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  1. We’ve gone from Warburton who made subs like clockwork every ten minutes when it wasn’t necessary to someone who is reluctant to change. Happy medium would be nice.
  2. Really disappointed with that. By far the better team and controlled large amounts of the match without laying a glove on them. They created more chances than us. As for the manager, MAKE A FUCKING SUB. Ojo was knackered why wait until 85 minutes, keep him on and take off our best goal scorers. Strange stuff. We should have had Jones on from at least 75 mins if not earlier.
  3. Looks like he just stepped off a flight from South Africa and then spun about on a playground roundabout.
  4. Does this cunt Miller ever shut the fuck up. You would think he is commentating on Radio. Needs to go down Shawfield and be a dug announcer.
  5. Hi i'm a fan, I would like to buy some merchandise and watch games on your TV channel. Every other club: Yes certainly here are the many options. Rangers: Fuck off we don't want your money because we are useless and incompetent and we have all the funding we need from convertible director loans.
  6. Anyone else having issues getting on to both the Rangers website and RTV?
  7. Were we not already in third a few points behind Hearts and celtic and not looking that good though when he broke it?
  8. The peak before the trough. If we had just got over the line we would have done 12 in a Row.
  9. Currently watching Ajax - APOEL. Would get football stopped.
  10. I’m sure my old man still has this crisply folded in half in his programme cupboard.
  11. Do you know if they dish out a similar % amount of tickets to their buses that we do?
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