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  1. TheGovanIniesta

    Gaffer wants another two in before next week

    The two players need to be of great quality, the funding so far has been appalling and if Windass and Foderingham go on top of that we have spent very little Shame the board didn't want to push the boat out and put the building blocks in place to stop 10IAR instantly, god help them in surviving if we have a poor season
  2. TheGovanIniesta

    The Negativity On Here

    It's called being realistic, we are untested and just because the team as a whole is winning doesn't mean that every single player will be good enough going forward. It's equally as embarrassing to break our backs to defend absolute wasters who have disgraced the jersey or fall into the same trap of getting over excited by mediocrity. I've yet to see anyone be overly harsh, just a lot of fans who aren't gullible bastards
  3. TheGovanIniesta


    He's playing out of position so it doesn't really surprise me, I'm just saying he's impressive 1v1 but painful to watch going forward and Tav is the opposite of that
  4. TheGovanIniesta


    Clearing a shot off the line has absolutely nothing to do with his ability to defend 1v1 or set pieces, the blind spot some people have for Tav is ridiculous regardless of his positives, there's absolutely nothing wrong with pointing out the fact that he isn't a very good defender
  5. TheGovanIniesta

    Tonight's performance

    Felt we could have created a lot more but was very impressed with our shape with the ball on the deck, from set pieces again pretty shocking and needs to be a major focus going forward. Nice to have a team that doesn't lose the ball needlessly and then have to sprint back 40 yards because nobodies in position every few minutes, long may that continue
  6. TheGovanIniesta

    Big Coulibaly

    Early days yet but his previous experience and tonight's showing leaves me confident he will be the player I felt he would be
  7. TheGovanIniesta


    I haven't once thought to myself that someone was going to skip past Flanagan, Tav 1v1 is painful to watch, less said about his communication at set pieces the better
  8. TheGovanIniesta

    Another couple of signings to come?

    Absolutely no clue due to how obscure our market of player is now but Morelos shows you can go and spend a small amount on someone far better than a BPL2 loan and Arfield shows you can bring in frees to instantly improve the squad, so hopefully that level of signing instead of Ejaria, Kent types who have barely featured.
  9. TheGovanIniesta

    Another couple of signings to come?

    The board planned to spend a significant fee on Cooper though, that needs to be re-invested elsewhere on quality, they're having us on if they don't, considering the loans and frees we have brought in we aren't asking much at all and never do, take Goldson away and we have spent little, even less if Windass or Morelos were to go. 3 more would do but I'd be looking at spending the Cooper money on a CB and CM and doing everything we can to get Solanke or Defoe. King promised a lot more than he has delivered so it's only right we take him for his word regardless, if this season goes wrong it will absolutely ruin the clubs finances, it's up to him to show that he doesn't want that to happen and as a result set us back a decade.
  10. TheGovanIniesta

    Another couple of signings to come?

    King also basically shat it and has said that we will be watching MacLennan very carefully throughout the season, sounds like it was just a stunt to appease the fans.
  11. TheGovanIniesta

    Another couple of signings to come?

    I don't mean the staff
  12. TheGovanIniesta

    Another couple of signings to come?

    Disappointed but expected, first saw this on Follow Follow but clicked straight off after I saw that the most popular post was that the board have back Gerrard, delusional stuff. We have again opted for the cheap option and I fully expect it to show this season.
  13. TheGovanIniesta

    Sell on Clause

    Amazing what happens if you play a Striker who is built like a fridge up front instead of out wide
  14. TheGovanIniesta

    SPFL Board Changes

    Closing ranks
  15. TheGovanIniesta

    *****Europa League Q3 draw*****

    Good draw here and the taigs not getting a free ride in the CL, happy days