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  1. If I remember correctly a few years ago the club confirmed they had no agreements with lionbrand nor had they ever received any monies from them.
  2. I'm looking forward to seeing him wear a poppy in November.
  3. Leicester Sons of William LOL 1690 will arrange a parade for him first time he visits a petrol station in the city.
  4. I doubt if we can hang on to him for another season much as I would like to I think financial considerations will take priority.
  5. If he moves in the summer I hope the club place a minimum transfer value of £20m on him.
  6. As midfielders go he is becoming a bloody good full back.
  7. That is definitely not what I want to hear. I posted without comment and it has been interesting to read some assumptions as to why I posted the op. I believe the rhag is deliberately trying to stir up sectarian tension, but I wanted to see how others react to what should be considered a non story put out by a paper desperate to increase sales and hits.
  8. I try to keep abreast of what the mhedia is up to, esp if it looks like they are attempting to stir up or incite sectarian reactions in order to sell papers or get hits on their websites
  9. I will just leave this in here.
  10. I hope Goldson is fit, we have to drop Davis in order to play Jack, and Candeias should start in place of Defoe.
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