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  1. Shagger Tav Goldson Helander Borna Jack Davis Kamara Kent Alfie Jones subs Fod ,Flanagan,Arfield,Aribo,Defoe,Stewart,Katic
  2. Apart from the Ross County game he has not been good enough , likewise Arfield.
  3. Hopefully Stewart starts against Motherwell next game , he deserves it.
  4. Good to see Flanagan back . Arfield , Ojo and Aribo out , good. The midfield trio Davis , Jack and Kamara is tried and trusted , good.
  5. We are top drawer at the homeless world cup.We do have a substantial pool to call on as wee krankie the kunt has given all available housing to bogus asylum seekers.
  6. Your mother is actually your sister who was pumped by your da.
  7. That was enjoyable , can only watch the scum when they drop points so double dose of joy . Pretty fare assessment from the pundits in my view.
  8. Brilliant interview from Stewart , hope he plays a big part of a trophy laden three years to come.
  9. hawkeye

    Kenny burns

    Never knew John Robertson was a bear ,pleased about that ,what a player .
  10. Thanks to those who gave us links to the game.
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