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  1. TheGovanIniesta

    Kyle Lafferty

    You literally just made up stuff about me but you're clutching at straws to claim he's lying when he's either mistaken about a minor point or you're talking pish again (I never saw the Gerrard post) Gees peace man
  2. TheGovanIniesta

    Kyle Lafferty

    I don't really care what you're taking on here, it's nothing to do with me so take your period out on someone else next time I don't hate him at all as he's irrelevant and nobody said the words 'rat bastard', his experience is being carried for most of the season in fantastic Rangers sides of the past nearly a decade ago, his form is no better than Dougie Imrie's statistically and I won't even make comment on his motivation for coming back Leave it at that as clearly nobodies any interest in entertaining you any further
  3. TheGovanIniesta

    Kyle Lafferty

    Think you'll find you ignored me then started getting it tight off 2 other posters and then Bronzy made a cunt of you while you claimed that basically if Lafferty scored 40 goals against Fraserburgh and the likes it's the same as against Aberdeen, celtic, Hearts, Hibs or Boyd scoring bucket loads in a title winning team and that we should sign him because goals are goals at the end of the day I said I'd be more than happy for you to quote me but not to talk absolute pish like some of the people who randomly quote me and start feeling sorry for yourself, that's the random part about it as that has nothing to do with Lafferty I'm one of the ones that doesn't want to sit on a forum abusing Rangers fans or twisting words so take it elsewhere
  4. TheGovanIniesta

    Kyle Lafferty

    You received nothing, you quoted me randomly, not even to make a point on the topic which would be more than welcome but instead to act like a total fud and then blanked me when I asked you to explain why Rangers should be signing a 30 year old SPFL target man who's contributed as much as or less than players like Dougie Imrie I personally don't care about Lafferty, he's irrelevant, you'd know that if you never spent your time jumping down peoples throats to talk absolute nonsense and then act the victim for some bizzare reason If your standards are Kyle Lafferty then enjoy sitting through ten in a row while abusing other Rangers fans for pointing out the recruitment and funding has been piss poor, describing not signing someone like Lafferty as madness is embarrassing
  5. TheGovanIniesta

    Kyle Lafferty

    ''Worst poster here and everyone says so (In a blatantly non-existent made up OT topic)'' all for saying Tav can't defend and ''Racist'' for saying Halliday, Murphy and Holt are your steroetypical weak pasty british player are my personal favourites
  6. TheGovanIniesta

    Kyle Lafferty

    Well since it's all competitions now then Young Morelos in his first season had 18 goals 8 assists in all comps again with two poor runs of form compared to Lafferty's 19 goals and 2 assists in all comps Would you use the same statistics to suggest we let Schalk and co lead the line beside Kris Boyd? Go look at the top scorers for the SPFL last season and you see Lafferty isn't a million miles off guys like Adam Rooney, Simon Murray, Stevie MacLean and is infact behind Schalk at Ross County and Dougie Imrie for overall goals and assists contributed, he is just another well below average SPFL player
  7. TheGovanIniesta

    Kyle Lafferty

    Lafferty 12 goals 0 Assists Morelos 14 goals 6 Assists (despite two poor runs of form for a prolonged period of time) He plays for a poor national side that Hodson has 30 caps for, play him as a target man who doesn't need to score every game in some wee team like Hearts or NI and it suits him, Rangers? Gees peace It's quite clearly a very poor signing and it's vomit inducing reading that he's a ''born winner'' or should ''come home''
  8. TheGovanIniesta

    Kyle Lafferty

    Was hoping we would be priced out as per usual, frightening that anyone thinks he can offer us anything
  9. TheGovanIniesta

    Ben Woodburn and Ryan Kent (Liverpool)

    Decent move for Woodburn, quality prospect but probably not ready for us yet
  10. TheGovanIniesta

    Cardoso off?

    Would rather he stayed as 4th choice last resort, baffling decision to let him go when we are so short
  11. TheGovanIniesta

    Gaffer wants another two in before next week

    The two players need to be of great quality, the funding so far has been appalling and if Windass and Foderingham go on top of that we have spent very little Shame the board didn't want to push the boat out and put the building blocks in place to stop 10IAR instantly, god help them in surviving if we have a poor season
  12. TheGovanIniesta

    Kyle Lafferty

    Long may it continue that SPFL clubs over-price their shocking standard of player
  13. TheGovanIniesta

    Kyle Lafferty

    Makes for grim reading when you look at the type of players who aren't far off Lafferty in the top scorers list
  14. TheGovanIniesta

    Cardoso off?

    Shocking how indecisive he was with someone running at him
  15. TheGovanIniesta

    Kean Bryan

    Bit relieved at that tbh, doesn't fit our team at all and very unproven for the price