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  1. With Heart and Hand

    Vote Wisely Bears

    If every person who wants to remain in the Union voted for the Unionist party, the Conservatives, then there wouldn't be a problem because the majority of this country want to remain in the UK. Maybe the Labour voters should grit their teeth and vote for the party that really cares about maintaining the Union, instead of suggesting that Conservatives vote "tactically" to save the Union by voting for a party whos leader clearly doesnt care about maintaining the Union and cares more about pandering to people who hate the UK and all it stands for. Voting for Labour might harm the SNP but it gives them control and they'll probably hold onto it for years and having a left wing party running Scotland at this time whether it's SNP or Labour is not a good thing. If Labour voters really care about the Union then they should vote for the party who cares about it. I don't agree with tactical voting because it gives the left complete control which will eventually lead to Scottish independence further down the road. Vote conservative and let the nationalist scum tactically vote. The majority of this country want to remain in the UK so why should we vote for a party who has ties to the IRA and Hamas?
  2. With Heart and Hand

    Vote Wisely Bears

    that was 4 years ago, theyre now lead by a terrorist loving scumbag who would love to see the Union destroyed. A vote for them is a vote for him and a vote that will move us closer to Scottish separation and a united Ireland. Theyre scum and taig scum at that.
  3. With Heart and Hand

    Vote Wisely Bears

    Until they oust their IRA loving Britain hating leader theyre scum as far as I'm concerned
  4. With Heart and Hand

    Vote Wisely Bears

    a vote for Labour or SNP is a vote for IRA sympathizing scum. Conservative is the only true Unionist Loyalist vote, the rest are vermin and so are those who vote for them
  5. With Heart and Hand

    Vote Wisely Bears

    If you vote SNP youre no Rangers man.
  6. With Heart and Hand

    Rangers engraved whisky glasses

    might be easier just getting a glass engraved yourself mate i dont think it's expensive
  7. With Heart and Hand

    New York RSC

    Come on Seaaaaatle! if youtube had Oscars that would have won them all
  8. With Heart and Hand

    New York RSC

    Let's go de-fence! Let's go de-fence! America cannot be beaten for atmosphere at sporting events
  9. With Heart and Hand


    What a load of arse water. He thinks his followers button up the back, asking for money for reading the paper 😂
  10. With Heart and Hand

    ED, a face to the name

    RIP Ed, a true Bear
  11. With Heart and Hand

    CLUB 1872 statement on the fanzone

    are these the same cunts who were moaning a few weeks ago saying they've been unfairly targeted for abuse and basically said it was nothing to do with them?
  12. With Heart and Hand

    Gascoigne Bites Back

    The SFA are doing a great job of exposing themselves as the bitter corrupt cunts that they are. Glad to see that Gazza knows they do not reflect the views of the Rangers support and indeed the vast majority of football fans in Scotland who understand and appreciate the impact he had on Scottish Football even if they hated the fact he played for us. He is a legend whether the SFA want to acknowledge it or not. All the bitter cunts have done is put Gazza back in the public eye and reminded all of us Bears and the rest of Britain of how great he was and how much we loved his time at Rangers and what a sheer talent he was with the ball. No Surrender Gazza
  13. With Heart and Hand

    The "h*ns"

    I'm sure he's just joking but I've heard a fair share of Bears call themselves H*** over the years
  14. With Heart and Hand

    The "h*ns"

    Yup, it got turned around after WW2, we had an amazing PR team at the time who didn't want the public to know that Rangers FC was actually an integral part of the 3rd Reich and started a media campaign to show us as being loyalist and British the taigs who call us H*** are the ones that have a good memory
  15. With Heart and Hand

    Hullo Hullo.

    Haven't heard this song? Hello Hello? Is it about us being a new club?