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  1. Geo17

    Rangers v Hamilton

    Ok mate, thanks👍
  2. Geo17

    Rangers v Hamilton

    Cant make today, how do I get it printed off for someone? Not really too used about the money if you want it you can have it for free
  3. Honestly think that we are getting 5 years from him
  4. Love him questioning the timing of the statement release from the SFA 😂
  5. Geo17

    Arfield tonight

    I'll be honest I really never rated him at all before tonight, thought he just done a lot of aimless running about but tonight he was sublime.
  6. That's good man, the European games have been brilliant so far, hopefully more of the same tonight
  7. This your first game of the whole season then matty? Picked a good day anyway it is fucking torrential rain here!
  8. Geo17

    Sky win rights for SPFL football.

    Sutton in general doesnt really bother me at all, I would take listening to him commentating every game over Crocker and Walker.
  9. Geo17


  10. Geo17


    That's a very good point, has he ever actually had as hectic as a game schedule in his career?
  11. Geo17

    Flanagan cost us that game

    I genuinely hate flannagan
  12. Kenny Miller and John hartson ????
  13. Geo17

    Worral get rid !

    If this outrages you then you are a fucking idiot.
  14. I'm wondering what arfield actually does