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  1. Wanker man, just text my fenian brother in law abuse cause he was a fan of him 😂 fucked it
  2. That's no on their twitter page
  3. No idea how anyone listens to ferguson anymore
  4. Cycled from maryhill to ibrox every second day or so these past few weeks. It makes it easier knowing you have that view at the halfway point.
  5. Nice mate! I just went for it again this morning 😂
  6. Cycled to ibrox yesterday afternoon.
  7. Given up on the phone in, no clue why I even bother. Just makes my blood boil.
  8. My in laws,partner and my father all have it( I appear to be asymptomatic) and it's not just some cold. Quite terrifying actually. Hope yous are well.
  9. Just goes to show that whilst the BBC might be filled with cunts who hate us, they are not bought and paid for by hollicom/celtic like with the record/sun. If people dont believe the whole hollicom argument then there you go, couldn't be any clearer.
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