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  1. Union bears display

    This was theyre banner.
  2. Soooooounness

    honestly. Do tik m8?
  3. This Was As Good As It Gets For Them.

    I have said it in a few topics today but there is deffo some right banging gear goin about today
  4. Pass Marks

    I could not agree more. The 3 *best* signings we made in the summer (alves, dorrans and pena) have in my opinion been pretty terrible.
  5. Pass Marks

    I'm starting to wonder what dorrans actually does. Is he out of position or just plain clueless? Seems like this season's halliday only worse
  6. Pass Marks

    Out of the players who played today, who if anyone deserves a bit of credit?
  7. The pin on Pedro's Jacket

    aye but mines isny sending me into overdrive like yours is
  8. The pin on Pedro's Jacket

    Fuck sake your gear must be good. Do tik m8?
  9. McCrorie

    Best thing to happen to our defence in YEARS
  10. Another stonewall penalty turned down

    As bad as tompson was I dont think you can 100 percent blame him there
  11. Another stonewall penalty turned down

    I agree but from the refs angle it looked like simunovic got a touch of it
  12. Today's scapegoat

    Fuck sake if anyone its hodson Jesus Christ. He didn't do one thing right
  13. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    I agree. Its like what Mccan was like
  14. Betting against Rangers?

    Moral of the story is; don't fuckin gamble.
  15. Betting against Rangers?

    Imagine putting the twigs on to win against us and them winning. Then imagine being happy about that. Rangers is my outlet and my love. Imagine betraying all that for a few quid. Nothing better than a whore imo.