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  1. Agreed 100%. Think we should play in all blue for every game in Europe.
  2. Went on the tour last year. You guys do a brilliant job and are a credit to the support. Thank you
  3. I think that's the same with everyone on this forum 😂
  4. Geo17


    I think the way we are playing suits Ojo's game as an inside forward that cuts inward rather than hits the byline. Rather than keep more traditional wingers like Jones and Barker for instance.
  5. Move Stewart to be beside kent and that's what I think the management will go with
  6. £10 to watch a meaningless friendly I can get over but when it still doesn't work they really are taking the cunt
  7. Best piece of journalism to come out of Scotland in last 10 years mate, brilliant 👍
  8. Geo17


    No one disagrees that you are a fuckin mongo
  9. Geo17


    Shut the fuck up
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