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  1. He still posts everyday on his Instagram account
  2. I think we can all agree he has done no bad the last two games but we would all rather have halliday in his place and that says it all.
  3. Lol fair enough but I still think we have been better without him, doesnt me we cant be better in this formation with him. I hope we are.
  4. That's exactly what I'm trying to say. Players have stepped up at certain times when he has been playing but not as well as or as constantly as they when he hasn't.
  5. That's fair enough and when morelos comes in again do we play the way that we are playing just now or do we revert back to the 433? I'm not saying Defoe is better than morelos for us at this moment in time but I think we've played better in the last 3 games than we have all season. Whether it be the formation or the rest of the players picking up their game, to me I think we have been a better team.
  6. I dont disagree. I just think we have looked a lot better and more clinical without him the last 3 games.
  7. Neither would I. However, the rest of the players have upped their game without him. Exactly. The point I'm trying to get across is that the rest of the team have been working harder without him. I think morelos is our best player but after he got sent off at park head we became the best team. I think it is a psychological block for the rest of the team when we play him. I wish it wasnt and I hope that I'm wrong but I dont see that tbh.
  8. I hope to try the narrow front 3 with morelos to see how it works but we have looked formidable in the last 3 games.
  9. You're taking me all wrong. Up until today I would have 100% agreed with you and I still do to a certain extent. All I'm trying to say is that its obvious to me that we have preformed better as a team without him
  10. I know we aren't playing the same system but we are definitely playing better just now as a team so we are doing better without him at this moment in time. I'm alfredos biggest fan but it doesnt hide the obvious improvement.
  11. But that is exactly the point. Everyone else turns up when we dont have alfredo. Edgar on H&H says it like morelos is too good the rest of the players almost shut off. I agree, and it's obvious that the rest of the team are working better without.
  12. Geo17

    ST renewal

    Was on the stadium tour on Sunday and they said the museum is definitely happening within the next 2 years. Nothing about stadium expansion though, must be a bit further down the line.
  13. Geo17

    ST renewal

    lmao. Is that a good sign or a bad sign?? 😂
  14. Geo17

    ST renewal

    Same one was in possil this morning as well 😂
  15. Geo17

    Andy Halliday

    Genuinley believe he has been better at left back than he ever was as a CM.
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