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  1. I agree with your point, but don't think Novo is really a good example of it. He was playing in the third or fourth tier in Spain before signing for Raith, and from there went to Dundee; he's another example of a decent player that was in the lower divisions until someone gave him a chance. If anything, he's another Vardy or Gayle in the sense that before he moved to Scotland his career trajectory in Spain was the lower leagues, and it was unlikely he was going to get a chance above that level; he showed here that he had the right mix of talent and work ethic that he could play at a decent level.
  2. That was one of the things I found hilarious about Aberdeen and Motherwell wanting O'Halloran on loan and January, with McGhee trying to make it sound like a mutually beneficial agreement, if not his team doing us a favour; both teams wanted him, but expected us to pay most of his wages. Away tae fuck wi that. Especially coming from McGhee, or the sheep.
  3. Not really - more a condemnation of who we've had since 2011. I don't want Bain back - that's the point of "I was one of his biggest critics but I'd take him over the shower we've got now." I'm well aware that Bain is slime; that's what I was getting at that it was no coincidence he rose to prominence as Murray culled all his critics from within Ibrox. The only credit I gave him is that we having had anyone dealing with transfers hands on since, and that he tried to talk Murray out of shafting us even further by giving us to Whyte. (Even then I'm under no illusions; it was as much about self-interest as about where we were heading under Whyte.) Bain only ended up in such a position of power at Rangers because he kissed up to Murray, but we haven't had anyone on the board taking much responsibility for transfers since, isn't revisionism. It's hardly "Martin Bain was pure dead great." I didn't want him involved at Rangers back in 2002 when Hugh Adam was open about the way we were being run; I certainly don't actually want him back now.
  4. Was one of his biggest critics when he was at Rangers - his rise up to Murray's right hand man coincided with others within the club who were critics of Murray being ousted - but he was one of those within the club who tried to prevent the sale to Whyte. And given the mess we've had ever since, I'd be quite glad to have Bain involved in running the club again. I think our player recruitment wouldn't be so appalling for a start. (Aye, he oversaw some dud signings, but we haven't had anyone who was hands on in that area of the club since he left.)
  5. The three foreigner rule being scrapped, combined with the Bosman ruling, meant clubs could fill teams with foreign players, many of whom would ask for less in wages; it led to plenty of teams ignoring player development in favour of buying established foreigners. That and the footballing landscape was changed by the money Sky pumped into the Premier League, and the Champions League opening up to more than just domestic champions. If we still had the old European format of CL, CWC and UC then I think teams such as ourselves, Celtic, Ajax, PSV etc would still be in better health and of bigger standing. Even if the bigger leagues got a second place in the CL qualifiers, it still wouldn't be the closed shop that European football has become. UEFA seemed to realise only too late that they'd fucked the UC long term, and I don't think the CL place for the winners can repair that damage in the way they hope. (It might hopefully lead to English teams and the English media taking the competition more seriously though.) I still don't agree with the three foreigner rule being binned. I get it's against EU law, but so is buying & selling employees; the transfer market is essentially a cattle market for players. It's strange how some parts of EU employment law apply and not others...
  6. That right, is it, pal? Aye?
  7. Part of that is because the spine is one of the last areas they look at for these issues, and spinal pain can affect just about every part of your body. And that's without getting into whether the cause of the pain is muscle related or arthritic etc; they don't begin to look for the latter until they suspect that's an issue. (Not suggesting that's the case with Rossiter, but arthritis was behind Andreas Laudrup's promising career coming to a halt when he moved to Saint-Étienne, and why he ultimately retired at 24.)
  8. I don't decry any fan for going to away games. I'm in favour of a full boycott, but I understand that after years of off-field turmoil many fans just want to return to some sort of normality - and that includes going to these away games. Doesn't mean that I wouldn't rather our supporters didn't attend the away games until the fear crept into those teams and their fans were forced to accept that they need Rangers far more than Rangers need Aberdeen, Motherwell, Dundee United, St. Mirren etc.
