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  1. Cheers. Just making sure I leave enough money in the account!
  2. Does the second payment of the four payment option come off Friday?
  3. You can quite often watch a lot of these types of games on Bet365.
  4. Last season they did not offer for sale a black GK kit in large online. At the beginning of the season it was the only size they didn’t offer, saying it was out of stock. I filled in the form on the web page notifying me when it was available. Never got an email. It never became available. Moral of the story is some may be waiting a long fucking time.
  5. Difference between derailing a thread about celtic and posting swastikas in a thread about fund raising for veterans.
  6. Yeah it’s very odd. It’s not like the have the excuse of being in the middle of nowhere and having an operation across multiple stores either.
  7. There’s plenty of kids kit on the store in St Enoch. I was in there today. Loads of orange training kits too for kids. But I agree with the sentiment. Our retail operation is a fucking embarrassment. It really doesn’t matter if it’s Dave’s , Ashley’s, or Murray’s fault.
  8. Actually Firhill is in between two. I forgot about the one on Balmore Rd.
  9. There’s already a Lidl on Hopewell St less than a mile from Firhill 😂
  10. France with a perfectly legitimate goal chalked off because of VAR.
  11. The worst part is knowing that if you survive a yorker, it’s being followed up with something that’s between your rib cage and your forehead.
  12. She did. I think it was accidental tbh but still absolutely minging.
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