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  1. Geo17

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    This is fucking chronic
  2. Geo17

    Harry Forrester

    They both posted pictures of each other on their Instagram stories. Maybe realising Steven Gerrard is his manager might give him the boot up the are a he needs. As said before, he is definitely talented, he is just too fond of the party lifestyle.
  3. Geo17

    62,000 ST applicants

    41000 renewed and there was 11000 on the waiting list. Where's the other 10000?
  4. I'm prettt sure the SLO said it wouldn't be happening after the union bears put 'fenians' in one of their statements.
  5. Geo17

    Season Tickets

    Anyone know when the smartcards will be posted out?
  6. Geo17

    Season Tickets

    I'm sure if you done it through renewals you are fine. I got an email yesterday and it took me to zebra to esign the document. Did you do anything like that? 01332680400 thats there number if you want to try give them a ring. I had to do it yesterday and it was no bother.
  7. Geo17

    Possible leak kit???

  8. Geo17

    Season Tickets

    Where you reading that??
  9. Geo17

    Season Tickets

    It's really is mate, I've just taken out too much over the past year so i was worried about this working. Thankfully no issue.
  10. Geo17

    Season Tickets

    I've got pretty bad credit because of getting too much on credit in the last year or so with getting a house/car on finance and they accepted me no problem, must only knock you back if you have been bankrupt or the likes.
  11. Geo17

    Season Tickets

    CD4 row Q £675
  12. Geo17

    Season Tickets

    Honestly do not understand how some people just don't understand this, every single time I have to deal with the ticket office it is a total joke.
  13. Geo17

    Season Tickets

    This is an absolute farce. The ticket office are fucking unbearable. Never ever like dealing with them.