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  1. Fantasy players like him? Harry Forrester a fantasy player
  2. Casuals United were similar a while back but don't think they had anything like they numbers. Some turn out, going by pictures.
  3. I helped him with his leaflets one day. He told me they were for Summerstoun Gala Day.
  4. I can understand people saying union bears shouldn't get priority. We're all equal and the guys themselves would be first to agree. A lot of people don't realise it's been the groups aim for years. They've took the initiative to get independent reports, advice, opinions, studies etc. They've not just suddenly decided to ask for a safe standing section so them and their mates can jump about fo a while, they've spent a shitload of their own time getting a credible campaign together, only to have doors slammed in their faces for seasons, until now.
  5. I wasn't actually sure how they would convert the offices at The Copland in the first place. They're a fucking wreck. Shame that it's not getting off the ground but here's hoping something else is in the pipeline.
  6. Im hopeful of it being CF. It's a total no brainer for me. My previous post wasn't out of concern for ST holders in the CF. I'm one myself. I'm just saying IF the club decide that the thoughts of those already there are paramount, then the majority probably won't go for it. Would the club be reluctant to conver CF1 due to the possibility of walkovers from the GF? They may need to put stewarding'barriers up at extra costing.
  7. He sponsors the big screens at ibrox and puts money into the club already. I don't think he gives a fuck about the press. If it's not came to fruition it'll be for logistical reasons, not because he's picked up a paper that nae cunt reads.
  8. In fairness, I took it as we can all be behind it and all the RSCs in the world could support it, but if the people it's actually gonna affect (ST holders in the actual seats) get consulted by the club and they dig their heels in then it's a stumbling block before it's even started.
  9. I think he can be a go between, like say to the guy that he should calm down or else the polis are gonna end get involved. If the guy kicks off then the polis take over. I think it's the same with songs, he can say that attention is on them and here's what will happen, and if they continue the polis step in. Its more about having a relationship between security and fans. Dunno if he's got the skills or whatever but he wouldn't be telling them what to do or waving the finger.
  10. I don't get why anyone would be against it. It puts like minded people in with each other on both sides of the argument. Im not convinced it "Has" to be the Copland, I think if the club offered elsewhere then we'd be wise to accept or at least try and negotiate, but apart from that it's a no brainer.
  11. Forgot where I was there guys, public details removed
  12. Safe standing will be for anyone. It's not a UB section.
  13. My mate was telling me about this, happened in his section. Was a cunt of an atmosphere on Saturday. I witnessed another couple of incidents myself that left me disheartened to say the least. People acting the cunt to their fellow fans are best fucking off to parkheid.
  14. Brilliant. An article that stems from actual research rather than simply lending its name in support will be a great addition to the dossier. I hope if a meeting goes ahead with the club, whoever is in attendance has answers or paperwork and reports hat link to batbevery question they throw at them out the park.