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  1. Steven Gerrard

    If McAllister is the assistant I’m led to believe he’s been at a couple of our games this season too.
  2. Candeias POTY snub

    This season has had so many swings and roundabouts it’s hard to remember properly but if I recall he had an extremely poor mid October to end of December when he had an outstanding game at Parkhead. Not entirely surprised he’s on it tbh.
  3. season ticket found in the west enclosure on Saturday

    Poor cunt wanted rid of it and now you’re trying to find him
  4. ****UEFA Champions League Thread 17/18****

    What a game that was after a terrible first 20 mins. Why on earth did Roma not go to 4 at the back at half time? Milner was lucky to stay on the pitch after those two tackles. Liverpool need to sort out their game management big time.
  5. ****UEFA Champions League Thread 17/18****

    We are in danger of losing our record here. Yaaaaaaas.
  6. ****UEFA Champions League Thread 17/18****

    Tactically inept. Was offside though. Feel sorry for Nainngolan. He’s having a really decent game despite them getting pumped.
  7. Hibs confirm allocation cut

    Fans who rarely miss a game could miss out on any away game. Did you advocate for boycotting Fraserburgh cause they only gave us 450 tickets? Your post doesn’t make any sense.
  8. Hibs confirm allocation cut

    Yes ‘hell mend’ fans for wanting to see their team. If you personally are against going away then fine. Many have since third division. But don’t be a fucking cunt about it.
  9. Scott Arfield

    Guys a nutter but I suspect he got mixed up with Liechtenstein who’s teams play in Switzerland.
  10. Substitutions Again

    Fish Fingers Magoo 😂
  11. Candeias Goal

    Was very similar to an Ally McCoist header.
  12. At the very least with the return of reserve football and not u20s he may get a few more games playing alongside and against higher level players than he is presently if he isn’t loaned out.
  13. Who made our kits pre umbro?

    Umbro at the very least made the 1972 kits. I’ve seen one of the 1972 Final kits up close and it has a gold Umbro print on the bottom left of it. Adidas at the time also sponsored us with tracksuits and shoes but I think at the time Adidas and Umbro had a tie in.
  14. Scum Tickets

    If I’m being honest I love going there even if we get beat. Being with 7,500 fellow bears in that corner getting all sorts of abuse is pure adrenaline inducing.
  15. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    He played for us after his dad fell out with the youth set up at celtic. As I understand it, Lennon went around to his house in Milton and asked him personally to come back to celtic when he was manager.
  16. Re-opening the Ibrox Railway station

    Yeah I’ve seen lines shut for months to incorporate new stations. One of the main considerations will be disruption to the franchise agreement and how much that will cost.
  17. Re-opening the Ibrox Railway station

    My back of the envelope is about £12-15m. I think Kintore was about £12m.
  18. Re-opening the Ibrox Railway station

    It will take a lot more than £7m as quoted in that article.
  19. Tarrier Tickets

    Just like everything at the club at this moment. Totally unfit for purpose.
  20. Favourite Rangers Kit

    It’s a hard one. I think the 87-90 or the 99-01 in terms of modern kits for the home shirt. I do love the 97-99 one though simply because it was modern but classy. Away for me it is the purple 94 kit.
  21. Hibs vs Rangers - Premiership

    Looking for 1 or 2.
  22. Aberdeen vs Rangers - Premiership

    Looking for two.
  23. Scum vs Rangers -Premiership

    Heads up. Season ticket holders are able to buy 1 ticket each on the website. No idea how this has happened since some on CCCS have missed out but there you go. Possible bus allocations returned?
  24. Performing bear at Russian match is 'inhumane'

    China. It's horrendous tbh. Would have liked to have seen the bear go the trainers.
  25. Performing bear at Russian match is 'inhumane'

    Where was it a few years ago a video came out of a bear on a bicycle and it fell off the bike and ate the monkey at the side of the circus ring?