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  1. Bollan and Stephen Wright were both players who would have been good signings if they hadn't been quickly hampered with injuries.
  2. You paying this penny up front or in instalments?
  3. He said he's got a two loan player limit and that we have enough players in Gauld's position as things stand.
  4. I'd need to check the specific rules of the sanctioning bodies whose titles were up for grabs, but standing 8 counts were generally eliminated by the United States Association of Boxing Commissions back in the late 90s; the ref's options, if he thought the shots weren't low blows, were to stop the fight or let them carry on. (If he classed them as low blows he could have warned Ward - or even deducted a point - and given Kovalev 5 minutes to recover.) The ref judged the blows to be legal, felt Kovalev wasn't defending himself and so stopped the fight. I thought the stoppage was premature and that at least one of the low blows was borderline - only guy who knows for sure is Kovalev - but I do think the stoppage was coming. Kovalev didn't seem to be responding well to Ward's body shots, and I'm not convinced it was all down to any low blows; Ward's always been good on the inside, and I think Kovalev - and Jackson - took for granted just how good and strong he can be there. Bit of an inconclusive end, but I'm not convinced Kovalev would win a third fight. I don't want to see Ward move straight up to cruiserweight now either, though I don't think the likes of Beterbiev are ready for him. Stevenson certainly won't fight him, even if he wasn't on Showtime rather than HBO; not sure Alvarez would want that fight even if he beats Adonis either. And fuck watching Ward vs. DeGale. Looking at the division as it stands, I can see why Ward is contemplating moving up in weight; there's no real money fight at 175lbs.
  5. My dad used to know a taig called William King. Guy tried to go by his middle name in school, but the RC school teachers wouldn't have it, so every morning in registration they'd ask for "King, William."
  6. I don't think there was ever any danger of that, to be honest; Garner seems the type who actually enjoys playing, and wouldn't be happy just training or playing the occasional youth team game. I thought he might have stuck around and tried to force his way into Pedro's plans, but if he knew he was down the pecking order then I expected him to consider leaving. Waghorn, on the other hand, I think might prefer to see out his contract. His missus and wean moved up here - think his missus gave up her childminding business, or whatever it was she was doing - so I don't think he'll go unless it's to a team he wants to play for and in an area he wants to live in. (Not criticising him for that either; it's easy to forget that players have families and all that comes with that.)
  7. That doesn't really sound like the the vernacular one would expect from a Portuguese.
  8. I'm glad to see him go, and didn't think he was good enough for Rangers, but there are only a couple of instances where I thought he could have put in more effort; generally a hard worker and seemed desperate - maybe a bit too much so at first - to make an impact here. It's not exactly his fault that we paid more than he was worth and paid guys like him, O'Halloran, Kiernan etc more than we should have. I can think of several players during the McCoist years that could have done with putting in the effort Garner did.
  9. I don't mind us signing Roman Catholics. I do think we need a spine of Rangers men in the team, but signing foreign RC players isn't that big of an issue to me. I don't, however, want to see us sign too many taigs. I highly doubt the likes of Amo, Reno, Albertz etc were singing IRA songs before signing for us.
  10. We need those players though. We need players that are proven in the SPFL; our best teams always had a balance between proven Scottish players and players from abroad (or England). £1 million for Walker is too much, because he's in the last year of his contract, but if we can get him for under that then we should go for it; he's a proven goalscorer at this level, and will create chances and space for others.
  11. Sunderland have had a lucky escape too, in fairness. All due respect to Walter, but was he really suggesting McInnes over a sterling Aberdeen stint or because they're pals? We've heard from all the usual suspects over the last few years how well he's done at Aberdeen, and yet all he's achieved is one League Cup win and one season of challenging Celtic (and bottling it). Sunderland need to get their next appointment right, or they could end up in another relegation battle; I think they'd more likely be in one under McInnes than they would be in the promotion chase.
  12. That's partly why it's stalled. Some of the dealings with Milne were scrutinised when Aberdeenshire council were on the brink of going bust. This stadium has been talked about for years; Milne won't get the same level of support he would have from the council years ago. On top of that, the residents in Kingsford are largely opposed to the new stadium. I'll be surprised if it goes ahead, as Aberdeen FC will have to fund the building of it, spend money on the surrounding area and would have to spend money elsewhere to make up for the environmental issues.
