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  1. Dont think he even made a first team appearance πŸ˜‚
  2. Another thing, I keep getting told to stop point scoring. Even from my mother in law who hates football. What if it was your son or daughter who was abused for years only when you find out you are told it's all happened in the past and speaking out about it will only hurt your son/daughter. Feel fucking sick even thinking about it and being around the apologists. Really considering getting away from this place. The more I look around and see what we are really surrounded by the more I want out of this cesspit that this country has become.
  3. Let's no forget that spiers has previous for protecting beasts. I really cant believe just how hard they are all trying to just brush this aside, Even though everyone knows its the truth. It really is no wonder and it's so blatantly obvious to me now just how hard it must be for people never mind children to speak of their abuse when this is what you have to deal with. I fucking hate this country now, mass majority of the people, media and the government all keeping their mouths shut over the systematic rape of children, all over their love of a football club! Had 2 arguments with taigs in the last 24 hours with it and their total deflection really is horrifying and I'm worried that this'll all die down and the sick freaks are allowed to continue.
  4. Cheers troops I'll get on it!
  5. Tried to do the 4 payments through the club online but it isn't letting me. Dont tell me I need to go and speak to someone in the ticket office? 😭
  6. There was all sizes in the JD in the fort at easterhouse last Saturday, was actually a fair few
  7. Windass said in an interview that he wanted to leave because the club accepted the bid and that he was offered to stay
  8. Fuck sake man πŸ˜‚ I dont remember that! That's hilarious.
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