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  1. The Scott Brown marking explanation after the Cup Semi Final was ridiculous.
  2. Should have been sacked right on the spot for that. Was never ever going to get better from there.
  3. Good away trip wise, I would take any of them except Sevilla, Espanyol, and Istanbul.
  4. Rod Stewart is a pished stained jakie. He’s the oldest-teenager-in-town type jakeball you see hanging about McGinn’s next to Central.
  5. It’s true though. We've done Porto over two games and they have finished above us. YB are dog shit and we couldn’t beat them over two games.
  6. We’ve been excellent in Europe this season. Good performance so far.
  7. He has no brain to engage. Do you not read his posts?
  8. Aye my mates bus normally get 1 since the allocation cut but this year they didn’t even get that. I think they are A. I’m the same as you, only had Livingston in the cup, which went out to bloody general sale to those on scheme.
  9. Club need to go to town on this. Should be all the way to UEFA saying that these pricks are completely compromised.
  10. He’ll get a signing on fee though, in light of it being a permanent transfer.
  11. I don’t see the point in extending Defoe.
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