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  1. With Heart and Hand

    ***The Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Thread***

    Gerrard needs to wake up
  2. With Heart and Hand

    ***The Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Thread***

    was clear after his first screw up hed be useless for the rest of the game but he's our managers boy so he stays on as good as a man short
  3. With Heart and Hand

    Nice to bid £8million for morelos

    as it should be, if we can find someone like Morelos for a good price we can do it again, wouldn't like to see him leave but offers over 8 million need to be considered, hopefully hes here at least till summer tho
  4. With Heart and Hand

    Donald Findlay is a bawbag

    Perhaps but I doubt it as a lawyer he'll probably believe that everyone deserves a defence. He's defended murderers and gangster Anyway it was the prosecution that screwed up which let him get away with it
  5. With Heart and Hand

    ***Official Rangers vs HJK Helsinki Thread***

    are our fans booing the Helsinki players when they go off or does it just sound like that on telly?
  6. With Heart and Hand

    Jermain Defoe Putting Hearts To The Sword.

    The watery farts
  7. With Heart and Hand

    Lennon Joins SFA

    a man guilty of assaulting women, spitting on fans as a player, bringing the game into disrepute every time his team loses This country is an embarrassment
  8. With Heart and Hand

    I Spy Another Excuse

    would be nice if they were armed drones
  9. With Heart and Hand

    My Favourite Dick Pic

    was gonnae say he'll be annoyed at this post but he won't see it as he'll be unable to scroll past that Whittaker pic
  10. With Heart and Hand

    Domain issues

    they'll come crawling back once RM is back to its former glory and members will act like tbey never abandoned us in the first place
  11. With Heart and Hand

    Jakey Tims abusing Alfie at hotel

    someone teach Afredo the "who shags all the boys chant"
  12. With Heart and Hand

    Return always on mind after painful exit - Davis

    no one complained at folk calling them rats or traitors until we decided to sign them again
  13. With Heart and Hand

    What was it like to go through 9/10 seasons of not winning the League?

    i can't imagine it being worse than us going down to the 3rd division then getting pumped by teams like Alloa, we had to watch the scum win league afyer league while we could do nothing to stop it
  14. With Heart and Hand

    Reflection on the Warburton era

    he was all talk and no action, then disgraced himself by trying to sneak out the door fuck him and fuck Davie weir n awl