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  1. I was literally saying the exact same thing last night. Weird.
  2. I think Dundee Utd will do well next season in the Premiership unfortunately. Between Neilson, McCulloch and Alexander and by all accounts the wages they can offer they will attract players. Can see them making the top 6.
  3. GTA V. Still play it every other day online. If it was just on storyline Red Dead or Red Dead 2 would be there but Red Dead 2 was let down by online being dreadful.
  4. Ian Rush was an Everton fan and he is Welsh not a Scouser. I think Aldridge was a Liverpool fan, yeah.
  5. At least the Titans are playing well. Last week the Texans had it handed to them and decided to give it back.
  6. Pretty sure we borrowed it once for our AGM.
  7. Aye, we are pretty much guaranteed one too.
  8. We've only played them at the new ground in the cup once - 3-3 draw in 2010.
  9. Same. Worst away day by a mile. Pathetic wee ground.
  10. We have the worst Scottish Cup record there. Haven't won a normal Scottish Cup game there against them for 117 years. The only other time we have won there in the Scottish Cup against them was in 97/98 when it was classed as a neutral Semi Final venue with a 50/50 ticket split. 14 games in total. 2 wins, 1 draw, 11 defeats.
  11. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more tame United Liverpool game than this. No bite from either side.
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