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  1. Someone is trying to overcompensate for staunch points because they reside in Coatbridge.
  2. Lived in the north of the city for a bit. Lovely place.
  3. Oxford's ground is out on the edge of town backing on to the Blackbird Leys which is a large council estate - a good 20 min drive from the City Centre. A different world from the hipster students.
  4. Mbappe is frightening. Absolute masterclass so far against Monaco.
  5. Heckingbottom's clicked the 'Shoot on Sight' button on the Football Manager tactics dashboard here.
  6. I’d be interested to know if anyone out there still has the Blackthorn on the top if they have washed it more than twice.
  7. Who honestly gets up in the morning and says to themselves today I’m going to photoshop a Rangers top on the Queen?
  8. 3 players off and an attendance of 6,500 😂 Am still going to go to the last game though.
  9. McEwan's Lager


    His Southampton contract is roughly £60,000 a week. I have no idea what we are picking up as a %, but anything over £15,000 a week is not worth it for someone who is 34 years old. Finally, he’s played in that position for Northern Ireland for at least two years now. He’s not learning it.
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