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  1. Police Scotland have confirmed it wasn't a criminal offence.....Liewell has got to them too no doubt...him and Petrie
  2. They'd lift you despite your protestations about the rank of the charge don't get to explain until you're in Court.
  3. Is it not the 3rd Time this has happened...should close parts of Hampdump
  4. Lawwell stepping down is no surprise given the recent BTC decision. I smell a rhat here....I'm sure he's on side with the Res 12 lunatics and will be going for title stripping. Call my cynical...
  5. Did someone get a paper cut?
  6. Last 5 years have been horrendous. I lost my old man in 2013 then my mum in 2015. I split with my long term girlfriend as she couldn't cope with my moods. Seen Rangers good name dragged through the mud by the taigs and the mhedia. Everyone and their granny putting the boot in. Hopefully things will go from good to better from now on in. Always hope and I believe we can make progress this Season.
  7. I think Murray played the biggest part in all of this. He's culpable in my eyes.
  8. ha ha ha....totally forgot myself! too excited
  9. Half day from work...something to eat in the City Centre with fellow Bears; and a few jars before gazing in awe at the lovely sight of Ibrox at night in our first Euro match for far too long. Nowhere beats the atmosphere at Ibrox anywhere....buzzing is an understatement!
  10. Agreed, defo a 2m player in my eyes. Especially selling to English Clubs,
  11. I genuinely thought all grounds did....I know they had a tatty one somewhere....I thought all public buildings had to....
  12. Generally speaking, Lorraine Herbison runs the show...literally....they're puppets on a string and dance to her tune. They are shit stirrers really...why I don't listen. Tend to find most people bar a few make a tit of themselves on it.
  13. Know a Bear who works Bauer. Said the SSB was too easy a job for McCulloch. He'll be getting more money too.
  14. I'm sure they have to fly the Union Flag?? Don't all grounds?
  15. Agreed. I tend not to get bothered...before my time ....just. concentrate on Rangers achievements.
  16. Killie reached the Semi Final of the Fairs Cup too. Those years were the pinnacle of Scottish football...think Dunfermline were a good side too. Can't see them happening again.
  17. I think the 50th Anniversary should be given the same recognition. Up to the Club to pursue it in a vigorous manner. It was a huge achievement...Rangers were among the elite of Europe. Doubtful if we'll see those heady days of yore.
  18. No, absolutely not. Scottish Football was at it's peak late 60s/early 70s. Rangers took Bayern Munich to extra-time in 1967 in the CWC, then of course the CWC Final in 72...i was 2 right enough. My Granda (Mum's dad) was a Celtic fan and he used to tell me about how good a side Rangers were even in 67 - we finished just 3 points behind them that Season. My old man backs it up totally and to this day still says the CWC is our greatest achievement, the 9 In a Row. From me it's 9 In A Row. I think winning a European Trophy outweighs our 55th Title when it happens.
  19. Clubs have scouting systems anyway so one or two or all of them will be on radars. They'll know the valuations and would be easily found out by anyone. Not rocket science. Garner's days are numbered and looks like a loss on him but that happens in football. Frankly, he's been disappointing for me. Tav's decent on the attack but not a great defender tbh so I'd take the money for him. Not sure if Barrie will stay or go but I'd imagine Pedro will take 2m to bolster his own funds - still think he can do a job for us with the right coaching/formation.
  20. Apparently Pedro is targeting 12 new players. Will take a while for them to bed in but likely that Alves has said yes to coming.
  21. Reallistically we cannot afford De Boer et al. I'm running out of answers as the bheasts are getting stronger. God knows when this will end.
  22. I could not agree more brother. Worst of all, I've got £50 riding on us not finishing 40 points behind them with a guy in work. I never thought I'd see the day. Barton was a car crash and Garner ain't the answer.
  23. More than one in Simple Minds. That's akin to Wet Wet Wet playing at Cellik Park.