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  1. ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Thread***

    Massive few games coming up for us. Whilst they've got Doris Deep Freeze in goal, they'll ship goals and that should mean dropped points. We need to pick up everything and put some pressure on.
  2. Please board give us a real manager

    Don't want to slag Murty, but he's obviously out of his depth and understandably so. He doesn't have the experience or man management skills required. He seemed to be getting the best out of the squad, but now the goings got tough I don't think he can handle it. Should never have been given the job and it's not Murty who's at fault it's the people who appointed him
  3. **Official Rangers v The Sheep Match Thread**

    Murty certainly seems to be getting more out of the players.
  4. ***Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Match Thread***

    Going to be tough. The players have responded well to Murty, but the anouncement that he's in charge until the end of the season might have left them as underwhelmed as it has a lot of us.
  5. Murty until the end of the season

    Best of luck, he'll give his all, but this just screams out "WE'RE SKINT.
  6. ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Thread***

    It worked well on Wed, but I'd like to see a few games before calling it a success. Actualy off today for a change so looking forward to watching this
  7. Get rid of the obvious clique within our squad

    Was going to post something similar. No player is bigger than the club. Given the quality of player we are likely to afford in the next few seasons, it's crucial that they function as one squad and one team. The next manager should get 100% backing from the board and the fans to bin ANYONE who disrups squad harmony. Even if it meant risking relegation by playing youngsters, I'd take it if it meant coming back as a more united squad. Obviously I don't think relegation will happen whichever players pull on the jersey. However I don't think that we should be putting pressure on the new manager with regard to where we finish this season. Our one priority for this season is to have a united squad and team and build on that.
  8. If this was June I'd agree with you, but the money has been spent and it's not going to be easy to fund similar spending. Therefor who ever comes in is going to have a major job on just to get us to 2nd place. It can be done but I wouldn't say it won't take much to do it. It will take an awfull lot of effort skill and luck to get a decent team and decent consistency from our current squad. We have a mountain to climb and when we get to the top we'll have an even bigger mountain to climb
  9. Can't agree that it wouldn't take much to pull away from the rest. We've dropped 15 points so far, only 3 of them to a team with greater resources. As well as a manager we need about 6 or 7 first team players. That's a lot.
  10. The AGM in the next week or so

    What are the plans for the £20m that we owe in loans.
  11. Rangers In Name Only

    We are in a bad way, but other than my user name, what can we do about it ? We're putting in as much as is possible, King is putting in exactly what I thought he would, and our debt is rising. We need a manager who can get reults with meagre resources. But who's going to come when it seems that there's little or no money to strenghthen the squad? Really can't see things getting better any time soon
  12. Good Luck Pedro

    Really can't see what he's got to offer. Sometimes I look at failed managers and often think they'd be decent coaches but need somebody else to sign players and pick the team. But I don't think Pedro is even a decent coach. Looking at his signings I think we can agree he doesn't have an eye for a player, so a scouting roll is out. Hate to kick a guy when he's down, but he really doesn't bring anything to the table.
  13. The Case for keeping Pedro

    "Should he stay or should he go. If he goes there will be trouble if he stays the trouble's double." Getting rid will cost money. Keeping him will cost money and points
  14. Another Good Bear Gone