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  1. Considering starting the rumour that McLeish and Calderwood fixed the 6-1 game using our Dutch speaking players - due to Jimmy speaking the language - and that's how the Dunfermline players didn't know about it. The unwashed will lap it up.
  2. They wouldn't have been able to withhold all transfer fees. They withheld our league prize money and the Davis fee, ostensibly due to our "football related debts." Once they were met, there'd be no basis to withhold funds from a member club, and they'd be in murky waters in terms of us being able to pursue them for the money.
  3. You should start this as a rumour on twitter. It'll only take a day before the nutters link Paul Brennan with his CQN site are running with "exclusive evidence uncovered that Charles Green bribed the SFA."
  4. It probably did happen, but I don't think that changes anything, to be honest. Even if we'd agreed to nominal release fees in the event we didn't find a buyer and had to go the CVA route (which was the plan at one point), meaning they wouldn't receive the lost wages at a late date, they still deprived the club of those nominal release fees. The Rangers fans amongst them are the worst, but I wasn't surprised that Naismith did it - though McGregor not transferring over did surprise me a little, even if he wasn't a dye-in-the-wool bluenose - but Davis wasn't just a fan, but the captain. It's as much principle as anything else. I don't wish any physical harm on him or anything, but I hope he's never even brought back to do the half time draw. He should be sine die.
  5. Plus Foderingham does have a reputation down south. He was highly rated as one of the best keepers outwith the top two flights before we signed him, and Di Canio's spat with him at Swindon was regarded as bizarre. Several clubs will have been keeping track of him since he signed for us, and will be aware of his potential. He's not the finished article, but anything less than £3 million and we shouldn't even be acknowledging a bid has been made, let alone negotiating.
  6. I know, mate, wasn't implying you were. I can completely understand why none of them wanted to play in the Third Division or didn't trust Charles Green. But I'll never forgive Rangers men like Davis and Naismith for not sticking around like Edu did. Even if we'd got £2 million for them rather than what they were worth, that would still have been money in our coffers. (And if we'd gotten that for McGregor, Davis and Naismith we'd have been £6 million up before the likes of Lafferty, Fleck etc were sold.)
  7. Aye, but that's not what some Rangers fans have been saying about Davis for years. Some folk genuinely believe Davis is the reason we got the fee, that he turned down clubs who wouldn't give us a fee, and that makes him "no as bad as Naismith, Lafferty, McGregor etc." (Not suggesting you are one of them.) That's why some folk still point out he didn't get us the fee, and Southampton did; because some others make out that Davis should be welcomed back because Southampton gave us £800,000 (which we never received). If someone wants to see Davis back and can forgive the former captain his reasons for walking away, then fair enough. But if they wouldn't take the other rats back but make out that Davis is different because of the fee, they're at it.
  8. Yes, but it's not the case of "Davis wouldn't sign for Southampton unless they gave us a fee" that many put about. Southampton paid us a nominal fee as we were making noises about pursuing legal action against those players. Davis had fuck all to do with it. Incidentally, we didn't even get the fee because the corrupt governing bodies here kept it.
  9. The sheer hubris when Whitaker tries to skip past Alves and Cardoso and gets put in his place on the deck.
  10. Desmond's tax evasion issues and the investigations into child abuse that could both potentially cause bother for them. Celtic fans are as ignorant as mod people about tax avoidance; most don't seem to be aware that they've used avoidance schemes, or that Desmond even has links to organised crime. If he is investigated by authorities in the UK and/or Ireland, they'll genuinely be taken by surprise. It hasn't entered their heids that it's not in their own club's interests to try to hammer us even more over the EBTs, as in a few years the shoe could very well be on the other foot. I don't think Celtic will ever admit to decades of systematic child abuse being covered up - and even facilitated - and the shady dealings of McGinn and Kelly won't be acknowledged until they're both long gone. I do, however, think the child abuse in football is going to leave a black mark on them over the next few years. Some tims know it too, and that's why they're desperate to make out that Neery being employed by Rangers is "the same thing." (And he'd never have been employed had Hibs former chairman not covered up the abuse he carried out I Edinburgh....)
  11. Boxers are, generally, not the smartest...
  12. The cess pit that is the Pie And Bovril forum.
  13. Organised sandwich eating protests will lead to us being stripped of honours.
  14. It's OK. He'll be out injured again soon enough.
  15. Naw, I think you're thick though. It's quite clear that not everyone will accept Naismith back or ever cheer him. Try speaking for yourself rather than the populist of Rangers fans in future, ya mong.
  16. He wanted to move on at the end of last season, so I don't think he'll care much if the junkies don't like him.
  17. Probably physically hurt Fyvie to sit among Rangers fans. His lamb probably got pumped extra hard last night.
  18. He's nothing like Svensson though. Not a similar type of player.
  19. That's racist. Reporting you to Marcel Desailly.
  20. What's with people using "we" when they mean "I'? Are ye royalty?
  21. It was known for a good while before he was officially announced that Le Guen was going to be our next manager though. Murray originally wanted him in the summer of 2005, but he wanted a break, and McLeish was left in limbo rather than walking away on the high from helicopter Sunday like he should have.
  22. Windass could fuck that up too.
  23. Tarrier.
  24. If we sign McLean then they will be.
  25. "Hope those new signings die yassssss."