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  1. Rangers related picture thread

    pretty soon it will just be the bloopers with Bill Stuth blinking when the flash went off and BP9s pics of Ally from outside his bedroom window
  2. A Wee Spot In Europe ! Glesga Lyrics !

    Capiche? Fucking Roman bastard!
  3. 9 in a Row.

    I get your point here but I never supported Rangers because we were the most successful club, I wasn't even aware of that fact until I was older I support them because my Dad supported them and took me to Ibrox and spent time with me and raised me to support them, if we'd never won anything id still be a Bear. At the end of the day for most of us Rangers is about family and friends and feeling like youre a part of something it sounds cheesy and I'm sure I've said it before but I've moved about my whole childhood, went to 10 different schools in different countries and towns, but every year my Dad would bring us home to visit and take us to Ibrox and buy us the strips and every year my family would send me Rangers stuff at Christmas, my gran used to send me the Beano every week then started sending me the Beano and Rangers News. Rangers is one of the only things ive ever really felt I was part of and belonged to because it was always there. When we lived in the states we'd get up at 6 in the morning to see the games. It's about family and tradition much more than it's about titles and victories. I love listening to people talk about Rangers, especially the older bears, and most of the times the best stories are just about the times that were had and not about the trophies won You're right in what you say, but there's another side that matters more and there will still be plenty young bears who will be able to say that theyd stand by Rangers thru thick and thin and they will mean it wholeheartedly
  4. A Wee Spot In Europe ! Glesga Lyrics !

    don't dare try to butcher a classic loyalist song Never Never banning material
  5. Best Summer Signing

    fuck up, jinx
  6. Best Summer Signing

    Jack. El Buffalo a close 2nd
  7. *****Q1 Progrès Niederkorn Q2 AEL Limassol*****

    that's what folk said to your maw when she was pregnant with you
  8. *****Q1 Progrès Niederkorn Q2 AEL Limassol*****

    aye well yer no so shut it
  9. Rangers related picture thread

    fucking Rupert the taig more like
  10. Rangers related picture thread

    80 Years ago. Stoke presenting the Loving Cup to Rangers
  11. Your first experience of Hampden

  12. Your first experience of Hampden

    another time my Dad was away on business and my Maw decided to take his ticker for some reason started moaning when I joined in with UDR4 being sung "now I know why Dad doesn't take you to games maw" she's not been to a game since, that was her first game in years, my Dad used to take her every now and then to a game, until he took her and Terry Butcher broke his leg and he never took her back
  13. Your first experience of Hampden

    Shite Asked my Dad to take me to Scotland vs Lithuania bored out my skull, "why is no one singing Follow Follow Dad?" "cause it's a Scotland game, most of these folk are fuckin tarriers" "can we leave?" "aye"
  14. Quick question

    to be fair to @Redwhiteandblue he often gets a ripping on here and takes it in good stride Herp derp mate, herp derp
  15. Quick question

    Considering we've only played St Johnstone a couple times in our 5 year history it shouldn't be difficult to figure out what game it was