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  1. McEwan's Lager

    Hibs v Rangers

    I'm still one short if anyone can help.
  2. McEwan's Lager

    We've Got Candeias On The Right

    Only time it was really loud was the St Johnstone away game when Goss scored the free kick.
  3. McEwan's Lager

    Mourinho on Liverpool

    He's lost that many finals in a row I can't remember them all
  4. McEwan's Lager

    We’re absolutely rotten at times

    Candeias was MOM for me. Barasic looks comfortable on the ball and can whip in a ball like no one else in Scotland. Grezda for me, again, was dreadful. I just don't think he is good enough for us at all - even as a back up.
  5. McEwan's Lager

    Chelsea racist

    Probably big blue fin’s flag. But in all seriousness seen that and a few variants of it down the years. Clowns. I suspect there’s a few idiots who don’t know what it represents and just assumes it is just a hooligan logo. Then there are others who fine well know the association.
  6. McEwan's Lager


    He was shite and is clearly a shitebag.
  7. McEwan's Lager

    The Pope must die

    This is quite a well known story. Whatever studio it was had a rotating advertising agreement for having the poster of new films each week in the programme. However someone realised what a fuss this particular one would kick up and nearly the entire run was pulped. A bear working at the printing press managed to save a handful. They are nearly impossible to get. The remaining print run without that advert was also a bit limited and since we won the league that day the reprinted programme can also be difficult to get.
  8. McEwan's Lager

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    You can’t blame our fans. Its one of the biggest lessons learned from Hillsborough and other crowd control scenarios. Large groups of people behave in certain ways and where you have entry into grounds it’s the authorities job to safely plan for an entry which stops large, mass build ups from happening which can become dangerous. In the case of last night the authorities allowed many people to enter an area they did not have tickets for when they should have been triaged to the right areas prior to gaining final entry to the stadium. We got crushed up against the zig zag barrier at the first turn because people assumed it was a straight line to the turnstiles because you couldn’t see. We ended up getting helped over into the queue because it was much safer to be in it instead of getting crushed into it, while people in the queue we’re having to come out as they were in the wrong area because no one told them where their tickets were for. It all comes down to proper planning and having identifiable stewards, officials and police, none of which were anywhere to be seen.
  9. McEwan's Lager

    Deliver the League Title

    Fair enough. To me he looks the type of player who will come on and score when you are already 2 or 3 up rather than the type of player we need trying to unlock a game against a physical side in the SPFL that’s sitting back.
  10. McEwan's Lager

    Deliver the League Title

    So far I’d agree on Barisic and Katic but I just don’t think Grezda will make it here.
  11. McEwan's Lager

    As a support (re: middleton)

    I was at the game and I don’t agree. He was ok. Played in a couple of decent balls but like all wingers he is inconsistent and he is still very young in his first season of first team football. Let’s not forget he was brilliant away to Villarreal and he had a really good game in Moscow. I truly wonder how Davie Cooper would be tolerated by fans now.
  12. McEwan's Lager

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    That was the flight we were on. I’ve just got into work and I’m glad I only had four drinks across the entirety of the day yesterday!
  13. McEwan's Lager

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    They should have done the ticket checks at the beginning of the walkway down to the away end. There were loads of guys with different sector tickets coming up and had no way to turn back once in that queue.
  14. McEwan's Lager

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    Was a disgrace there was no one from the club to be seen at the turnstiles. Btw did you see the guy kicking off at the airport because he got to Vienna Airport, somehow got through security, and then realised his flight was from Bratislava? 😂
  15. McEwan's Lager


    His second season with us was pitiful. He looked terrible without Ferguson beside him. Was raging when Arsenal signed him.