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  1. This is exactly what I'm trying to say, Scott Sinclair and co are not gods of football, Brendan Rodgers is known as a joke manager outside of here. by no means is it impossible with the investment and support our fans give to believe eventually we can achieve success, particularly after Celtic move on from their peak and we are allowed a few seasons to solidify. its a process, and one I'd like to think is achievable rather concede the league to Celtic every year for the rest of my life because it's too hard.
  2. All I was trying to say really mate, our football club is far from done. this should be our aim for the future rather than bickering among eachother and seeing Celtic as untouchable gods, not for me at all personally.
  3. To anyone I've spoken to it is, I agree with what you're saying but that's this season not in the coming years and my lifetime which is what I'm talking about, yes they'll dominate for a while, but to give in and just turn on eachother as we slowly are is madness. things will eventually even out imo, but by no means do I want anyone to think I'm under any illusions that we can win 55 this year and dominate Scotland, but I do think football can turn around very, very fast. I don't want us to sit and go 'aw we will eventually win 55 all is well' but I don't want us to give in either, we need to be aware that this won't last forever just as it hasn't at every single other football club that's been through highs or lows.
  4. Bang on the money, things will even out eventually rather overnight.
  5. If the suggestion was 55 this season I'd agree. but I think it's common knowledge a title will come our way eventually and I'd rather remember that and acknowledge how bang average they are at their peak than pretend we won't do anything ever again in the entire future of the club. I agree entirely about putting it into action as was my main point about my original post, things are far far from finished, I'd rather be optimistic and realise how far things have came from how bad they have and could've been than pretend we won't ever win a title because it's going to be hard.
  6. He's so hit and miss it's unreal, on his game he looks like a real asset which leads me to believe that with another winger on the left of similar qualities he won't be relied on so heavily to start our attacks out wide or be our only real fast, direct player. We have a decent squad with nobody who compliments them and the balance and depth is non existent.
  7. It's no really irrelivent if it's entirely about us though, we can bicker among ourselves all day long as they long for us to or we could realise their best player is Scott Sinclair and they're managed by Brendan Rodgers, positivity seems a forbidden word here.
  8. that is true but its absolutely a case of best of a bad bunch for me, to give in because they have Brendan Rodgers in charge and a 'star' player of Sinclairs calibre would be outlandish. eventually things will even out if this is the quality they possess while at their strongest, that I'm sure of.
  9. I don't understand the whole 'aye but he wins loads on the air' argument either, he doesn't really, and if that's what was required why wouldn't we just play Bruno there and settle for being a Motherwell type club content with playing a game of heeders for 90 minutes.
  10. Think today's result shows that when it comes down to it on a level playing field Celtic are managed by a manager who is a joke outside of Scotland and their best player is a below average BPL winger. hopefully the fans and the board begin to realise this, with a few smarter signings and some luck there is absolutely no chance Celtic can continue to buy low sell high successfully with out slip ups, it's our job to now take advantage. so much doom and gloom around the club recently but I have absolutely no doubt that while the task at hand is massive, the support our fans continue to give the club will eventually ensure our return to the top. one by one over the last few years rat after rat at the club has been shifted in all capacities and this will continue to happen until 55 occurs. I for one cannot wait for the timplosion after 55 and to celebrate it among the best fans in the world.
  11. Think short term he would be a bit of a loss but he's no world beater so I wouldn't knock any manager coming in and fancying that he can find better. Agreed Tav's far from the worst but nowhere near good enough over the course of a season to get us close to 55. too many flat track bullies who show up 10/15 times a season.
  12. Could anyone see De Boer after Palace? Think Palace are absolutely rank, can't really see him suiting the style of play required to scrap for survival either, don't think it'll end well. think he would coast it in Scotland despite his recent problems at Inter and potentially at Palace.
  13. Wouldn't miss either of them at all, both far too hit and miss and not to be trusted in big games, would both fetch a reasonable price given their limited ability for us. could put my house on both not being here next season.
  14. Agree entirely with this bar that I'm a big fan of Candeias. think some forget the deadwood isn't just Warburton's, look no further than yer Lee Wallace/Miller types. I'm 19, and none of us are exactly Mourinho, yet we can clearly see the team you just typed out is shambolic in quality and depth, I'd be ashamed knowing I'm the one in charge of that mess and have allowed it to happen.
  15. I don't know what is worse, being sold on the lie that we have spent 8 million or if we actually have spent anywhere near that and are still so incompetent with our recruitment of positions we need strengthened. Serious questions need to be asked of those running the club, Rangers fans have did everything for this club since we came back up and have been treated to incompetence and laziness.