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  1. Detroit Lion

    Davie Provan gets it almost right...

    Davie Provan and every other Taig that exists are fucking BEELING that Ashley was chased. If Rangers fans want to join them in that, then fire in... But they’re beeling for a reason
  2. Detroit Lion

    There will be an official Tuesday night sash bash

    Sound. Ill gie Ye a haun If Ye want. Even if it’s just lifting heavy things while you deal with the important stuff.
  3. Detroit Lion

    Millers Agent

    Totally...Even if the agent had a point, it’s really unprofessional. It helps Miller in no way, and just screams “Deflect”.
  4. Detroit Lion

    Millers Agent

    If that was my agent I’d bin the cunt as soon as I saw that. Looks like it’s been bashed out by a chimpanzee with learning difficulties.
  5. Detroit Lion

    There will be an official Tuesday night sash bash

    Who sanctioned this blatant flouting of regular forum protocol? Also count me in.
  6. Detroit Lion

    Jamie Walker says he could get a ‘bigger club than Rangers’

    I’m not getting the issue either, must admit. Weve not exactly gave him the impression we were desperately needing him. We fucked about with offers, Hearts stood firm and we never bothered meeting their price. If he signs, he signs and if he goes elsewhere then so be it.
  7. Detroit Lion

    Jamie Walker says he could get a ‘bigger club than Rangers’

    If we wanted him, we would have got him. Can’t see much wrong with what he says, he’s coming out of contract and has to consider any offers.
  8. Detroit Lion

    The beginning of the end!

    Like anybody else I’m far from convinced about the managers ability, but if he has went through the players and tore a strip off them then that’s one thing I’m 100 percent behind.
  9. Detroit Lion

    Union bears display

    Aye, any serious group will. Get a venue and get yer members to devote their own free time at painting sessions. If there's been a leak or infiltrator then good on the senior guys that have chucked it out of principal, but I don’t think in their ten years they’ve ever had outside help for a banner.
  10. Detroit Lion

    Gers Fans Applaud celtic Supporters Ibrox Disaster Tribute

    Will happily pelter the cunt for his disturbing dress sense, but fair fucks to him. I imagine his fellow fans rather than us were more of a threat to him after that.
  11. Detroit Lion

    Union bears display

    It’s not something I’m too clued up about in all honesty bud. Reading my post back I guess it’s like I know what I’m talking about, but all I don’t think there’s any serious group anywhere that would have an external company make banners for them.
  12. Detroit Lion

    Is there a change in the Old Firm games?

    Change in atmosphere, change in attitude, change in fan enthusiasm which is now changed to apathy, change in policing leaving people changing to sitting on their hands, change in mindset from us as a fan base, change in the support in general. There most certainly is.
  13. Detroit Lion

    Union bears display

    I don’t think the UB get a “Company” to make their banners and don’t think they have a “Leak”. The display was visible after it had been set up. Taigs caught a sight of it and knocked up a quick retort to it. That whole scenes about one upmanship. They kinda got it on the UB a wee bit but the display was out for any cunt to see. They’ve hardly been infiltrated.
  14. Detroit Lion

    The taig game.

    Yip. Theyve backed him with money and this is now his team. I think the board see him as a long term project.
  15. Detroit Lion

    The taig game.

    Early season blips are fine. I've no issue with them, they happen to all teams. Weve used up our quota of them already. That's what our fucking problem is. So we best hit the ground running next week against these bastards.