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  1. RJMcGregor

    F*ck Europe

    I hope so, i'm just not entirely convinced this was the correct approach but will be delighted if i'm wrong
  2. RJMcGregor

    F*ck Europe

    Not directed at me but personally i think Gerrard was a mistake due to lack of experiance (will be more than happy to eat my hat if wrong though) i'm not saying this is who i would go for but somebody along the lines of Big Sam, lots of experiance in managing multiple different teams, might play unattractive football but knows how to get results, thought he would be perfect to bridge most of the gap between us and them before getting another manager to take us that one stage further. That would of been my plan.Not going for a man who was a fantastic player yet has no managerial experiance
  3. RJMcGregor

    24hrs of meltdown

    Disagree, this was our (and is until they sort their shit out) time to heap the pressure on them, they don't seem well suited to it yet we have been giving them breathing space when frankly we should have been putting the boot on their neck
  4. RJMcGregor

    Think We've Been Expecting Too Much Too Soon

    I have been quite nervous that Gerrard would give us a short-term boost due to the name factor, new manager etc before eventually fading off due to lack of managerial experience, frankly it was our time to capitalise while they were and still are in a poor run of form and we haven't done that which is poor. Still, think given the home form we have a chance to get a result against them that might be the mental fresh wind we need.
  5. RJMcGregor

    Are we back to long ball punts.

    Haha possibly, but I just hate this mantra that Hearts has them worked out, aye they do at home, where they have a small as fuck pitch. Frankly for me i see an improvement in defence which is good, but i think our attacking force is weak, Morelos gets injured or stabs some cunt on the pitch and we are fucked
  6. RJMcGregor

    Are we back to long ball punts.

    bear in mind how much easier it is to play a high pressing game when your pitch is rather small like hearts is, we have a larger pitch and so alot harder to play pressing football
  7. RJMcGregor

    Dundee United

    Same always get a lil sense of hope and optimism
  8. RJMcGregor

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Was he no injured like half the season though?
  9. RJMcGregor

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Hahaha belter of a miss but still think he was a good player without alot of potential, i will be happy if he doesn't go back to them
  10. RJMcGregor

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    He is the only signing i would actually be nervous off, is it confirmed he is away to the mighty Huddersfield yet?
  11. RJMcGregor

    Bears with kids

    Xanax or Valium mate that should help 😂
  12. RJMcGregor

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Valid Point! 😂 I truthfully don't follow their transfer news that closely
  13. RJMcGregor

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Obviously, here comes DR7 now 😂will piss myself if they give it to another Loanee
  14. RJMcGregor

    The Negativity On Here

    I can totally understand the negativity given the past few years we have been through. Canny expect people to not be sceptical just because we have won a couple of games, and not hugely convincingly may i add. I do agree though that it becomes "Fashionable" to target certain players e.g Windass