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  1. With Heart and Hand

    Battle of Arnhem

    They are brought up to love their country and history, many Scots are raised to hate ours. I Imo cunts that disrespect our armed forces shouldn't be allowed to use the rights and privileges our soldiers fought for.
  2. With Heart and Hand

    If you could pick a greatest ever Ranger

    hed know when to make a run but would just walk it into the net instead
  3. With Heart and Hand


    dont under sell yourself mate that was a fascinating post, youre far more interesting than you give yourself for
  4. With Heart and Hand


    hes going...to run out of drink sharpish
  5. With Heart and Hand

    Strange shirt last night

    i noticed it right away
  6. With Heart and Hand

    Strange shirt last night

    some folk on here seem to think that as long aa Rangers have won or done well in their most recent game then everyone should act like everythings perfect in the world and to mention anything not being perfect just means youre petty. Like they think i makes them staunch to ignore any issues and pretend it doesnt matter. This situation with the shirts makes us look like amateurs, from shirts not matching to having crap looking logos etc, then add the fact were months into the season without a kit for sale yet and folk are cutting about in fake tops from Turkey and Benidorm etc, its a fucking brass neck that makes us look like a pub team
  7. all the nationalist taig scum wishing they were gonnae still be in Europe like us. Fuck the nationalist vermin and God Bless the Quintessential Britsh Club
  8. With Heart and Hand

    Rapid 2 Spartak 0

    and his people
  9. With Heart and Hand

    Ally telling Gerrard were he was going wrong at 1-0

    we could have done with a few random punts up the park
  10. With Heart and Hand


    some buzz they must have! Jealousy is ripping out me. No Surrender
  11. With Heart and Hand

    They really are obsessed

    i dont want to step on anyone's toes but is FSM out the picture yet or have you two been too busy tongue punching each other's dirt boxes into a pulp to deal with him?
  12. With Heart and Hand

    Tops Now Available To Buy - Purchase Online

    im pishing myself at this thread, i got my orange and white tops in Benidorm last week. Will welcome yous pikeys to the Club on the 20th tho, all for one n that
  13. With Heart and Hand

    They really are obsessed

    Boo! Bet ye fuckin shat it there
  14. With Heart and Hand

    They really are obsessed

    Jeremy Beadle lives
  15. With Heart and Hand

    They really are obsessed

    And no Rangers pub has ever shown a celtic game on telly
  16. With Heart and Hand

    They really are obsessed

    some of us are just as obsessed with them. Like the type that take pictures of signs outside taig pubs then post them on here
  17. With Heart and Hand

    Strange people within our support

    most of these nationalist wanks who say they can be nationalist scum and still support Rangers are also the type who would say youre not Scottish for supporting England in a football match Ironic, considering your mob are the ones showing Braveheart in the city centre like its relevant to 21st century politics
  18. With Heart and Hand

    Strange people within our support

    There are plenty of different types of people who support us, foreigners and immigrants, Muslims, even Catholics, labour voters, conservatives, atheists, leavers and remainers etc etc why does it seem like its only the nationalist scum who want to change things or force their pish on us? Everyone else seems to get on with supporting the Club while respecting its history. Why cant the yes wankers do the same?
  19. With Heart and Hand

    vendetta against Alfredo Morelos

    I think some cant find middle ground with Morelos. Theres both positives and negatives but it feels like its became the pro Morelos side vs the anti Morelos side and you are correct when you imply the media are making it worse than t really is yes there are certainly issues with his attitude that need to be addressed but theres many positives about his game play etc that shouldn't be ignored. Hes far from a lost cause. Just needs to keep the head down, not let the pressure get to him, and learn to shake off his frustrations I think he is as frustrated as we are, he gets riled up when he misses a sitter same as we do, but hes the one who needs to learn to take it in his stride and not let it get to him cause the fans wont stop getting on his back unless he shows signs of improvement, its simply not the way football fans behave we're unforgiving at times and unsympathetic. But as soon as he finds his game and learns to calm down he'll be fine. He just needs his confidence back and to stop playing into opponents hands when they try to wind him up Im sure the manager knows this and is working on it, Gerrard seems the perfect type of manager to give confidence and counselling to a player like Alfredo
  20. With Heart and Hand

    Club urged SFA not to help Rangers in 2008

    I thought the whole of scottish football benefited tho?
  21. With Heart and Hand

    vendetta against Alfredo Morelos

    Do you honestly think he doesnt have a temper? Its blatantly obvious that he does, red cards or not.
  22. With Heart and Hand

    Strange people within our support

    i highly doubt it
  23. With Heart and Hand

    vendetta against Alfredo Morelos

    a racial thing? Fuck off He brings it on himself i think the folk saying to get rid of him are in the extreme minority. Personally i like him and think he will do great for us, but he is also a hot head and misses silly chances which leave him open to criticism. Most of us get on his back because we know he can do better and most of the abuse is out kf frustration and not out of dislike of him. Most of us get on his back because we want him to do well. When you compare the abuse he gets compared to the abuse Windass got then its two different stories. Windass was an average player who thot he was great and had an attitude towards the fans and got deservedly abused for it. Morelos on the other hand is a great young talent who is finding his game and occasionally misses a chance and instead of getting over it he gets on his own case and cant calm himself which leads to more mistakes but its something that can be fixed. The abuse towards him is out of love not out of hatred. When id get angry at Windass id think "fuck sake youre shite please fuck off" with Morelos i think "fuck sake youre better than that, give yourself a shake and come back out swinging". His problem is a lack of belief in himself which we can see and it frustrates us and to be fair he should get less abuse but its not as bad as some think it is
  24. With Heart and Hand

    Strange people within our support

    Ill get the shovels you stuff him in the boot of the car, remember to leave the gun and take the cannoli
  25. With Heart and Hand

    Strange people within our support

    It shouldn't be vocalised or expressed at Rangers games tho, as ive said, vote for whoever you like but if you want to shout about it then do it at an SNP rally and not at Ibrox