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  1. fucking loving it. am so excited for this season. and the mighty winning me some beer money..
  2. c'mon the mighty Gers.. think 2nd half will be livelier..
  3. careful with the maw jokes. #justsaying
  4. he's twice the player! 👌
  5. I reckon the lads going to be a productive player for us this year with goals and assists. maybe no a better player than Kent but better "stats". also won me some money for scoring so love him..
  6. Haha, was a spare fiver a while back.. easy money. will put more on if they pay out on Ojo...
  7. fuck me paddy power? any doubt about Ojo's goal? still not paid out..
  8. thank you sheyi.. think this boy is going to be a hit this year..
  9. Anyone fancy a mid 3 of Gazza, Durrant and Albertz? 🤪
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