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  1. Murty's post match

    thats probably because the atmosphere at Ibrox is embarrassing at best!!! it fucks me off
  2. Know what

    i think we should have hooked Niko at HT. he was a total passenger most of the game, young barjonas would have done a far better job today. all in all i am happy with the draw, but just ONLY
  3. rangers tv

    found one thanks. and the stream is working
  4. rangers tv

    trust me i would if i was able too
  5. rangers tv

    is there any program i can download that would hide me from being in the UK so i can watch the game on RTV thanks
  6. if you and your mate are planning the trip up to dinghell, i live only 4 miles. spare beds for some fellow fans



    1. JohnH


      Cheers, I've spoken to my mate. Think we will be going up on The Grapes bus. Should be a mental journey. Thanks for the kind offer 

  7. A Few More (Signings)

    i'm relishing the thought of ryan jack and a fit Rossiter. two guys who can read the game. Not world class but compared to our current crop a sigh of relief
  8. McKay been told to find a new club?

    i hope not, i would like to see how he settles with Pedro's new installments. who ever they may be
  9. Fod injured?

    FFS NO!!
  10. new member

    only with stuffed crust
  11. new member

    donation sent
  12. donation made, all the best Joshua
  13. new member

    yes i was at the game last week, met some amazing people at the wee rangers club
  14. new member

    i acyually donate monthly to the erskin foundation, have done for a while... just trying to find the link to dobate for the lad
  15. new member

    yeh i've been reading about Joshua on here before i Joined. I'm more than happy to donate