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  1. Geo17

    Mcinnes Tells Rangers Players to Stop Singing

    Do you think that's the penny finally dropped for him that he made the wrong choice turning us down?
  2. Geo17

    ***Feedback Thread***

    @paulelder111 sorted me out for the st Mirren game, thanks very much
  3. Geo17

    Bradley Loved the Rangers.

    Horrid disease and a bad situation but nothing worse than cunts poncing aff it. Rest well Bradley. Who gives a fuck who he wis a fan a xx
  4. Geo17

    Left Back Position

    That's it 100%. I'm a big fan of Barasic but halliday has earnt that starting position and he needs to take it off of him. Imagine thinking in summer that Andy halliday out of position was keeping the world cup runners up' left back out of the team!? He has Genuinley been exceptional. He has done better at left back than he has ever done as a cm.
  5. Geo17


    Went to school with Greg, cracking cunt and as staunch as they come.
  6. Geo17

    Gerrard: In his own words

    It was meant to be on last night before the old firm highlights but it just showed the Edinburgh derby highlights.
  7. Geo17

    Joe Worrall

    I think woral takes a lot of unjustified stick. Folk just have it out for him and I'm glad he proved a lot of people wrong today, he didnt put a foot wrong. He was Immense.
  8. Geo17

    Bully boys

    They call us the Chinese double act 😂. Were just fulla gear no fae China fs
  9. Geo17

    Bully boys

    When have ye seen a man an son look so alike? Love the cunt but he never shuts up about him bein a hard cunt fae easterhoose 😂
  10. Geo17

    Bully boys

    Fuck yer wellhoose 😂🇬🇧
  11. Geo17

    Bully boys

    Didnt see my dad for 10 years, now rekindled we have this together. Thank you Rangers,love you too bits. Mon the torran toi
  12. Geo17

    the last 10 mins

    Full time
  13. Geo17

    the last 10 mins

  14. Geo17

    Call me a poof

    Didnt we all...
  15. Geo17

    *** The Official Rangers FC V Paedophile FC***

    Yes troops come on!