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    Mcgregor Kick

    Personally I would be delighted to see our players stamp, jump, karate kick or shoot everyone of the vermin...........but that's just me.

    Super on BT Sport

    hahaha ye raging

    Take a bow Wes

    We are very strong in the goalkeeping department we have the best goalie in the league in McGregor and have Wes and Alnwick as back both capable keepers, we also have young McCorie coming through who had an excellent season at Berwick last year where he picked up five player of the year trophies. We will probably lose either Wes or Alnwick in due course as four very good keepers won't sit about too long anyhoo we are strong in there at the moment.

    Super on BT Sport

    I think McChuckles doesn't think its a goal not unless it hits the net someone needs to tell him its a goal if it goes over the white line.

    Gerrard: Post Match Reaction

    Listening to Stevie G there its not looking good for Murphy.

    Take a bow Wes

    Wes had a very good game today and deserves credit, looks like working with McGregor is paying off for him.

    Super on BT Sport

    McChuckles said at half-time about the goal we didn't get "yes the ball was over line but Morelos should have scored," what the actual f**k does that mean ?

    Farewell Josh Windass

    Windass was never cut out to be a Rangers player best all round if he does go.

    John to Swansea

    I would have like to have seen D.John stay for the time being he would provide decent back up until we build a bigger and better squad we don't want to leave ourself's too thin. Anyhoo best of luck to the lad he wasn't the worst we've had in recent seasons.

    Aberdeen goal

    You can point the finger at some of our defenders for their goal but lets be honest it shouldn't have mattered as Jamie Murphy or Arfield really should have scored after 3 minutes both had a great chance in the same move, also we had a couple of real opportunities second half to kill it when Windass broke he should layed the ball off but tried a shot himself when we had players in better position, take our chances when we get them and the sheep goal wouldn't have mattered.


    I heard and have read a number of them coming out with the same old guff.........Aberdeen have played poorly its not that Rangers played well and were the better team its just the Dons weren't up for it, same old mince from them. As for Dodds a wee rat that's the same guy who said he used to be a Rangers fan but isn't anymore.

    The Red Card

    He will be suspended anyway mate I think a straight red is an automatic suspension, I know appealing could maybe add to it but its doubtful we can't sit back and keep taking it we need to stand up and be counted.

    The Red Card

    We should be challenging the red card whether it gets over-turned or not we should be in their faces at every turn, we need to bitch about every little thing that goes against us make life as difficult as possible for them and make it public enough is enough with them its been going on far too long, anyone remember when Ian Black got studded in the chest by a Stirling Albion player and they just laughed at it, time we made a song and dance about the corruption within the Scottish game.

    Sky TV and the bears singing

    The only reason they do it with the filth is so that the world doesn't hear them singing their songs about terrorists they wouldn't want their favourites being exposed for the scum they are.

    Officialdom Conspiracy

    Oh I would love to see what your are saying happen could you imagine the carnage when the ginger bigot losses it after a game . 😊