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  1. Surely it will be available in adult sizes too. The club will miss a trick if it's not available in all sizes.
  2. Certainly not filled with Turkish delight.
  3. A gesture the wee guy will never forget. Well done Rangers and Ryan Jack 👏🇬🇧
  4. If I remember correctly a few years ago the club confirmed they had no agreements with lionbrand nor had they ever received any monies from them.
  5. I'm looking forward to seeing him wear a poppy in November.
  6. Leicester Sons of William LOL 1690 will arrange a parade for him first time he visits a petrol station in the city.
  7. I doubt if we can hang on to him for another season much as I would like to I think financial considerations will take priority.
  8. If he moves in the summer I hope the club place a minimum transfer value of £20m on him.
  9. As midfielders go he is becoming a bloody good full back.
  10. That is definitely not what I want to hear. I posted without comment and it has been interesting to read some assumptions as to why I posted the op. I believe the rhag is deliberately trying to stir up sectarian tension, but I wanted to see how others react to what should be considered a non story put out by a paper desperate to increase sales and hits.
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