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  1. Dorrans going to see specialist

    That's a big problem. Beyond them.booing Rangers players. Watch the rugby when a Scotland game is on and theyre almost greetin when flower of Scotland is playing
  2. Gus Poyet

    I agree, do not think that we are going to end up with anyone bar McInnes.
  3. Gus Poyet

    Would you take him?
  4. The I'm not a sex pest friday night sash bash

    See when you go so out your way to distance yourself from sex pests, it instantly makes me think you are one
  5. The I'm not a sex pest friday night sash bash

    seen you wae sweaty pits though
  6. Rangers Lookalikes.

    Couldnt have got much better. Thank you 😂
  7. Rangers Lookalikes.

  8. Rangers Lookalikes.

    I would say it's more like that mate
  9. Ticket office pick up

    Smart card. I'm sure no problem at all. They seem to be a lot better over the last two days
  10. Ticket office pick up

    I've been 3 times this week. Once was knocked back for not having the bank card, second gave up after 1 hour wait, third got in within 15 minutes any just told them my name and postcode. Big problem for you is that the TO isnt open on Sunday.
  11. Ticket office queue now

    15 minutes
  12. Ticket office queue now

    The que is half the size it was yesterday
  13. Semi Final Allocation (Rangers vs Motherwell)

    No in mine mate
  14. Semi Final Allocation (Rangers vs Motherwell)

    That's the only warning you get. It doesnt even say in the email.