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  1. I used to live just over the road from Elland Road, could see into the main stand from my room. That night was a fantastic memory.. can you imagine dropping Goram, Gough, Durrant and Hately into today's team? We'd have won the league by Christmas.. Forgot how good Hately was, some great touches and passing. And that finish.. Fucking loved that strip as well.
  2. Well fuck off to ebbsfleet.. can't even be arsed fucking you off more.
  3. Also fuck right off knob, learn how to talk to a fellow supporter without reverting to your uncle Jimmy..
  4. And you'd take that if we were 13 points clear?
  5. So you think we'd catch them. And if it was the other way, you'd be happy to give them the chance to catch us?
  6. Excellent debating skills.. What the fuck does them messing with kids have to do with this? I fucking hate them and the whole Rangers hating scum..
  7. Fuck me... know for a fact I'll get slated.. but get a fucking grip.. I'm a light blue. Through and through. But come on, as dirty as those filthy bastards are, they didn't start Corona 19.. they've won the league. We weren't going to catch them. Everyone on here has said it! How pathetic to try and get it voided.. And before you kick me in the bollocks, turn the tables and what would you be saying if we were ahead and they were us? Let the hanging begin
  8. Hopefully we can get someone who Tav is decent back up top!
  9. How the fuck we go from Braga performance to this fucking garbage?
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