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  1. Club statement

    It’s just to buy them time while they piss about rushing for a manager despite having 6 months. considering what happened after the Scottish cup final they’ve a cheek finally pretending to stand up to Hibs and expecting us to feel well done by as if it’s something impressive.
  2. Club statement

    I’m amazed at this, thought it would be the usual dignified silence
  3. Allan McGregor

    Naw not since last season because they’re absolutely shite Without watching them I do know that they’re 18th and he’s 37 soon, absolutely woeful signing
  4. Allan McGregor

    Certainly hope you end up being correct because this is the polar opposite of going for Arfield and McArthur IMO Those two are that pish we thought Fod was better than Gordon so it’s hardly a good comparison
  5. Allan McGregor

    It does when you don’t age like Buffon, he is absolutely dire now compared to before
  6. Allan McGregor

    Absolutely no chance man 😂😂 Backup at best, it’s no 2009
  7. Allan McGregor

    No even good enough to be a second keeper at his age get this to utter fuck We will regress if this is the sort of fucking pish we go after
  8. Steven Gerrard

    He’s the most likely out of Arteta, Giggs, Henry etc to become a decent manager IMO No chance will he even be in consideration and rightly so
  9. Hibs confirm allocation cut

    They know how weak this board is and take advantage of it just like the taigs and the rest of Scotland. There’s absolutely no chance this board lasts another 2/3 years.
  10. Scott Arfield

    I thought comparing Dorrans with Arfield and McArthur was bad enough but Barton...
  11. Scott Arfield

    The difference between Dorrans and Arfield/McArthur is by the time Dorrans came here he was at care home Norwich with Martin and Naismith. Absolutely no comparison between McArthur and Dorrans apart from them both being Scottish Bears, both are worlds apart from Dorrans. Get them both signed up pronto with signings in GK and defence to match.
  12. **the official taigs v Rangers match thread**

    Alnwick Tav McCrorie Martin John Holt Docherty Dorrans Candeias Morelos Murphy That’s our best fully fit team for Sunday I think, another 4/5 incoming
  13. Sundays Front Line

    Has to be both or Morelos, Cummings struggled upfront on his own against Killie nevermind celtic. He won’t get clear cut chances and doesn’t hold the ball up and cause the sort of headache to their defenders that Morelos does.
  14. Scott Arfield

    Very, very good signings if true 100% players that wouldn’t look out of place in a title winning squad, no more over run midfields with McArthur in More of the same hopefully
  15. Morelos warm up today.

    Another thing I don’t understand, under 7’s down Stepford warm up better than we do, just screams of how little he actually knows about football