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  1. Very similar to Liverpool in that regard. Fabinho, Wijnaldum and Henderson don’t score many goals and are mainly in the team to be workhorses. The onus is on the front three to do that but the difference is their front three score 60 + goals between them a season and out front three score a fraction of that.
  2. This obsession that some people have with defensive midfielders needing to be 6’2 is a mindset right out of about 2005.
  3. There’s no doubt in my mind at all that if the right ex celtic player became available and Gerrard thought they could do a job for us he wouldn’t even hesitate for a second to sign them. We signed Mo Johnston and we signed Kenny Miller so it’s not like the toothpaste isn’t already out of the tube for want of a better term.
  4. We haven’t been great at producing young players (considering all that has happened at the club in the lat ten years is it any wonder) but it’s an area we simply have to improve in. All the bigger clubs in the smaller leagues are already operating with one hand tied behind their back and most of them develop players of their own because it’s one of the best ways to give themselves their best chance of generating income. We simply need to improve the pathway to the first team, we need to find a way to find a bridge that allows us to have players continue to progress once they reach a certain age because at the moment we seem to be strongly represented by players in the Scotland under teams and it isn’t translating to more first team players and we need to pick and choose what teams players go out on loan to better as well.
  5. So is Sky’s “virtual season ticket” only going to be available to season ticket holders or can anybody get one?
  6. I’m sure every year there are reports that he dominates all of Liverpool’s pre season tests and he’s been a model professional in terms of looking after himself for his entire career. There’s no chance we are getting Milner (IMO when he does leave Liverpool he will finish his career at Leeds) but he’s the one player at that age that I would have absolutely no concerns about being past it. I think if he wants to he will play until he’s close to 40.
  7. They could offer him three or four times the amount of money that we can. If he gets a £30,000-£40,000 a week contract from one of those clubs, at his age and with the clubs he’s played for then that is completely life changing both financially and in terms of him playing at a level that he probably never expected to when could barely score a goal for Partick Thistle.
  8. Palace and Burnley being Premier League clubs also make them life changing moves considering he’s been a lower league journeyman his whole career.
  9. I’m just freestyling tbh. I don’t particularly rate him but if Gerrard does then it might be something he will look to revisit if we think could get him on the cheap.
  10. I wonder if we might try and nab Souttar from Hearts. We were rumoured to be after him last Summer but with him suffering those two Achilles injuries and Hearts going down they will probably have no choice but to sell him on the cheap.
  11. The “three” who play behind the striker is the biggest difference between us and them by a mile.
  12. £6 million? We can’t turn that down if that’s true.
  13. If the team is going to be around Hagi playing as a number ten and basically being allowed to do what he wants then we need two solid players behind him in the same way that having Ferguson and McCall gave us the solid base to allow Laudrup and Gazza the freedom to go and influence the game.
  14. I think Ferguson is a far better player than the one we have seen playing against us as a glorified hatchet man. Apparently McInnes has used him as a 6 an 8 and a 10 and he’s looked comfortable in all three positions. I think he will become a really good player, and he’s one of the few players from this league I would like us to sign if the price was right, but I also don’t know if we have the time for anymore project players either. We need quality players, especially in that position.
  15. I think he’s a good player and think he would be brilliant besides real schemer/playmaker type but at the moment the onus is on him to do that and although he has come on a bit it’s not really his game.
  16. Do you think we were after him when he left Aberdeen? I know there were rumours that we were but do you think there was truth to them. FWIW I think Gerrard would love to get him. Could see us selling Kamara then brining Shinnie back up the road for about a quarter of the money and I think it would probably make us a better side too tbh.
  17. Yeah I’m not sure. This is what made me wonder.:lol:
  18. Everybody talks about Ferguson and Hickey as the sort of “stand out” young prospects in the country but Allan Campbell (think he might be one of them though) and Ali McCann are two who are sort of slipping under the radar a bit. Both have played really well this season and could have big futures if they make the right moves.
  19. Agreed. Only need three when you only play one upfront.
  20. Forrest didn’t cost celtic 7 million. At the price we paid for Kent, we simply need more from him regardless of his age. He’s shown he can do it in big games and at big moments, but he needs to work on his consistency.
  21. I just want to see him going at his man a lot more. This whole number ten thing just isn’t really working. Get him wider and somebody on the other side who does the same so we stretch the park more and create space for Hagi to create from behind a front man.
  22. I think Tav has talent too. I’ve lost patience with him like most other people have but to say he’s shite is just wrong. He can’t defend worth a fuck but as an attacking threat, he’s good.
  23. Forrest has 34 goals and 42 assists over the past two seasons. Kent has 14 goals and 13 assists. Those stats are the difference between us and them. Kent (who I like) needs to be doing more.
  24. You are contradicting yourself a bit here. You can’t give Hagi and Kent, who like you say cost 3 and 7 million, a pass for not being more influential and having deficiencies by saying that if they were then then wouldn’t be playing in Scotland and then go on to slate Tav for not being a completely well rounded full back. Surely if Tav didn’t have deficiencies defensively and he could defend as well as he has shown he can attack then he wouldn’t be playing in Scotland and he wouldn’t have only cost us £300,000 or whatever it was either?
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