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  1. duffy2391


    He progressed brilliantly from last season, very poor piece of business letting him go.
  2. duffy2391


    Never a penalty, but our attitude after it went in is shocking. Shower of fucking cowards going into self destruct mode. Get the fuck away from our club.
  3. duffy2391

    POTY awards tonight?

    He’s attending the funeral of his career tbf.
  4. duffy2391

    POTY awards tonight?

    Was that a name dig?
  5. duffy2391

    POTY awards tonight?

    The shouting is a bit much. There’s families on this board you know. Not to mention the fans.
  6. duffy2391

    POTY awards tonight?

    Heard Tommy Wright is willing to pay double if they keep Hodson.
  7. duffy2391

    POTY awards tonight?

    We deserve more than the rolls imo
  8. duffy2391

    POTY awards tonight?

    Poster on FF saying they have actually. Minus the bread rolls bit.
  9. duffy2391

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Fuck sake it’s taken us 7 months to replace a youth coach with a youth coach.
  10. duffy2391

    Club statement

    Delighted with this. Filthy bastards.
  11. duffy2391

    ***Official Motherwell v Rangers Thread***

    Allowing ourselves to be bullied
  12. duffy2391

    Rangers Eyeing Summer Swoop For Louis Moult

    Would prefer McBurnie
  13. duffy2391

    Michel Preud'homme

    Absolutely not.
  14. duffy2391

    Michel Preud'homme

    Can’t just assume he’ll say no and deem the question pointless. I’ve offered the boaby to loads of skirt in the past and got the elbow every fuckin time but at least I had a shot.
  15. duffy2391

    General Sale Online

    Just a quick one to see if anyone knows when the general sale for home games start on the website rather than just trying to get through to the ticket office from 9am. cheers Edit. It’s just came available. Admin delete please.