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  1. From where we were last few weeks the result looks fantastic. Was it a strong Frenchie team and did we put in a good performance?
  2. Obviously aim for 1st, but the minimum in my eyes would be 2nd with a much smaller gap between us and the unwashed.
  3. They were both successful at the club and helped us win a number of trophies. Whittaker helped us reach a European final, something which I personally did not think I'd see us reach in the modern era. They took large paycuts when we went into admin, which they didn't have to do. They had the choice of playing bottom tier Scottish football, letting the crook Green have a strong influence on where they could move to, or leave our club. Our club let them down by putting them in that horrible situation and I cannot blame them for leaving us the way they did.
  4. So much bitterness in our support.
  5. I'd rather keep him than risk Pedro going out and buying a keeper who's at the same level as Dalcio
  6. Both of them served our club well. I wish them all the best.
  7. King, Billy
  8. Reason he made my team.
  9. Cringy as fuck that they'll probably get more for him than we would for any of our players.
  10. Manager - McCoist Bell Argyriou Cribari Moshni Bronckhorst Naismith Barton Kerker Waghorn Kyle Sandaza
  11. Kerker
  12. Things in Scottish football change drastically all the time. Just look at all that has changed over the last 5 years. I see no reason why we cannot be back to our former influence level over the next 5 or so years.
  13. Would say we have lost some of our influence, but I would say we're only second to the unwashed, our club is too big compered to the other clubs to not be able to exert more influence than them. We've only been in the top flight for a season, we'll get more influence as time goes on. Sure once we start doing better in Europe and have a sizeable contribution towards the leagues coefficient we'll get even more influence.
  14. I fully agree. I think the approach the unwashed are taking is disgusting. End of the day though it comes with the rivalry. I have no doubt that if the roles were reversed there would be people in our support being very vocal like them. Either way what they have done in the past to us has made Scottish football even weaker. Their obsession to destroy us when all it would do is make the Scottish game even shitter is typical taig pish. At least our top flight is swings and roundabouts, we'll be back on top where we belong soon.
  15. Can't see them being stripped as no one will gain anything, all it would result in is pissed off Rangers fans which isn't in the SFA interest. If the period in question was more recent then I feel it would have been more likely. Either way I personally don't give a fuck if they are stripped. End of the day our players finished ahead of everyone else those seasons. Some meaningless records might be altered but at the end of the day even if they are as far as I'm concerned we won those titles fairly and I won't be changing that opinion.