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  1. Match Day Pubs

    It’s good. Doesn’t attract complete degenerates like some of the other bars. It’s busy but because it’s smaller it’s easy to get a pint and if you get in before 1.30 you will get a seat too.
  2. Survey about Reduced Allocation for the taigs.

    It’s easier to get an OF ticket for their ground than it is ours!
  3. Survey about Reduced Allocation for the taigs.

    Have you seen the state of the Ibrox area? Council aren’t sorting anything out!
  4. Semi final ballot

    It’s as if Martin Bain never left the building.
  5. Semi final ballot

    I think we can both agree that the whole thing, like everything to do with Rangers since about 2009, is a fucking shambles 😂
  6. Semi final ballot

    Would be great if this stuff wasn’t done over Twitter with comments like ‘it is planned’. The club should be transparent and put out a statement at the beginning of the season with various scenarios on each of the CCCS schemes you can sign up for. Then it would stop each of us trying to work out what the fuck is actually going on after being drip fed maybes.
  7. Semi final ballot

    😂 someone’s just posted it a few posts up. No what I mean is you just have to have paid on cccs to be in the ballot. You didn’t actually have to turn up to the game and scan your card in if you get what I mean?
  8. Semi final ballot

    Really? I thought it wasn’t confirmed by the SLO on Twitter? 😂 Happy to be proved wrong. I was actually going to add to my previous post that it was harsh on guys like you who attended. (Also it’s not whether you activated I think it’s whether you paid or not)
  9. Semi final ballot

    You’ll only get priority if you paid for Dunfermline and Falkirk though and didn’t get one for this semi. If you missed a payment etc or forgot to update your details you’re unfortunately cut off. Not all 6000 odd who missed out will be guaranteed, only about 3000 I think. For what it’s worth I think you should be allocated a ticket first if you had a legitimate Fraserburgh ticket and were refused entry. That’s only about 150 odd bears and it’s the same competition.
  10. Semi final ballot

    Got one. Happy days.
  11. Post split fixtures?

    Not long after the Dundee game. Last year they released them on a Thursday.
  12. How Much More Of The Underwhelming Dave Can We Take?

    Problem is they have all but disappeared since Pedro got the boot. Imagine deciding on a Manager cause old mate Pedro Mendes calls up and says have I got just the man for you. They should be picking up the tab for his exit bill and offloading Pena, Herrera et al.
  13. Type Of Past Players Back

    Erm i'd take a Brian Laudrup and a Paul Gasgcoigne...
  14. Roberto Martinez

    No chance of this and I’m glad because he’s an absolute charlatan. Terrible, terrible manager.
  15. Murty times up mate

    Team chucked it cause we got beat last week and there’s no title to win anymore. Down to the manager to pick the team up and get them ready today and he’s failed.