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  1. McKenna man of the match. We have no answer to a compact team sitting back, they done it in the semi-final and it worked again
  2. Lafferty on: Two upfront and use the extra man, intae these sheep shaggers.
  3. Aww wit! Apologies I just got it from that CJ Novo boys twitter post🤣
  4. Full time whistle reaction from Stevie and staff was class to see, meant a lot that win! Now it’s time to stay top
  5. Why are we constantly having to make up for someone getting sent off for something daft, that better not come back to bite us
  6. if only the midfield put in the desire an application Candeias has been so far, step it up, fucking shitebags.
  7. This is a big test to see if this team have the minerals to go to a hard place and get a win for the biggest incentive - to be top of the league! Let’s do this🇬🇧 2-0 famous
  8. big Alejandro gettin paid aff to fix it a draw
  9. Let’s say you give two 10-8’s in the 9th & 12th for knock-downs and Wilder (generously) another two 10-9’s he still lost 114-112 but I have it 115-111 Fury fury was robbed to fuck just like GGG. corruption in boxing over there
  10. Shankland is a bear aswell, wonder if we’ll go for him
  11. That shot by Lafferty, nearly went stark raving fucking loonville mode if that hit the top bin.
  12. + McGregor, unbelievable. + Worral, another top European display + defending in general / a bit of riding our luck but showed great fight not to give away anything. + Atmosphere, unreal - Refs an absolute cunt - diving Spanish poofs
  13. Extra to what I’m doing the now (context) it’s just common sense to skip a 30 minute queue, done more-so when a games outcome is done or been that poor.. both apply to livi.
  14. How about naw, what I’m doing the now is perfect 😂 it was only Livingston I’ll no doubt wait the extra at Hivs and old firm
  15. Eh nah, rather get on with ma night when I’ve got shit to do, plus you ever tried to get served in there
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