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  1. you don't have to agree with him dont get me wrong I'm not telling you what you should write or think and I like the majority of your articles, but it almost seems that journalists aren't allowed to highlight bigotry at celtic unless Rangers are also mentioned.
  2. He was spitting the dummy out at deflecting away from his team's defeat in typical tarrier fashion We sang the famine song for nearly a year. it didn't get mentioned until we pumped them 4-2 at the Pedodome
  3. You see articles mentioning sectarianism in the old firm, you see articles mentioning sectarianism at Rangers... When did you last see an article about sectarianism at celtic that didn't mention Rangers? It's as though theyre behaviour is excused because its just a retalliation to attacks from us. As if celtic would be the greatest fanbase with no issues whatsoever if Rangers had just died This nation is a fenian hovel
  4. I suppose this is an ok article but with too much pandering to the other side, it should have been more about highlighting the double standards than saying "yes were bad but theyre bad too" I can't remember hearing any songs about terrorists at Ibrox since my first game in 1992 I can't remember seeing Rangers fans hanging any effigies at Ibrox I've never seen a banner from the Union Bears containing anti Catholic slurs celtic get away with this shit week after week, yet we are the bad guys. I'd rather every single fan in Ibrox called Clarke a fenian than listen to the pandering shite about how we need to stop our bad behaviour. We sing some songs, some of them use slurs that are political but interpreted as sectarian, that's the worst thing we've done in years. To compare that to everything theyve done is just pandering pish.
  5. With Heart and Hand

    Jakey Clark outburst

    He should have said nothing at all, it's not his job to highlight our issues it's his job to defend us
  6. With Heart and Hand


    They're just a bunch of social justice warriors claiming to be about equality but really theyre just an anti PUL organisation. Where are they when the taigs chant about Orange Bastards which is specifically an anti protestant phrase? Where are they when war memorials are vandalised? Where are they when priests and celtic employees are raping children? Nowhere to be seen, until Rangers are to blame. I have little to no national pride in Scotland, this country is a shitehole of anti PUL hatred. The sooner these people are removed from positions of power the better all people in Scotland will be. All they do is add fuel to to the fire of sectarianism
  7. With Heart and Hand


    I'm out the loop here what are you referring to?
  8. With Heart and Hand

    Your mission Stevie G should you choose to accept it

    The league is over, were not going to claw back these points. Hopefully he starts recognising where we're failing in the pitch and starts making plans to improve. The taigs are going to go full hog next season and if we want to stop them then we need to start planning now. I have serious doubts about the managers ability to stop them next season but if we get the financial backing in the transfer window and make the right improvements it can be done. It should have been done this season but yet again we continue to drop points against diddys which has cost us the league. we can't afford to do that next season
  9. With Heart and Hand

    Jakey Clark outburst

    our board are spineless. The fenian bastard has been giving us digs all season and we are the ones apologising. At least someone's taken the reins from Neil Lennon to stoke the flames of hatred towards all associated with Rangers in Scotland. He deserves all the abuse he gets the bitter alcoholic tramp
  10. With Heart and Hand

    Steven Gerrard

    yeah I've watched a few u17s games and theyre looking good, hopefully we can manage to keep a hold of the majority of them
  11. With Heart and Hand

    Steven Gerrard

    I'm not sure any manager can but if 10IAR is going to happen then we should be building for the future and I don't think Gerrard is the man to do that
  12. With Heart and Hand

    Satisfying and Fulfilling Expectations

    we are by no means expecting to much. our problem is were not good enough yet still accept it because our manager is famous we are one of the biggest Clubs in the world and richer than nearly every club in Scotland, we should be expecting a lot more than were getting
  13. With Heart and Hand

    Steven Gerrard

    when it comes to Tav I can't make my mind up, I think his crossing is woeful but he is good at moving the ball forward, his problem is hes meant to be a defender and he's not very good at it, if he was told to move forward and someone came into fill his defensive position when he was up front it might work but him running from one end of the pitch to the other the whole game doesn't work,
  14. With Heart and Hand

    Steven Gerrard

    I'll give him.another transfer window but I'm unimpressed. He cant spot even basic problems. His signings have been underwhelming Folk can bleat all they like about how much we've improved but we haven't improved enough and its just the same patter folk spouted when Warburton was in charge. Fact is its not good enough and the only reason Gerrard is getting so much credit is because his name and nothing more. I'd rather have a manger id never heard of who can do the job than have some celebrity manager that doesn't cut it. Too many folk care that he's a big name and don't seem to care that he's not good enough. Stopping 9IAR is as important as stopping 10, the taigs will go all for it next season, if were not ahead by January then he can go cause hes just not a good enough manager to stop them winning 10IAR, he's blown our chance at the league 3 times now with his woeful tactics and inability to recognise where were failing on the park
  15. With Heart and Hand


    No mark club with no mark fans who are desperate to be named as our rivals even though theyll never be our rivals