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  1. Sums us up. Previous game got a standing ovation going off at St Johnstone.
  2. New managers first game for Killie means it will be a dangerous game. Hopefully we can score early.
  3. Onwards and upwards. The only thing we can do is win our next game.
  4. Rangers v Kilmarnock Wednesday 25th October, 745pm at Ibrox. Two games this week (Kilmarnock then Hearts at Murrayfield = 6 points needed. Ross McCrorie is likely to play with Alves after the injury to Cardoso today. Almost a full house at Ibrox. The league cup is gone but we are only a few points behind the sheep and scum who play each other that night. A win will bring us closer to one or both teams. Over to you Rangers...
  5. Even though I didn't want that guy Ormond from Dublin to win he clearly did but the judges done him up. No way did he lose that after he got knocked down. Judges ruin the sport.
  6. Keep the faith. We look stronger as a team. I think our players will enjoy the big pitch and nice to see a clean sheet last week. A hard fought one!
  7. We still haven't won 3 games in a row under Pedro. Tomorrow could be the first time. Hopefully (90 mins)
  8. He is from a nearby town. Seen him wearing a tim top when it was the school teams years ago.
  9. Shite patter and not funny. Not sure why posters put up stuff like this trying to make a joke. Scum behaviour.
  10. Was speaking to a mate who worked in Mexico for 7 years and is back home. Says Pena had all the talent to be a brilliant player but once he made his move to Chivas, the club scene took over. It has a reputation for parties and nightlife and lots of sportsmen in the country have been sucked in. Said Herriera was always average and was surprised we signed him.
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