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  1. With Heart and Hand

    Kris Boyd Testimonial

    I get your point but he didn't make the effort in the big games imo ive heard stories of him saying it was "too hot to play" and choosing to come off at Hampden vs Falkirk, dont know if that's true but wouldnt surprise me. At least Nacho got that wonder goal when he came on for Boyd, one of the best goals ive seen in person
  2. With Heart and Hand

    Rangers charged by uefa

    He should have nipped it till half time
  3. With Heart and Hand

    Matchday Mascots

    is there an age limit? Wouldn't mind being a mascot myself 😂
  4. With Heart and Hand

    Kris Boyd Testimonial

    He was a good player with a bad attitude and didn't exactly seem to give it all when he played for us. That said I wish him all the best and hope he gets a good turnout, its not far from me but doubt ill go
  5. With Heart and Hand

    Big Jock Knew

    Fuck sake either shite or get off the pot son
  6. With Heart and Hand

    Big Jock Knew

    even if it wasnt my child. If I found out some guy i knew and worked with daily was raping children id be for killing the bastard, the fact they thought that sacking him was an appropriate punishment is just sinister. They failed their own youths, they failed the victims, they failed theyre fans, and their fans love them for it and partake in the cover up as to them celtics name is more important than the safety of their children
  7. With Heart and Hand

    Big Jock Knew

  8. With Heart and Hand

    Big Jock Knew

    They do it as long as they can get away with it, especially when they're in a group and bring protected. It's exactly like the Catholic church operates on a smaller levelm It's clear celtic and Jock Stein had little concern for the victims, they only had concern with celtics reputation, that's the reason he "booted him out the door" instead of bringing him to the attention of the police. He didn't care about victims getting justice, he didn't care about preventing other children from being assaulted, he didn't want to deal with the responsibility of exposing a paedophile at his club. He only cared about protecting celtics name and reputation which us nothing short of despicable. Folk say it's point scoring pisses me off. I have a young daughter, I don't think paedophilia is funny in the slightest. Some of our songs like "the time are shagging weans" is in bad taste but it's simply pointing out a fact even if its in vulgar terms. I think the taigs have a cheek to make it out like singing about it and highlighting it is as bad as the act itself, just shows that they are willing to cover it up. Another thing they do is say "aye well yous had pedos at Ibrox too", as far as I know there was possibly one instance of it at Ibrox and that those in charge at Ibrox called the police right away. The tims wishing it had happened at Ibrox and claiming it did is point scoring and shows that they dont think its that big of a deal since instead of showing remorse for the fact it happened at Parkhead they bring up Rangers instead. They think that just cause theyre our bitter rivals and we hate them means that our points dont matter and that were only highlighting it as a dig at them when the reality is that normal people despise paedophiles and want them brought to justice wether its an individual or an entire organization like celtic. The Club, its board and its fans have shown no remorse whatsoever over what happened, they just want everyone to pretend it didn't happen. So until the day they show remorse and are punished then ill continue to highlight it.
  9. im not "legal minded" but imo there should be more coverage of Torbett and celtic since Torbett etc have actually been found guilty. I don't think Saville was actually convicted of anything even if there is no doubt about him being a wrong yin especially since he was a celtic man
  10. With Heart and Hand

    Big Jock Knew

    Shows the mentality of the paedophile sympathisers when they say "I heard he literally booted him out the door" like that makes it any better If a man raped your child do you think an appropriate punishment would be to lose their job and get a boot up the arse and for them be allowed to move on and continue raping other children? I don't fucking think so. So put that shite to bed cause folk saying that sound like pedo taigs Jock Stein and celtic FC harboured paedophiles and covered up the rape of children. It's unforgivable and should be highlighted until the people involved and the club itself are punished. Folk who call it point scoring, especially Rangers fans, want to take a look at themselves and stop pandering to their taig pals and the taig party line, to say we shouldnt discuss it means you are playing part in the cover up. The taigs want us to be quiet so they can continue to delude themselves into thinking they have the moral high ground. They are child molesting scum and should be exposed and any bear telling us to shoosh should take a fuck to themselves and stop acting like a taig
  11. With Heart and Hand

    Big Jock Knew

    Glasgow celtic paedophiles ooooohhhh
  12. With Heart and Hand

    Flanagan cost us that game

    we took the game to them until we scored then sat back until they scored, we never looked like playing for the win, we sat back after every goal and that is what cost us the game, I don't see how folk can't see that the manager said before the game he expected more aggression from them but certainly didn't show it with his tactics they won cause they got two goals in a short period but they should never have equalised to begin with but we let them
  13. With Heart and Hand

    Gerarrds Fault

    that's just silly
  14. With Heart and Hand

    Gerarrds Fault

    he's lucky that we've done well so far in Europe but was caught out tonite
  15. With Heart and Hand

    Gerarrds Fault

    I fail to see what's funny about our managers failings