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  1. Murty's post match

    thats probably because the atmosphere at Ibrox is embarrassing at best!!! it fucks me off
  2. Know what

    i think we should have hooked Niko at HT. he was a total passenger most of the game, young barjonas would have done a far better job today. all in all i am happy with the draw, but just ONLY
  3. rangers tv

    found one thanks. and the stream is working
  4. rangers tv

    trust me i would if i was able too
  5. rangers tv

    is there any program i can download that would hide me from being in the UK so i can watch the game on RTV thanks
  6. if you and your mate are planning the trip up to dinghell, i live only 4 miles. spare beds for some fellow fans



    1. JohnH


      Cheers, I've spoken to my mate. Think we will be going up on The Grapes bus. Should be a mental journey. Thanks for the kind offer 

  7. donation made, all the best Joshua