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  1. I just think in terms of now until end of season at least he could help Murty. I see see what people are saying about just getting someone but we have Murty til end of season even beyond if there was a role for him
  2. I remember when there was talking about our next manager he hinted he could be involved. i don’t think he’s the answer as manager but having him involved in some way with Jimmy Nicholl, JJ and Murty seems sensible. Rangers man that knows the game well and could be another sounding board similar to JN for Murty and JJ to help there development?
  3. What confuses me about there statement and push towards strip the titles is the fact they also used an EBT for Juninho? That seems to be swept under the carpet. Not the only thing they want to sweep under carpet right enough! What about Lennon O'Neill etc tax avoidance schemes although it wasn't celtic who set up they surely knew they were paying into it? I know if my employer was asked to pay into a company they'd ask questions its sureal they're so fixated on Rangers they do not focus on themselves.
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