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  1. 🀣 πŸ–•πŸ» was right to be worried it’s like a fkn 2nd skin
  2. yeah sleeves look a bit weird flappin about though due to not having a trident dick 😏
  3. me too, bit worried now right enough as my Mrs is hysterical cause I ordered a small :o(
  4. was trying to work out if you were comparing him to Morelos cause he never learns or Kent cause he's only had one red card, but you would be right on both so I'll just say yes.
  5. Think he's pissed because he doesn't learn and continues to make the same mistake over and over as opposed to a singular incident against them. Kent has had one incident since he arrived.
  6. Also in the games we he actually got sent off we drew 2, lost 2 and won 1
  7. RDB probably, followed by Flo though that didn't work out 😏
  8. Think there is more that agree that the BBC suck a big dick, however none fancy the large fine that comes with your protest.
  9. Was exaggerating ?‍♂️, much like yourself when you said he has been our best player the last 4 games. I like him as well and think he is gonna be great for us, however he is with us because he is young and raw and I personally think it stands out a mile. All I'm saying is we need a decent creative midfielder with some experience and composure.
  10. think you were watching the wrong game mate, the last to games he has been decent nowhere near our best player lol what a lot of shite. few weeks ago people saying how much he gives away possession and makes the wrong decision in the final third but yeah lets built a team round him ya clown.
  11. Ejaria looks good but he is raw as fuck and nowhere near good enough to be our main midfield threat the whole season, or even till Jan
  12. Hibs, hearts and Aberdeen can though
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