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  1. Nonsense. Kamara has been here only half a season and has generally impressed whilst Kent has arguably been up there as one of our best.
  2. Grezda reminds me of Marvin Cilik. Utter dogshite and a complete hit and hope merchant. With Barisic, theres a player there. He's just not got the mentality to reach the level he's clearly capable of. Echoing what others have said but if he could somehow screw the nut, could be a very useful player for us. Frustrating.
  3. Not happening. I work with a close family friend of Arfield and her response to this was that there's absolutely no chance of it.
  4. MFJ14

    Lewis Ferguson

    Baffling suggestion.
  5. http://www.wizistreams.com/p/stream4.html Seems to be working alright.
  6. http://f1livegp.org/wp/dillian-whyte-vs-joseph-parker/
  7. http://sportztv.live/channel7.html That's the link those roasters are streaming it from.
  8. Lloyds Bank were bringing the finances under control
  9. http://buffstreamz.com/watch/boxing2.php Pretty decent stream
  10. Get that tarrier fuck Snodgrass out your team this instance
  11. Ryan Jack is going to be a massive player for us this year. Been very impressed with him so far, doesn't seem the type to get fazed by anything around him. Just does his job, and does it well.
  12. First card i've stayed up for a while, hoping its worth it. I took Sterling, Lamas, Manuwa, Lawler and Jones so off to a decent start so far!
  13. Thanks both for your help! Sent over a small donation just a couple of seconds ago.
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