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  1. The AGM in the next week or so

    What are the plans for the £20m that we owe in loans.
  2. Rangers In Name Only

    We are in a bad way, but other than my user name, what can we do about it ? We're putting in as much as is possible, King is putting in exactly what I thought he would, and our debt is rising. We need a manager who can get reults with meagre resources. But who's going to come when it seems that there's little or no money to strenghthen the squad? Really can't see things getting better any time soon
  3. Rangers in no rush to appoint a manager.

    Can't see a manager being appointed before the two sheep games. If a new guy comes in and losses them, he's going to have an uphill struggle to get fans back on side. I'd leave Murty in charge till mid December and give the new guy a few weeks to assess the squad before Jan window opens
  4. Graeme Murty

    Murty in charge for the two sheep games? Difficult one for me, these games could be season defining and Murty is a rookie. However he seems to be getting a performance out of the players, so on balance I'd say yes. That then may bring a difficult decision. If he wins both games, surely he's done enough to get a shot at the rest of the season and possibly beyond.
  5. Good Luck Pedro

    Really can't see what he's got to offer. Sometimes I look at failed managers and often think they'd be decent coaches but need somebody else to sign players and pick the team. But I don't think Pedro is even a decent coach. Looking at his signings I think we can agree he doesn't have an eye for a player, so a scouting roll is out. Hate to kick a guy when he's down, but he really doesn't bring anything to the table.
  6. The Case for keeping Pedro

    "Should he stay or should he go. If he goes there will be trouble if he stays the trouble's double." Getting rid will cost money. Keeping him will cost money and points
  7. Another Good Bear Gone

  8. *** The Official St Johnstone vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    As good a result as we could have expected. Hope to see a few results go our way tomorrow
  9. *** The Official St Johnstone vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Win tonight and we're three points off the top, lose and we could be 7th. Mental.
  10. Pedro: Time to go?

    It'll be something like... Lost blamed the ref Lost blamed the pitch Lost blamed injuries Lost blame new players settling in Won, how the fuck did that happen
  11. The Season so far

    7 games played and we're in 5th 8 points off the top. Unless it's a draw today we'll either be 6th or 6 points off 2nd. Early days, but I didn't think it would be this bad. Not going to dwell on yesterday, they have resources we won't be matching any time soon. But what of the other 7 points dropped? There's a definite case for pointing the finger at the ref for the 5 points dropped against the Edinburgh sides, but no excuse for the two dropped against PT. Also although it was very early the game in Luxemburg should have been a draw at least. So we have an embarrasing defeat in Europe, a narrow win,points dropped in two games blamed on the ref, points dropped with nobody but ourselves to blame, and a defeat that was probably expected, but at least not as bad as some of us feared. It's not good, and hard to see how it will get better
  12. It's not good but the C word is over the top
  13. The taig game.

    Don't agree their defence is shit. It's makeshift, but has been good enough to see than 5 clear and in the CL group stages. Also they might have players coming back in. I hate to say it, but it's still early days for this team and I think the best we can hope for is a narrow defeat. However next time they come.....
  14. The taig game.

    Let's see how they do today before we get too pessimistic. They've got some good players, but they've also got a ropey defence. We might be able to keep it tight and nick something on the break.