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  1. Season Ticket Waiting List

    i heard it was 3000 for the main stand alone
  2. Scummy piece of filth Davie Cooper song

    hes a wee fanny and id love to punch his cunts in but i sing songs as bad as that. I hate them and they hate us, thats the way it is. Only mongos film it for social media likes tho
  3. Beggars Allocation Cut

  4. Beggars Allocation Cut

    im kinda on the fence here glad the board have said fuck you to the vermin, and as i sit in BF I hate those cunts taking my seat but there will be thousands of folk who back this who will be moaning when were challenging for the league and playing them away and cant get tickets and well have to hear all the sob stories tenfold
  5. Beggars Allocation Cut

    if anything this means there will be less Protestant children at Parkhead which can only be a good thing
  6. My wee boy knows the score

    OPs weans a successful lurker
  7. For The Dynamo They Scored Two Goals

  8. Darfur

    Fuck up you racist taig nutcase
  9. sfa bigot exposed

    Yeah he basically says "i go to celtic park because i dont support Rangers" which sums most of them up perfectly, its not their love for celtic its their hatred of Rangers that drives them
  10. sfa bigot exposed

    they invented the Poznan tho
  11. How do you get to Ibrox on match day?

    Hovercraft. Only way to travel
  12. Darfur

    I think Mark Walters might have pumped his maw 30 years ago
  13. The Worst Rangers Teams In History 2016-2018.

    yes this is certainly the worst in my life ( im 29) and probably ever. Folk talk about the Greig years etc but football is different now. with the money and facilities we have compared to our opposition we are fucking woeful and i cant imagine the Greig years were worse. Weve been humped of the likes of Alloa and Raith Rovers numerous times over the past few years ffs
  14. Pressure from taigs

    Our board would probably prefer no one mentions celtics pedo coverup incase their pals at the pigerry get offended by it