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  1. Test events at Murrayfield and the peado dome given the go ahead by the scottish government apparently, all falling into place for lawell and his cabal.
  2. Noticed that Leitch the scottish government health advisor has mentioned that no fans will be allowed in to stadiums until the end of October, bit of a coincidence that the first OF game has been penciled in for exactly that time, is the first game against them not usually around the first week in September? Be interesting to see the fixtures on Monday.
  3. Maybe maxwell can put Doncaster in touch with close brothers as well.
  4. I honestly think the spfl will cave and offer compensation, whether hearts and/or Partick accept it is another matter, they have got Dungcaster and his cabal running scared imo. Could get very messy!
  5. Thought it was just postponed, glad they've seen sense, pitty they couldn't have seen sense regarding the title.
  6. We would have to agree to it I'm sure, and I would hope our board would fight it, wouldn't be surprised if Doncaster used sky as the reason for moving it but surly that requires a rule change? Up until now both teams must agree to postpone a game in the first quarter.
  7. Football integrity will again be compromised, if the first OF game at the piggery is not late august/early Sept then the rules have been bent yet again, TLB was first out the traps early March asking for points per game to be applied which as we all know handed them an early title, and he got his wish, now he's out with this nonsense about having all OF games next year, if our board accept this it will be a massive own goal, can you imagine if the first game was due to be played at Ibrox, never in a million years would this even be considered. Shambles of a country.
  8. The spfl have caused anarchy in scottish football, why have rules when you change them whenever it suits a perticular agenda, scottish football has never really been seen as top drawer but this lawwell/spfl cabal has finally brought it to its knees and in the gutter, I struggle to see how it can claw back any credibility after this comedy show.
  9. Watch Doncaster and McLennan take the credit for saving scottish football, and no doubt take a bonus for doing so, seems to be the way with the spfl, the bigger the crooked cunt you are the longer you seen to survive.
  10. Half out first team come from black/mixed race backgrounds yet we have more season ticket applications than ever before, hardly a racist club! he says he wasn't there in a Rangers capacity, bullshit, he got to take the stand because of his Rangers connection then proceeded to criticize the club and it's supporters, he should be told to stay well clear of Ibrox in the future, we don't need his attention seeking, pandering type of supporter, no matter what colour he is.
  11. Mate just sent me a link to the daily records article on him, you'd think we just signed a modern day Jim Denny ffs. Good luck young man and welcome to the famous.
  12. Ray Wilkins 30 yard volley against the scum always comes into my mind, Davie Cooper in the dryburgh cup final at hampden takes a hell of a lot to beat that. Both goals against the scum. Wonderful!
  13. Don't think 6'2 is a necessity, a couple of Stuart McCall, Barry Ferguson type players is exactly what wee need imo.
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