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  1. Defending corners.

    Looking at what some of the Nottingham Forest fans have been saying on twitter it's not hard to see why Rangers were so bad at the back last season. Pretty much word for word what was being said on any Rangers forum 12 months back. They've lost more set-play goals than anyone in the league so far which is not really shocking to say the least.
  2. When the January window opens...

    Don't think any club in Scottish football right now could pay a £6m fee even that lot across the city with CL income have only ever done it twice before and that was way back in the early 2000s. Only way we'll see that kind of money being spent by Rangers or anyone else is to move out of Scottish football.
  3. When the January window opens...

    We are stuck with Miller and Krancjar till next summer sadly no one will be daft enough to offer them Bosman contracts far less sign them in Jan. Moult, Mclean, Walker, John and Morgan should all be signed on Bosman deals asap. After that's done offer 50k for each them in an upfront fee in the January window and see if clubs bite and maybe sell them to us.
  4. Jesus that badger, badger mushroom song is annoying on the FB stream.
  5. Pedros Presser

    I think we have to keep in mind he comes from a different culture and he's speaking a 2nd language. Also throw in a media that ask loaded questions at every opportunity. While PC can be clumsy at times in his interviews it's far better to listen to than the robotic Warburton spouting the same thing over and over again. Would like to place Rodgers or Mcinnes in front of a Portuguese press core and have them do interviews in Portuguese to see how they would get on.
  6. No problem with that if he is being used sparingly over the season, we can't go back to having a soon to be 38 year old starting every game.
  7. Forum activity.

    Not a go at anyone but the constant negative posts/threads saying the same thing day in day out probably don't help. Should have a sub forum for posters who want to rant about King/Pedro/Robertson etc and more football related threads in the BD.
  8. Time for Herrera and Morelos to get a run out together and let's see what they do as a partnership.
  9. Old news

    3 reasons 1. The press being run by celtic fans 2. Rangers bashing generates money. 3. Scottish football is one load of pish and they have nothing else to write about. Personally if not for Rangers I would probably watch some yank sports like baseball or some similar crap before Killie vs Ross County on TV.
  10. hannah & waddel miller not the source/leak

    Wouldn't trust a word that anyone in Scottish press says. Most of them have one agenda and it's to keep Rangers in turmoil. Miller has been dealt with now end of story for me. Besides we look better as a team with him not around anyway so it's probably a case of every cloud has a silver lining.
  11. Out of contract next summer can be signed on a Bosman in January definitely should offer him a deal.
  12. Miller to train with the Kids

    Had Charles Green and his band of merry conmen not taken a sledgehammer to our club in the first place Kingco would not have been at the club right now. I think some of our fan base have actually forgotten just exactly where Rangers were in the pre-Kingco days. 3rd in the 2nd tier of Scottish football £6m in debt to Ashley kenny Mcdowall as manager Easdales and Llambias running the club 4 injured Newcastle players on loan Constant instability in the board room and endless shenanigans year after year. Horrific retail deals As for the question do this current board have the financial clout to take the club back to the top? In a word no they don't, but they are the only one's who have stepped up to the plate in the last 6 years when we've been sold not once but twice to two conmen. Like it or not peado fc have taken in about £60 million more than us in just the last two seasons we can't match them pound for pound. The only long term option right now is to make the club self sustainable until Mr moneybags Rangers man shows up.
  13. Miller to train with the Kids

    Probably the best thing to happen team wise. Away from what's happened Miller has been dreadful on the park this season a club like Rangers should not be starting a 37 year old up front every week. Give Herrera a run of games now lets see what he can do.
  14. The beginning of the end!

    Craig Whyte profile: The Scots billionaire on the brink of taking over the club he loves (copyright Keith Jackson 2010).
  15. The beginning of the end!

    As someone has already said that back page is nothing more than a propaganda piece the gist of it is...... Poor wee sellik big bad Anderlecht having the audacity to pay players to win a game of football. Nothing to do with saint Brenda if they get beat again tonight blah blah blah. Meantime at Rangers everyone hates each other and they spend all day just challenging each other to square goes blah blah blah.