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  1. Our final ball was generally very poor, need to be much more clinical next week, confident we will win at Ibrox but it won't be a stroll, need nerves of steel.
  2. Need to resolve this.
  3. Workman like performance. Aribo a class above, don't think Halliday or kamara have done enough to play there way in to the first eleven on Thursday both been pretty poor.
  4. Let's not tempt fate, our most important games the next one.
  5. Think ojo will be more of an Ibrox type player, seems to thrive in the atmosphere, needs to prove he can do it home and away to be as successful as Kent. So to early to call it just yet.
  6. I'd give Barisic till the next window, if he doesn't improve then get rid, still think we need better cover right now tbh.
  7. Was fkn brilliant. A joy to watch!
  8. Midfield three today were excellent, Jack looks a better player WI Davis sitting, let's him put his mark on the game imo.
  9. Unplayable in the second half
  10. Only one choice for left back imo, Flanagan was superb tonight.
  11. the old guard


    Solid tonight, as was Flanagan first game back.
  12. No need to push the panic button just yet, but I'm baffled we've not yet got a solid dependable left back.
  13. Can't start ojo next week after a performance like that, need to be at it every game for Rangers, Barisic not much better and we really need to sort out left back position Pronto.
  14. Found a way to do it, but fuck do we need to learn from this, struggled to play through them and need to find a lot more middle to front.
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