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  1. I like it. Championship winning top right there
  2. They can take Davis back instead
  3. Send him a message via Instagram, email, whatever. He seems like a good guy. You never know, worth a try.
  4. MajorWhitey


    Doesn't seem to be any improvement over Herrera.
  5. From HITC, so probably a loada pish. http://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2018/07/18/do-Rangers-flop-kevin-mbabu-now-valued-at-10m-after-winning-hist/
  6. Ojaria looks a unit and semi decent.
  7. Just in from the pub. Everyone was talking about sdm. All had different rumours etc, but Murray was the common denomination in every conversation.
  8. Admin - what's the longest thread we've had on here? At 260 pages the now.
  9. I'm starting to feel this move is a 'make or break' gamble by the board. He is obviously gonna need and want a whack of money to spend before he decides whether to come to us or not. King said there will be funds for the new manager. After the pedro debacle and the money he got, this could go seriously tits up. I fear for our club if that happens again. This is too much of a gamble to be a 'thinking outside of the box' decision. I hope to fuck it goes well, but fuck me, what a journey we've been on and continue to be. WATP
  10. I'd like this to be announced before the taig game on sunday. Give the players a boot up the arse to try and play for and keep their jobs. No doubt it will run into next week though
  11. This gives me the fear. A massive gamble is not what we need at this time. Proper management from top to bottom is required. Gerrard doesn't have the experience or the knowledge of our club and game. I hope this works out, but somehow I think we will be back to the same stage this time next year if not sooner. I'll back him 100% and give him the support and benefit of the doubt. Fingers crossed this is a gamble that pays off :/
  12. Everyone feeling pretty shite just now. No worries brother
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