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  1. duffy2391


    He progressed brilliantly from last season, very poor piece of business letting him go.
  2. Never a penalty, but our attitude after it went in is shocking. Shower of fucking cowards going into self destruct mode. Get the fuck away from our club.
  3. He’s attending the funeral of his career tbf.
  4. The shouting is a bit much. There’s families on this board you know. Not to mention the fans.
  5. Heard Tommy Wright is willing to pay double if they keep Hodson.
  6. We deserve more than the rolls imo
  7. Poster on FF saying they have actually. Minus the bread rolls bit.
  8. Fuck sake it’s taken us 7 months to replace a youth coach with a youth coach.
  9. EstConsultancy on Twitter saying John and Murphy will be fit for the weekend and Dorrans taking part in a bounce game midweek with Wallace
  10. Very swanky, like something puff daddy or someone similar would have
  11. MOH will never start, if he was the only fit man in the squad he might get a call up to do the Boots run but that’s it.
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