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  1. Jonboy

    The Media Agenda

    Think there is more that agree that the BBC suck a big dick, however none fancy the large fine that comes with your protest.
  2. Bought 2 home tops there was no 3rd top on there :0( must be sold out
  3. Jonboy

    Another signing incoming maybe

    Was exaggerating ?‍♂️, much like yourself when you said he has been our best player the last 4 games. I like him as well and think he is gonna be great for us, however he is with us because he is young and raw and I personally think it stands out a mile. All I'm saying is we need a decent creative midfielder with some experience and composure.
  4. Jonboy

    Another signing incoming maybe

    Fair point, was on a rant :O(
  5. Jonboy

    Another signing incoming maybe

    think you were watching the wrong game mate, the last to games he has been decent nowhere near our best player lol what a lot of shite. few weeks ago people saying how much he gives away possession and makes the wrong decision in the final third but yeah lets built a team round him ya clown.
  6. Jonboy

    Another signing incoming maybe

    Ejaria looks good but he is raw as fuck and nowhere near good enough to be our main midfield threat the whole season, or even till Jan
  7. Jonboy

    "We're in a good place"

    Hibs, hearts and Aberdeen can though
  8. Jonboy

    *** Official NK Maribor vs Rangers Match Thread***

    Who else is playing left back?
  9. Jonboy

    *** Offical Rangers V St Mirren Match thread ***

    Wtf are people actually at games that spout this fkn constant shite? Flanagan ahead of tav? Ejaria up front ?, Fkn weapon! I’m sick of fkn retards on this site spouting shite, that’s plenty! If this is the level of idiot then fuck me
  10. Jonboy

    Winning Ugly

    After the shite given against us I’d be goin at angry glances! Can’t beat em join em.
  11. Jonboy

    Simon Jordan on talksport

    probably cause he was treated like shite when Delia was there after getting player of the year
  12. Jonboy

    Barisic signs

    that'll bring everyone back down to earth with a fkn bump.
  13. Jonboy

    Barisic signs

    Think it definitely is, little worried about creativity seems like our full backs are the only ones that have it lol. depends if they can keep that fight they have had and also hold their nerve which seems to have been a problem in recent seasons.
  14. Jonboy

    Ejaria and Kent

    nuts how everyone see's them differently, thought Ejaria was terrible in the 1st half and wanted him off, constantly gave the ball away , done a bit better in the 2nd half but was still disappointed when Coulibaly got whipped instead of him. Kent looks like he needs confidence and he be decent