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  1. http://www.wizistreams.com/p/stream4.html Seems to be working alright.
  2. MFJ14

    The Boxing News Thread

  3. MFJ14

    ***The Official Osijek v Rangers Match Thread***

    http://sportztv.live/channel7.html That's the link those roasters are streaming it from.
  4. MFJ14

    Travelling to Skopje thread

    Manchester - Barcelona - Skopje on Monday Skopje - Hamburg - Manchester on Thursday Spending an extra day in Skopje on Wednesday, thought might aswell have a look about. Got 6 hours in Hamburg on the way back too. Buzzing for this now, first European away trip. @cp9
  5. MFJ14

    Unpopular Opinions When It Comes To Rangers?

    Lloyds Bank were bringing the finances under control
  6. Wilson was the bigger loss. He’s done well, but I suspect we will be sitting in a years time looking back and thinking ‘remember when we wanted Bates to stay?’ I’m sure Gerrard will bring in decent centre halves. He has to, otherwise we don’t do fuck all next year - the defence is a complete liability.
  7. MFJ14

    Sir Alex Ferguson seriously ill

    Hope he pulls through, absolute footballing legend.
  8. MFJ14

    Mexican wave

    With hindsight, it’s actually the send off Pedro deserved.
  9. MFJ14

    The Boxing News Thread

    http://buffstreamz.com/watch/boxing2.php Pretty decent stream
  10. MFJ14


    He’s a fenian fuck and the sooner he’s out the better.
  11. MFJ14

    Billy Gilmour - Living the dream

    You’re an absolute fucking tool.
  12. MFJ14

    So proud of my team today

    Dig. That’s what we had. Players giving everything they had. At the end of the day that’s all we ask for, the 11 out on that pitch giving a fuck. We need better quality out there, no doubt about that. But the players showed up, worked like fuck and we’re determined not to let those fenian fucks come away with a result. That’s all I ask of any Rangers player in that they go out and work like fuck for that badge. And big credit to the away support, absolutely brilliant. All I could hear through sky was that bobby sands was deed. Absolute delight.
  13. Great to be positive mate but let’s not gloss over the fact that was an absolutely awful first half performance. I can abide by the fact that players aren’t Rangers fans but as professional footballers to see them swan about like that in the first half, as if it was a kick about, was appalling. Fair play to Murty, whatever was said at half time worked but it’s ross county. We should be giving them a lesson.
  14. MFJ14

    Jim McColl

    There is absolutely no point in thinking over what may have been. Less focus on that and more on what the fuck were doing now. We need something to happen imminently.
  15. MFJ14

    Declan John or Lee wallace?

    Absolute nonsense. He may not be good enough for Rangers anymore, but to suggest he wouldn’t have played regularly in the SPL over the years is baffling. Your comment about him being the worst captain in our history is pretty embarrassing to be honest. His time may be up, but he’s been an excellent servant to the club and at least didn’t fuck off at the first opportunity when others did.