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  1. You should do the team talk before the game against them
  2. Read what I said....on the park.
  3. This thread needs deleted we have nothing to laugh about them on the field
  4. Buy back BM Garner Ohalloran and Waggy. Scoring for fun elsewhere
  5. Fair play mate. Our support are the only thing that keeps other bears going.
  6. By getting rid of players with shite worth ethic or attitude. He just cleared out MWs duds like Forrester and Kiernan. Every player that has left our fans slated last season. Ally kept all his pals and more.
  7. Ally will always be our worst manager. Pedro has standards and won't accept shite attitude. Just take a moment to think what Ally was like. Letting players read the DR in the changing room and let Ian Black eat biscuits at half time. Oh yeah...and let players boot the ball at his bare arse in training. Worst manager in Scottish history.
  8. Who do you suggest then?
  9. I would take this
  10. Considering we have a medium budget, we can't go looking for e.g. Frank Dr Boers or anything of that calibre. We simply need to be realistic. Below are people who will no doubt be listed. Do we need a tried and trusted manager? I would take McInnes as he is the only one who is improving as a manager and getting Aberdeen consistently better than the rest outwith Saville. We also need a coach as JJ is too quiet and can't imagine him rallying the troops. McInnes Billy Davies Alex McLeish Neil McCann Sam Allardyce Gary Rowatt Nigel Pearson Walter (Number one choice but never happening) Kevin Thomson Barry Ferguson Arteta (coach for Guardiola and will know Mark Allen) Ray Wilkins David Moyes Paulo Sousa Walter Mazzarrazi Luis Enrique Claude Purl Diego Lopez Tommy Wright
  11. We can forget about finishing 2nd. 5 points behind the sheep and St Johnstone already. Where do we go from here? Our squad isn't good enough and we don't have high funds. The tims have 30m and will continue to dominate for years to come. It's like the longest nightmare. There is a glimmer of hope then it gets snatched away every single time. No point in slagging off the manager or players as we have seen it all before. We have bigger problems and face going 5 years plus behind Saville and the sheep are drawing clearer with consistency. I hate talking about them but they are our rivals. Next week they get Roberts and probably another big name. They have quality and we dont. I really think we won't beat the tims at all this season. A few more hidings especially away from home. If anyone wanted to experience football depression then it's us over the last few years. Horrific. We are a mess. End of. The only good thing is our support who don't deserve this shite.
  12. Inconsiderate of BP9 doing this on a match day
  13. Did i miss something or was this personal?
  14. I think FM will get hit badly in the first 3 rounds but if he holds off then he will win the distance. Only way CM can win is if he lands an early blow. FM will use his movement well and pick him off. Neither fighter will want the fight lasting 1 round so it will be dragged out a bit for some value.
  15. The journalists are afraid to tell the truth about TLB.