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  1. There is quite a few of brendas girls hiding on here that appear to be short of a tampon or 2??? Anyhow seen john on the pitch at ibrox today at half time, well done. WATP!!!
  2. You have a lot of patience, time to try another bar.
  3. You have a lot of patience, time to try another bar.
  4. You have a lot of patience, time to try another bar.
  5. Half time tommorow at ibrox i believe on the pitch.
  6. I thought we always backed our fellow bears and there exploits? Sounds like one or two taxi drivers on here spreading a bit of there own negativity. Maybe being proud is a thing of the past for some. WATP
  7. I have followed the story for several years now. He started the Rangers away top from scratch, first signature being dave mcpherson and the last being salenko which was dedicated to the tragic death of Rangers fan ryan baird, with a signed top from salenko going to ryans family. John is a pensioner with no wealth who made it his ambition to track 9ir legends down on a budget, the term super fan is a media slogan and not self proclaimed. There had been a book penned on his expliots called Bear Hunter and well worth a read on where the players are now and them signing the top,85 out of 86 signed with the exception of Davie Cooper.