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  1. backup

    Great result but

    win next two games go top, all in our own hands..
  2. backup

    boca v river plate

    freesport, what a game what a crowd half time 2-1 boca .
  3. backup

    Lest We Forget

  4. backup

    Lest We Forget

    Do not let their sacrifice be in vain, God bless each and every one for ensuring our freedom 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  5. backup

    Elite Sports to open a Glasgow store

    This elite ? Elite group whom we were dealing with, don't have shops.
  6. Today has the ability to be the biggest day in SG's reign so far, let's hope that he and the team do not fluff their lines, looking for a 3 goal win and hoping our defence turns up. Must say though 8-1 is short for us 3-0 !
  7. backup

    Elite Sports to open a Glasgow store

  8. backup

    celtic PFC: China Syndrome

    ruled by taigs.
  9. backup

    Pena returning is it a 👍 or 👎

    How can he find space in the box...when he is always out of his !
  10. backup

    Formal Complaint from Rangers re Collum

    Collum is a gash biased referee, no need for the in bold, simple fact will do....
  11. backup

    celtic PFC: China Syndrome

    some executives just have far to much time on their hands, when not receiving the liquid cosh from nurse Ratched 😱
  12. backup

    Pena returning is it a 👍 or 👎

    Takings will rocket !
  13. backup

    Formal Complaint from Rangers re Collum

    We auld school don't expect a Rangers manager to be neutral in anything that is to the detriment of The Rangers, if you are in tune with "quiet dignity" you carry on.
  14. backup

    Goldson rested ?

    REST UP Rangers boss Steven Gerrard admits he’s considering pulling Connor Goldson out of the starting line-up The former Brighton defender has already played 25 games this season and with Gareth McAuley now available, the manager is considering giving him time to rest Rangers were guilty of some criminal defending in Moscow. Now Light Blues boss Steven Gerrard is considering a Con job in a bid to get his rearguard back to their best. Gerrard splashed out £3.5million on Connor Goldson to lead his new-look defence in the summer. He thinks the world of the ex-Brighton man — and his bizarre Spartak own goal hasn’t changed that. But, after playing 25 games, seven more than the last two seasons combined, Goldson has had an exhausting schedule. And with Gareth McAuley now available, Gerrard admits he will need to take him out of the firing line at some point. He said: “Connor is constantly in my face saying, ‘Don’t give me a rest, don’t give me a rest, don’t give me a rest’. “But there will be a time when I have got to help him. He won’t like that but it is my job. “Connor has played a lot of games but that’s the case for a lot of these players. This is the squad we have put together. “This is the reason the players have come to play as many games as they can — because they’ve been frustrated at other clubs or haven’t been able to get a breakthrough. “In terms of a lot of our players, all these experiences are new. Regular games, a European run, playing against individuals who are worth £20-25m. “It is all a new experience for them. But it’s fantastic for them as Rangers players and they should be really embracing this run. “I’ve mentioned the schedule so many times. It is what it is and we have to cope. “The challenge for me now is to try and get as much energy into the players physically and get them right mentally. “You try and get as big a squad as you can when you’re in this situation because you know it’s going to take its toll at some point. “There is no getting away from the fact the amount of games we have played is a lot for where we are. But it is what it is.” McAuley’s return to fitness is a boost for Gerrard as he looks to steady the defensive ship. The veteran Northern Irishman only made his debut in Moscow but is in line to play a bigger role going forward. At 38, McAuley can provide a calming influence — and Gerrard won’t hesitate to throw him in. He said: “Gareth is ready now. Obviously when he came in he had had a really big summer lay-off because he didn’t know where his future lay. “He went away with Northern Ireland to try to get some volume of work in, but came back with an injury which set him back. “But he has been on the training pitch now for close to a month and we have put some games in his legs behind closed doors. “I think he has played three 90 minutes now and another 45 on top of that. So he is available now. “We have four centre-halves and they all knew what we were looking for at the start of the season. “It is good to have Gareth available and I would have no problem putting him in now. “Gareth’s experience can be valuable in certain situations, for sure. We know his strengths, we realise where he is in his career. “He is a big Rangers fan who wanted this move. He realised it would be a squad player situation so he is professional and has been patient. “There will be times we need his experience and his know-how. “That might be from the beginning of a match or to see a game out, or against a certain opponent who might come and try to bombard us.” Gerrard got to bed at 4am as Rangers returned from Russia after the 4-3 defeat. The Ibrox boss savaged his side’s defending in Moscow and wants a big improvement against a physical Motherwell. He said: “What I said in the post-match conference is still my opinion. I’m really proud of the boys in terms of their effort and application. “I thought we attacked really well and looked dangerous throughout the game. “We did really well to score three and it should have been four. But defensively we need to learn and improve quickly. “We made individual mistakes which were punished. And that just smashes you in the face about the level of opponent we are playing. “It’s important we don’t have any hangover and try and approach Sunday as fresh as we can, because it’s an important three points for us. “You can cope with going into a game a little bit stiff or maybe with your energy levels a little bit off. “But if you are not right mentally then you will probably come unstuck. “Motherwell have had some good results against Rangers in recent years and I’ve analysed that.