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  1. Rest in peace big man, from a fellow drumchapel bear!
  2. Novo for 400k was a steal, Cooper from clydebank for 100k was daylight robbery!
  3. Anything in double figures with a sell on and he'll be away.
  4. Can start with a transfer embargo, they were quick enough to hit us with one.
  5. Liewells secret lawyer has probably been spending his time trawling and trying to find something on us or someone else, they will do absolutely anything to deflect their clear guilt, one things for sure he's not been spending his time speaking to victims or there lawyers, he's obviously been hired to protect that dispicable club.
  6. So radio clyde will talk about it now that celtic have decided to release a statement, what about the statements of the victims? They have been ignored by this radio station for years, yet another fenian apologist organization.
  7. Probably be an hour before the champions league final, usual propaganda from the tarriers.
  8. It's no coincidence that the sfa have been carrying out their investigation for two years and now the Tim's are coming out saying they have secretly been doing the same, who are they trying to kid? How the fuck is it possible to carry out a secret investigation when every victim is calling them out? Rancid to the core!
  9. Probably been sitting round the table with the sfa, ever get the feeling both the scum and the sfa are in cahoots? Looks to me like both parties are working hand in hand!
  10. So the scottish government are waiting on the sfa concluding there inquiry, this will show us once and for all if we are to have any faith/trust in the governing body, what the fuck are the sfa waiting for?
  11. Today has just become a whole lot better!
  12. Really good to have him back fully fit. More of a goal threat than what we have now imo, he will defo make the squad stronger.
  13. Even last week's snp conference was held at the Barras ffs, taig hole.
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