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  1. Could we see another of these?

    Still have the Rangers News from that week somewhere with the match report in it. I remember Cleland getting 3 but can't remember Ian Ferguson. Anyone else remember a full back scoring a hat trick for us? I remember Tony Vidmar getting a hat trick against Livingston - was that a Cup game or was it a friendly?
  2. Fraserbourgh ticket information - OUCH

    Guess I’m no getting much peace on Sunday then 😂
  3. Injury Update - @4Ladhadadream

    Why they picked the mast Observer in the first place baffles me.
  4. Injury Update - @4Ladhadadream

    Spoken like a true man from Portadown
  5. Players' Autobiographies

    John Greig's autobiography printed in the 60s/70s is a good book. Edit: It's called A Captain's Part. My Story which came out around 2007/2008 is not very good. There's quite a lot of factual errors in it if I remember correctly.
  6. Players' Autobiographies

    Normally wouldn't touch that type of book with a barge pole but it's actually a fairly decent read.
  7. Hamburg

    Didn't book it when I saw the fixture clash mate. I've missed a couple of home games this season and don't want to miss any more. Will do it next year if they are still in Bundesliga, but a couple of away fixtures at some of the 2. Bundesliga grounds will be cracking trips if they go down.
  8. Hamburg

    Is that a Scottish Cup date?
  9. Hamburg

    Nice one. Was going to do this in the away end, but its the same day we play celtic at home.
  10. How could West Ham have averaged 57k at the Boleyn Ground in 15/16?
  11. Arthur Numan on our signing's

    Parents are Scottish I think
  12. Where do you sit?

    You must be very near me.
  13. Rancid BBC

    Who honestly cares?
  14. Strikers that have never scored for us....

    Neil Woods and David Graham.
  15. Andy Halliday speaks

    What the fuck is going on in here
  16. Safe standing

    Poor Copland Bear 😂
  17. Pre Souness who were our English/Foreign signings?

    My mistake it wasn’t a Cup it was in a Glasgow League match on 8/5/1905 against Queen’s Park. Whether you count that as a first team game is I guess a judgement call but it was a pretty full strength line up. RS McColl, George Henderson, Finlay Speedie, and RC Hamilton all played that day.
  18. Pre Souness who were our English/Foreign signings?

    Jorn Sorensen is another player I haven’t seen mentioned on the thread yet.
  19. Pre Souness who were our English/Foreign signings?

    Add Billy McCandless to that to. Ulsterman who played around the same time as Manderson in the opposite FB position.
  20. Pre Souness who were our English/Foreign signings?

    We had an Austrian GK called Karl Pekarna who played one first team game in a Glasgow Cup (could have been a Merchant’s Charity Cup) Semi Final in the very early 1900s. Herbert Lock was an English GK who played over 200 times for us between the Wars.
  21. Steven Thompson - Video

    I liked Steven Thompson. He was a good option to have in the squad. I think back to guys like him and compare him to Herrera. A similar style of player but I know who I would rather have in my team.
  22. Steven Thompson - Video

    Still makes me well up seeing a full house for a Championship match.
  23. Kris Boyd's new charity

    Two days ago it was the fourth anniversary of Ian Redford's death and it got me thinking about how much more we can do to raise awareness of mental health issues. I'd like to think the Charity Foundation would look at helping this type of cause - especially since one of our ex-players has set this up. All the best to Kris and his family with this.
  24. Safe standing

    Oh ffs. How do I withdraw my name.
  25. Safe standing

    Signed. Everyone has beaten me to the @Copland bear joke, but I signed him up too. He's gonna have some ST bill next season.