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  1. Progress since Progres

    There have been NO positives to take from this season it has been a disaster from start to finish I would take it most Gers fans looking back and reflecting will say this has been one of the worst seasons we have ever had.
  2. POTY awards tonight?

    Correct you could clearly see the coins landing about him they are scum yet heehaw will be said or done.
  3. Follow Rangers Speak Out

    Or a Partick Thistle supporter who used to clean ovens for a living.
  4. Does anyone believe ?

    Would Paul Cook the Wigan manager be a good choice if Wigan win the league they are in which looks odds on that will be three league titles in a row Cook has won with three different clubs.
  5. Does anyone believe ?

    Daft question maybe, but does anyone actually believe this board have a new manager lined up for next season ? I would be the slightest bit surprised if they haven't I really fear they are still fannying about not knowing what they are doing.
  6. Enough is enough

    The board increased the price without letting the buyer know what was in store where else would you get that, imagine walking into a garage and paying £10,000 for a new car and waiting to see what they give you a few months from now. Absolute madness the support are being made mugs of time the charlatans in the boardroom were brought to account.
  7. Kenny Miller

    Correct mate I could see within the first 5 minutes Rangers were going to lose we can take defeat but to lose like that is totally unacceptable hopefully this is a watershed moment if not expect Rangers to become just another Scottish club scrapping for an odd cup win every blue moon.
  8. Murty Reaction

    I wont be listening to the interview as I have no interest in what he has to say same as all the previous mangers since Smith. If Murty has any pride he would tell the board he isn't up to the job and either leaves or goes back to the under 20's. Rangers are in real danger of losing every game between now and the end of the season and finishing outwith the top three is highly likely. Personally I can't see those players winning any of the five games left.
  9. The Cheap/Exotic Experiments

    The charlatans in the boardroom are so inept and devoid of ideas it wouldn't be a surprise to see them try McInnes again.
  10. The table

    Yip, last Sunday morning we were going into the game thinking we can do them today, after yet another let down followed by that abomination today we are back to dreading facing them and hoping we don't suffer a hammering. That we run of wins before last week was only masking that fact we are a very poor Rangers team.
  11. Goss

    No wonder he had a poor game hope someone reported it to the polis.
  12. Bruno Alves

    You get the impression with Alves he is just keeping himself ticking over hoping to get his day in the sun at the world cup before retiring. He has been the proverbial "pig in the poke."
  13. Supporter Delusion

    No matter the manager, no matter which players come in things haven't moved on in any way shape or form. Something stinks at Rangers today was yet another all time low that's two defeats and a draw to a Killie team already this season that is totally unacceptable. Murty is not the man we need neither are most of the players, as for the inept board.......... scunnered with all things Rangers atm.
  14. Sundays goals against.

    There was so many defensive mistakes by both sides it could have finished 6-6.
  15. Correct mate look at the names linked with us when Pedro left, Padrew on the verge of getting the sack again from WBA, Coleman looks like taking Sunderland into the third tier of English football and big Sam doing ok was probably asked to keep Everton up and looks likely to happen.