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  1. 100%. Dont pay him off, dont let him train with our youths. Let the cunt rot, I'd rather he ran down the next 3 years of his contract at auchenhowie before letting him fuck off on his terms. It might cost us more but fuck him, it's a bigger waste of his career than what his wages would be to us. Players have too much control now. I wouldn't give him a thing and tell him its upto himself to find something but he is no longer going to be getting game time or any help from the staff. Between this, liverpool u23 game and racking up 12 points on his license in 9 months just shows the guy is a fuckin weapon. No sympathy.
  2. Amazing! I was 10 when this was played and remember it so vividly. Tried to find it on youtube a few times and the same with rtv. Thanks 😁
  3. Thanks again to the legend that is @mus sorted me out tonight for the second time.
  4. Is that from mark Allen on talksport? Saw this update this morning and just took it as gospel.
  5. Was taking it easy the night, went and saw my cousin in easterhouse and the cunt has got me full of prop. Fuck it too the shop I go
  6. From a warsaw fan on Twitter; That's it translated
  7. Geo17

    Joe Aribo

    I don't think so mate. Gerrard said after mitdyland away that Jones suits an away tie in Europe because hes good at running with the ball and giving the team a break.
  8. Really was! No idea how it was unanimous decision!
  9. Great fight on the now
  10. The bit they show Stewart before the highlights he looks like hes about to start greetin
  11. What did you expect? I guess you wanted to be offended and well done on getting what you want.
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