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  1. Declan John or Lee wallace?

    Absolute nonsense. He may not be good enough for Rangers anymore, but to suggest he wouldn’t have played regularly in the SPL over the years is baffling. Your comment about him being the worst captain in our history is pretty embarrassing to be honest. His time may be up, but he’s been an excellent servant to the club and at least didn’t fuck off at the first opportunity when others did.
  2. Rugby GIP

    I’d really love to ruck her
  3. Pedro - recruitment.

    Surprised me how bad Cardoso has been (in general) to what I was expecting.
  4. Jack and Dorrans

    I heard he knows Kevin Thompson
  5. Jack and Dorrans

  6. McCrorie

    Put more of a shift in than Alves has done all season.
  7. Candeias

    He doesn't half work his arse off to get back and cover Tavernier, which is excellent on his part. We all know Tavernier has a tendency to get caught upfield, so it's good to see someone is aware of what is going on around him. We've been far too weak down that channel defensively when Tavernier goes forward. No one has been willing to work back. Fair play to the lad. Solid all round player.
  8. How to build bridges

    Both of them should jump off the nearest bridge.
  9. Get that tarrier fuck Snodgrass out your team this instance
  10. Squad gathering

    Hearts are our rivals? Hold on...
  11. Scum bag

  12. Friendly v Sheff Wed 30th July at Hillsborough?

    Ryan Jack is going to be a massive player for us this year. Been very impressed with him so far, doesn't seem the type to get fazed by anything around him. Just does his job, and does it well.
  13. UFC live.

    First card i've stayed up for a while, hoping its worth it. I took Sterling, Lamas, Manuwa, Lawler and Jones so off to a decent start so far!
  14. Scam the haters

    Imagine not noticing it was set up under the name 'Tim O'Toole.' Bunch of dirty inbred mongos.