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  1. what to do, what to do

    Jeezo I already said it was a non starter. Why such abuse for saying it's something I thought about but realised wouldn't be an option.
  2. Europa League

    Changed a few years ago I think.
  3. what to do, what to do

    A lot of understandable anger at the current situation, but how can we make things better? Boycott season ticket renewals? That will certainly do something, but not sure if starving the club of much needed funds is a good thing. Start a new club? I've given this a bit of thought. The fans are by far the biggest source of income. We could form our own club, ground share with the likes of Partick or St Mirren and then at a later stage buy Ibrox and take the club home. But how many fans would go for this? Probably much less than 50%, so much as I'd like to leave behind all the parasites that are feeding on our club, it's a non starter. Get rid of the board? Would be great,but is anyone in line to replace them? So what do we do? Anybody got any ideas
  4. Europa League

    Cup runners up don't qualify. If THEY win the cup then 4th in the league qualify. So even if we finish 4th we'll be in. But fairly sure if we finish 2nd we miss a round
  5. RIP Ray Wilkins

    R.I.P Met him a few times,liked a good bit of banter with fans. Also enjoyed listening to him on Talksport. I'm sure he was on there just a week or so ago. So sudden so sad
  6. ***Official Motherwell v Rangers Thread***

    Terrible use of subs. But having said that,the bench wasn't exactly oozing talent.
  7. Jimmy Nicholl

    It seems that JN and Murts have different ideas about the game. Murts earned the right to do it his way, but it hasn't worked and so it might be time to givr JN a chance to do it his way.
  8. Jimmy Nicholl

    I'll probably get pelters for this, but I'd look at JN taking over until end of season. Murty is out of his depth and it might be good for him as well as the team if he went back to the U 20s. JN might not be ideal, but he's there and something needs to change soon. Aberdeen could move ahead of us and Hibs could be snapping on our heals. We're going to have a few battles on our hands and a I don't think Murty is up to fighting a war.
  9. ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Thread***

    Massive few games coming up for us. Whilst they've got Doris Deep Freeze in goal, they'll ship goals and that should mean dropped points. We need to pick up everything and put some pressure on.
  10. Please board give us a real manager

    Don't want to slag Murty, but he's obviously out of his depth and understandably so. He doesn't have the experience or man management skills required. He seemed to be getting the best out of the squad, but now the goings got tough I don't think he can handle it. Should never have been given the job and it's not Murty who's at fault it's the people who appointed him
  11. **Official Rangers v The Sheep Match Thread**

    Murty certainly seems to be getting more out of the players.
  12. ***Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Match Thread***

    Going to be tough. The players have responded well to Murty, but the anouncement that he's in charge until the end of the season might have left them as underwhelmed as it has a lot of us.
  13. Murty until the end of the season

    Best of luck, he'll give his all, but this just screams out "WE'RE SKINT.
  14. ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Thread***

    It worked well on Wed, but I'd like to see a few games before calling it a success. Actualy off today for a change so looking forward to watching this