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  1. RJMcGregor

    SPFL delegate snubs Gerrard

    Usually i am not one for conspiracies etc and i am generally of the belief that Scottish Refs ain't biased they are just shite but my position is beginning to waver given the sheer number of incidents against us
  2. RJMcGregor

    SPFL delegate snubs Gerrard

    True would always take the points! Especially if it applies some pressure, just so frustrating as every time we have a chance to pile on the pressure we fuck it
  3. RJMcGregor

    SPFL delegate snubs Gerrard

    If we had won it would of just papered over the fact we struggled to create chances against a bottom of the league team with 10 men, we got what we deserved, hopefully acts as a wake up call but I'm beyond hoping at this point
  4. RJMcGregor

    Tommy Robinson wasn't at the match yesterday.

    Also an Ex BNP member, so probably had some strong racial opinions at the very least at some point
  5. RJMcGregor

    What A Surprise.

    Agreed, although it's infuriating it was never going to be a straight catapult to the top, although i will say this was a good chance to try stick on the pressure
  6. RJMcGregor

    Rule Britannia.....

    I'd maybe go for a tattoo that reflects reality, think we have the 6th or 5th best Navy after the US, Russia, China and Japan, maybe you could get away with Rule Britannia Britannia Rules the North Sea 😂
  7. RJMcGregor

    The job that's been done so far

    Biggest thing for me was the mental impact that will surely have, you could be 3 or 4 nil up under Pedro or Murty and still no be convinced you'd win but today with ten men, i didn't feel we would loose
  8. Not usually one to have a go at the refs but wtf man
  9. RJMcGregor

    Paul Gascoigne

    If there isn't any evidence then no I won't convict somebody, i try not let my prejudices cloud my vision
  10. RJMcGregor

    Paul Gascoigne

    Until the neighbours complained of the smell
  11. RJMcGregor

    Paul Gascoigne

    Ok, btw i am not saying Salmond is innocent just think the same standards should be applied too all, including those of the rotund type
  12. RJMcGregor

    Paul Gascoigne

    I thought innocent until proven guilty no? Did you see Salmond sexually harass or abuse somebody? And if so why aren’t you going to the police about it? Why didn’t you report his behaviour at the time to the police if not at least the media? It’s an obvious double standard that you have, and meeting somebody at an event you work at isn’t the same as knowing them. One of the guys I worked with in Deutsche Bank was lovely, married with kids, a complete gentleman, that was until police found images of children on his computer, genuinely the least suspecting guy. So I don’t think your experiences with Gazza are necessarily reflective of who he is as a person, and that’s without bringing up the obvious issues with mental health and addiction which will likely have been a factor if this charge is true Also nowhere did I state Salmond was a gentleman, I was merely pointing out the hypocrisy with people when they automatically believe one party is innocent because they are on their side. Why not wait until the evidence proves definitively one way or the other.
  13. RJMcGregor

    Paul Gascoigne

    Is that not the same though in any of these cases (hence why we need anonymity) let's be frank those that already dislike Gazza and our club will automatically tar him with the Jury verdict. In the same way, many on here would automatically condemn Salmond in regards to his situation. To me situations like this only emphasize the need for anonymity especially for those with a history of mental health, I can't imagine this whole ordeal is helping his state in any way either. Innocent until proven guilty must prevail
  14. RJMcGregor

    Lee Wallace

    Don't think anybody questions his ability going forward, it's his ability to defend that's in question
  15. RJMcGregor

    Bolt ya rocket!

    That a pun?