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  1. Likely not but still unacceptable to have to wait. This needs sorted already. I can't believe Ashley still wants this deal. It would be better for both parties if he and Sports Direct just walked away.
  2. That is the funniest thing I heard all day! Hope Rangers put 5 past them.
  3. It was meant to hinder RFC and allow for all rewards and £££ to go to help the dark side. Worst agreement ever and the dark side still would have asked for more punishments against Rangers.
  4. No way 4th. Hoping first but realistically 2nd. This is almost a whole new team again that has to learn to play together.
  5. Hope for an easier round 3 to go on and win so that we can go further. The timing of the friendly coming up will make this round challenging too. 3 games in 11 days.
  6. That looks like some tough teams in that draw. Could be a strong test.
  7. No kidding. They are the most whinny, brass neck sore loser, treasonous, complaining POS ever. Always somone else's fault. Never defeated always cheated.
  8. They will probably go to the CAS and if they win ask for Rangers to pay the court costs. Even if they don't win they will probably hold back prize money for the court costs so Rangers has to fund the case against themselves. Probably use c*$^%#'s lawyers too.
  9. It is unbelievable that the msm just ignores these facts when all they seem to print are negative stories anyways to try and sell papers with shock headlines.
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