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  1. I hope 'Pedro's backers' wake up now

    St Johnstone was a corner turned for me and I was beginning to fall for it again. same thing happens every few weeks, little glimmer of hope, bully a team like Hamilton and we begin to think we can put a run together. Pedro’s obviously a decent manager in his own comfort zone much like a De Boer but he doesn’t suit Scottish football at all. Now we have a shite squad that don’t get on and any replacement manager (mcinness included) are shite options, sooner the likes of Tav, Wallace, Windass etc are gone the better, so many players who are deadwood or only turn up against Diddy teams then shite it at crucial moments, even our better signings on paper like Alves, Dorrans, Jack, Cardoso etc have been so up and down it’s unreal. This season will be just as long and frustrating as the last. Pedro should be one of few able to leave here with his head held high, he atleast cares, hates the taigs and tried, a few of the higher ups at Rangers absolutely have to go with Pedro, how many failed appointments, poor player recruitments and measly outgoing transfer fee’s are allowed before the fans force these cunts like Robertson out the club?
  2. When the January window opens...

    Moult in for a reduced fee in an ideal world, then a left mid. let Miller and Niko go for free and leave the rest until the summer. its impossible to bring in even more in January but we need one or two surely.
  3. McInnes- is it now or never?

    He doesn’t pose any threat to celtic mate, history shows that, while he’s did a decent job there I’d argue so he should, his competition has been a struggling Hearts, Rangers and Hibs are only just back aswell, we’ll see how he does if we click into form or next year, will put my house on it ending in tears for him.
  4. McInnes- is it now or never?

    Pedro is a far better manager than McInnes, Pedro is also already more of a Rangers man than that wank, the only way is down if we dump Pedro for that cock.
  5. comfortably Aguero or Lewandowski for me, Kane doesn’t even come close, yet
  6. Slovenia v Scotland

    Class here's to the next decade of Scottish football failing in Europe and Internationally out of spite
  7. Jamie Walker says he could get a ‘bigger club than Rangers’

    Luckily in a proper Rangers team he's a squad backup player at best and won't be missed. clearly has fallen for Hearts telling him 'the big bad H*** never spent any cash on ye why give them the time of day'. WANK
  8. Third Kit..

    Isn't this just the away in a different colour? Lazy training kit design for years with some of the kits, can't wait to see the back of Puma.
  9. hannah & waddel miller not the source/leak

    I think that's what happened for sure, sadly I think it's almost undeniable now that he told the media the exact same.
  10. hannah & waddel miller not the source/leak

    The media's hardly going to admit it when Miller's probably been leaking stuff to them since Warburton? He's been excluded because he's been pulled up, not by coincidence.
  11. Pedro's gone [opinion]

    Think it's more to do with giving players as awful and snakey as Miller such a great opportunity to stay at a club way above him and that's how he's treated. If we leak that there's been a falling out I'd imagine we would have heard something about him going?
  12. *** The Official Hamilton Accies vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Really wish Jack had a brain. might not have been the worst foul in the world but he already knows full well they'll look for any excuse and he's too busy swinging hopelessly at lost causes. moments like that and the first goal show ye could have Mourinho on the sideline and it wouldn't matter a jot if this is the players attitude at such a crucial time yet again.
  13. *** The Official Hamilton Accies vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Hope this is the game we turn it around and grow a pair, collectively from fans to players to staff and it clicks. horrible to see a manager be put in the position that when 3-1 up in a game like this he looks defeated.
  14. *** The Official Hamilton Accies vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    John at LM when Wallace returns looks like an absolute must.
  15. *** The Official Hamilton Accies vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    John the only one up for it tonight