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  1. This Forum Right Now

    I'm not trying to polish the turd that was tonight's performance. But Rangers fans tend to be dramatic and see things in black and white, we haven't played decent football with any consistency for a decade now, and we probably won't again until serious money comes into Scottish football. Tonight was pish but I'm sick of fans jumping from one side of the fence to the other from one game to the next either you back Murty or you don't either you support the boards decision or you don't etc rtf I'm disappointed but my position is the same, id give Murty the job till end of season and 2 million to spend in January. But that's simply due to the fact I don't think this board is capable of appointing anyone better and they would just fuck it again and this time next year we'd be in the exact same place as we are now most fans have written off any chance of winning the league so we're as well taking our time to find the right man for the job whilst letting Murty get the experience which would only help our youth squad imo But this constant back and forth "told ye so" pish is getting old
  2. Murty and these December games

    no we should wait till just before the fans are about to implode then demote/sack Murty and appoint Mark Allen as interim manager, that way the board can take another few months to fuck about with their fingers crossed on one hand and the thumb of the other shoved up their arse
  3. Murty and these December games

    we should sack Murty and put the under 16s coach in
  4. This Forum Right Now

    I don't know what that means mate ah I get you now. my two wheeled auntie is offended
  5. This Forum Right Now

  6. This Forum Right Now

    If ma auntie had two wheels shed be a bike
  7. This Forum Right Now

  8. *Official Rangers v St Johnstone Match Thread*

    post it
  9. *Official Rangers v St Johnstone Match Thread*

    link anyone?
  10. If, buts and maybe...

    were in a great position at the moment and hopefully will be in an even better one going into the new year stop worry about what didn't happen and think about what could happen! we got beat by Hamilton but that's football, we shouldn't dwell in it and instead get to backing the team into 33 points today
  11. When Halliday comes back

    he wouldn't even be on our books if he didn't support us he had his chance, we should get rid of him
  12. Jason

    I hope he remains a constant and good player without attracting too much attention cause I never want to see him leave
  13. Would you take winning the league....

    they are child rapists and no European trophies will erase that fact so fuck them couldn't care less if they win the Europa all I care about is us winning the league
  14. Would you take winning the league....

    so you hate celtic more than you care about seeing Rangers win? well at least you admit it
  15. Would you take winning the league....

    Definitely winning the league means we win it and they don't couldn't care less how they do in Europe anyone who would put celtic failing before Rangers winning needs to take a look at themself