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  1. Rangers Related Twitter Pages

    As others mentioned Gregco and Forza papac are good on twitter So is Big Handsome Laudrup. Blue sea of Ibrox page is good but it's mainly facebook ran.
  2. "The Glorious 12TH"

    ffs haha!!
  3. "The Glorious 12TH"

    +1 embarrasing this hangs on to our support.
  4. Season ticket payments

    Mines only just came off today.
  5. Limassol

    I'm hoping the home leg isn't the 13th July so I can make it.
  6. *****Q1 Progrès Niederkorn Q2 AEL Limassol*****

    I know Europa league games are usually Thursday nights but it says on the website the second qualifier first leg could be 11th-13th July? Gutted if it's on the 13th as I can't make that night.
  7. Pre match plans for tomorrow

    Work till 6 home for a scran then walk down PRW to the match. Buzzin'
  8. Yeah on CCCS mate.
  9. I assume the smart cards from last year are being used this year and are activated for Progres match?