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  1. Never sang any of those songs at a game because unlike the cretins that are quoting me, I actually care about the club. The folk singing these songs at games are vermin, and certainly not bears. A bear wouldn't intentionally go out and hurt the club. I'd rather give their lot lifetime bans before they cause game to be played behind closed doors/chucked outo Europe. Sadly, some of our support would rather get paranoid about conspiracies.
  2. Lifetime bans for those responsible. Sickening that bears that can control themselves will miss out on the Legia game cause of these vermin. We don't need them in out support.
  3. BF1


    Hard to believe he's 22 and will only get better. What a player.
  4. Good result and sets us up well for the return leg.
  5. He's probably an improvement to Bain, but even with him we are still a lot better than them at the back.
  6. If your laptops the issue, you could try casting from your mobile to TV, assuming both have the option. Would also give the option of using your own WiFi or your network provider. If you have a decent data plan and faster speeds from your network, it could be a better than your WiFi.
  7. It's a bit deceiving their coefficient, and it's going to be taking a massive drop next season after we batter them on and off the pitch.
  8. The disco lights haven't turned up for the tatties today ­čśé
  9. ´╗┐Forrest, ´╗┐´╗┐ Christie´╗┐, McGre´╗┐g´╗┐o´╗┐´╗┐r, Eduorde and the Frenchie midfielder. But I couldn't see all of them being in a starting lineup.
  10. They did, but understandable they hate that lot after it. Winning as convincingly as they did against a team in the CL that were probably favourites then going out in that manner has to be very hard to take. You just know the unwashed would have been smug bastards after it too.
  11. Cringy as fuck if they hate a team that BS'd them out the CL despite winning 6-1. Cringe
  12. Legia seem to genuinely despise that mob (understandable) so doubt it would be just to appease us.
  13. Had a scroll through their forum, Poles talking a lot of sense. Let's make it happen.
  14. The Danes are in meltdown on their forum ­čśé
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