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  1. Alves70

    Article today

    One win in ten group stage games wow Barcelona and Real Madrid should just withdraw from the Champions league as they've got no chance against the best super-duper manager that world has ever seen.
  2. Alves70


    Good game yesterday but he will be 38 in a few weeks and starting someone at that age is hardly building for the future. No matter the reason he was dropped by PC I think it was warranted based on his terrible performances at the start of the season. I think Miller proved yesterday that if you use him sparingly he has a part to play but asking a guy at his age to play every minute of every game wont work out well.
  3. Alves70

    Pedro on a loser from day one.

    The majority of players this season were signed by PC so I can't see how that could be used as an excuse for the Motherwell or Killie results also if he thought that certain elements were plotting against him then he should have binned them in the summer. Bottom line is in Scottish football terms he spent a huge amount of money and Rangers were 4th in the league and out of the league cup when he left he was just not good enough.
  4. Alves70

    Pedro on a loser from day one.

    The mHedia in this country always have to try and find an ulterior sinister motive when a manager leaves Rangers rather than the blindingly obvious one of results were just poor.
  5. Alves70


    Hopefully him and Herrera get picked for the two Mexico friendly games in Europe over the next few weeks and both play blinders might put them both in the shop window for January.
  6. Alves70

    The table at full time

    If we can keep the gap to single figures going into the winter shutdown that would give the new gaffer 3 weeks to do some much needed work on the squad for the second half of the season while at the same time still hanging in there. Lots of good bosman signings up for grab that we might get for cheap in January if we sign them on a pre-contract first. That other lot are long overdue having a sticky spell in the league if someone gets that first win against them then the tired legs from Europe might just show.
  7. Alves70


    I think that’s a rather overhyped version of events. (Yes it’s hypocritical and never happened) but had we won the last two games we would have been in the league cup final and one win away from 2nd place. The money that was given to the manager in the summer was probably more in fees than the rest of the league outside of celtic had spent in the last 2 or 3 seasons combined. The loans this board are providing will also never physically have to be paid back they will convert to equity at which point we’ll be debt free.
  8. Alves70

    The Mexicans

    TBH I don’t think these two will fancy the Scottish winter too much especially now Pedro has gone. Best we can hope for is maybe some Mexican team takes them on loan in January and we recover some of the money spent on them at a later date.
  9. Alves70


    That was only just over 2 and a half years ago this board took over in March 2015. Should have a look at where exactly Rangers were before they gained control. Had they not cared about the club they could have sat back and let Cashley run us into the ground.
  10. Alves70


    Should cast your mind further back before the current board took over as a lot on here seem to have a wee bit of amnesia about where exactly we were under Ashley and co. This board may not be perfect but had they sat on their arse and done nothing Rangers would be in a relegation battle now with every crippled Newcastle player they have loaned to us with about £30m in debts to Ashley.
  11. Alves70

    2 Significant Results last night

    Honestly would not hand the sheep £1m for Mcinnes all that’s doing is giving them money to spend in January strengthening them and probably for Rangers it’s using up any potential transfer funds to bring in a mediocre manager.
  12. Alves70

    Get that board to fuck

    Your ambition in life seems to be hiding behind a computer hoping Rangers get beat so you can start ranting about kingco. You have already admitted you want Rangers to fail in another thread. You should go back to pie and bovril with the rest of the tims.
  13. Alves70

    Get that board to fuck

    Maybe if you present a clear well thought out response as to who would take over rather than the usual “ just get a pure billionaire to take over man” you might have some semblance of a case to make. You live in complete fantasy world.
  14. Alves70

    Get that board to fuck

    You do know the club is losing money not making it right?
  15. Alves70

    Get that board to fuck

    So why the feck has no one done this already if it’s just as simple as you make out?