  9. Well, no; he came up through the youth ranks. Ally gave him his debut. (Edited because I thought MacLeod was 16 when Ally gave him his debut, but he was 18 so moot point...)
  10. So we've got fans that want to sell off Auchenhowie, or who think we can get £3 million for Windass & Crooks. Fucking hell.
  11. Sébastien Faure is supporting his local bistro with multiple daily visits, if the size of him during his time with us is anything to go by.
  12. The only downside to our away support is that we help keep afloat the very clubs that tried to kill us off in 2012. The panic and greeting from Dundee United years ago about a boycott said it all; they're arrogant enough to think they can call our supporters every name under the sun, kick us while we're down and still expect us to stump up the cash they budget on. Still in favour of boycotting the 10 that voted us out, and giving them as few tickets to Ibrox as possible.
  13. Hemmings was only let go over concerns about him being prone to injury, with the notion that Jon Daly and Nicky Clark would be better value for money. Don't think Hemmings has had a serious injury since and scored goals for fun up here. He wanted a return last summer too, but Warburton and/or the board weren't interested, and we eventually paid more for Garner than Dundee got for Hemmings & Stewart. Kal Naismith has done well in League Two and just won the title with Portsmouth.
  14. I think you've got more of a chance at raising seven million with that invitation than we do at raising seven million from player sales.
  15. I'm still in favour of boycotting them, and giving them as few tickets to Ibrox as we can. The panic that set about Dundee United years ago about being boycotted showed how much these cunts depend on our fans, yet thought they could kick us with no repercussions. I appreciate that for some fans getting to Ibrox might not be practical, but an away game might be; I still think we should boycott any team involved in that vote to kick us out of the SPL.
  16. Yesterday was a totally meaningless game with no pressure on; Windass turning up for that one, but not for the Old Firm or sheep games, has nought to do with the players around him, and everything to do with his own mentality.
  17. His da was going on about him being one of our few good performers in the first Old Firm game, when he was mediocre. It seemed like he'd bought into that too. Makes you wonder what Warburton's assessment of his performance was, as that should have been the wake up call to the lad that he's got to do more. (Even if he is playing deeper into the midfield than he's used to.)
  18. I don't really agree with the "he'll thrive with better players" stuff. The lad's biggest flaws are mental. He looks to get the ball away as soon as he has it as he's scared to try to do anything with it, or doesn't have the confidence to. He looks for the next youngest guy in the team to get torn into to mask his own flaws. He might develop into a good player, but the job from Accrington Stanley to Rangers, where he's not only expected to win but expected to be a big part of it, is too much for him. I think he'd benefit more from going out on loan than he would just having better players around him, but I don't think we have the strength to justify sending someone on his wages out on loan to develop. If we can get a few hundred grand and a percentage of any future fee, we should grab it. I've no doubt that he'll end up playing in the Championship and doing alright there in a few years, and at least then we'd get a cut of whatever transfer takes him to that level.
  19. They're the Harry Enfield & Kathy Burke characters Kevin & Perry: absolute morons who have no gratitude for the ones who provide for them, complete lack of personal hygiene, and no chance of getting their hole.
  20. Aye, because teams in the EPL have supporters, unless most of the SPFL teams who are reliant on our supporters and the filth to keep them afloat.
  21. Not many investors want to get involved when court cases are hanging over the present chairman, and when a vital revenue stream is locked up as part of that dispute. If the TV money wasn't so shite then it might be a bit easier to get someone to overlook the Sports Direct nonsense, but realistically an investor just now would be asked to be a benefactor with no real guarantee that we'll have increased retail revenue soon.
  22. They average around 29,000 or so - or at least did the last few seasons - for home games. Their stadium holds a little over 33,000, and they're years removed from their glory days, which makes the level of support they get pretty impressive.