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  1. ***Official English Football Thread***

    Glad I'm not watching then!
  2. ***Official English Football Thread***

    How they playing? I'm on the train back down to London so I can't watch it.
  3. Pedro: Time to go?

    Yeah. I mean remember before the Semi Final when he came out with I have a plan to deal with them patter. And it didn't work. Where was the plan on Saturday? Non existent.
  4. Is there a change in the Old Firm games?

    I think it was the last OF of 02/03, through the whole of 03/04 and we didnt win until either the second OF of 04/05 or the LC QF. I'm not sure which one came first. 6 or 7 games lost on the trot.
  5. PSG Forced To Sell 8 Players

    Article is made up shite
  6. Motherwell semi-final

    I don't think that's too bad tbh.
  7. The thumb

    Aye. I think it was probably blown out of proportion because of Drumcree at the time was a topical issue. If a Rangers player did it now I don't think anyone would care too much. I can't remember them going mental too much at David Healy for it but I could be wrong.
  8. The thumb

    Just looked it up. We fined him 2 weeks wages I think.
  9. The thumb

    Did Gazza not get suspended for it when he did it at Park head warming up?
  10. Motherwell semi-final

    I'll be up for this. Looking forward to it.
  11. SFA or SPFL

    Why do people demand statements on anything and everything these days?
  12. Dave King

    I agree but Ally's long gone. There's no buck anymore. King's still here (in spirit if not physical presence) and his promises trump everything because they are meant to get us out the mess Ally created.
  13. Aberdeen at Ibrox

  14. Cardoso and Candias

    I normally watch the ganes back too if ive been but yesterday I couldn't be fucked. I watched the goals back and that was bad enough.
  15. Pedro: Time to go?

    There are definitely two at this stage and perhaps three.