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  1. He was good for 5 minutes until TAA came along. Didn’t realise he was still at Liverpool.
  2. If someone posts something on here it’s my right to have some fun with what the logical endpoint of whatever that is 😄
  3. Heard this too. Unsure if it’s actually correct or not.
  4. He would be duty bound to shareholders to accept that as it would be financially beneficial to the club. If that was the case then I’d like to see people who go mental about the original SD deal try and argue against accepting those conditions. Not going to happen anyway.
  5. It’s meant to be Hurley from lost. Was showing up on my PC.
  6. Euro 2000 is one of the best tournaments of all time.
  7. That’s a cracker as well. Absolutely loved that kit.
  8. Can actually remember asking for a yellow Tottenham away jersey with Klinsmann on the back the year before for Christmas
  9. Aye can remember my Mum saying no because it was so ugly. And my Dad hated that I liked playing in goal
  10. To this day I don't think I have actually seen that game despite having the poster. It was the only England game of the tournament I didn't watch. Remember begging my parents for the GK kit Seaman wore in the Semi Final.
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