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  1. Boggin
  2. I saw him in the clubs training photos so he is deffo still around
  3. I think candeias has really improved Tav
  4. Walkin past a tim bar in sunny beach, Bulgaria. Guy had taken too much mdma and decided to tell all the irish inside the bar bobby sands was deid.
  5. I have said it before but I still believe Dodoo should get a game before Miller any day. Just because Miller likes to shout and moan doesnt make him good. At least dodoo has a good finish on him.
  6. Is everyone elses streams no workin?
  7. I would honestly rather Dodoo started over miller
  8. I just log into my google account and it syncs automatically. Never used anything else
  9. Brilliant. Imagine being taken to ibrox to be shown what your ancestor had a major had in creating.
  10. Shocking
  11. Have you read any of the other posts
  12. I genuinley feel sick. Every single one of them are truly unbelievable. I hate blaming the ref and conspiracy theory bullshit but what happened yesterday. I have never seen refereeing quite as bad.