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  1. Just think. Wilson was a first choice last season. Imagine going into a new season and that was still the case. Shudder.
  2. They didnt really though did they. We had as many opportunities to score in the last 15 minutes than we did in the other 165 minutes of the tie. Because they thought, fuck, we better get our act together. They were strolling about thinking they had it in the bag, no dramas. Until they equalised. So we lost the tie because we're pish, thats the only reason. Matched them for EFFORT and DESIRE but simply they are better than us. Beaten by the best. No shame in that.
  3. Not into black birds. The only time you'll see me with a black woman is when im holding her till the police get there.
  4. Arise, sir pedro! Done well today. Just a shame that we showed more desire in a meaningless friendly than we did in a euro qualifier. Nothing to do with fitness or not gelling, we just werent up for it and were second to everything. Based on that performace today we may just have done a little better in europe than any of us thought we would.
  5. Because he was wearing the training top and it didnt go with the club tie he was wearing or something like that. Or was it because he was bursting a gut trying to close people down, but had a look in his eye that said i cant be fucked and dont want to be here? Not entirely sure myself either.
  6. Good riddance to the cunts.
  7. All the best mad man. You put in a shift but unfortanately it just never happened for you. Onward and upward.
  8. You got me. I'm a tim. Lay off super ally that done just as much of not more damage as any spiv in the last 5 years.
  9. He has the best goal scoring statistics. His legend status is long gone. Rangers v Leeds was one of my best experiences as a ger, one of my go youtuYouTube vids before or after a game with a few beers. That back post header goes in now and i shake my head. That man sold his soul. On paper he'll be the greatest striker of a generation. To me, pffff, I'll leave it at that.
  10. Ha. Good news. Me and the wee man have just transferred from br2. 2 rows from the back. If you're anywhere near there you're in for a treat. He wanted in bf1 or next to the away fans. Couldn't have asked for a better transfer. When the union bears are bouncing so will he, taking out a few eyeballs with his twirling scarf. I cringe at some of the things he shouts. Aberdeen fans are stupid, haha he got a red card, referee sucks. I feel like saying, ffs, can you no just be a bigot like your dad was at that age.
  11. I would have said money! They can charge 49 quid a pop for the filth. However, I asked if I could just pay an adults price for the wee man,nope, not allowed. last old firm game I had to sit in another seat and the wee man had watch on the telly whilst scumbags had an actual party on our seats. onthe list to move but was told was over 1000 on the list. the attitude of the girl in the ticket office was poor tbh. Though about not renewing and taking our chances in the public sale.
  12. Hello hello New member, BR2, lifetime ban from FF for telling it like it is, and also because suck is a fat self serving virgin.