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  1. Hibs only 4 points behind with a game in hand

    You've lost the plot sunshine. We can all be critical of how the season has gone but you can't deny the effort and funding of Dave King and the three bears and the commitment they have made. You put "The fans money" in bold to highlight the contribution we have made but there cannot be any doubt that the board have stepped up with their own fortunes to help the club try and progress. We've not yet made enough progress and the next manager is the most important in the history of the club but can we just ram it with the OTT criticism of the board? Making up conspiracy theories about bringing people in to deflect blame ffs. We are not entitled to return to the top of Scottish football - it needs to be earned and we need to keep the heid. We'll get there, I have no doubt about it.
  2. Is this what Pena thinks of Rangers

    He's holding a pair of shorts to his face. Trying to hide from el paparazzo - can I get those 20 seconds of my life back?
  3. Jamie Murphy top

    Probably the worst thread in any Rangers forum ever. Just fucking awful and the sentiment in the photo is lovely as well. People need to have a fucking word with themselves and admin need to seriously consider why this thread wasn't sunk.
  4. The Founders Trail In Rangers Lotto Win!

    Great news- couldn't have been won by better guys! I will definitely be doing the trail in 2018, no doubt about it.
  5. Murty wants to emulate Southampton model

    Pedro was the most recent example of the Manager coming in, trashing the joint and bringing in his own guys. It was definitely a mixed bag, even though I would defend the gamble on a guy like Peña and obviously he had success with Morelos and Candeias amongst others. Since Allen has come in we've picked up a new left back who has been very good, a development loan from QPR (eh, but it allows squad rotation why not) and a top Championship left winger. Sounds like the new system is working so far. In theory it's a much much smarter way of working transfers so excited to see what it produces.
  6. Rossiter having “hard time” in fitness fight

    The point people are making that if Liverpool really wanted Rossiter he would still be there is not in dispute. They could have outbid us. But it doesn't mean anything more than that. They made an offer, we made an offer and Rossiter joined us. It doesn't prove that he hasn't got talent because if he didn't then he wouldn't play for the youth national team and Liverpool wouldn't have offered him any deal. I think it was a good gamble on the evidence at the time. He has struggled and we will hopefully get him on the park. Also what the fuck those people unable to empathize with the boy. Aye he's got enough money to be comfortable for life but it's possible to be fortunate and also under intense mental strain. Wee bit of jealousy perhaps.
  7. Let’s End The Uncertainty

    I think it will end up happening and there are a number of good reasons why. We don't have anyone we want at the moment it they'd have been appointed. Murty is improving as a manager weekly and the players are buying in from what we can see. I like his inclusion of youth as we've found a new best player from it. I suspect that assuming the results aren't disasters until Xmas that Murty will get the job until the end of the season. It's a bit odd to do your managerial apprenticeship at Rangers but he gets great experience and the opportunity of a lifetime and we get time to decide (and the chance to audition someone with clear potential). We don't have any leverage in the managerial stakes at the moment after McInnes. Anyone we appoint in a panic will come in on a three year deal and if they're shit they will cost a fortune to replace. Because Murty enjoys the role and is new to the game I think he's happy with the current set up although he should get a pay rise. Worst comes to worst we appoint someone else in summer and Murty can go down to youths with a lot more credibility. Fingers crossed.
  8. Junkies vs Rangers

    Incredible news!! Stauncher fully engaged. Go three in the middle and we can win the midfield battle. If we do that we should take these cunts.
  9. Who are our best ( outfield) 3 players at the moment

    McCrorie has been our best player bar none. Aside from yesterday Tav has been class too. Before the ban, Jack was in better form than Morelos but I'd say Morelos in a goal scoring mood is our most dangerous threat. Windass is a new player man. If he keeps this up he can be one of our most important players.
  10. Formation against Ross county

    Exactly what I would do. Cardoso would play before Wilson as well.
  11. Murty

    Is Murty the man for the long term? Not from what I've seen. Does he want the job? Yes. Are we in a position to sign someone else? Not really. Is there anyone else worth signing? Not as far as we can see. Why not wait? Give Murty his chance. We need to take the sting out of this and take the pot off the boil until a real candidate becomes available. Just get on with the season.
  12. *** The Official Rangers v Aberdeen Match Thread ***

    I like the idea of a change. We can't lose the midfield battle. I'm just not sure who plays deeper out of Windass' and Peña. Fuck it. Into these cunts.
  13. *** The Official Rangers V Hamilton Match Thread ***

    You're a joke ya fud. The board can be blamed for the manager but not for their committment. Fuck off.
  14. Morelos' overall play

    Are you ever happy? Jesus Christ. The boy is now the only thing that occupies opposing centre halfs. He's well scouted and marked up now. It's taking time to adjust and we haven't come up with tactics to get him decent chances but the wee man is linking up play and making chances for others.
  15. Jason Holt

    Holt is putting the work in and deserves his just rewards. You just know he is loving it.