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  1. With Heart and Hand

    50,817 Capacity?

    does it really matter? Why are folk so obsessed with our stadium capacity and attendance figures?
  2. With Heart and Hand

    Single adults attending with children

    ive taken my 7 year old a few times, she was bored most the time but it was in the 2nd division, take them and buy them scarfs and things to make it exciting then wait till they ask to go again rather than making them go every week and them getting bored with it
  3. With Heart and Hand

    Single adults attending with children

    take one then get him really into it which will make the others want to go too
  4. With Heart and Hand

    Gerrard on fans' reaction to Windass substitution

    i dont hate Windass or think hes as bad as some others think i just think hes not great and has a bad attitude and im sick of hearing about him. Wish wed just got rid of him as he'll just become a point of contention, i think hes more likely to become a whipping boy rather than a great player. if 3 managers have to come out and defend him due to his attitude problem then maybe its time to cut our losses as hes just becoming a distraction
  5. With Heart and Hand


    The birdie was loyal the birdie was true its feathers were sprinkled with red white and blue it flew over a fenian and shat on his head and that taig was the poster that started this thread
  6. With Heart and Hand


    they spelled sevco wrong?
  7. With Heart and Hand

    14 Minutes

    i thought the crowd got right behind the team some are just looking for reasons to be nagative
  8. With Heart and Hand

    First proper game but...

    Fuck sake, here we go
  9. With Heart and Hand

    Its Coming Home

    cannae wait man.
  10. With Heart and Hand

    Its Coming Home

  11. With Heart and Hand

    England related thread

  12. With Heart and Hand

    England related thread

    supporting England doesnt mean you abandon Scotland unless you use the same logic as the fenians do theyre all scottish as fuck during the WC then go back to waving their foreign flags. Its Coming Home
  13. With Heart and Hand

    England related thread

    this years world cup just highlights how pathetic our country is ive literally been called a bad scot for supporting England would any of us travel to another country when the taigs are in europe to support their opposition? i doubt it, but i know 2 Scots who did that in this world cup this anyone but england patter is just cringeworthy, its basically admitting that we're pish and will never get in the WC so we have to resort to hoping another team gets beat because were bitter. Just makes me want to never support Scotland cause i wouldnt want to be lumped in with those tartan tranny wanks if there are diddy teams in football then Scotland is a diddy country Its Coming Home and fuck the jacobites.
  14. With Heart and Hand

    Show Rodgers The Red Card - A Grubb Like No Other

    our support is a joke, with friends like some in here who needs enemies? From the literary critics moaning about the writing style, to the taig pandering wanks who act like any defence of the Rangers support could be deemed offensive, take a fuck to yourselves Too many of our fans believe the taig and media rhetoric that we are the bad guys, they think us saying BJK or mentioning the fact their Club is a paedophile ring is offensive, theres too many fucking left wing wanks on here who support us but probably share political views with the tarriers. Gives me the boak man. VBs could write an article about literally anything and folk would act all offended and moan about it. Just dont bother clicking the link and stick to reading the Daily Record and the celtic view, since pro PUL and pro Rangers articles are clearly too offensive for you to read.
  15. With Heart and Hand

    54 Titles ye know

    was either that or get cushy to delete the thread