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  1. I literally don't even know how to feel, done being raging
  2. Every time this forum updates i think that's them finally announcing that they are shutting shop Stop getting my hopes up
  3. Yeah tbf given the choice was between being coached by a guy talking bout Caravans or going to one of the best youth academies in the world plus having the back up of a private education i think it's understandable why he left (Particuarly given the state we were in at the time)
  4. Eh no ffs man absolute rats, needs to be countered though, club should make a statement or something. Its impressive though that they have managed to out do the sun in terms of Cuntery which is quite an achievement
  5. Bastards trying to monetise the pain and anguish somebody has felt at loosing a friend and colleague. Greed and sensationalism at it's worst again. Cunts. Agree with @STEPPS BOY would be brilliant if SG refused to take questions from the DR until we recieve an apology
  6. Horrible disease, brave man throughout it all, rest in peace Fernando
  7. That was such a shite video but fuck it Yassssssssssss!
  8. A really shite and late tackle on that new austrain guy they have with the birds hair
  9. Exactly that's why it's so frustrating because it's an own goal! Aye sounds like a plan, a debating demonstration, the topic "Are fenians a race" canny wait to see that covered in the media 😂 tbh i actually would enjoy that though
  10. Good luck getting comparable media coverage that argues our case. It's simple, the rules are set (inconsitently applied and this is what we should bang on about) but the fans that continually put the club in this position are the ones to blame
  11. I know that, my point is that even though singing about fenians isn't racist, to the outsider who doesn't know the ins and outs, they will see the headline of Rangers fans singing racists songs and conclude that we were actually singing racist songs. And that's the point the damage is basically done with the accusation yet some fans continually sing songs that repeatedly get us in shit, and we all know theres wolves waiting in the wings to just take a bite out of us at any time
  12. I don't think any of our fans actually think it's racist (if they do i'll say it now, fenian isn't a race) more just that's how it will be percieved by the outside world
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