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  1. From a warsaw fan on Twitter; That's it translated
  2. Geo17

    Joe Aribo

    I don't think so mate. Gerrard said after mitdyland away that Jones suits an away tie in Europe because hes good at running with the ball and giving the team a break.
  3. Really was! No idea how it was unanimous decision!
  4. The bit they show Stewart before the highlights he looks like hes about to start greetin
  5. What did you expect? I guess you wanted to be offended and well done on getting what you want.
  6. Geo17


    I think Flanagan is always just going to be more suited in games we are against the cosh. Anytime we seem to be flying high in a game his lapses in concentration seem to be more apparent.
  7. How the fuck is that still not sorted 😂😂
  8. I wonder if he will play with 3 CBS for adedd support with set plays
  9. Geo17

    Our support

    Killie shouldn't have made it that easy just to hop a fence and be on top of a plastic corrugated roof
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