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  1. Game Postponed

    posted in official thread but thot i should start a new one for visibility incase anyones about to head up and not saw yet
  2. Follow Follow alarm clock

    i used to have the same one, the music was loud as fuck and would scare the shit out me every morning ive got a similar one but its broke and 2 of the players are missing
  3. Do you want the OBFA repealed ?

    of course, its draconian fuck the coppers and the SNPIRA
  4. Barry Ferguson on Naisthmith

    every true bear will boo the wee rat cunt every time he gets the ball let the wee cunt know what we think of him
  5. Barry Ferguson on Naisthmith

    Fuck the wee Ned hope he is never employed by Rangers in any capacity. Self serving prick
  6. we took nearly a quarter of a million people to Manchester, that will never be equalled
  7. we arent going to sell 8,000 more season tickets so all that is just drivel and even if we did increase capacity it would cost millions and would take a while to recuperate, years probably
  8. a few thousand extra seats isnt going to make much of a difference imo
  9. MSPs recommend repeal of OBFA

    this. gives the polis too much power tp dictate whats offensive a polis could decide its offensive to sing Mary Had a Little Lamb and put you in the cells all weekend for it, add the fact the courts will always side with tge polis
  10. the prodigal son returns
  11. none of what you've posted has anything to do with stadium capacity 😂😂
  12. no hes right, we should increase capacity to maybe 300,000 and make a killing
  13. Safe standing

    there would be 2 sections singing different songs the whole game
  14. Safe standing

    @Copland bear agrees