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  1. TBH I think Jack and Dorrans might just be too similar to play beside each other. Both are neat and tidy but we don't have anyone to grab the game by the scruff of the neck in midfield and dominate. Pena should have been the box to box midfielder we needed but he does not look near even starting a game never mind being that type of player. Striker wise we are still going to the well with a soon to be 38 year old and while Morelos looks decent I'm not sure if he can get 15-20 league goals this season.
  2. How on Earth did this guy pass a medical? He's 33 but runs around like a 60 year old that's smoked 40 a day since the age of 16. The only actual saving grace for Kranjcar is we somehow found someone even more unfit than him in Pena.
  3. Player recruitment will be mostly down to Mark Allen from this point.
  4. MOH was never played in his best position while at the club we used him more as a winger when really his best position was playing just behind the main striker. I can see him hitting about 15+ goals for SJ this season he's also miles better than Windass who starts every game at the minute.
  5. Pretty sure I seen something online about the celtic squad being put together for around £16m or so and given the fact that Brown accounted for £4m of that when he was signed almost a decade ago I don't think we've been light years behind in the spending stakes over the last year. Our main problem is wasting what money we do have and dreadful use of the loan market. The peados have got a £12m player on loan for two and a half years now and our loan signings have been Dalcio and Oduwa.
  6. Right now I would be surprised if we spent any more than 500k on any player between now and the end of the window. If that's the kind of budget we have I cant think of anyone better right now than Moult. For around 350-400k he is worth a punt would rather go down the proven in the SPFL route than another crap Dalcio style loan move.
  7. We've tried 4-2-3-1 last season and its not worked. To play that system you really need a 20+ striker up top as septic have right now. While Morelos has shown promise I'm not sure if he is good enough to lead the line on his own yet.
  8. Pena has been here over 2 and half months now and not started one game in that time and for someone that is not injured just completely unfit that should tell its own story. Herrera is too slow for the Scottish game IMHO I do think he might have a bit about him in a different style of league but can you really see this guy outrunning a defender up here anytime soon?
  9. Mcinnes stripping Jack of the captaincy before the cup final was a taig move for me had Jack signed a pre contract with any club in the world bar Rangers he would never have done it. Also his mob get pumped every summer in Europe by a load of pish nothing really better than what we have.
  10. To be blunt as pish as Miller is Herrera looks worse and the only other option is throwing in young Hardie for the rest of the season which is a lot of responsibility for a Young lad. A 15-20 goal a season striker was a must this season failure to get one combined with the awful signing of Pena are going to cost the manager big time.
  11. Miller will be 38 soon and the fact he is still starting every single game is a huge worry. The even bigger worry is that I don't think Pedro really thinks we have any problems up front and we can just keep relying on him and Herrera for the remainder of the season by the looks of things these two will be lucky to hit 10 goals between both of them all season. I also agree that the board won't sack him yet but I don't think he'll be allowed to bring in any more signings. Expect anyone that comes in between now and the end of the window will be DOF signings and not the managers.
  12. At the very least we should have brought Pena over on trial for a few weeks before committing to paying a big fee for him. It's looking like a crazy signing so far.
  13. The Pena signing looks more shocking by the minute. £2m+ for a guy that will be lucky to start a game before Christmas comes, that money should have been spent on a striker. Best starting 11 with Dross Windass and a 37 year old up front???
  14. Just goes to show how awful MWs signings were that we had to get rid of 12 of them since the end of last season. The majority of them had only been at the club for 18 months or less as well. Good luck Nottingham Forest you'll need it.
  15. To say that rear view mirror in the pic is strategically badly placed is an understatement as it blocks the guys face. Bit like the TV show Catchphrase when the centre square is hidden and you have to guess what it is.