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  1. 7 of the 8 bottom EPL teams wear

    Wrong. celtic and Dumbarton have won titles wearing stripes alongside Kilmarnock in 65.
  2. ***Official Arsene Wenger/Arsenal Thread***

    Honestly Elneny is the worst player I’ve seen in an Arsenal shirt in my lifetime. Easily beats Cygan, Squillaci, and Sanogo.
  3. ***Official Arsene Wenger/Arsenal Thread***

    Aye I know 😂
  4. ***Official Arsene Wenger/Arsenal Thread***

    Wouldn’t laugh mate. Going to do your lot on Sunday.
  5. ***Official Arsene Wenger/Arsenal Thread***

    That’s it I’m supporting Ostersunds they have orange on their kit
  6. ***Official Arsene Wenger/Arsenal Thread***

    Fuck sake 😂
  7. ***Official Arsene Wenger/Arsenal Thread***

    Sleeping for the goal. Wouldn’t be surprised if we go out 😂 Apparently the kit thing is UEFA rules cause Ostersunds don’t have a third kit or something stupid.
  8. ***Official Arsene Wenger/Arsenal Thread***

    @ForeverAndEver I’m fucking done mate. Nae cunt there and playing in blue at home. C’mon to fuck.
  9. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    I know. Brilliant isn’t it 😂
  10. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    If that was us I’d be absolutely raging at that performance. They completely chucked it after the second goal. No fight, no bottle, no one taking any responsibility.
  11. John Beaton the ref for Saturday

    Nah. Thomson’s shite but he’s also a cheat.
  12. John Beaton the ref for Saturday

    I’m on my phone and had a few pints?
  13. John Beaton the ref for Saturday

    Shite it?
  14. John Beaton the ref for Saturday

    Pretty much the description for every ref in Scotland bar Thomson.