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  1. One victim is definitely suing celtic directly now, press finally reporting it so no need to be as careful with what we discuss
  2. Out of interest was this PZJ guys twitter always deleted by twitter for a violation of rules or has this happened tonight ?? That would be convenient
  3. We’re not allowed to talk about it Not worth letting them away with it automatically because we want a gossip
  4. Would advise any mods to take down anything remotely discussing the ongoing court case before they use it as an excuse to throw out the trial. More chance of one of us going to jail for discussing it than a certain club seriously being involved. Goes far higher than them so don’t hold your breath for justice.
  5. Probably buy it because FIFA's attempt at Rangers is embarrasing but the career mode on PES is borderline unplayable with how bland it is
  6. Not be buying it unless Ibrox is in it, gameplay is brilliant but the career mode is fucking awful and downloading the teams would often result in Dundee Utd or the likes in the CL automatically and New Douglas Park looking like the Nou Camp on mines, absolutely pish
  7. Was about to say that they'll easily get through against AEK, didn't realise they did that to Olympiakos, promising indeed
  8. Don't they have enough money in the bank to cover a year out of the Champions league? Not as if they'll ever get a draw that isn't against farmers either so it's a guaranteed qualification next year if they do slip up
  9. 18m left to spend I'm assuming? They're a ballhair away from signing Malcolm who won't be cheap and these cunts are printing that
  10. In short massive, massive investment is needed, the defence is better but over-rated because of how bad the attack is. We still only have 2/3 players who have any right to be anywhere near a Rangers squad, Candeias, Tav, Morelos, Windass can shove their stats up their arse, we can find so much better. Gerrards downfall will be his faith in Tav, Morelos and Windass, if the league was half decent their stats would be absolutely fucking woeful and it wouldn't be up for debate. Unless we bring in serious quality we are still due several gubbings
  11. This has been dire and our 3/4 best attacking players have again been utter dogshit, no buying into this it's too early pish
  12. Fully expect Middleton to do his usual, more affect on the game in 2 runs than the entire team
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGfFAfvcdeQ check out these riots if you've youtube on yer phone
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