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  1. MFJ14

    Lewis Ferguson

    Baffling suggestion.
  2. http://www.wizistreams.com/p/stream4.html Seems to be working alright.
  3. http://f1livegp.org/wp/dillian-whyte-vs-joseph-parker/
  4. http://sportztv.live/channel7.html That's the link those roasters are streaming it from.
  5. Manchester - Barcelona - Skopje on Monday Skopje - Hamburg - Manchester on Thursday Spending an extra day in Skopje on Wednesday, thought might aswell have a look about. Got 6 hours in Hamburg on the way back too. Buzzing for this now, first European away trip. @cp9
  6. Lloyds Bank were bringing the finances under control
  7. Wilson was the bigger loss. He’s done well, but I suspect we will be sitting in a years time looking back and thinking ‘remember when we wanted Bates to stay?’ I’m sure Gerrard will bring in decent centre halves. He has to, otherwise we don’t do fuck all next year - the defence is a complete liability.
  8. Hope he pulls through, absolute footballing legend.
  9. MFJ14

    Mexican wave

    With hindsight, it’s actually the send off Pedro deserved.
  10. http://buffstreamz.com/watch/boxing2.php Pretty decent stream
  11. Get that tarrier fuck Snodgrass out your team this instance
  12. Ryan Jack is going to be a massive player for us this year. Been very impressed with him so far, doesn't seem the type to get fazed by anything around him. Just does his job, and does it well.
  13. First card i've stayed up for a while, hoping its worth it. I took Sterling, Lamas, Manuwa, Lawler and Jones so off to a decent start so far!
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