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  1. How are the 8-12 holes going? When I left I mind there was a bit of re-work getting talked about (along with the suggested practice area at the old holes) and some talk re-doing the white tee's
  2. Agreed, really hoping he gets announced shortly, at least there will be something positive to take from today
  3. I feel quite ostracized from the majority of the older membership but from my experience within the youth, it's a much more open and less hostile to the idea of leaving the Union. I genuinely think a huge reason for this is the increasing popularity of atheism (just my opinion though)
  4. I would agree with this sentiment back in the day but can you really see our team being resentful at that? With a knitted scarf like Tav as a captain, fuck no, would just be an embarrassment
  5. A long time ago i would have said yes as with our previous players and managers it would have galvanised them to ensure it doesn't happen again (in the same way our huddle at their shithole has left a mark etched into their memories, and was used as a motivation in the past) but when our captain is fucking Tav i doubt it would galvanise much within them. TLDR - Fuck No
  6. 1) Yeah the boycott obviously makes sense as to why that would impact the number of tops i saw, still though would expect the Turkey tops to make more of an appearance 😂 2) Hahhahaha valid point
  7. I have noticed a general trend in alot of youngsters in general not giving a shit about Scottish Football as a whole. Can't say i have noticed a huge swing from ours to theirs or anything like that in the younger groups, although i feel like i see more of their tops these days, dunno if that's just me though
  8. He's just looking out for his own, leave him be 😂
  9. The horrible scenario we are in where despite them stumbling along the whole time due to our inconsistency we just haven't been able to apply meaningful pressure since December, as you say Kille and St Johnstone fucked us, would have been the perfect time to pile it on with all the chaos going on.
  10. Don't ask then don't get, i actually think the punishments from Kent and Morelos are pretty fair but given the historical cases against us, fuck it, appeal, see what happens
  11. Is it so he can play in the hearts game?
  12. Same prefer no reaction, but if you are going to then bite a fucking eyebrow off in the process, simple binary option
  13. Would have given my left bollock for Kent to just punt him in the face
  14. Couldn't have spent too much time on here then 😂
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