinness, and I think Adams will be denied entry too. Hell deserves a better class of criminal.
  23. Makes Nuno Capucho look like Mark Walters.
  24. The difference in class is there to see, but I don't blame King for refusing to back Warburton in January, given his pish transfer record. But it's worrying that we didn't bin him at that point. It suggests they were waiting on compensation for him or an offer to waive the compensation, as they'd known for a year that Warburton wanted to go down south. So we either didn't want to pay a severance package, but did allow the manager a large degree of control over how we spent our budget last summer, even when we knew he was making enquiries down south. I agreed with King's criticism of last summer's recruitment, but he must have seen those warning signs at the time. So the board have to accept their part of the blame. Especially now that we're saddled with players that we either won't be able to sell, or who won't want to go as we're paying them more than anyone else would based on their performances.
  25. The lack of leadership and character was obvious to every last season. Apparently that's the reason we recruited Barton and Hill. That itself was worrying, as Hill was never anywhere close to being a top class centre back in his prime, let alone now. We've got some decent players, but Warburton and McParland did nothing to address the lack of leadership. And his rotation of the central defence and central midfield positions meant we were never going to build a spine for the team either. (Granted, some of the latter was worsened by injuries.) Senderos and Garner reeked of panic buys, didn't fit our style of play, were being brought in after unsuccessful seasons elsewhere - and even then, we wanted Lescott ahead of Senderos. As much as I think King and the board have to accept some of the blame, the management team deserve a large part of it. They mismanaged the budget given to them, didn't address the issues that plagued us last season, and their answer to a team without much experience was to bring in past-their-best duds, rather than leaders.