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  1. The defence rests.

    i dont see any cuddles there ya gimp and even if there were at least they could beat them then shake their hands once again, just fuck off
  2. The defence rests.

    aye ye are fuck "embracing" and sympathizing with they scum, and fuck golfing with them and drinking with them any player or manager who wants to be their pals can fuck off, it was great when ally was golfing with lennon and greeting at tommys funeral. fuck them and any Rangers man who wants to play for the media and be pals with the scum Rangers players shouldnt drink with or make friends with any celtic player or taig, they are the enemy and our players should hate them not want to drink or golf with them
  3. Morelos warm up today.

    Morelos is a diddy and we should have sold him to the chinks cause we'll never get an offer like that again cause hes shite
  4. Substitutions Again

  5. The defence rests.

    theyre the taigs pals fuck every Rangers player who has fucking cuddles with them paedophile harbouring scum rats
  6. The defence rests.

    just fuck off mate fuck off
  7. A reality check....

    theyre miles ahead of us, they proved it last week if its a game like the previous league game they can play with us, if they nees to win they can walk all over us, they're miles ahead of us in every capacity
  8. Union bears

    well said UBs other shite bag supporters groups take heid and follow instead of hiding behind your false messiahs. show the same courage and initiative the young ones have showed today, theyve made their statement and its been heard by everyone in attendance today, time for the others to speak up
  9. Judas

    anyone who suggests it can take a fuck to themselves hes shite and hes a judas scumbag rat bastard fuck the pair of them hope they receive career ending injurys
  10. The defence rests.

    fuck Alves
  11. The defence rests.

  12. Holt

    the one player ive consistently liked since like 2011
  13. Union bears

    you cant ignore the change in atmosphere if youre there. If tbey continue to ignore this they should be taken to task because its obvious
  14. Union bears

    aye its a weird atmopshere, cant deny the part they play in creating an atmosphere, would prefer a vocal protest but thats upto them something has to change ajd i applaud them for showing some initiative
  15. Alves

    we didnt play last week?