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  1. McEwan's Lager

    Semi final allocation

    Yeah it happened to my friend for the Petrofac Final at Easter Rd.
  2. McEwan's Lager

    Semi final allocation

    That’s all well and good until someone’s ticket goes missing in the post and can’t get a reprint.
  3. McEwan's Lager

    Safe Standing

    He did on Facebook I think. I don’t think there was any knowledge behind it though in the sense that he knew something yet to be communicated. Besides, a standing section shouldn’t be for the Union Bears anyway it should be for anyone who wants to stand. On a side note, the survey means nothing either. 2300 odd it may be but when it comes to the crunch I doubt that many will actually sign up. For one i’ve actually changed my mind since then. While I support a standing option at Ibrox I don’t think I’d now give my seat up for it.
  4. McEwan's Lager

    Safe Standing

    Balls in the clubs court. They have 2300 fans who say they would like to do it plus there could be some more who indicated they would in the fans survey. I doubt anything will come of it though.
  5. McEwan's Lager

    ***Official Nations League Thread****

    100% it will be Lambert next.
  6. McEwan's Lager

    ***Official Nations League Thread****

    He's been a bit nervy. De Jong and de Roon have been superb.
  7. McEwan's Lager

    ***Official Nations League Thread****

    My boy Denzel Dumfries starting at RB for the Dutch tonight.
  8. McEwan's Lager

    Fuck the sfa

    It just gets people into bother. Most of these things they ask you at the start not to film and there’s always some roaster who immediately whips their phone out.
  9. McEwan's Lager

    Fuck the sfa

    Why do people feel the need to video these things?
  10. So many clueless people in that thread clutching at straws.
  11. McEwan's Lager

    Our crowds early 80's

    I’ve got a picture somewhere of my Dad standing in the old East Enclosure about 1984. Games going on in the background and there’s about 10 people watching 😂 I remember asking him why the attendance was so low and he replied no one went to watch us in those days then when Souness came along tickets were like gold dust for some matches.
  12. McEwan's Lager

    Davide Zappacosta

    The guy that posted that randomly messaged me one day to see if I was selling a retro top. @Rfc52 the guy I told you about mate 😂
  13. McEwan's Lager

    Semi final allocation

    Got one. North Stand.
  14. McEwan's Lager

    Edmiston Drive

    I never had the pleasure of meeting unfortunately but spoke to him at length a few times on here. I'm glad I dug out the DWS programme for him a couple of weeks back. One abiding memory of him was he was very proud to have attended nearly all Rangers European finals bar 1967 against Bayern. His answer, which i've always assumed to be a wind up, was his Dad couldn't take him to Nuremburg because he was afraid he would be tried for war crimes
  15. McEwan's Lager

    Semi final allocation

    Theoretically no. You’ll have to have been registered and purchased an Ayr ticket to be in the ballot for the Semi Finals and Finals through the CCCS. Last season there were a few who missed a Dunfermline or Falkirk payment and got taken out the ballot for celtic tickets To be eligible for the Semi Finals and Finals scheme you have to tick all non-ST Home games too. I’m not entirely sure if they count missing a Euro payment as withdrawing you from the Semi Finals and Finals ballot though. Away games is a different scheme and normally closes pretty early I think.