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  1. Strachan

    I hope Big Sam isn't approached as if Pedro isn't given time then he's who I'd rather see take charge afore McInnes. Plus Sam might actually get Scotland to a tournament, and I enjoy noising up the Scotland fans at work.
  2. Forum activity.

    More bigots would increase traffic. The Tims love nothing more than to feign offence.
  3. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibs Thread*****

    The sheer hubris when Whitaker tries to skip past Alves and Cardoso and gets put in his place on the deck.
  4. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Desmond's tax evasion issues and the investigations into child abuse that could both potentially cause bother for them. Celtic fans are as ignorant as mod people about tax avoidance; most don't seem to be aware that they've used avoidance schemes, or that Desmond even has links to organised crime. If he is investigated by authorities in the UK and/or Ireland, they'll genuinely be taken by surprise. It hasn't entered their heids that it's not in their own club's interests to try to hammer us even more over the EBTs, as in a few years the shoe could very well be on the other foot. I don't think Celtic will ever admit to decades of systematic child abuse being covered up - and even facilitated - and the shady dealings of McGinn and Kelly won't be acknowledged until they're both long gone. I do, however, think the child abuse in football is going to leave a black mark on them over the next few years. Some tims know it too, and that's why they're desperate to make out that Neery being employed by Rangers is "the same thing." (And he'd never have been employed had Hibs former chairman not covered up the abuse he carried out I Edinburgh....)
  5. Scummy BBC Once Again Play The Rangers Card

    Boxers are, generally, not the smartest...
  6. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    The cess pit that is the Pie And Bovril forum.
  7. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Organised sandwich eating protests will lead to us being stripped of honours.
  8. UFC live.

    It's OK. He'll be out injured again soon enough.
  9. He wanted to move on at the end of last season, so I don't think he'll care much if the junkies don't like him.
  10. ***Rumours thread***

    Probably physically hurt Fyvie to sit among Rangers fans. His lamb probably got pumped extra hard last night.
  11. Fabio Cardoso - Brutal defender

    He's nothing like Svensson though. Not a similar type of player.
  12. Fabio Cardoso - Brutal defender

    That's racist. Reporting you to Marcel Desailly.
  13. Does Pedro have the dressing room?

    It was known for a good while before he was officially announced that Le Guen was going to be our next manager though. Murray originally wanted him in the summer of 2005, but he wanted a break, and McLeish was left in limbo rather than walking away on the high from helicopter Sunday like he should have.
  14. Windass

    Windass could fuck that up too.
  15. Kevin Thomson

  16. ***Rumours thread***

    If we sign McLean then they will be.
  17. lafferty whittaker

    "Hope those new signings die yassssss."
  18. lafferty whittaker

    Everyone dies, mate. Yassss!
  19. Who do you want to Replace Pedro?

    No, Pedro was lined up to be his assistant.
  20. I'm not at all embarrassed to be happy for Halliday. I hope his loan move works out for him, and that any subsequent transfer works out well. I do think he could have been a good player for us, and it not working out is as much psychological as it is about ability; he'll do well at another side. Other than absolute shitebags or players that burn bridges, I like seeing former Rangers players - or Rangers players out on loan - do well. If Mo Edu won the MLS Cup I'd be happy for him; if Steven Whitaker broke both his legs in his Hibs debut, I wouldn't give a fuck.
  21. ***Rumours thread***

    I'd rather Tunnicliffe in the team than Rossiter, to be honest. Rossiter is rated based on his potential, but he's barely had any senior playing time and has a history of injuries. I wouldn't be depending on an injury prone lad to be an important player for us. (That doesn't mean he'd be my first choice signing for a central midfielder - just don't see either Rossiter or Niko managing the whole season without missing chunks through injuries, and so I wouldn't make them an important part of our team.) I'd have Barjonas in the team ahead of Holt and Windass. If we could shift them, Tunnicliffe and Barjonas pretty much take their places in the squad. I think Holt would be a decent player for most SPFL sides, and he's one of the players whose confidence went last year, but I just don't think he'll be good enough. I'd rather rely on Barjonas as the spark in midfield than Holt or Windass.
  22. ***Rumours thread***

    In fairness, there are still question marks over Rossiter and Niko in regards to how long they'll last, and most fans seem to be in agreement that Holt and Windass aren't good enough. It's not so much bringing in another midfielder that's puzzling, it's that there doesn't seem to be anyone linked with the ones we should be shifting.
  23. ***Rumours thread***

    From what I've seen of Tunnicliffe, he doesn't seem to shy away from challenging for the ball, and is vocal on the pitch; he can play across the middle, but he's naturally a centre midfielder. I'm not really sure how he fits in though. He's got decent pace, but he's not an attacking midfielder, so he wouldn't be replacing Niko, Windass or Holt, and we've already got Jack and Rossiter for the anchor man and Dorrans as a deep lying playmaker. I don't think he'd actually be a bad signing. His career stalled at Fulham because Meulenstein was replaced by Magath, and he's not really fit in with their style of play in recent years. He's still young enough that it's a bit soon to write him off as a career dud, and signing for us could revitalise him.
  24. ***Rumours thread***

    Suggesting we bring back McGregor and that he could be our captain? Aye, tis nonsense indeed.
  25. He had his chance to prove he warranted whatever figure he & his agent were holding out for, and in typical McKay fashioned he turned up twice under Pedro. He's in a routine were the odd goal or assist warrants a pat on the back, rather than it being an expectation; Pedro sussed that out, just like most Rangers fans already had. Honestly, I think Warburton is a horrible manager for him to be playing under during important years of his development. Even if he performs well at Forest, how will he cope when he's playing under someone who expects his wingers to change games on a weekly basis?