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  1. A Fucking Disgrace

    I actually don’t care. Which is the worst part about it. These cunts we have are useless and I don’t actually give a fuck. 6 years of shite. Fuck it all.
  2. A Fucking Disgrace

    Were fucking shit were fucking shit were fucking shit. Sack the board.
  3. Ange Pestecoglou

    I thought Caixinha was a shite appointment. Ange has a far better record than him. But my point was more about people slagging the guy off when they probably have never watched an Australian game of football in their lives.
  4. Ange Pestecoglou

    Ange’s Brisbane Roar team played some excellent football with some mediocre players. They also never knew when they were beaten and had a lot of fight about them. The current crop of Australian players is the worst in my lifetime and he managed to take them to a World Cup and win an Asian Cup. I don’t think he would be a great appointment but he would be better than a few of the other names being bandied about. A lot of shite being said about him on this thread by guys who clearly know fuck all about him.
  5. I actually think Walter played a back three with wing backs to accommodate Boli because that’s what he was used to Marseille. Although there was no way he would have shunted Gough out of the prime central position. We continued playing like that even after Boli left with McLaren, Gough, Bjorklund, Brown, Moore all playing.
  6. It’s a bit of a myth we played him at right back I think. I thought he played as a right centre back in a back 3 and he just preferred to play in the centre? I pretty young so I could be remembering it wrong.
  7. Marvin Andrews. Was raging when we signed him. Proved me wrong. Probably Basil Boli, Bruno Alves, Jerome Rothen or Nuno Capucho for biggest letdown.
  8. Dundee vs Rangers - Premiership

    Thanks for the offer mate. Sorry I was too late, but appreciate that you held them for me
  9. From what I have seen this season Aberdeen, Hibs, and possibly Motherwell are better than us. At this rate we could and probably deserve to finish 5th.
  10. Rangers In Name Only

    I can deal with us losing to Aberdeen, celtic, Hibs and Hearts. The traditional big teams. Actually even Dundee and Dundee United too. It happens. But losing to shite like Hamilton or St Johnstone or St Mirren annoys me because it is a signal to every other club that if someone shite can beat us then we are fair game for anyone else.
  11. Rangers In Name Only

    It kills me but I to an extent feel the same. I gave my ST to my mate today and I didn’t even bother looking for a stream to watch it on. Only thing I miss when I’m not at a game is the fans and atmosphere in the pubs before hand, on the bus etc.
  12. Dundee vs Rangers - Premiership

    Looking for one for this
  13. Charlie Adam

    Arteta was absolute shite in 03/04. He really didn’t want to know.
  14. Charlie Adam

    ‘He is no Messi or Neymar but’ is the same as ‘I’m not racist but’
  15. Charlie Adam

    He was a decent player but at the time we had better. At the moment I’m not sure we have better.