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  1. McKenna man of the match. We have no answer to a compact team sitting back, they done it in the semi-final and it worked again
  2. Lafferty on: Two upfront and use the extra man, intae these sheep shaggers.
  3. Yeah some corners a few weeks back were well short, was unlike him. I miss the top bag free-kicks aswell to be honest!
  4. Aww wit! Apologies I just got it from that CJ Novo boys twitter post🤣
  5. Remember they were winning the league a few week ago!
  6. in that Windass interview recently he was saying about the time with Warburton they done us 4-0 and played Simply the best in their changing room after the game - makes this win even sweeter thinking about that and getting it right round them.
  7. Berra with the sour grapes after being bullied by Morelos all game! This is what it looks like when your team go top of the league after years of shit, fighting to get back to where you belong! Get it up you Berra. We shall not be moved🇬🇧 Link: http://classes.team/berra8
  8. Full time whistle reaction from Stevie and staff was class to see, meant a lot that win! Now it’s time to stay top
  9. Great ball and also Tav’s deliveries were on the money yesterday too
  10. Why are we constantly having to make up for someone getting sent off for something daft, that better not come back to bite us
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