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  1. Workman like

    Pedro has built team attack minded. He's brought in the talent to produce more infront of goal and it's delivering. This match aside which was always going to be difficult. We look better going forward and it's directly influenced by Pedro's signings. He's flopped at the back. Alves hasn't had any real stamp on our game and Cardoso has shown no real improvement from our own yet. Its because of our defensive failings that what we create infront of goal won't get the credit it rightly deserves, because the team struggles to let us enjoy tidy displays in comfort. We create chances, score some, miss a lot and then concede at the back. So instead of being able to appreciate the work that's went into a missed opportunity, we just end up ragin because a lot of times those missed opportunities have cost us points because of defensive shortcomings. We are more workmen like, and to me that's good, in a way. We've shown more urgency, passion and creativity but at the moment we're also doing well to highlight our shortcomings.
  2. Pedro (gif)

    Seconding this. Utter shite from the OP.
  3. Today's scapegoat

    😂😂 fuck sake, start a bullshit thread like this and pick out the total wrong option. Hodson was awrite though aye? Dorrans play a blinder? Morelos worked the back line to perfection? The whole team lost, despatched in the wrong shape (not a slight, we lacked the players to play much else) and we seemingly haven't worked on our weaknesses at all. Most of all we played a team with better players, resources and finances. To try and assign the entire blame to a player who actually had a decent game is laughable.
  4. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Utter shite, Offered next to nothing going forward. Just survived for most of the game.
  5. Dirty lego eating bastard

    Guys just a fuckin thug
  6. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Fuckin into these horrible cunts today!
  7. Alves

    Aye it's mince, they attack from the wings a lot so I'd like to have an option who's defended that position before. We should have coverage from Jack or Dorrans to let him out to close down threats with Candeias.
  8. Alves

    Sore one, but Bruno has made his own share of mistakes so far, his being injured isn't a prophecy of doom. Go with a back 3 of Tav, Cardoso and McRorie. If Pedro has any wits about him then this last week should have been focused on our defensive game and they should all know that 100% is required from anyone selected.
  9. Betfred Semi-final Cup draw - Rangers vs Motherwell

    Maybe looked the best draw on paper but that was a solid looking side tonight.
  10. Betfred Semi-final Cup draw - Rangers vs Motherwell

    The scum, I'd rather have the fixture guaranteed than risking not meeting them in the final. Also if we're going to play them twice I think it would be good to have the fixtures closer together.
  11. Cardoso Celebrating A Great Tackle

    Good for him fs, bit of passion is what we need.
  12. Mccrorie...

    We're nearing the eve of a tim skelping and you's are going at it like a pair of toilet brushes. Come on now.
  13. Herrera as lone striker on Saturday

    Bound to be a Miller and Morelos partnership. Can't see him leaving either out and tbh for me it's the best way to start Overall, I'm still convinced a 3-5-2 would be the way to go. DJ and Candeias in wide mid should be making runs ultimately looking to tie in with a deeper hanging Miller and then looking for gaps in the defence to provide a secondary threat alongside Morelos. Or at the very least, dragging the CH's out of position and giving old man Miller space.
  14. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Dundee playing brilliantly at the back. Everything tight and challenging well in the air. As per usual the 12th taig gets the ball rolling for them. We definitely offer a much stronger threat in attack, especially if they stick to a back 3 against us but I can't see us closing them down like we're seeing tonight.
  15. racist and offensive to geese, that's their word.