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  1. Just hit £10,000 , two thirds of the target.
  2. Good to see the donations flowing in . 330 donations totalling £5,767 so far.
  3. Latest article from the Times today , copied from FF. celtic Boys’ Club boss had key role in appointing Tommy Burns https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/celtic-boys-club-boss-had-key-role-in-appointing-tommy-burns-f73g222n2 A former senior figure at celtic FC’s feeder team played a key role in ensuring that Tommy Burns was appointed manager of the Parkhead side, further undermining claims that the two clubs were separate entities. It has emerged that Burns spoke of how Frank Cairney, who headed celtic Boys Club, which has been riven by allegations of systemic sexual abuse, was “instrumental” in him landing his dream job when he was appointed in 1994. Cairney was pictured welcoming Burns to Parkhead in celtic View, celtic FC’s official magazine, after Burns replaced Lou Macari as manager. Legal action against celtic FC began last week in connection with “insidious” sexual abuse at the boys’ club. The latest revelations appear to contradict celtic’s position that its feeder club was an “entirely separate” organisation. On July 20, 1994, the club magazine dedicated its back page to the relationship between Burns and Cairney, lauding the latter as “one of the great unsung heroes of the celtic story”. The magazine said: “It is because of the support given to him by the former celtic Boys Club president that Burns is now firmly installed in the manager’s chair at Parkhead. Burns said: ‘Frank was instrumental in me coming here as manager and over the last fortnight has been a fantastic help and a true friend.’ ” Burns said that Cairney had brought him to the boys’ club as a teenager and had been his confidant and mentor ever since, adding: “He’s given 30 years of his adult life championing the celtic cause.” Cairney resigned as general manager of the boys’ club in 1991 immediately after leading 20 teenagers on a tour to New Jersey. However, the celtic View confirmed that he was present at Parkhead when news of Burns’s appointment was announced three years later. It made no distinction between the boys’ club and the senior team, stating: “Frank was brought into the celtic set-up by [the manager] Jock Stein and [the chief scout] John Higgins in 1970. He was entrusted to set up the system which would help the under-16s on to the next step of the ladder. That system has paid off with one of those raw recruits becoming the man in charge of the club.” A year earlier the magazine published a letter from a family thanking Cairney for organising a tour of the stadium and arranging for them to meet the first-team player Charlie Nicholas. Cairney replaced Jim Torbett, the founder of the boys’ club, who was jailed for two years in 1998 and for six years in November 2018 for sex attacks against boys who had been in his care. In January the Crown Office confirmed that Cairney had been charged and was involved in a “live solemn case”. The Times understands that the charges relate to the alleged sexual abuse of young people and that Cairney, of Uddingston, South Lanarkshire, will appear in court within months. Burns played for the boys’ club in 1970-73 and frequently attended club functions and prize-givings when he went on to play for the senior club and served as manager. He died of skin cancer, aged 51, in 2008. Last week Thompsons Solicitors lodged papers on behalf of one client who is seeking damages from celtic FC. The firm, which represents 25 individuals who claim they were molested at celtic Boys Club over three decades, says that it represents the largest child-abuse scandal in British football. The first test case will be heard at the Court of Session in the coming months. celtic FC has said it is very sorry that the abuse took place, but continues to insist its feeder club was a separate entity. It did not respond to a request for comment.
  4. They also need to stripped of all titles won since 1966 when the abuse started .
  5. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/jim-torbett-boys-club-abuser-offered-to-bail-out-celtic- The millionaire paedophile behind systemic abuse at a celtic FC feeder team offered to help save the Parkhead club from bankruptcy. In March 1994 celtic were hours from going bust as debts spiralled out of control and their credit facility was recalled by the bank. Michael Kelly, a club director and former lord provost of Glasgow, has told how Jim Torbett, the founder of celtic Boys Club, pledged to help bail the club out. Torbett, 72, has twice been convicted of sexually abusing young players between 1967 and 1994. He is two years into a six-year prison sentence. Dr Kelly, who created the Glasgow’s Miles Better civic slogan of the 1980s, said that he was informed of the proposal by his cousin Kevin Kelly, then the celtic FC chairman. During an account of the period in his book Paradise Lost: The Struggle for celtic’s Soul he wrote: “[Kevin] went on to tell me that friends had put up the £1 million guarantee that the bank were asking for. I asked him who these people were. “He named [the Irish businessman] John Keane, Jim Torbett, himself and [the celtic board member] Tom Grant.” celtic, while expressing “regret and sympathy”, have distanced themselves from Torbett and his crimes, insisting that the boys’ club was an “entirely separate organisation”. However, the latest revelation further highlights Torbett’s strong ties to the Parkhead club. At the time he was running celtic’s chain of shops. A company of his, the Trophy Centre, had a lucrative long-term contract with the club, reported to be worth £250,000 a year. Kevin Kelly was a director of the Trophy Centre from 1989 to 2005. Torbett was first convicted and jailed in 1998. Press reports from the 1990s claimed that Torbett had his own seat in the Parkhead directors’ box and had ambitions of joining the board. His offer of financial assistance was forgotten when Fergus McCann, a Canada-based businessman, seized control. His takeover led to the old board members, including Michael and Kevin Kelly, being ousted. Torbett initially welcomed Mr McCann’s arrival and was quoted in celtic View, the club’s official magazine, in March 1994, saying: “This is the best thing that could have happened to the club.” However, within two years Torbett was removed from his role with celtic Boys Club after allegations of widespread abuse appeared in the press. Mr McCann said that he would personally take steps to restore the confidence of parents and young players in “our Boys Club”. Making no reference to it being a separate entity, he issued a statement that said: “It is not good for celtic to be associated with this kind of scandal. “celtic is a very proud name to very many people and looked up to in particular by young boys. “What we have to do is to reassure parents that their boys will be safe playing for our Boys Club and to reassure the boys themselves who dream of playing for celtic.” Kevin Kelly, now 81, has previously insisted he had no idea that Torbett and others were preying on children, saying: “Those who committed crimes are in jail and that’s where they should be. That’s all I’ve got to say.” Dr Kelly and celtic FC did not respond to requests for comment.
  6. Hope Fury hammers the racist.
  7. signed https://www.change.org/p/british-goverment-petition-to-get-celtics-cover-up-investigated-bb3f86f7-1cad-4db7-89fa-8396a3bad6e0
  8. Torbett, Cairney,King,Cullen, McCafferty,Strachan all convicted. Malley still to go to trial, that's 7. Alex Thomson said 9 nonces at the Piggery.
  9. Looks like the scum have drafted in a dodgy cunt and one of their own to cover it up at the SFA. Martin Henry Adviser to Scottish RC Church Mental. https://footballtaxhavens.wordpress.com/2019/10/19/martin-hendry-sfa-review-into-football-child-abuse-chairman-roles-at-lgbt-youth-which-he-founded-with-james-rennie-paedophile-and-rc-church-compromise-any-sfa-report/
  10. Like waiting on a bus , none for ages then two come along at the same time. Cullen on the left.
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