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  1. He put in a tenner and asked for nine pound back for expenses.
  2. Alaska Rangers Supporters Club ?
  3. We didn't back off from a world class Bayern side in 1972 , why do so now .
  4. Davis never played much in central midfield for us under Walter and we can see why now . Aribo is never a central midfield player as he does not have the positional nous to protect the back four nor is he a ball winner. Kent is a sand dancer who scores or assists all too rarely. Maybe something like this. Greegs Polster Goldson Katic Borna Jack Kamara Hagi jones Alfie flo
  5. Well done by the Gaffer no one is bigger than the club , now step forward Greg Stewart.
  6. Crack on brother you are making a tit of yourself.
  7. When Aribo plays in the midfield 3 we tend to struggle.
  8. We never missed Alfie or Defoe , big Flo stepped up.
  9. Hope Hagi isn't too disheartened about the penalty , he created the goal with a sublime pass.
  10. Maybe a bit harsh with your interpretation there , to answer the point a lot of victims feel shame about being abused and many have no great faith in the legal system bringing the perpetators to justice
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