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  1. 🤣 🖕🏻 was right to be worried it’s like a fkn 2nd skin
  2. yeah sleeves look a bit weird flappin about though due to not having a trident dick 😏
  3. me too, bit worried now right enough as my Mrs is hysterical cause I ordered a small :o(
  4. Think there is more that agree that the BBC suck a big dick, however none fancy the large fine that comes with your protest.
  5. Wtf are people actually at games that spout this fkn constant shite? Flanagan ahead of tav? Ejaria up front ?, Fkn weapon! I’m sick of fkn retards on this site spouting shite, that’s plenty! If this is the level of idiot then fuck me
  6. Exactly! lets wait till the boy actually gets some minutes under his belt before we start judging him. We have absolutely no idea why he isn't getting time so no point listening to folk just making shit up and wait and see for ourselves. Hope he reads nothing half our fans put on social media or the cunt will be crying into his taco's
  7. Just never seen a 6ft ginger before, don't get them in Mexico .
  8. Hope this isn't the new away, honking :O(
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