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  1. TheGovanIniesta

    Greg Docherty

    Docherty is indeed shite, gets an easy ride because he's young and a bear Him and Jack are nowhere near good enough
  2. TheGovanIniesta

    Jordan jones

    Trying to forget the fact that I would have practically paid for his taxi to Ibrox at the time🤢
  3. TheGovanIniesta

    Jordan jones

    He will be a Jamie Walker signing we will be glad we went nowhere near
  4. TheGovanIniesta

    Brandon Barker

    Over-rated not shite, there's a massive difference
  5. TheGovanIniesta

    Brandon Barker

    it's a useless stat that rubs the ego of anyone who's willing to believe last season had any positives surrounding it I don't care how many goals we score if our strikers no longer miss from five yards out, our wingers no longer hide and our key player in terms of goals and assists doesn't hide when it isn't Hamilton. We were top scorers by 3 goals in a season where if I remember correctly celtic weren't much better than under Mowbray? Our attacking options are pathetic and based on what we are linked with fill me with zero hope, I'd rather concentrate on that than pretending the taigs somehow have a worse attack and we have dangerous attackers waiting to be released fully, it's simply not true.
  6. TheGovanIniesta

    Brandon Barker

    The midfield was responsible for Morelos missing from 4 yards multiple times? Windass going missing in games along with Murphy and Candeias? Or the serious lack of depth where if one player gets injured we are absolutely shitting ourselves? I agree a good midfield helps make a good attack and then some but our attack is over-rated beyond belief at this point compared to it's actual input in key moments last season that's all I'm saying
  7. TheGovanIniesta

    Brandon Barker

    If our attack is so good why did we score 2 goals in 5 games against celtic while shipping about 15 😂 we've not laid a glove on them since we came up Where was our attack when we dropped points time and time again while barely looking to chase the game or being completely out of it like Hamilton at home? Fuck me man you'd think we had Neymar Cavani Mbappe the way cunts mentioned that stat
  8. TheGovanIniesta

    Gerrard 8

    Lets hope so as far as I'm concerned
  9. TheGovanIniesta

    Gerrard 8

    Not sure Ryan Jack would be happy with that one mate
  10. TheGovanIniesta

    Brandon Barker

    Agreed, the first 11 is beyond pish still I do think we still lack squad fillers a little bit though, I expect Ejaria to be your usual Toral, Hyndman, Goss type so I don't really count him, same goes for Barker and the likes Flanagan seems like an alright punt for a squad player compared to Halliday and Hodson, has actually did something with his career and played in big games but still a risk, so you can imagine how much of a risk someone a lot younger who's played at a pish level is even compared to him It's a sign of the times when we are claiming Arfield can play out wide for us consistently if needed or Jack is a strong option among Docherty in midfield They're all just extra bodies for training in my eyes, I've no interest in developing the sort of player who plays well against Hamilton but gets us gubbed against celtic
  11. TheGovanIniesta

    Of all the signings !

    I said it was nonsense but basically everyone who's ever had a connection near the club ran with it and the club I feel did during ST sales time. For the record I don't expect us to buy 10 at 2M but that's the sort of numbers you expect when 20M is rumoured, considering in amongst that will be free's and loans. If the money isn't there is it really wise to be spending 5M on two CB's when we needed 4 of them and 3 strikers before we strengthened first team fully after that anyway, I believe the money is there though and the board still lack serious ambition and any willingness to seriously dip into their own pockets and make a difference.
  12. TheGovanIniesta

    Of all the signings !

    The only argument for us not spending the rumoured 20M on an average of 10 in for 2M is that we don't want to waste money again if it goes wrong Is that any better than filling the squad with league 1/bottom end championship standard loans, average free's and two CB's plus whoever else we bring in? That leaves you in a positon where Gerrard will more than likely fail, his staff will need paid off, Pena could be back for all we know and then we need to replace the loans with players PLUS fix the squad arguably more than we ever have had to before That's far more of a risk than being ambitious IMO, if your first thought when spending money is that it could go wrong and it's better to scout Brandon Barker then you're being run poorly over simply being sensible with your money
  13. TheGovanIniesta

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    When you consider for every Paul Pogba there's a Charlie Adam in the BPL then it could easily be the reported fee, I just don't trust the BBC but if Sky Sports say the exact fee it can't be denied and just comes across as bitter Must be looking to strengthen their midfield with one more, which worries me as they've already spent more on one player than we will on 8 and they already blow us out of the water in that position
  14. TheGovanIniesta

    Of all the signings !

    Goldson and Katic are smart buys but it would be naive to assume both will automatically work out Arfield and McGregor on free's you can't complain, but more solid than very talented IMO Then it's just downhill rapidly with risks or unproven talent, absolutely nothing to suggest we will push the taigs
  15. TheGovanIniesta

    Out?: Josh Windass

    If we have any serious interest in Barker and the likes then there's no chance we should be selling Windass Nobody we are linked with comes close to the goals and assists he got last season I don't like him too much but no risky 19 year old loan or average signing will do anything close to what he did last season outside of his dire performances