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  1. sack the board

    where are all our heroes? Where are ye bomber? Richard Gough? all the big names? where are ye? I'm sick of being taken the piss out of and sick of being taken for granted where's the money Dave King, Paul Murray, Stewart Robertson? Put up or fuck off you useless fenian bastards Ps. Fuck you ya useless papist wankers
  2. Classy from the club...

    fantastic news mate, really glad to hear and in chuffed for your granny and your family
  3. Home and away kits on sale on Friday

    this kind of thinking is the reason Ashley managed to stay in power so long, folk would rather wear a top even if the Clubs and fans are being ripped off than go without a glorified tshirt for a few months to let the board know it won't stand you'll pay 55 quid for the top then in 6 month the Club will expect you to fork out 65 or 70 quid for next season's tops, the cunts will charge 80 for a top when we get to Europe no doubt I really want the top, wasn't big on the boycott at the time but went along with it, but I'm not going to pretend everythings fine now and buy one if you backed the boycott before then you should still be boycotting because we're still getting ripped off
  4. Home and away kits on sale on Friday

    that's last season's tops, I got the light blue one for 25 quid months ago
  5. Home and away kits on sale on Friday

    Lionbrands site is still active selling tops for 42 quid each. I'm assuming all the profits go to the Club as promised but I doubt it
  6. Home and away kits on sale on Friday

    the boycott was to stop the fans and the club getting ripped off i see no reason why it should have stopped in the first place
  7. home top 15.99 Kitbag

    you won't next year tho because I've just posted this in fb and twitter
  8. Union Bears Stickers.

    what's a nice palm size?
  9. Union Bears Stickers.

    it will be ready in 3 year when their oldest member finishes his IT course at Jimmy Watt college in Greenock
  10. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    anyone else pished? i went to the pub and said i was just seven one but I've ended up mad wi it
  11. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    taigs. the nite
  12. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Largs RSC takes more fans to OF games at the pigerry than the Largs CSC does every one that I know is a Rangers obsessed gimp, haven't seen the video but they're probably all the same and wouldn't be surprised at them having a song about how good his spunk tastes
  13. We concede 37.5% of our shots

    "Rangers currently concede from 37.5% of all shots on target that they face. That’s the worst record in the league, and over double celtic’s figure. At Ibrox, that figure gets even worse. In home league games this season, Rangers have faced 14 shots on target, and conceded from 9 of them." that's fucking grim reading man
  14. Hope

    what's with all this dwelling on the past about? It was worse in the 70s it was worse under the old board none of this is an excuse for the level were at the now and looking back and thinking "well I guess it's not so bad now" does us no favours
  15. The Restoration of Rangers Graves Project and the Largs RSC.

    yes mate he was
  16. Regime change needed

    Dingell etc care more about personal profit than they do about the Club, he needs to keep his sweetie cupboard filled
  17. Regime change needed

    they missed a chance appointing Warburton And Pedro that's two, 3 if you count the length of time they put up with McCoist
  18. Alves Refuses To Be a Sub

    seems to me he'd get picked regardless it's like Portugal is his priority and he's only here to get game time and stay fit in between portugal matches
  19. Coleman turned us down

    It makes me think they haven't a fucking scooby how to find a manager and hope a good manager will put his name forward and do the boards job for them
  20. Most important appointment for us

    folk said this about Warburton and Pedro, it means nothing if it really was being treated as the most important appointment the board would be spending millions to get a specific man not taking applications, the board certainly do not see this as the most important in our history
  21. Alves Refuses To Be a Sub

    I'll bet he goes nowhere near Brown or the rest of the scum, he'll hide so he doesn't get injured
  22. Alves Refuses To Be a Sub

    in what games has he stood out? only stand out thing from him is having a wee hissy fit after a bad tackle then blaming Scottish football for the fact he's "not been allowed to play football" due to the tactics here enough of this hero worship for an aging player with a big ego who's done nothing in Scotland to merit it
  23. Millions Wasted

    all of this is down to the Board I see many posts on here recently where folk are trying to subtlety defend the actions of the board while acting like they're as pissed off as the rest of us OP says "Many fans have been critical of the board for not spending money, but the truth is we have spent money, just that our player recruitment has been shocking" to me that just looks like your trying to deflect blame from the board Dave King and the rest of the board are 100% responsible for the current situation and are 100% responsible for our bad spending, it's too late to blame the old board and everyone else has been appointed by the new board can't believe some folk still have their heads up Kings arse, the same folk who called other fans Ashley lovers when no one loved Ashley are now blindly backing King when we are in as bad a position as we were under the other shysters these "fans" are nothing but cowards who would once again rather see us sink than admit they were wrong but im glad to see it's not taking as long for the majority of fans to open their eyes as it did last time
  24. The Restoration of Rangers Graves Project and the Largs RSC.

    was a great night, thoroughly enjoyed it
  25. Another low in the history of our club

    i was at hospitality at the WRC before and after the match, free bar, so fortunately for me I don't remember a thing about the game