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  1. Rangers too Loyalist/Protestant for some?

    why do you dislike that chant in particular?
  2. Rangers too Loyalist/Protestant for some?

    Dont get why folk hate being offended so much, i love sitting reading the paper like "ya bastards!" im the type that shouts at the radio when im driving myself to work, love being offended
  3. Rangers too Loyalist/Protestant for some?

    Its not like we sing songs about bombings and terrorist attacks, and id get it if we were singing UDA songs etc, folk know thats for buses and pubs not the stadium. Most of our songs that arent about Rangers are about the World Wars, or our connection with the Loyalist in Ulster, or about the Union Also theres the Sash and Derrys Walls, The Sash is a traditional song and most lyrics sung in Scotland at least are about an Orangeman from Ulster visiting his friends in Glasgow on the 12th as his father did and wearing his father's sash, there is not a single sectarian or offensive phrase in the entire song unless you just find the idea of being an Orangeman offensive in which case its you whos the bigot. Derrys Walls is about a siege in 1688-89, and how those under seige would not surrender, the war was mostly protestant vs catholic but it wasnt just about protestants vs catholics, it also is not about being the agressor either, and its understandable why the phrase No Surrender would be sung at a football match, theres also no sectarian phrases either. None of these things are sectarian, none of them condone violence, none of them are about genocide or murder, most of our songs have a positive message unless you find the idea of loyalism to be offensive. People are confusing the songs they hear in pubs and busses with the ones that are sung at games, for the most part. When the finger is pointed equally at other clubs as it is at us then we can have a conversation, untill then let our songs be sung loud and proud
  4. Rangers too Loyalist/Protestant for some?

    we have had more grief over paper planes being thrown than we have over our songs and banners
  5. Rangers too Loyalist/Protestant for some?

    never said we were established for the PUL community i said that Rangers is a Club for all, but it has a long long history of association with the PUL community and that the history of the Club should be respected and our ways of expressing that should not be erased just because of what some taigs think of us
  6. Rangers too Loyalist/Protestant for some?

    only if you become an official member of the Union Bairns
  7. Rangers too Loyalist/Protestant for some?

    Theres plenty of youths attending games, loads of 15 to 21 year olds at Ibrox and away games, most of them singing the songs too. Dont know what everyones so worried about Yes theres parents who think footballs no place for a child but it was the same in my day too. People are PC as fuck these days but that will pass. I dont think theres many bears who go to games who think "im not brining my kid because of all the nasty songs" most bears cant wait to take their kids to games And when youre a wee guy you think bigotry, swearing and all that is fucking amazing, if anything it encourages teens to support us
  8. The changing nature of football

    I agree, which is why i watch almost no other games apart from ours. Wouldnt even really call myself a football fan really, im shit at reading games for the most part, and half the time i dont even know what position a player acutally plays in, but i love going to Rangers games and watching us on telly. Dont know why i dont really like watching other games but i suppose its like you say, i have no vested interest in any other teams, id rather watch Rangers vs Montrose in the Ramsdens than watch a CL final because i couldnt give a shit who wins the cl final.
  9. The changing nature of football

    I hate diving. Ruins the game and ruins discussions of games, how many times have there been fantastic games and at the end all thats discussed is a refereeing decision Its also not how id like to see my team play or win, wouldnt want any of our players diving or feigning injury unless is against the taigs, would love to see a last minute winner in the closing minutes with a dodgy penalty in the next old firm. Would make the taigs tears extra tasty
  10. Rangers too Loyalist/Protestant for some?

    Who cares? Who cares what the taigs and the media say? The Orange Order have went to great lengths to make the 12th a family friendly day where all people can come watch the bands. Theres minimal issues at the Walks in Scotland at least, maybe a few drunks but thats about it yet the media and the taigs will still paint a bad picture of the walks. The fact the papers mentioned a song being sung probably means there was no violence or serious incidents and the songs were all they could think of to discredit us with. The media and the taigs are never going to give Rangers, the Orange Order or any other group aasociated with the PUL a fair deal, they'll always twist any story to make us look bad, fuck them This is why theres so many handwringing wanks in our club, theyre too worried about the opinions of media and their taig pals, people who hate us and all we stand for and always will regardless of what we do What you posted about the walk is the exact reason we shouldn't be fucking appeasing these pricks
  11. Rangers too Loyalist/Protestant for some?

    fuck off Nearly 145 years of success, yet thats all coming to an end because some overly offended snowflake hipster cunts don't like the Billy Boys gtf
  12. Rangers too Loyalist/Protestant for some?

    i could care less about any Bears religion or politics, you can support Rangers and believe in whatever you like but that doesn't change the fact that, historically and traditionally, Rangers FC is a British club with many connections and affiliations with the Protestant, Unionist and Loyalist communities in Scotland and Ulster and our support holds those histories and traditions dearly. And that history and those traditions must be respected and by all Bears. If you dont like that then there are plenty of other teams you can follow without those affiliations. I dont understand these people, i wont call them Bears, who want us to forget our past and put it to the side and just be like any other Club. These histories and traditions have played a major part in making is the Club we are today and is probably the main reason our support is so large and strong If you cant respect that then imo you can fuck off. Theres enough arseholes throughout Scottish football who use any excuse to attack us and attack our culture without us having to hear it from our own supporters. Its one thing not being that bothered about it, i know plenty of Bears who dont care about Loyalism or politics or any of that stuff and they still love Rangers, but its the folk who are against these parts of our culture that i dont get Rangers and the PUL community go hand in hand. If you dont like that then why support us? And folk will say its because of family, but you dont have to.support everything your family supports. If you arent a member of the PUL community but support Rangers thats fine, but if youre one of these cunts who wants to remove any trace of the PUL community from our Club and Fanbase then you can take a fuck to yourself and support Partick Thistle, because you do not respect the history, values and traditions of this Club and therefore not a Bear in my eyes
  13. ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Thread***

    3-0 Rangers with Cummings to cripple Naismith
  14. Play them all away!

    its shit like this that makes me wish wed left the whole set up back in 2012
  15. Ibrox Maintenance

    papering over the cracks theyre doing the cheapest and easiest and most visible jobs
  16. Murty 1-1

    we are the people who keep dogs in caravans?
  17. A Manager appointed after Pedro could we have caught them

    am i getting this right? is he saying our players were being disrespectful for still attacking at the end of the game when we were two goals up?
  18. Rangers songs on spotify

    vile and disgusting thread
  19. A Manager appointed after Pedro could we have caught them

    does anyone have the data for pevious seasons where weve came from behind them to win? have we came back from a higher margin to win the league?
  20. Kenny

    and one pic refutes all that
  21. Kenny

    he is not and never will be a Rangers Legend, if you play for them then you will never be a Legend and anyone who thinks he is a legend can just fuck off because you clearly have no standards.
  22. Warburton on his signings

    thats basically like saying the new stereo you bought for your car that doesnt start was a great buy
  23. Gers ya bass

    Now i got a reason now i got a reason to be waiting The Berlin Wall
  24. Rangers 20 celtic 6

    if only wed won some trophies in our nearly 150 year history so wed having something real to brag about instead of this pish