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  1. No doubt that many of our players have played well below the standard they are capable of and I get your point that they open themselves up more with pish performances. From my experience though you do not want to lose against friends and if anything that pushes you to put more effort in and not less. Either way, hoping big Stevie G clears out the crap and sets us back on the right path. Supporting terrorism, wearing the unwashed rags and celebrating with their fans is a bit different to hanging out with friends.
  2. BF1

    BBC Article

    A fair accusation given our response was to palm it off to the liquidators. Hoping our club deals with this properly and not take the taig route.
  3. BF1

    Welcome Back Allan Mcgregor

    Easily the best signing we have made in many years. Welcome home.
  4. It was a bad tackle, but it being on a player that has been out for months is irrelevant. I only care what our players do on the pitch (not much this year) , off the pitch they can do what they want.
  5. Don't see why it matters who our players hang about with.
  6. BF1

    Improvement on last season?

    Still a lot to improve on but in terms of personnel I think we are in a better position than last year, even if overall team performance aren't as consistent as they should be. Felt it would be naive to expect us to be challenging for the title the first few years after we came up but think we will be challenging over the next 3 years. Hoping Stevie G can provide the breakthrough we have been waiting years for and at the very least punt the sheep back to where they belong next season. '
  7. Insane that he is only 21. What a player.
  8. Probably because they don't have to play teams like bayern and psg in the spl
  9. BF1


    Didn't think he would have much impact here, but glad to see him proving me wrong.
  10. BF1

    Time to gel

    The problem is that they were in a position where they didn't need significant changes and could focus on a few positions. It makes me sick saying it, but they were so far ahead of us last season in almost every position and depth. It was always going to be hard for us the first few seasons back in the SPL. We're a big club that expects success. While I fully believe we are stronger than we were last term, it wouldn't surprise me if it took us a few transfer windows to get back to where we belong.
  11. BF1

    The problem we have

    I don't see any issue with Jack being our best player, if anything it shows what a fantastic bit of business he was. I feel one thing he has which a lot of our other first team players don't is real competition for his starting place in the form of Rossiter who is clearly talented and hungry himself. I fully believe there is a lot of potential in our team, with other players like Morelos, Cardoso and even Windlass having the potential to become very good players. If our players as a whole can give a little bit more, and with some minor tactical tweeks I could see us putting in a real challenge on all fronts. Here's hoping the team and Pedro can step up.
  12. BF1

    Win or walk for Pedro today?

    We've put in some good performances post progress when Pedro has had "his team". We looked good against Hiv before the sending off. Imo he deserves until the end of the season, or at the very least January before he is judged.
  13. BF1

    Will the board speak now

    Just like players, refs have bad games. Don't know why that is so hard for people to accept. Sure there have been plenty of times where refs have made terrible decisions that have went in our favour. All this conspiracy pish needs to stop. The cards been overturned. Let's focus on hearts.
  14. Each to their own. Like I've said before I bet to win, not to line the bookies pockets. Can't remember ever betting against our 1st team, and mostly avoid putting bets on our games. Still put coin on our u20s when they were 2-0 down with 20 to go. Atm betting against u20s teams in the Challenge Cup is as close as you'll get to free money. FFS Annan at home to beat the taigs u20s was apparently up at 10/1.