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  1. The Pedro Caixinha Thread

    Think Pedro is doing a good job and it's starting to come together but the formation needs tinkering in the midfield. It's not quite working. We're getting swamped in the middle of the park too often and our foes across the city won't hesitate to step on our neck.
  2. Pedro going mental at the ref

    Great to see. Building a squad who fight for each other. They need to keep it up to build to the mhanky mob game.
  3. Expectations Now The Window's Shut

    You've gone off the deep end. This thing is gradual and we have spent way more than could have been expecting. Have a wank and calm down.
  4. 12 Angry Men

    This place is fucking mental. We're going to end up like that mob in the 90s. You aren't going to click your fingers and have rangers they way they were in the 90s and dominating everything. There has been improvement and a few really really bad losses. It's just too early. You lot tell me exactly who we should bring in and how much we should spend and then tell me how we fund that. I'm not asking you to do it. I'm asking you to outline it. It goes the same with the constant refrain of buying a 25 goal a year striker. They cost a fortune. This is the new reality and we better get used to incremental improvement or we're never ever winning the league again.
  5. Fully Expected This Cheating To Keep Us From Winning

    Just canny be bothered with impatient cunts desperate to wave a magic wand. Need to be patient ffs
  6. how the pundits see it

    You are a panic merchant. We can't just automatically dominate the game. We can't buy our way to victory. We have to spot on and stop having hissy fits every time a game doesn't go our way.
  7. Fully Expected This Cheating To Keep Us From Winning

    Shite shite patter. Fuck off you smelly cunt.
  8. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibs Thread*****

    I'm nervous and excited. Anything but a win would leave a bad taste in the mouth. Think we have the ability here and we seem on form but I wonder what will happen if they score first. Think another 2-1 win for the teddy bears.
  9. Tav for me but this. Cardoso isn't old so I don't think he needs rotated but it depends on how the game is.
  10. What if !!

    Exactly my point. Tenerife Bear is saying our full backs and strikers are shite and we won't be contenders so if it all goes wrong they can swan back in and tell us how they always knew it would.
  11. What if !!

    FFS, don't get too excited now. Some cunts are never happy. Our fullbacks are fine and we don't have a real idea what our new strikers can do. Gies peace. Told You So Loyal 😂😂
  12. What a difference

    We're not there yet but the structural stuff is almost all dealt with. We have the commercial and financial business in hand and now we can focus purely on the football. Think this is what OP is getting at and I agree. We might not win the league this year but the chains that they tried to put on us have been cast off. No board is perfect but this summer in particular the board have played a blinder.
  13. Morelos and Pena

    Nightmare thread. Calm the fuck down OP and let them unpack their sombreros before slaughtering them.
  14. Watford v Rangers

    Dalcio is a shortened version of his first name. His surname is Gomes mate.