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  1. Can't wait to put 10 past these Progrès cunts and burn their precious bush.
  2. Wonder if we'll ever get back to 2 CL spots in the league..... Howling at all of them that already booked 😂😂😂😂
  3. BF1


    Hard to tell against that lot
  4. BF1

    Greg Stewart

    Hard to judge against opposition like that
  5. This games going as expected. Wasn't expecting a top performance, but very happy to see so much squad rotation. Only a diddy team we're playing, but have been impressed by some of Aribos touches.
  6. Happy with that line up, but would have liked to see McPake on from the start in place of Aribo or Kamara.
  7. Good move from the club. While he isn't anywhere near the standard we need, I wish him all the best.
  8. If Thistle go up and those Arab bastards stay down for another year as a result of some investment then mon the Thistle.
  9. So both our fullbacks can score free kicks 🤔
  10. It's a disgrace what UEFA have done to European competitions, all to pander to the 'big' leagues. For me the knockout stages (and most of the CL group stage games) of these competitions are getting so boring, seeing the same teams playing each other year after year. Last season Ajax brought back the magic and showed what European football should be, shame it's such a rarity.
  11. Most of the run to the Uefa cup final.
  12. Surprised so many here don't want Progrès to go through. Really want us to get them and put 10 past them over 2 legs. Seeing the famous bush is a bonus.
  13. Wouldn't know. Unlike you I didn't spend my youth in chapal.
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