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  1. Nearly everyone who wants a standing seat will likely be able to get one unless something like 10,000 want one but it'll probably be around 5,000 Which leaves plenty of room for UBs and the rest It's blatantly obvious that you have an issue with the UBs but are pretending it's about something else
  2. The terraces were obviously unsafe and shouldn't be put back but Safe Standing rail seats are completely different I think it's a by out of order to imply that this disgraces the memory of our lost Brothers, not that you're implying this but some have
  3. He's all over the place, posts reasons why SS shouldn't go ahead while saying he fully backs it. He just has a superiority complex and thinks he's more important than he really is
  4. If my Dad was online acting the way you do id probably turn Emo
  5. No one's dictating anything. Just fuck off mate you've already completely embarrassed yourself in this thread and you're coming across as desperate now
  6. That's exactly what the campaign you've spend all morning arguing about is proposing. Sad act
  7. Not illegal just petty and pathetic
  8. You won't have a choice do you think you'll be given a choice of who gets your seat? you seem to petty about this, you also seek to think you matter a lot more than you actually do, it's just sad
  9. Because most people apart from you can see the benefit of it. It cant be done either side if enclosure as it would restrict views for others
  10. Plenty will and the rest will move without going in a wee huff and trying to fight folk, most will see this will benefit the fanbase as a whole and don't only care about themselves
  11. We will and you'll probably be greetin again
  12. You're basing this on nothing, the majority of Bears who have voiced an opinion say they want it in CF. You saying "no chance" won't change that as you'll have no real say in the matter.
  13. They'll more than likely vote for it to be in CF rather than anywhere else
  14. He's gonnae get Brian Lamont tae slash us
  15. I bet he's wrote his name on his seat with a bookie pen