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  1. 1. The assistant ref misses 3 players Offside from a dead ball situation with an unrestricted view. 2. The referee misses the keeper moving a yard off his line at the penalty. Most definitely encroachment, again with an unrestricted view. 3. The referee gives a free kick instead of a penalty at aberdeen, he was 3 yards away again with an unrestricted view. 4. Referee misses two fouls leading up to an injury time winner at the piggery on Wednesday night, again he had a clear view. 5. Nick Walsh chops off a perfectly good goal for Ross County at dingwall when 30 yards from the action. that after his assistant who had a clear view, didn't put his flag up and deemed it a legitimate goal, baffling decision. And that's just in the past week!
  2. If it was tavs decision to give Morelos the penalty, he should never wear the armband again.
  3. Winning mentality won that, we just done believe in ourselves, never fuckin learn.
  4. Got the battle fever on, let's shut TLB the fuck up. Alfredo please please put these cunts to the sword, this is your day.
  5. We can't afford to drop points to shite like this, especially after going 2 up, horrific result in the circumstances, we should never crash and burn like that.
  6. Horrific subs made, ojo is a shite bag and katic for Kent? Was he playing for the draw
  7. Cost us the game at Ibrox against them, trying to pass to no cunt.
  8. Two substitutions tonight were all wrong, worrying big time
  9. Second goal says it all, Kent let's his man run off him at the throw in, goldson makes a cunt of his challenge and helander charges in and does fuck all, we deserve fuck all defending like that, it's been an accident waiting to happen for ages.
  10. Gerrard still showing signs of being a novice, to throw away this game after being 2 up is embarrassing.
  11. We are a fkn shambles, get it changed Gerard this is clearly not working nothing happening up front at all.
  12. Goldson is fkn murder, same as last Thursday half hearted tackle again, not good eough
  13. Big game, especially for aribo and arfield, coming into the team they both need to offer something good and prove they are worthy of their start.
  14. Got to the ground at 6 took an hour to get through. Bad set up mate.
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