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  1. Peter lovenkrands equaliser against villareal in champions league last 16 what a strike it was too
  2. Done wll in the championship buthe was dreadful in premiership,at the time when he was sold everyone wanted him chased out for nothing never mind getting a sell on clause in his contract can't have your cake and eat it
  3. Was born in Eastbourne,father was English cousins are english,a lot of protestant friends Inow England then we have our majesty and the royal family,it's coming home its coming home.......⚽
  4. Who the fuck would kip in that fucking doss house,would needo to wear a boiler suit
  5. Makes u feel proud to be british,they flyoverst are the buisness
  6. Thats a better top,the blue could be doing with being a bit more royal tho
  7. My flute band was asked to play on the park before the match and at half time,would have been some experience and playing at a sash bash at nite,couldn' do it though due to other commitments,gutting
  8. Was down at gallant pioneer playing with the band at the start of the month,was a good weekend,would be good one this weekend but the popes getting kicked fuck out of at Larkhall tomorrow nite then abody parade saturday
  9. Can we not get rid of him for gross misconduct,he might have been in Mexico but technically still our player get him to fuck
  10. Tbh it' quite comical how all the fenians thought he was going to sign for them when he left la galaxy and they were on Clyde one giving it Billy big baws,now he's being touted as our next manager
  11. He' inexperienced but think he would command respect in the dressing room and wouldine know how to improve inspire the players,must have good qualitys that way captaining Liverpool to a champions league win after being 3-0 down at half time,not sure about his lack of experience but everything else seems good captained England Liverpool had fantastic career which I know dosent count for much but he could be a gem,look at popcorn teeth went straight in at deep end after retiring
  12. If I had missed the sitters he has against the tims I'd be depressed aswell
  13. Everyone shares blame on this subject from davenport king right down to our number one Wes,greame murty is obviously shite scared of the players and thats the reason he didn' want to go in after the game which I think is wrong,nobody should be scared to go there work,the guy made a total cunt of the game with his team and formation,but the players are to blame for there lack of effort,I knew after watching for the firet 5 mins that we ere going to get hammerd,the board are to blame for not getting this sorted quicker,murals to blame for being tactically useless and the players Andre to blame for being a bunch a shiftless bastards
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