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    Going slightly off topic, but there was a reason Walter consistently selected those two. They essentially played a role where the only task they had was to provide a strong presence in midfield, win the ball back and give it to someone more creative. We badly lack that now and a bit bemused Gerrard hasn't addressed it. Mccrorie could easily fill that role; he doesn't need to be a world beater, just needs to do his assigned job and let Hagi, Kent etc do their thing.
  2. He's a good player is Arfield, just not having the best of times in terms of form. He knows what it's about, which is the main thing. He will be back to it sooner rather than later. Edit - he played well today.
  3. Managed to get an indy ticket online with 2 points. Can't wait for this.
  4. I think Scotland will beat Ireland in the opening game, but I suppose it's irrelevant when we have either NZ or SA in the quarters. I reckon SA to win it overall. Hopefully Wales completely bomb it, can't stand Gatland and his anti rugby brigade.
  5. Gerrard should be taking the blame for this. I'm a big fan of his, but we were naive tactically, and to be honest, looked completely lost for big periods of the game. SG needs to stop overthinking and play to our strengths. It's not difficult.
  6. MFJ14


    Completely moronic statement. Not sure if youre a racist or just a complete and utter idiot, but to suggest Aribo, Kamara or Ojo aren't physical enough is nonsense. They are, but they were completely left out to dry with the daft tactics we employed today.
  7. Nonsense. Kamara has been here only half a season and has generally impressed whilst Kent has arguably been up there as one of our best.
  8. http://www.wizistreams.com/p/stream4.html Seems to be working alright.
  9. http://f1livegp.org/wp/dillian-whyte-vs-joseph-parker/
  10. http://sportztv.live/channel7.html That's the link those roasters are streaming it from.
  11. http://buffstreamz.com/watch/boxing2.php Pretty decent stream
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