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  1. Hibs emails out

    Think the chances of getting a swap are slim to fuckall. Its an adult and child. Never tried to upgrade for an away game so not sure if thats possible.
  2. Hibs emails out

    Got the email then a swift quick to the stanes when I saw the kick off time. Didn't know this was midweek and probably can't make it. If anybody wants to swap 2 pittodrie for 2 easter road......
  3. When's the march to get rid of the board?

    so you're starting a boycott?
  4. Im a grass. when I worjed wi Sp back in the day u got 25 quid for grassing a junkie in. went onto the high voltage shit. no many cunts trying ti bypass wi the co ax these days
  5. fuck up. ya polarity reversing mad man.
  6. Windass

    Its called insanity. lets not kid ourselves on, we all fell for it after the first game of the season. aw aye, hes turned a corner. 2 games later we sussed him out. time somebody in a position to do something about it susses him out.
  7. Windass

    when i got in last night i put on Rangers leeds 92. i wouldmt say we had any luxury players, players with real skill and we got to within 1 game of the final of the champions league. I would go as far to say a couple of them were donkeys. but by fuck they knew how to play for Rangers.
  8. Windass

    But you have to expect better from someone who has their own song. He'll score in the next 3 or 4 weeks, run to the Rangers fans, rip off his top like hulk hogan, puff out his chest like gods gift to football and we'll all sing his song. even if he wasnt shit that song would be cringey. to still sing it after suffering the cunt for 2 years. fickle?
  9. Didn't hear many "theres one kenny miller songs today". The novelty of celebrating an over hill player who got a manager the sack must have wore off. starting the season relying on windass, wilson, hodson, miller (the rat). What could go wrong. bring back pedro.
  10. The I'm not a sex pest friday night sash bash

    you ever seen a grown man naked?
  11. The I'm not a sex pest friday night sash bash

    was that you calling and raising me???? greenock?
  12. The I'm not a sex pest friday night sash bash

    well done. you just wasted the worsest thread ever.
  13. The I'm not a sex pest friday night sash bash

    mate. Im a fuckin RM legend.
  14. Maybe just a coincidence that at the same time the sex pests are getting outed there's no friday night sash bash. fuck yeez all.