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  1. I’ll be cheering on your boys tonight. Actually done with them after that Tierney tweet today.
  2. Most Managers will say that as soon as the line is crossed they have no real influence on the players. You can drill teams for various scenarios and you can make substitutions to change tactics etc but there’s little influence on how a player is playing individually. Not sure if I totally believe that though. I mean one thing that sticks in my mind is the LC Final v St Mirren when we went down to 9 Walter was down from the stand and basically coached the team through the game screaming positional instructions.
  3. Said on here a few weeks back that Walter’s teams were always capable of getting hammered by the likes of Hibs (3-0 game in 10/11 comes to mind) but you knew that they would be there or thereabouts come the end of the season. This side doesn’t fill you with any confidence of the same.
  4. Do we not charge every other club 30 odd quid to come to Ibrox? We are lucky that a lot of teams don't charge us what we charge them.
  5. Really not a modern thing at all. Davie Cooper used to take a lot of outswingers from the left. Off the top of my head Richard Gough's header against celtic in 96 was from an Albertz outswinger.
  6. No excuses to not beat Hearts. Fear for us if we don’t.
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