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  1. WTF

    Why start a thread on this shite.
  2. Somebody sensible at last. No wonder we can't move forward when some of our fans think we are doing fine and the tims are shite and have no money. Frightening that what some people think these days. Be realistic.
  3. I am afraid this is blue tinted glasses and trying to not admit where we are. Gazza etc was a different even Everton are buying people for 45m. Laudrup would be worth 50m in today's market. You can't compare now. Just like when we were in the lower divisions they hardly spent any cash. They didnt need to as the league was already won. They saved it for when we came back and brought in the Tranny. If we e.g. got investment and started improving they would use the money to buy big and improve. If nobody can realise that then you are in dreamland. This is the worst situation we have been in and I can't see a short term plan to get even near level. If you can then let me know. Currently we are struggling to finish 2nd. We are a long way off. You can call me what you want but everything above is accurate without being blinded by the no surrender stuff. I want to stuff the nappy rippers as much as anyone and we can in a one off game. But over a season we are miles off.
  4. You would think some on are scouts and have watched the boy in 50 matches. Allen isn't going to recommend duds.
  5. Sadly we are falling further behind them each season on and off the park. I don't see us winning the league for many years. Never thought I would say that.
  6. The damage is done they have 30m. I would take Rangers getting beat in the CL groups if it meant us getting that much cash. Don't understand how bears still watch their games. We have enough problems of our own.
  7. Good honest interview Incredible we managed to sign him and he was amazing even with 1 good knee. Top influence on and off the park.
  8. Embarrassing if this is what has been put together. It looks horrible and is very cheap looking. Bring on next season when we get away from sports direct and puma
  9. Have us and the sheep just swapped colours this season on away kits? Honking
  10. HITC is worse than Rangers Rumours.
  11. The Mexican John Eustace
  12. The first 20 minutes v Motherwell and Hibs was missing yesterday. Hearts played their plan to perfection. Horrible team tactics but it worked.
  13. We should be terminating him and putting the wage to buying someone else. Moult, Murray, Walker there are many attacking players in our league better than Dalcio.
  14. He always backs us where possible. Loved tearing the scum a new one. You could tell by the way he celebrated.