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  1. *** The Official Rangers V Hamilton Match Thread ***

    You're a joke ya fud. The board can be blamed for the manager but not for their committment. Fuck off.
  2. ***Suggestion Thread***

    Gie yourself peace. Just a fuckin joke about cunts with champagne manager tastes when we've got a lager budget
  3. ***Suggestion Thread***

    Aye but Weer the Ranjurs 😂
  4. Morelos' overall play

    Are you ever happy? Jesus Christ. The boy is now the only thing that occupies opposing centre halfs. He's well scouted and marked up now. It's taking time to adjust and we haven't come up with tactics to get him decent chances but the wee man is linking up play and making chances for others.
  5. Jason Holt

    Holt is putting the work in and deserves his just rewards. You just know he is loving it.
  6. Alan Pardew

    I've not had a chance to read the whole thread but I wanted to know more about Pardew tactics and came across this: http://outsideoftheboot.com/2016/11/28/alan-pardew-the-successful-disaster/ Main thing to take away is apparently he is tactically inflexible. I had enough of that under Warburton.
  7. Who Are We ?

    Survey was interesting. Breaks the idea of the homogeneous stereotype Rangers fan
  8. Bruno training with Portugal.

    Wow. Look at me everyone Pretty sure Danny Wilson is nearly fit if you fancy a change? Bruno has fine. Better than you can expect for a 35 year old.
  9. Pedro's gone [opinion]

    You've lost the plot son. We are see definitely a better footballing side than last year. Without a doubt. If you're just choosing not to like the guy fair enough and he makes his share of tactical errors but especially saying the signings are lousy. Fuck me
  10. So good to beat these bastards

    Rubbish. The team is absolutely better than last year and we have every chance to get a result tomorrow. They're the favourites but that's all. Pedro is doing just fine.
  11. The Pedro Caixinha Thread

    Think Pedro is doing a good job and it's starting to come together but the formation needs tinkering in the midfield. It's not quite working. We're getting swamped in the middle of the park too often and our foes across the city won't hesitate to step on our neck.
  12. Pedro going mental at the ref

    Great to see. Building a squad who fight for each other. They need to keep it up to build to the mhanky mob game.
  13. Expectations Now The Window's Shut

    You've gone off the deep end. This thing is gradual and we have spent way more than could have been expecting. Have a wank and calm down.
  14. 12 Angry Men

    This place is fucking mental. We're going to end up like that mob in the 90s. You aren't going to click your fingers and have rangers they way they were in the 90s and dominating everything. There has been improvement and a few really really bad losses. It's just too early. You lot tell me exactly who we should bring in and how much we should spend and then tell me how we fund that. I'm not asking you to do it. I'm asking you to outline it. It goes the same with the constant refrain of buying a 25 goal a year striker. They cost a fortune. This is the new reality and we better get used to incremental improvement or we're never ever winning the league again.