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  1. With Heart and Hand

    Rangers memorabilia collections

    got some badges and pennants etc, also got loads of scarfs from european games, used to have dozens of Rangers and loyalist flags but have either lost or given away the majority of them
  2. With Heart and Hand

    Just because I hate Dundee United

  3. With Heart and Hand

    RM Nickname XI

    you should have to be over 18 or at least the mental age of 18 before being allowed to post on here
  4. With Heart and Hand

    Osijek Away

    cheers for the quick response 👍
  5. With Heart and Hand

    Osijek Away

    anyone know what channel this is on?
  6. With Heart and Hand

    RSC's - Our Lifeblood ?

    great article Dart i had no idea that RSCs existed before buses were a thing. Had never heard of Brake Clubs. Hopefully RSCs are something that exists as long as the club does, id hate to see the tradition die out although i cant see that happening anyway any time soon untill i was 16 and we moved to Largs id never been a member of a Club or travelled by Rangers bus to the games, wouldn't have it any other way now. Its definitely the best way to travel to games. My bus is really tame compared to other buses tho, really strict with drink and moaning about singing etc, but still a great bus and Club, would love to do an away trip on one of the mental buses we always pass where its clear that drinking and partying on the bus isnt an issue
  7. With Heart and Hand

    New RSC Categories.

    mine will remain A+
  8. hes defo bringing some crabs home with him
  9. With Heart and Hand

    Well done Alfredo

    i dont believe the £8million figure, id sell him for 4 million and be greatful for it. The way hes playing now hes not even worth that
  10. With Heart and Hand

    Well done Alfredo

    bit of an exaggeration from OP but the fact is he is woeful at the moment, theres only so long that folk can spout the whole "he just needs to get his confidence back" or "hes just a young boy" patter before it gets old and is detrimental to our progress fact is he is young but hes not young for a footballer and if he cant gain confidence then he needs to be dropped he was good when he first came but his talent has been highly exaggerated. I honestly think knocking back an offer from that chinese mob was a huge mistake from what ive seen hes a decent striker at best, probably closer to average. And he literally misses more sitters than anything else. i get that fans like him and i like him too but the fact is if he cant produce the goods then hes worth nothing to us the frightening thing is he is probably the best we have at the moment. We need to sign a decent striker by the start of the season because if Morelos is the best we have then we have no chance of scoring the vital goals in vital games we'll need to win the league
  11. With Heart and Hand

    Allan McGregor

    hes twice the keeper Wes is but hes still a cunt
  12. With Heart and Hand

    Gers in Skopje

    looka great on the telly the now
  13. With Heart and Hand

    Gers in Skopje

    A Proud History is fantastic with the crowd singing in the background anyone got the bluenotes version of No1 Platoon? my favourite rendition of the song and i cant find it anywhere
  14. With Heart and Hand


    im of a similar opinion but will wait and see. if this fails they should be hung drawn and quartered never mind sacked