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  1. Bruno concerned by excessive physicality here.

    Aye the guy who has said this nearly took Harry Kane’s head off What a fucking shower of shite. This is Scotland and it’s full of hammer throwers. You deal with it if you want to win the league. These pricks are looking like they are getting their excuses out for not making it here.
  2. Referee today

    Fair enough mate Obviously harsh for guys to be yelling at him to get up then. I still haven’t seen it, still in the Halls
  3. Just an absolute embarrassment of a club

    About to go into our 7th year of absolute shite. Something drastic needs to be done.
  4. Referee today

    As I said I’ll have to watch it back. Everyone in the section though was screaming at Cardoso to get up. It honestly didn’t look bad from our point of view.
  5. Referee today

    I’ll need to watch it back on telly but Cardoso incident was right in front of me and as he went up for the header I thought he’s going to get done cause he went in soft. Even if it’s a foul he learned a lesson today that in Scotland if you don’t go in full bodied you will get hurt.
  6. Pedro Addicted to winning

    Kind of like the guy who won five years ago on the roulette wheel and still punts every week living off the buzz of that one win.
  7. Every Saturday we follow

    Aye thanks for sorting that out mate. My mates buzzing for the game. I ended up having to sort another one for someone else last night then it ended up spare within half an hour then finally another guy said they were coming
  8. Konterman CIS Cup game

    For us Konterman was honking as a CB but he was quite decent as a defensive midfielder. I remember him as having a good 02/03 season.
  9. Your first experience of Hampden

    See the replay, my old man told me the Bears stayed behind and sung the whole way through celtic getting presented with the cup.
  10. Action Man Rangers player 1972

    With that jacket and chain it looks like he could have been in the Funky Bunch.
  11. Earliest ticket stub in you possession

    That’s why I’ve never started collecting tickets. I’m really ocd with this stuff and it annoys me I have huge gaps with the programmes let alone not having every single ticket from every game played
  12. Earliest ticket stub in you possession

    I’ve got a bit of a rag tag collection of European aways beginning from Düsseldorf in 79. I’m not really a ticket collector tbh probably only have about 60 / 70 or so.
  13. Earliest ticket stub in you possession

    You must have some collection of stubs mate. BTW I forgot to tell you I looked through mine for those ones you were after a while back and I didn’t have them. Can’t remember exactly what it was you were after? Kaunas or was it Maribor away and a couple of others? Ive for an eBay alert out for Rangers tickets and programmes so if you tell me again what they are I’ll let you know if they come up
  14. Earliest ticket stub in you possession

    Tell a lie I’ve got Man City v Rangers programme from Maine Rd from 46/47 season.
  15. Earliest ticket stub in you possession

    Earliest ticket stub I have I think is Barcelona 72. Although I think I may have a 71 Cup Final ticket. I’d need to check. Earliest programme I have is 47/48 Scottish Cup Final v Morton. I have a reprint of the Moscow Dynamo game but I don’t count that.
  16. Hamburg

    Got beat 1-0. They played quite well defensively, went a man down for a tackle that was definitely a yellow but nothing more, and have away a stupid goal with a lapse.
  17. Hamburg

    Never a fucking red card. Bayern are a fucking shower.
  18. Hamburg

    Just stuck £5 on Hamburg half time full time at 22/1
  19. Dusseldorf

    @Loyaleastend may be able to help? I actually want to know too because I may be there for Hamilton game the week before. Getting on the train to Bochum may be worth it though. Bochum Loyal have their own club house and it’s less than 30 mins on the train from Düsseldorf.
  20. Connor Lyon (Aviemore)

    Aye I realise it’s more of an etiquette thing. It’s just a bit shite when you see people saying they will take tickets and then saying oh I don’t need it anymore cause so and so can’t come or I’ve been sorted somewhere else.
  21. Connor Lyon (Aviemore)

    Fuck sake Ben
  22. Connor Lyon (Aviemore)

    This sounds really dumb and obvious but I reckon we should clearly state in the opening thread that if you say that you will take a ticket you have to pay for it. Doesn’t matter if it is now spare etc if you have said you will buy you have to buy. Seen a few idiots let down guys like KAI with that in the last week.
  23. ***Feedback Thread***

    Also just got a ticket off @mgartley82 for Semi Final tomorrow. He came and delivered within half an hour of buying.
  24. Connor Lyon (Aviemore)

    What a dick. Clearly not a smart one as everyone knows his name and where he lives.