  13. Neither would I, as am I fuck ever cheering on the Scottish national football team after years of calling up third rate English players after discovering they had a Scottish granny, years of anti-Rangers bile and because grown men in skirts just look ridiculous. Fuck international football in general though; nae interest.
  14. Christ on a bike. I'm guessing Dunty is the product of man laying with sheep if he actually thinks Aberdeen will ever win the league again.
  15. Tav did make an effort to try to improve on his defensive flaws last season, but it's a double edged sword; he'll always have the instinct to go after the ball rather than track back, and if he's not got a good centre back alongside him it leaves us open. Teams can cope with full backs doing that, but only if they're well organised defensively and in midfield - hopefully this year we will be. I'll always be critical of the way modern day full backs are more about bombing forward than defending, but I still think Tav is an asset to the team. And with the right tactics you can turn his flaws - such as him chasing after the ball - into a strength; Murty's tactics in the 1-1 game at the San Giro, for example, did just that.
  16. I think so too. They're in a position where they've recruited good young players, and they've got them ready to replace those who move on. PSG will be rebuilding too, and below them Marseille are looking to try to climb back up. I'm expecting it to be between Monaco and PSG, but I hope teams like Nice, Lyon and Marseille don't allow them to pull away too early. For years Ligue 1 was dominated by Lyon, then after a few years of it being a bit more open PSG took over. It'd be nice to see a few teams in the hunt.
  17. I thought we looked comfortable going to 3 at the back against Partick at the end of last season - more than we have at times with our usual formation anyway - but it's hard to guess if that's a tactic Pedro would use if he didn't have to. He's said he's not rigidity stuck to a particular formation and it's about working with the players you have, but he must have a couple of formations in mind with his recruitment.
  18. I think he's been utilised as a wing back in the past, as some of the Portuguese media have described him as a defender. (You could technically say Victor Moses played in defence for Chelsea, but their wing backs weren't really defenders. As the FA Cup Final showed.)
  19. Stuff like this is what makes me think he might already have a deal in place with us, and why he might wait to sign a pre-contract in December rather than signing for a Cardiff or Burton. (If Hearts suspect, but can't prove, that he's been tapped up it's probably why they spat the dummy out the other week.) Scott Allan wasn't doing that, from what I remember; he used his pal, Halliday, as a mouthpiece so he could claim he'd never been that fussed about Rangers anyway. If we could get him for between £600 - £800K then we should just stump up the cash though. The goals he can offer from midfield could be the difference between limping behind Celtic into second place or actually challenging them; no idea if the strikers we're bringing in will actually score goals, so it's vital we have proven goal threats in other key positions.
  20. Floyd's entire life has revolved around boxing since he was a bairn; part of the reason he's taking this fight is to surpass Marciano's record - though he's arguably got a more impressive one already, though not the most impressive - but another aspect is that Floyd won't be finding walking away from boxing as easy as he lets on. Is there a chance he makes one comeback too many and loses to someone that would never have landed a glove on him in his prime? Sure. Conor McGregor isn't that guy though. It's a testament to how much he's worked at prompting himself - much like Floyd did - to have become enough of a draw that this fight is even happening, but that doesn't mean he's got anything more than the cliché 'puncher's chance.'
  21. It's Rocky Balboa vs. Thunderlips.
  22. It won't be the death knell of either. Boxing is still in a state of flux in that there are a few big draws, but promoters still aren't doing much to actually promote new stars - some fighters don't do enough either - but the "boxing is dying" stuff has been uttered since the 1890s; it's going nowhere. MMA is pretty much solidified as a permanent TV fixture now in the USA too, so a McGregor loss won't be the end of the UFC. (It might affect his drawing ability, but I don't think the damage would be irreversible.) If anything, MMA being a more established sport is good for boxing, but that's a whole different discussion, I guess. Can't see any way McGregor wins this. Mayweather isn't going to stop taking his training seriously; he'll be in shape. And he'll be focused on surpassing Marciano and Calzaghe, in terms of his record, at 50-0.
  23. I don't think there's anything abnormal about the transfer negotiations so far - we've just been quiet about all the other negotiations that this one stands out. I'm still confident we'll see Dorrans in a Rangers jersey this season, and suspect Norwich are counting on is wanting him in for the qualifiers to try to get the best deal.