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  1. Josh Windass

    Brilliance is pushing it a bit. I would say "less shite". Its when the cunt scores and takes a bow in front of the fans as if to say, youre welcome, dont say im no good to you for gracing you with my presence that gets me.
  2. Are you rikt in the tattie or whit?
  3. wasnt top goal scorer at junior. liked the drink too much. who knows, maybe if I stuck in I could have been on the left wing today.
  4. Mate I've got more top goal scorer trophies from the amatuers and the youth leagues than I know what to do with but. erm um. what? You on the smack tae aye?
  5. Thats endemic throughout the team. Its a lack of confidence. 8 yards out and you have the option to put your laces through it or try and control it and side foot it into the net. why the fuck take a touch. get over it and blast it. if it goes into the stands then so be it. its better than trying to take a touch, which inevitably bounces off you and ends up in the stand, or on the off chance you do get it under control then blast it into the stand from the same position you were in the first place.
  6. Tav

    Its the hope hope that gets you. I was buzzing for this all week, for the first time in a long time I've went into this thinking were gonna smash they cunts. The paedos losing made it even better. Today should have been a great day. the place was jumping, feel good factor about the place again. The defintion of insanity, turning up watching wee josh and the likes and expecting different results. Fucking absolutely gutted.Think they cunts are bothered? Guess we'll find out if they post a wee sad face on twitter later or no.
  7. Goss

    Fucking sad day when you're wishing a young boy thats played a handful of games was available to show "seasoned professionals" the way. We were gutless and I have no doubt if mcCrorrie was playing today we would have won.
  8. Tav

    Exactly. whats the point in putting in a man of the match performance to win a point against the filth when you do shit like that and put in performaces like Kilmarnock away. soft penalty or not thats fucking disgraceful to do that in that position. hope somebody quotes me when I was praising him after the old firm game and calls me a hypocrite, coz that will reaffirms my point. fucking idiot. cant do the basics, fucking schoolboy shit but likes a fancy wee back heel.
  9. Rossiter

    Entirely agree. was going mention ross but folk would think I was mental as I've said before he should captain and I stand by that. My point stands though, bit suspicious that rossiter is getting near fully fit and cunts start ripping the piss.
  10. Rossiter

    so just to clarify. wait until he's back in full training then start ripping a young guy to shreds. Rossiter was the best prospect we had. the days of us picking up england internationals are long gone, but we have a young guy willing to up sticks and take a punt on us. fuck me.
  11. MOH

    Away yi go @born a blue nose is awrite.
  12. Tavernier take a bow

    I'd actually say tav is the more skillful player. Hutton got to show it in the champions league whereas tav hasnt had that opportunity. If a scum player put in that performance in that tav did tonight he'd instantly be a 30m sensation. I've criticised tav many times this season for constantly getting caught inside but I don't think he had as many forward runs as normal tonight so maybe found the fine balance.
  13. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Dalcio played well, yet some cunts think thats a stick to beat every other player with. Rather than say hes done well, everycunt must be shit if theyre worse than him. Granted the guys been fucking dire every game apart from today but the ability to praise the player is a bit suspicious to say the least.
  14. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Shot ma load too early. Went to 25s no long after the second half started. Better than a kick in the stanes though.
  15. Ibrox roofs - building warrant granted

    yoi support the tims?