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  1. dive of a place, I used to think Glasgow was bad for beggars and junkies but Leeds is absolutely crawling with them
  2. aye Let's start acting like the taigs and pretend the only reason we got beat is cause the refs load of pish. Our manager is shite and our players dont give a fuck that's why we are where we are. We havent improved that much and folk saying we have are just spouting the same pish Warburton patter If this was anyone other than the celebrity Gerrard hed be taking some severe criticism. I don't want him sacked but he has cost us the league and the cups with a much higher budget than almost every other manager so stop this bullshit. He deserves criticism. You'd think we were fans of some diddy team the way some go on and try to polish jobbies
  3. Folk would rather we get pumped with a celebrity manager and pretend it's all going great than admit Gerrard doesn't have a clue and that we haven't improved as much as folk are saying we are
  4. our support used our own children as barricades to stop the polis getting into Hampden but noele folk are worried about some broken seats? Calm doon
  5. yup we should have taken advantage. The tarriers will to for it with full force next season, they'll not care about the cups or even Europe, all they will focus on us getting 9IAR and then 10 As you say, we've blown a huge opportunity and we've only ourselves to blame because compared with previous seasons the tims were there for the taking this season but we couldnt rise to the occasion
  6. first you said it was never going to be our season then you say the hope of what we could have done (and have so far failed to do) has killed you. Which is it? Are you going to hope for the best next season and if we don't succeed then turn around and say "oh it wasn't meant to be" if we fail We did have a chance at the league and we blew it, and of story. You can make all the excuses under the sun about inexperienced managers and the European run etc but at the end of the day if we hadn't thrown away points to teams like St Johnstone wed still be challenging for the league. We simply cannot play with any consistency and that's down to bad management
  7. what's this pish that keeps getting repeated about us never having a chance this season? we absolutely skelped the taigs at Ibrox. We are perfectly capable of winning the league if we'd actually played with any level of consistency, we blew our chance at the league this year due to major tactical errors against diddy teams and the blame for that lies on the manager. I dont want him sacked or anything like that but all this staying blindly loyal pish will get us nowhere. Some people want to get the name Steven Gerrard out of their heads and start seeing him as the Rangers manager who at this point is failing at his job. Too many fans are crossing their fingers and burying their heads in the sand hoping it will all come together in the end cause we all know that's not how it works
  8. Are we to just accept mediocre performances for the rest of the season because we're "laying down the markers"? This is beginning to sound like Mobray did at the pigerry, are we to just take it on the chin and look at the bigger picture as he used to say? I'd be more optimistic if our manager seemed capable of identifying our errors, if we get an early goal we build on it and end up hammering teams, but when it's doesn't go right for us we start resorting to punts up the park, Gerrard doesn't know how to chance a game, and yes hes inexperienced etc etc but at the end of the day he's the Rangers manager and there are no excuses. I don't know if we need another experienced coach in with Gerrard or what but until the manager is capable of identifying these issues then well continue to drop points and its too late now to change things again. I think the league is done and dusted, I want to see serious improvements from the manager in the upcoming months because next season is going to be the most important season in Rangers history. They can't be allowed to win 9IAR and very few of our players seem capable of understanding how much this next season means for the Club and the fans
  9. pity none of them showed that in the first half. it's good to see that they hate the sheep but id rather see us beat them on the park and then gloat
  10. Jack was Aberdeens best player yesterday
  11. It's an issue that's simply not up for discussion. If you even mention the apartheid schooling then you're labelled a bigot. The issue will never be brought to the table.
  12. I've no time for sectarian songs. You cannae drink while singing.
  13. I'm not offended at the Morelos banner, but i am at the double standards in this country some fans unfurled a banner with Tommy Robinson's name on it and it was deemed racist, where are show racism the red card or any other group when Morelos is targeted for abuse. If groups of fans targeted any other foreigner with banners in their language it would be deemed racist. It seems everyone in this country is desperate to be offended on everyone else's behalf unless they are associated with Rangers FC, where are all the social justice warriors now?
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