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  1. Went for 2nd but I'm not sure there is a "realistic expectation". 1st is the dream but not realistic, and 2nd should be a certainty not an expectation.
  2. This deserves recognition
  3. No "system" today. But I fancy a couple of 33-1 shots. Dragon Mall 3.05 Brando 4.35. 50p ew 2 singles and a double could return over £600. And if they turn out to be donkeys it's only £3 down the drain. An acceptable risk in my opinion
  4. Obviously not a good one as it took an 18-1 shot to get me out of the shit Might give it another go tomorrow.
  5. Every so often I come up with a new "System" for picking horses. Obviously they seldom work long term. I always think the next one is the one that's going to get me a fortune and as I'm feeling confident about my latest so called "system" I thought I'd post the horses on here. All each way 3.45 Bint Dandy 4.20 Love me Again 5.25 Comanche 2.45 Lexington Place 3.35 Hard Toffee 5.50 Bernardo O'Reilly None really fancied to win, but hopefull for a few places
  6. Our only hope is for Pedro to accept that players win matches, not managers. He needs to scrap his preconceived ideas about how the game should be played and just let the players play to their strengths. Scrap plan A plan B plan C etc. Just get to know what the players are capable of, THEN make a plan. But stop trying to shoehorn players into a system that either doesn't work or isn't going to work with the current squad.
  7. To me it would make sense to boycott all away games EXCEPT celtic. As has been said we won't hurt them financialy and those are the games where the away support will be needed most. They're possibly also the games that our fans would least want to boycott. So treat it like a diet, stay off the away games but have a naughty snack now and again.
  8. I said in the match thread that part of me thought he'd have been better coming on for the last half hour and playing against tired legs. Just one of the things Pedro got wrong tonight
  9. Good line up, but part of me thinks Niko would be better coming on for the 30 minutes against tired legs. They showed at Ibrox that they can be hard to breakdown.
  10. I'm not sure they'll open up and go for it. I think they'll keep it tight again knowing that if they don't concede then even a goal in the 89th minute will take it to extra time. We need to create more and bury any chance we get.
  11. Want to see a few more myself and didn't expect to have 9 or 10 in for the first game. But what surprised me is, I expected to be underwhelmed by the team selections for the first few games, looking at the suggested line up for Thurs I feel quite possitive.
  12. Sorry not explaining myself well. What I mean is I thought there was an ounce of fact and a ton of fiction. That he took something and distorted and exagerated it. However as you say he has been shown to be a total fantacist. Not even one ounce of fact to be found in several tons of fiction
  13. Susprisingly I quite like that. I was hoping to see a team of 9 or 10 new players, but with just 5 that looks ok.
  14. Always taken Phil McGobble with a huge pinch of salt. Felt there might be some truth in his ramblings, but things were taken out of context or exagerated etc. However his assertion that Ashley made a profitt is obviously just blatant lies.
  15. You can get Premier Sports on Mobdro